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This week sees the return of

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which the acerbic comedienne plays agony aunt to members of the British public who are only too happy to talk about their problems on Tv.Troubled guests include a man who is only sexually aroused by wet sand and a woman who is terrified ofleeks. 'I think the show's adorable,' says Joan, 71. 'It's fiumy, it's wild and I'd say on a scale of one to 100 it's a 93.7.' The Hollywood legend, who describes the show as 'ferry Springer meets Dr Phil meets fudge fudy, is also joined by celebs who are just as

1 ner status 'I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking.' 111 hel appearance 'I wish I had a twin, so I'd know what I'd look like without surgery.' 111"er career 'It's like being given a great big doll's house and being told to go play.'

to share their concerns.Stars

appearing in this second series include Brigitte Nielsen, Jerry Hall, Graham Norton and Ruby Wax. 'I love comics,' reveals Joan. 'So we had a lot of them coming in to talk about sexual or regular problems.' Joan's straight talking is known to ruftle a few feathers, and this was certainly the case with Celebrity Big Brother star Brigitte Nielsen. 'She walked off the set twice,' says Joan. But even though Joan swore at her in the interview, they have patched things up - for now, at least!

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Or ch,ldr.:>od 'There is not one female comic who was beautiful as a little girt.' Or ~n.ercls~ 'The first time I see a jogger smiling, I'll consider it.'



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keen tosharetheirconcerns.Stars 'Thereisnotonefemale comic whowasbeautiful asalittlegirt.' Or ~n.ercls~ 'Thefirst timeIseeajogger smiling, I...