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matters Prevention is better than cure, as they say, so when doing the household chores or manual work, get those digits covered.

Beaute Des Mains by Dech!or (£10 for 50ml; 020 7402 9474) not only keeps hands silky soft, but also promises to prevent premature ageing with regular use. A cheaper option is Nivea Hand Age Defying Creme Q10 Plus Intensive



(£4.09, 100m!), which works in a similar way, using co-enzyme Q10 to stimulate the turnover of cells. Two of my faves include Clarins Jeunesse du Mains Hand Cream (£14,from department stores) - expensive, but with the Clarins name behind it you know you're in for a treat - and Jurlique

Lavender Hand

Cream (£14.45 for 40ml. 020 8841 6644), a super-rich, all-natural, non-sticky formulation that is absorbed easily and leaves your hands smelling like freshly-picked lavender.

Forget eyes being the windows to the soul.Thestate of your hands can reveala multitude of tales you might prefer to keep to you rself,says


hands, it's

back to health. Atrixo

Regenerating Treatment with Liposomes (£3.79, 75ml; from chemists) delivers intensive moisture, using liposomes, vitamin E and

ands up, how many of you are guilty

to take care of your hands, with handcare

of neglecting your lO-fingered friends? I'm meticulous about skin

products ranging from £2 to £52, how do

avocado oil and soaks in instantly. Borghese's

you know which one to buy?


To aid your quest for soft, young-looking

care for my face, I apply moisturiser to my



(£42, from

department stores) are best used at night, as

hands, here are some top hand-helping tips.

arms and legs religiously, and even my

they are quite bulky and you won't be able to do much while wearing them. They might

behind gets more pampering with lotions

take a bit of getting used to, but are well

and potions than my hands have ever done. And, according to a recent survey by Nivea,

Keeping your hands clean is an integral

worth it. A cheaper option is to invest in

I'm not alone. More than 74 per cent of

part of keeping healthy, but water and

cotton gloves and wear them overnight on

women questioned worry if their hands are

cleansers can strip hands of their natural oils.

top of a product such as Intensive Night

dry, yet only 31 per cent moisturise them.

So it's important not to use cleansers that

Hand Serum by Marks & Spencer (£7.50). It

are too harsh. Barefoot

contains time-defying Retinol. leaving you to

As these results show, many of us neglect

Doctor Happy

the skin on our hands, more so than any

Hands Wash (£3.99 for 300ml, from Boots)

other part of our body. This,combined with

has gentle ingredients that mean it can be

external factors, such as sun exposure and

used as often as you wish, without drying

wake with beautifully soft hands. If you really fancy a treat, I'd recommend the 60-minute Jurlique De-Luxe Hand

harsh detergents, means hands begin to

out the skin. Fresh Soy Soap (£11, 200g;

Care Treatment

look years older than the rest of the body.

from Selfridges or Liberty) is another

In Nivea's survey, more than 89 per cent

cleansing product gentle on the hands.

treatment that includes a pampering

believe hands are an important part of their

Using soy,which contains all the amino

aromatic hand bath with organic essential

appearance, yet a staggering 64 per cent

acids the body requires to rebuild itself, and

oils, a gentle exfoliation, followed by a mask,


(£36,020 8995 2293; A salon

apply hand cream only after their hands

shea butter, this little wonder bar is a must-

and an indulgent hand and arm massage.

become dry and chapped. Even if you want

have accessory for any household sink.

Hands will have never been happier!

. -

BootsCompleteCareHandand NailCream(£1.35,75mltube) ....

VaselineIntensiveCareHand& Nail(£1.30, 75m!)

strengthby 33 per cent, and is lanolin-free.An

that is completely non-greasy. I noticeda definiteimprovementin the softnessandappearance

'Claimsto increasenail

effectivebut light moisturiserthat really softens skin, and it did leave my nails feeling

strongeraftera few


Finally, if you have neglected time to nurse them


,.I,. .. u......o&:'.aIL



of my hands and nails


after only a few weeks of







NeutrogenaNorwegianFormulaHand M&SHandFormulaHandandNail Lotionwith SPF15(£5,100ml) Creamunscented(£3.99,50mltube) 'Thisconcentrated 'Contains all-important anti-ageing properties. All-day h,,,..t cream glides onto mOisturisingwithout feeling leaveyour hands magicallysilkensoft.It's a treat on my chapped, post-DIY hands. A great emergency rescue:



soothing tooandworked



greasyandit hasa really

pleasant smell. However, I didn't notice much

improvement in the condition of mynails:


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BootsCompleteCareHandand VaselineIntensiveCareHand& NeutrogenaNorwegianFormulaHand M&SHandFormulaHandandNail Care Treatment (£36,020...