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( Upper crusty: Aggie (left) and Kim are on the lookout for high-class honkers


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Sweeping beauties Kim and Aggie are back - but this time they're not cleaning houses, they're sprucing up posh people who pong Im Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie get up close and extremely personal in this new series, as the pair continue with their campaign to rid the nation of filth. After cleaning out some of Britain's muckiest homes in How Clean Is Your House?, they now turn their attentions to defiantly dirty people and it appears that snobs are the biggest slobs. Acting on tip-offs from fed-up friends and family members, the pair set out to let mucky pups know their filthy habits won't be tolerated. But were the 'right royal stinkers' embarrassed when confronted about their grubby bods? 'Once you begin,' says Kim, 'you do get a sense of embarrassment from them. Then the




denial starts! Only one man, Harry, decided to pull out, but we've included him anyway because we'd filmed 80 per cent of the show.' Other highlights of the series include Osla, the granddaughter of a lord, who likes to pick her nose and file away the fruits of her labour in her pockets, and whose bra is so saturated in bacteria that it has to be incinerated. Then there's artist Joseph, who's more than happy to wear the same pair of underpants for nearly a week! Surely he can't have a girlfriend... 'Surprisingly, he does, and she's very clean,' says Kim. 'She came on the show and she was absolutely spotless. I said to her, "Which is better: Jo now or Jo before?" and she said she

preferred him before! Maybe she was turned on by the smell. Maybe it made her feel feminine to have him all stinky. Or maybe he's got something worth having in those smelly pants!' So, in Kim's opinion, what's the worst crime one can commit against personal hygiene? 'Not cleaning your down-belows,' she says. 'I just can't come to terms with that. And you should wash the towel you use to dry them every two days and every day in summer when it's hot!' Does Kim have any dirt to dish on her partner in grime, Aggie? 'She's a little horror. 1can't wait to get rid of her to be honest,' laughs Kim. 'No, she's a smasher. She's very kind. We're very different, but we do get on very, very well.'


Total TV - Kim & Aggie  
Total TV - Kim & Aggie  

notcleaninghouses, they're sprucing upposhpeoplewhopong Sweepingbeauties KimandAggie turntheirattentions todefiantlydirtypeople - days - and...