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What Women Want Being a woman in today’s world is so much more than the outer picture depicts. As women always are their own toughest critics, it often seems like they just ask a lot more of themselves. They become experts at juggling all their worlds, which could include work, family and children, and also manage to make their own space and take that “Me” time somewhere in between. A woman is expected to perform many roles starting from being a daughter, to a wife and career woman and later a mother and caretaker of her family. This is putting it at a simplistic level, because there are so many other roles that weave into the basic ones, such as being a daughter or a sister-in-law, where once again it is other women who set high expectations. Even such relationships can be managed well most of the time, if a woman has the support and respect of her close family members. Women may tend to expect very little from the people around them, as they are used to catering to everyone’s needs and giving rather than receiving. Making them feel special requires only a little bit of effort – a memorable and heartfelt gift for a special occasion is just one example. The best way to enable the women close to you would be to support them in accomplishing their goals, but also to give them their own breathing space. While feminist views would insist that women don’t “need” a man to be happy and successful, it would definitely help to be appreciated by the people around her. The identity of a woman need not be defined by the approval of men, but it could definitely be enhanced by having the support she needs. If you have an opportunity to make the woman in your life feel special, you should go ahead and take it, and this could mean just simple gestures like offering to wash the dishes or do the laundry at the end of a tiring day. It is amazing how women manage so many different spheres of life, and still manage to look radiant and cheerful at the end of the day. If we can add to that beauty by giving her some lovely jewellery such as some precious stone earrings or an opal and diamond ring to accessorize her look that would be a great way to show our appreciation for all her hard work. Do you agree?

Aspens Jewellers are independent family run jewellers, with over a hundred years of heritage. We have a huge collection of jewellery products all hand selected; backed up by knowledgeable staff and an experienced onsite jewellery workshop covering all aspects of jewellery including rings,

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What Women Want  

Aspens Jewellers are independent family run jewellers, with over a hundred years of heritage. We have a huge collection of jewellery product...

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