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TV WEEK As Bad Girls returns, Sid Owen is among the new faces joining the Larkhall Prison regulars






ack in February, Sid Owen swaggered on to the Bad Girlsset, fresh from his stint on I'm A Celebrity Up until his jungle shenanigans, we'd all been Z-~ wondering what had happened to him since he left EastEnders. .., It turned out he'd been running ... a restaurant in the Dordogne in


~ ~

France for the past few years,


hoping to say 'au revoir' to the


dim-wittedRickyButcheranda ,failed pop career. But the 34-year-old is back and taking on a new role as prison


I AMANDA DONOHOE Wing Governor Lou/se Stoke She wins the inmates' respect, and the interest of the new doctor.

COLIN SALMON Dr Rowan Dun/op Charming but ruthless, he is intent on using the prison and its inmates as a way of finding fame.

but he's genuine and well liked by the staff and the inmates'. But he's no ordinary screw he has a passion for detective work, which comes in handy when a terrorist suspect's wife turns up on G Wing. 'He thinks of himself as a bit of a James Bond character,' says Owen. 'You know, like taking on


terrorists single-handed.'

And that isn't the only string to

Donny's bow- he'salsoa bit of a flirt and soon finds himself getting close to Larkhall inmate Janine Nebeski (Nicola

officer Donny Kimber in the eighth

Stapleton). It's not the first time

series of Bad Girls. According to Owen, Donny is 'a bit of a geezer,

the two actors have locked lips. Soap fans may recall their EastEnders characters Mandy and Ricky getting together. 'I worked with Nicola 10 years ago,' says Owen, 'and now we're about to repeat history.' So will he ever go back to Albert Square? 'After I'm A Celebrity..., EastEnders did call,' he says. 'But I'm here now, and I'm happy.'

ANGELA BRUCE Mandy Goodhue She is a happy and good-natured prison officer but her gullibility sometimes lands her in trouble.



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Buthe'snoordinaryscrew - DONOHOE WingGovernor Lou/se Stoke Shewinsthe inmates' respect, andtheinterest of thenewdoctor. ANGELABRUCE Mandy Go...

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