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Martin Freeman plays the black sheep of the family in a new comedy drama ':'


artin Freeman claims he's not a household name. 'This isn't

false modesty - I'm not,' says Martin. 'What I am is that nebulous, in-between thing, where I am known to some people but I still have to trot out my CV to cab drivers.' Over the past few years Martin's star has risen steadily, mainly because of his role as Tim Canterbury in The Office and also the film parts that followed, which have included roles in Love Actually and Ali G Indahouse. And he could soon go stratospheric, thanks to his starring role as Arthur Dent in the recently released film version of Douglas Adams' sci-fi classic

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. But this week Martin appears on the small screen in The Robinsons, a six-part comedy from the creators of The Worst Week Ot My Ute. He plays Ed, the black sheep of an otherwise normal south London family. Ed is the youngest son of Hector and Pam Robinson, and has older siblings George and Vicky. 'The story looks at the other generations of the Robinson family,' says Martin. 'And Ed compares himself to them, as a narrator. He uses these stories as a benchmark for his own successes and failures.' 'It's very quirkily written without being

covered in quirk,' adds Hugh Bon who plays George. 'They are all VE believable characters. And, of cou it's great working with a comedy ~ like Martin Freeman; he's brilliant.' -So why does Martin always enc playing lovable deadbeats? 'I don a problem looking vulnerable,' he explains. 'I do think characters in ; of flux are interesting.' Has success made a great diffe to him? 'Fame hasn't changed the I live my life,' he says. 'I mean, I al better paid, but I've always said tt if I have enough for records and c then I'll be happy. Thing is, there c lot of records.'

Total TV - Martin Freeman  
Total TV - Martin Freeman  

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