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repare for another magical mirth-filled tour of Britain as :\obttlucas (near right) and David Walliams return with some of the country's ~est inhabitants. The good news is that all the old favourites are back. including Vicky Pollard, the mouthy teenage single mum; Dafydd, the only gay in a Welsh village and Emily Howard, the rubbish transvestite. But there are a few new characters too. Matt and David tell us about their comedy classics, old and new... Did you both dress up


as children? Da.'id: Well, my sister: used to love dressing me up. My mum has photos of me with a fur hat on... and a mauve bridesmaid's dress. So yes, it's something I've always enjoyed. Matt: I had a Dracula costume in my dressingup box. I loved it. But I did have an alarming fancy dress experience when I was about 10.My school did its first ever charity non-uniform day, and I got ever so excited. I decided to come in as a cowboy wearing chaps, a cowboy hat and a gun - I looked fantastic. But everyone else was just wearing their' cool' jeans and a T-shirt. No one would play with me because they just thought I was sad. I had to skirt round the edge of the playground, with my gun, pretending I was really enjoying myself. 1

Do you always know instantly who's going to play which role in the show? D: Sometimes. But I like the characters to come into' their own, on their own. M: I play the less hairy characters.


Which characters are your personal favourites? M: I like it when we do wheelchair-bound Andy and his helper Lou because it's something we do together, and it's I not just pure comedy in those sketches, there's emotion there as

well.I'm not sayingit's as good,

but it is a bit like Steptoe& Son two people who are kind of stuck together. So, from a performing point of view, it stretches you a bit. I don't enjoy playing Vicky Pollard because I have to get all of those speeches out at triple speed. D: It's actually the different people we work with that I enjoy.Like this time around my character Sebastian



True Brits (clockwise from main photo): Transvestite Emily and her new protegee Florence; favourites Lou and Andy; the ever-vocal Vicky Pollard, plus newcomer Bubbles, always at home on a health farm

[the gay private secrefary to the PM, who is played by Anthony Head] has someone new to lust after as Nigel Havers is playing the Leader of the Opposition. Jamie Theakston makes a guest appearance as the PM's former secretary and Vanessa Feltz is in the series playing herself alongside Matt's character, the Fat Fighter Marjorie Dawes. And we have Ruth Madoc playing Dafydd's mum in a sketch where he comes out to his parents.

Tellus about the new characters... M: There are loads of new characters in the show, including a nice mother-and-daughter pair called Ruth and Marilyn who work at a motorway cafe. David plays Marilyn, the mother, who is always trying to get her daughter married off. And then there is Bubbles, a woman who has been living at a

health farm for five months. For that I had to wear an enormous prosthetic fat suit that took the best part of four hours to put on each day, and an hour to take off. D: It's just so that he can appear as a naked woman! M: Yeah,it's very funny. And David plays a character called Eugene who plays a triangle in a band, and he has angermanagement trouble. D: Oh, and Emily has a new protegee called Florence. Do you mind when people ask you to do your catchphrases ~ Vicky Pollard's 'Yeah-but-rxHJut"" D: Well, first we demand IIlOIle""

But, really, if people like w~ do, then there is nothing ~


about that. It's a lovely thing. ~ can make people happy iOÂŁ~ Aspen ..,'eec; e-~

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repareforanothermagical mirth-filled tourofBritain as:\obttlucas (nearright) andDavidWalliamsreturn withsomeofthecountry's ~est inhabitants....