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In the heartof WestLondonliesSpace NK's flagshipspa, with a brand as well knownas this, it was alwaysguaranteedto be a hit.

n arrivingat SpaceNK in NottingHill, theme in this room is slightly oriental, with West Londonyou are greeted by the dark woodenchairs coveredin naturalcotton, colourfuldelights of the store, the no and matching low slung tables with candles nonsenseclear packagingrevealsgreen, yel- creatinga soothingatmosphere,perfectfor pre low, orange and white concoctionsdisplayed or post -treatmentthought - and sipping on neatly on simple shelves, whilst the smells complimentarilyherbaltea, or lemonand mint encapsulateall thatyouassociatewithpamper- infusedwater.'ThethingthatsetsSpa.NKaside ingthe bodyanddelightingthe senses.Walking from its perceivedcompetitorsis its ability to throughthe mainstoreyouarriveat yourdesti- make clientsfeel, once they have enteredthe nation - Spa.NK,which opened in 2000. The spa,thattheyarenot in WestLondonbut rather inspirationforthe spawasNickyKinnaird'sown in the middle of heaven,where they can be visionanddemandfor an environmentthatwas relaxedandtrulyforgettheirworries'.Onething relaxing,cocooningandgenuinelycomfortable. a visitor may note is that the spa may seem SheworkedcloselywithVirgile& Stoneon the strangelyunpopulated,howeverwith a place executionof the final plans.The resultis very such as this,the impressionis giventhatthisis differentfrom the rainbowof indulgencethat a resultof strategicschedulingby the reception youfirstencounteron yourwayintothe building desk. The actual treatmentroomsare sparse, - creams,whitesand brownstake preference with exceptionof the heated treatmentbed and it immediatelylullsyou intoa stateof calm. withspaceso thetherapistcanmovefreely,and Thefirst port of call for a customerwould be a preparationarea - but once the treatment the largechangingroomswhichoffershowers, beginsyou realisethatthe actualqualityof the towelsand such like.Once disrobedfromyour productsand the skill of the therapistsis what streetattireand enrobedin the Spa.NKuniform reallysetsthis spa apartfromthe rest. It is precisely this selling point that sees of a wafflecotton robe and plastic sandalsits time to take restin the spa'swaitingarea.The Spa.NKcredited with a 93% occupancyat all


times. As a company Space NK is renowned for itsvastselectionof productsand in addition to their own signaturelines, the stores carry more than 2,500 thousanddifferent products from approximately50 different companies. In the spa itselfthey offer a selectionof treatments developed with the likes of Eve Lom, AromatherapyAssociatesand Darphin.Facials start at aroundÂŁ50 and can go up to almost ÂŁ100. The more expensivefacials last for an



hour and a half, on top of a consultationand relaxation period. The body treatments and massages are around the same price so if you're doing your maths going for relaxation and treatmentper inch is practicallya bargain! I am told the treatment that best reflects Spa.NKis the Body BalancingTherapy,especially developed for Spa.NK by Michelle RoquesO'Neil.It is a combinationof bodywork,


Creams, whites and browns take preference in the rest area and it immediately lulls you into a state of calm essentialoilsand chi massage,and evokesthe body's memoryof harmonyand balance and restores a zest for life and a new sense of


::ockwisefromtop: relax=:00room,receptionarea, -"atment room.



understandingequilibrium.PersonallyI feel the EssentialRoseBodyCocoonis oneof the most nourishingand revitalisingtreatmentsmy skin haseverencounteredat any spa - andthe Eve Lom Facial - quoted by magazinebeautyeditors aroundthe world as 'the Kingof all Facials' is a must! But its not just the treatmentsthat make Spa.NKspecial- the therapistsnot onlyhaveto have completeda comprehensive,recognised beautytherapy educationcourse but are also expected to have acquired extensiveexperienceworkingat someof the world'sfinestspas. Finally,afterthe pampering,visitorswill once again pass back throughthe shop to exit. This is very clevermarketingwhichseesavid shoppersexercisingseriousself-restraintwhenleaving the sanctuaryof the Spa,as one is immediately inundatedwith the sites and sounds of retail. There are future plans to extend the brand and to open more spas, this fact surely highlights it's popularity- and reaffirmsthe status thatthe brand SpaceNK haswithinthe beauty marketplace.

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IntheheartofWestLondonliesSpaceNK's flagshipspa,withabrandaswellknownas this,itwasalwaysguaranteedtobeahit. times.AsacompanySpaceNKisrenowne...