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Post-summer Time for post-holiday repair! Pamper your dehydrated, sun-damaged skin with these

rejuvenating tips from Aspen Weatherburn fter all the hard work of attaining and maintaining your summer body. you may be relieved autumn is here and you can finally have a break from high-maintenance beauty regimes. Well. think again! Summer sun, sea and sport wreaks all sorts of damage on skin, and you need to start the repair work straight away. 'By the end of summer. hot drying air is bound to have dehydrated your skin,

it leaves your skin looking firmer and feeling softer. Exfoliation should be followed by lots of intensely nourishing and repairing products, applied frequently. When it comes to facial care, back up exfoliating and moisturising with a weekly rehydrating and repairing mask, says van Eyssen.TryElemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask (£21.50, 01278 727830) for a gentle healing treatment.

making it more prone to damage, cracking and irritation: explains Rene van Eyssen,head therapist at the Jurlique Day Spa and Sanctuary in London (020 8995 2293). Your main focus now, says van Eyssen,needs to be rehydration, nourishment and repair.

To help provide the essential nourishment your dehydrated


Moisturiser (£18) is a great choice, Butter




which boosts skin elasticity and moisture levels - as a beauty ingredient so why not be a trendsetter? If you're a fan of body oils, the best one for this time of year is Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Rosehip Seed Oil (£13.50, 01747 834634). Itcontains a high proportion of essential fatty acids healthy skin. It's particularly good for anyone who's been

- vital for maintaining

Or Hauschka Rose Body

smells beautiful. The first step is gentle exfoliation.

skin needs, you could

opt for an oil, a butter. a balm, or a



Green People's Body

Soothing (£14.99) contains 3, 6 and 9 rich fatty acids to

long as you're not sunburnt, it.s best to

revive dry skin. A cheaper

smooth away any dry or peeling

Skin Firming Body Balm (£4.45, exclusively

alone may not be enough. Guinot

at Boots), which smells fab and contains

recommends applying a serum beneath a mask to provide an intensive boost for dehydrated skin. Check out Serum Hydra


Try Green People' Sugar Scrub - Soothing (£14.99),

which contains

raw cane sugar.

essential oils and olive leaf extract to protect

against damaging

option is Lirene

exposed to sun from an early age. or if you're worried about sun damage. For the face, after a long hot summer, the use of a moisturiser and mask

shea butter. All these moisturising products will help you retain your tan.

free radicals.

You could also try Jurlique OPC Body

Monoi Moisture Melt (£27.50),

Exfoliating Gel (£15.75. 0870-7700980).

leaves skin super soft, or REN Wild Yam

Beaute (£45.75, 0800-590 094). For the ultimate rehydrating spa treatment try Jurlique's Warm Oil Body


the skin.


Wrap (£59.50). Thishour-long treat uses

Sugar Scrub

2256 6000). It's fairly pricey, but REN is

to help regenerate

Laura Mercier's Clementine (£35,02087402085)

smells divine, and

four of the Thiscooling mask provides a high level of hydration, and is particularly good for oily skinthat has suffered from the drying effects of summer.

You could try Elemis Exotic Frangipani

7 Repair Cream

the first company

(£39, 0845-

to use Wild Yam

best"~JI Great for those with sensitive skin, this mask contains extract

quince valued



organic lavender oil to restore irritated skin. perfect after excess sun exposure.


seed for its

moisture retaining




Creme Masqu~ Nourrissantt Moisturizing



An SOSmoisturising mask you apply and then just leave on to absorb all

An organic way to

the goodness. Claims to restore skin in just 15 minutes.

and avocado, which


'r -~~



summer, with seaweed

IIUtllOUtlIM"n JO.A......... MA",UI 1I~~=IM1






contain the right level ~ : of nutrients for the skin. '" ~ ....-


Health & Fitness - Post Summer Skin  

'r -~- omega 3,6and 9rich fatty acids to revive dry skin.Acheaper option isLirene SkinFirming Body Balm (£4.45, exclusively at Boots),which...

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