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MEQUICK! Preparethat pout for a romanticrendezvouswith the bestlip protectors.Aspen Weatherburnpuckersup

reatromancesequalmemorable kisses. Andwhatbettertimeofyear to get yoursmackersin tip top conditionthan right now.Valentine's Day is on itswayand allyourlipsneedare somethingto keepthem softand supple, and somebodyworth kissing. Lipsareverydelicate,protectedby only a thin layerof skin.Smoking,environment, weatherand upper-liphairremovalall contributeto dry lips.And when the airisdry and cold.oil secretionsarelowered,while large selection of affordable balms; my allcentralheatingincreasesmoistureloss.Habits time favourite is Essential (£ 1.39),suitable for everyday use and great to carry in your suchaslickingand bitingcan makethis worse,to the point of flakingand cracking. sports kit. A fantastic, lOOper cent natural Smokingisespeciallydetrimentalas,not product is Decleor Aromessence Lip Balm (£14,02074029474). Made from pure only arethe lipspursed,but oxygenand collagenlevelsareloweredby the smokeand essential oils, it provides long-lasting care. vitaminC isdrawnfrom the skin. An activelifeand varioussportscantakea particulartoll on your lips;a hot workoutcan If your lips have become sore, try to avoid balms that smell like sweets or have an leavethem dehydrated, while swimmingin chlorinatedwatercan leavethem feelingsore. appealing taste, or you'll probably lick your Lip moisturisers comeindifferent guises. lips even more. Nivea Lip Care Repair (£ 1.99) uses special ingredients to reduce skin Balmshavea high contentof waxandoil inflammation. It is also dermatologically and arebestfor daytimeprotection,while approved, so is suitable for all skin types. conditioningcreamsshouldbe applied at night when skinrepairis mostactive. If you are using an eye cream to combat Protectlipswith a good vitamin-E-enriched wrinkles, you can double it up as a lip balm. lipbalm,suchasPout'sSmotherMe (£6,020 Or try Clinique's All About Lips (£ 15); this 73790379for mailorder).Or try MAC'sLip lightWeight lotion is great to wear beneath Conditioner (£7,02075349222),which lipstick, but also immediately gives the


Sweet sensation

leaves lips soft and smelling gorgeous.

lips a smoother,


properties, promising

a pumped-up

aloe,avocado and shea butter. Nivea has a


all-natural Lip Venom

by DuWop

mail order), which contains jojoba and avocado oils and essencesof ginger, vanilla and menthol. It will put a tingly feeling through your lips and plump them up. To prepare your lips for passionate kisses, new lip-enhancing Maxi Kiss (£15.95,0871871 8192) claims that in a recent clinical trial, subjects had a 40 per cent increase in the volume of their lips,with no needles in sight. Lastly,follow the tips from make-up artists, prime lips by gently rubbing them with a soft toothbrush to slough away dead skin.The Body Shop Lip Scuff (£5) is also a big favourite for leaving lips perfectly primed. After applying your lipstick,use a bit of gloss as a finishing touch for that Victoria Beckham shine.Pout's Wet My Lips (£9) will do the trick, leaving your lips looking glossy and ready to be kissed.

H&Fstar product

less lined appearance.

Cheaper alternatives to keep smackers sweet include Blistex Herbal Balm (£2.25),with

(£14.50) available at Pout (020 7379 0379 for

Organic Jing Jang cream (£ 15), available

A few balms on the market boast lip-

exclusively from Pout, contains


beeswax and is great for hydrating

thirsty lips.

LIP CONDITIONERS Dermalogica MultivitaminPower



Firm, £26; 0800 591818



'The smell of this is trulY divine,

and it leaves the

lips feeling However,

very soft. I didn't

find it

very moisturising, but it's great for the delicate eye

area: 3/5


. .


I I~ ',. ...

Green People Soft lips SPF8'No Scent; £2.99; 01444 401444


, .

'I liked the fact this was scent-

and taste-free.

Although tingly

it left a slightly


on my lips,

it cleared

up my chapped

skin within

a couple of

days: 4/5



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CaudalieSoindesLevres lip conditioner,£4;020

73047038 'Smellingdivinelyof vanilla,

Tisserandaromatherapy organic lavender CAUDALIEand raspberry lip balm, £3.99; 01273 :;;;"'''' 325666 "

j. -=

thisluxurious lipsalve "'"D. smoothed onnicelyto leave mylipssoft,suppleandwell


protectedagainstthe elements.~~.;;:;.ifI Theeffectsarelong lasting.A greatoutdoorchoice: 5/5

'This has a fantastic smell, but tastes a little too like munching on lavender. The texture is grainy and doesn't slide on the lips well. It also needs constant reapplication: 1/5

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73047038 GreenPeopleSoftlips SPF8'NoScent;£2.99; 01444 401444 inflammation. It isalso dermatologically approved, soissuitable for all skin t...