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BAND OF BROTHERS FX Friday there's another chance to see Steven Spielberg's Wortd War 11series about the exploits of Easy Company and platoon leader Major Richard Winters, played by Damian Lewis. Born in London's affluent St John's Wood to Welsh parents, Lewis was educated at Eton College. He was a hit with the ladies from an earty age and was declared 'a debs' delight' by the well-bred gels he mixed with as a teenager. -I


when he appeared as Laertes to Ralph Fiennes' Hamlet. Lewis also played Soames Forsyte in ITV1'sThe Forsyte Saga in 2002 and starred in year's BBCadaptation of I. last Shakespeare'sMuch Ado About Nothing. about town (he dated It Girt Tamara Beckwith and Sex And The City's Kristin Davis), Lewis, 35, proposed to his actress girtfriend Helen McCrory in February of this year, and they are expecting their first child together in October.


actor showed off his sporting prowess in ITV1's Soccer Aid recently and clearty impressed manager Terry Venables. But he's always been sporty, declaring he was happiest 'at 12, on the edge of Ashdown Forest, pinging golf balls at the cricket pavilion at sunset in my P'J'jamas.


he first series of The FWord was a big hit with viewers. Set against the backdrop of a glamorous restaurant, the bulk of the show saw Gordon Ramsay cook a three-course meal for a mixture of celebrity and noncelebrity diners with the help of his brigade of guest cooks. He then got to hear their verdicts on the results. Now,after taking part in Soccer Aid and preparing the menu for the Beckhams' World Cup party, the super-chef has found the energy to do another nine live episodes. This time, Ramsay, 39,who was awarded an OBEin the NewYear's Honours Ust, will be implementing some changes, most notably getting


his kids to raise pigs not turkeys


although, sadly, they'll also be destined for the dinner table. We catch up with him for a chat... What's new about this series? The big difference is that we have moved to an amazing restaurant on Chelsea Harbour. Wehave also

replaced the seasoned cooks with members of the public. We filmed a section last week and I've never seen so many burnt omelettes in all my life

- my


is on the line.

Isn't that a bit harsh? It's a bit unfair of me to expect them to cook three-Michelinstarred food. But they are passionate, I'll give them that. Last year you campaigned to get women back into the kitchen. What's your beef now? I want to reignite some excitement for the traditional Sunday lunch. Tana [his wife], myself, and the kids [Megan, Holly,Jack and Matilda] always sit down for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. The wife's getting quite good at doing a roast now, so the pressure's off. And what's all this about a book 'amnesty'? We've asked people to send in the cookbooks they hardly ever use. There are quite a few by the little one with the ginger hair. [Wecan't imagine who he's referring to!]

Last year the turkeys got the chop, and this year it's going to be the pigs. Have you given them names yet? It's hard to name them because you do get attached

- that

was the

mistake I made with the turkeys. However,one of them has small teats and the other a really voluptuous


- so I call them

1iinny and Susannah. The kids call them Bangers and Mash. We understand Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall is helping you... Yes.We took the pigs for a walk on the common recently. I turned to Hugh and said, 'People are going to think I have lost the f***ingplot.' And what have you got planned for the pigs? Roast belly of pork

- plus a salad

of crispy pig's ear and an amazing trotter soup. The only problem is Jack wants a tail for his key ring and Matilda wants one of the snouts to put on her bedroom wall. I've told them they can't do that.

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