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2013 50 000 beneficiaries 58 projects 29 countries 6 continents September 2015

9400 beneficiaries 36 projects 14 countries 6 continents

55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents integrity





55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents


 Special needs

children benefit

From the editor Have you ever considered that every action taken for Mandela Day – no matter how big or small – has made a difference in someone’s life? We often think that acts of kindness are about the big things – building a home, improving an educational environment or making a substantial financial contribution. Yet, while these are all valued and gratefully received, the little things count just as much – and in some cases – even more.

10 Opa! Celebrating life

Performing Acts of Random Kindness (“ARK”) on the streets of a city in which our sales force members find themselves has equal merit and impact. Lives are touched and a glimmer of hope is restored to a destitute beggar

who is given a meal for a day simply because an Aspen employee took the trouble to show that they care. So too does the gesture of packing up a box of stationery, clothing or non-perishable foodstuffs and donating it towards the cause. The notion is simply that we are taking action, inspiring change and making a difference.


 Grateful disabled children

One of the overwhelming golden threads expressed through feedback for this annual event, has been the impact that our ARK has had not only on beneficiaries – but also on members of the Aspen team globally. It is known that in giving we receive and from our contributions it is evident that lives have been touched – ours, and those of less fortunate people. Aspen’s successful 2015 campaign is a testimony to each employee who has embraced this initiative and who has demonstrated our values of integrity, innovation, excellence, commitment and teamwork. If you’d like to read more about our Mandela Day initiatives, visit the Group website or click on

26 Oodles of noodles and fun


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 Touching 1 000

36 Helping the blind and deaf

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Aspen’s Mandela Day magazine is published and distributed annually to communicate the news about the Aspen Group’s global involvement in the Nelson Mandela International Day initiative. This is intended to inform various stakeholders about the numerous projects conducted by Aspen’s Business Units in celebration of this initiative. All reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure the accuracy of information. The Aspen Mandela Day magazine editor, editorial contributors, the Aspen Group directors and Bastion Graphics cannot accept responsibility for any damages or inconveniences of any kind from information, opinions expressed, errors or omissions published in this magazine. Mandela, Nelson Mandela, Madiba and the Nelson Mandela Day device are trademarks of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and are used under licence. Image rights of Nelson Mandela are the property of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and all images are used under licence. ©Aspen 2015: This magazine is copyright protected under the Berne Convention. In terms of the South African Copyright Act No 98 of 1978, no part of this magazine may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission of the publisher.

group chief executive’s message 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

Small efforts make a

big difference Very few among us know the discomfort of going to bed without a meal or wondering where the next one will come from. We’re not deeply affected by a yearning for someone to show us a little care and attention by chatting for a while, sharing a smile, dancing or laughing away the morning. We also have no need for a warm jacket, a pair of shoes or a blanket to sleep under. Our families haven’t deserted us because we’re simply not wanted, elderly or perhaps not as mobile as we once were. We aren’t afflicted with a debilitating disease, handicapped or terminally ill. Sadly though, there are many less fortunate people in the world who do fit this mould.

us has stretched out a hand of kindness, we’ve instilled some dignity and a sense of purpose in the life of a less fortunate person. Many Aspen employees have mentioned that they were deeply, emotionally enriched and touched to the core by the gratitude of the beneficiaries that they’ve worked with. This applies to every single action we’ve taken, such as those by members of the sales teams who took the time to feed a stranger or share a meal with a street child, to the team who proudly stood by when the ribbon was cut to a newly constructed humble house in the hills of Colombia giving a mother and daughter the dream home that they had always wished for. We sometimes forget that taking a wheelchair bound person for a stroll in the sun, painting the little face of an abandoned child or feeding a handicapped teen has an impact, but it does! If you weren’t actively involved this year,

Given these, and many other needs, I’m really touched by the incredible work that the Aspen team has been doing in

then I encourage you to do something –

36 countries to make a difference in people’s lives through

anything – so that you can experience the joy

the Mandela Day campaign.

of seeing gratitude in the face of a stranger. You don’t need to wait for the 2016 campaign

This initiative has expanded again this year. We’ve soared from 29 projects in 2012 when we took it on as a

to kick off, you can start today. No matter

Group to 90 this year. That’s 32 more projects than in 2014

how big or small your effort, know that it will

– what an awesome effort! Nine business units joined the

count. Thank you seems like such a small gesture

campaign for the first time in 2015 and, judging from the

– but the thanks expressed by any one of

feedback received, they’re set to continue to contribute in

our more than 55 000 beneficiaries of the

the future. I am so encouraged to see that we are truly living our ethos – showing

Aspen initiatives speaks volumes. That said, I personally wish to thank every

that our values aren’t just words on a wall but that we really do care.

employee, family member, friend, supplier or partner who has been involved

It’s challenging to be taken out of a comfort zone. Soaking in the

with 2015 Mandela Day for your incredible contribution. May you realise that

beaming smile of a terminally ill child or staring into the bewildered eyes of

the impact of your action will continue to be felt for a very long time by the

an elderly person who is mentally strong but physically so very fragile isn’t

very lives that you touched.

easy. What about those who are hungry, abandoned, homeless, abused,

With sincere appreciation

orphaned, mentally or physically handicapped? Well, our people have

Stephen Saad

done that and so much more over the past year. Every time any one of

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55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 Aspen Bad Oldesloe

International & rest of the world

Feeding, educating and building in Hamburg Kindertagesstätte Rethwisch, a kindergarten that cares for about 20 children aged one to six years, heard the news that Aspen Bad Oldesloe was once again hosting Mandela Day activities and they jumped at the opportunity to be included. They needed a little garage for their “turtle bus” – a six-seater toy vehicle used to transport the children. The Aspen team was only too keen to help. The Mitternachtsbus in Hamburg supplies about 200 homeless people with hot drinks, rolls, a sleeping pad, socks and other items each day. Volunteers drive the bus 365 days per year and so too did an Aspen employee on 24 June. Aspen aligned with Diakonische Werk Bad Oldesloe, an organisation that presents German language courses to refugees. Aspen joined some of the 280 refugees for the course presented on 22 June and they used the opportunity to provide insight into the company and their specific jobs before gifting an Aspen towel to the refugees.


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International & rest of the world 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 Aspen Oss

Four-day wheelchair hike Each year the Brabant Zorg Old Age Home, based in the suburb of Oss in the Netherlands, hosts a hiking event for their residents who are wheelchair bound. This occasion is dependent on community volunteers and sadly, there was insufficient local support for the Home to go ahead with its originally intended hike this year. The Aspen Oss team learnt of this situation and chose to support Brabant Zorg and make this annual event a reality for the aged folk. The wheelchair hike was hosted over four days and the team was delighted to have been able to make a difference and add some joy to the lives of the 120 elderly residents.

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International & rest of the world

55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 Aspen Global

Anoska touched by AGI Aspen Global engaged in an activity that would positively impact the lives of some 150 families who live in the small village of Anoska, situated in the suburbs of Curepipe. The residents of this village experience extreme poverty and are in desperate need of support. In order to provide an enhanced environment for the children, a neglected area of the village was converted into a multipurpose playground. A wall was built around the playground to offer security, the area was laid with asphalt and a court was constructed where the older children could play Petanque, a local favoured game. A shelter was also erected and the children celebrated the opening of the facility by drawing Mandela paintings and themes on the walls. The playground was officially inaugurated on 16 July by Samer Kassem, CEO of AGI and the Honourable Mrs Aurore Perraut, Minister of Gender Equality & Child Development & Family Welfare. The SA High Commissioner HE Dr Nomvuyo N. Nokwe and other dignitaries also marked their presence at the event. About 150 Aspen employees made generous donations of foodstuffs, household items, books, clothes, shoes and blankets to these families in need. The team was deeply touched by the gratitude and delight of the children and their families and they left Anoska with the knowledge that they too had made a meaningful difference on Mandela Day. 4

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International & rest of the world 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 aspen healthcare

36 countries 6 continents

Special needs children benefit Aspen Healthcare selected to support two beneficiaries: the SNF Development Centre (SNF) and the Dubai AlBarsha Centre. SNF trains young adults who have special needs and they have been able to successfully integrate a number of students into the workforce. In the 2015 academic year the Centre had 100 students – 48 girls and 52 boys aged from 14 to 62 years. The Aspen team assisted the Centre in cleaning, restocking and reorganising the activity classrooms. They also contributed toward arranging the students’ artwork for various bazaars and special events that the Centre participates in. Aspen also donated shelving and storage boxes for materials and stationery to ensure that the classrooms were ready for the start of the new academic year. The Finance team assisted the Dubai AlBarsha Centre that provides quality education and therapy to 30 children with special needs. This Centre offers holistic programmes for students who have moderate to severe learning difficulties. The team enthusiastically repainted the classes with the help of some of the children and also repacked and cleaned the storage rooms. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the cooking classes that were hosted and they were also overjoyed to each receive a gift pack of toys and treats.

aspen mandela day 2015  5

15 nt

International & rest of the world

55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 Aspen Ireland

Caring for the Irish #MandelaDay

On 16 July, employees from Aspen Ireland’s offices travelled to the Alone House in Artane, Dublin to paint the bedsit of an elderly resident. Alone is an independent charity that works with older people who are homeless, socially isolated, living in deprivation or in crisis. Jimmy, the elderly resident, was delighted with the hard work and the end result! The team also participated in a Bumper Raffle and raised €600 to further help this charity. Employees participated in the “Buy One More“ campaign by adding food

Bedsit for Elderly Resident

supplies to their weekly shopping trolley and donating these items to the Lending Hand Charity. This voluntary group works with the homeless in Dublin City Centre. Aspen also provided the supplies and labour to prepare and cook a healthy lunch for the families who use the Ronald McDonald House at Our Ladys Children’s Hospital in Crumlin. This is the second year volunteering at this venue. In a separate project, members of Aspen Ireland’s Finance team supported Cairdeas, an organisation that provides food, clothing and bedding to Dublin’s homeless and hungry. Employees donated food, sleeping bags and toiletries and nine members of the team took to the streets to hand out these provisions to very grateful recipients.


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29 Jun www.r

Cooking a Meal for 40

International & rest of the world 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 Aspen Notre Dame de Bondeville

36 countries 6 continents

Action all year round The French-based team from Aspen Notre Dame de Bondeville has truly embraced Mandela Day as an initiative that is not limited to 18 July each year. They hosted a number of activities that started in November 2014 and ran through to June 2015 in partnership with seven beneficiaries, namely Métropole Rouen Normandie, Lions Club Rouen Drakkar, Association des paralysés de France, Blouses Roses, Restos du Coeur, Cardère and Banque Alimentaire. Significant support was provided to the Restos du Cœur by collecting funds for gift wrapping in toy shops over Christmas. The collections were used to help destitute people in need of food, clothes and shelter. The team contributed to the preservation of the planet through Cardàre and Métropole Rouen Normandie by improving the local natural environment. Help was provided for waste collation, uprooting and removing invasive plant species and restoring the natural area. Support for the Lion’s Club was through the Rouen hospital to the benefit of cancer research. In April 2015 Aspen assisted in raising funds to buy medical equipment by selling fresh cut flowers at the hospital and at the entrance to supermarkets. The local environment at the hospital was also cleaned up and funds were raised in association with Blouses Rose to decorate the wards for children who were hospitalised over the Christmas period. In a separate initiative food parcels were collected and distributed to people with disabilities in November and again in April together with the Banque Alimentaire organisation. Aspen employees endorsed the needs of the handicapped residents of Association des paralysés de France by participating in demonstrations to create awareness of the lack of accessibility for wheelchairs in Normandy. These needs were also addressed with local authorities. Time was also spent playing games with disabled children, who don’t have the freedom of movement that their peers do. The team continues to demonstrate their commitment to creating a better environment and quality of life for those who are less fortunate. This supports the core sentiment of the initiative, which challenges us all to reach out to those in need every day and not only on Mandela Day.

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55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 aspen Belgium

Hugs and love mean so much The Aspen team in Belgium chose to renovate and clean the Brussels-based Maison d’Enfants Reine Marie-Henriette Children’s Home for Mandela Day. The regional Youth Court has placed some 120 babies and children aged up to 14 years at the home on a permanent basis primarily due to problems experienced within the family environment. Many older children are also placed at the home on a day-care basis and both the children and parents are supervised by social workers in a bid to help them to hopefully recreate a loving, caring environment at their family home. The team redecorated with fresh, bright paint and embellished to further enhance the playing areas. The men converted an old kitchen into an additional playroom and the attic was also cleared to provide further productive space for childhood development. While the new warm, clean rooms are a great enhancement for the residents and staff, the greatest gift was the care and affection that the Aspen team offered the children – something which is often not provided for by their parents. Hugs of appreciation and affection were lovingly shared and it was this sentiment that has encouraged the employees from Aspen Belgium to participate in the campaign again in 2016.


 aspen mandela day 2015

55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 Aspen Poland

Improving the quality of life across Poland Aspen’s team of 50 employees chose five areas in which they could contribute for Mandela Day. These included the Sisters of St Jadwiga nursing home in Pielgrzymowice as well as a social welfare home for mentally handicapped children in Tarnow. In addition, the team worked with the Blessed Stanislaus Papczyński Hospice in Licheń Stary as well as the Raciąż Hospital which provides long-term care for ill patients. A range of joint activities were conducted with these beneficiaries such as therapy workshops, renovating gardens and hospital wards, painting walls and varnishing wooden furniture such as swings and gazebos and also tending to the gardens by restoring and sowing new lawns, clearing sidewalks, and compacting areas where necessary. The youth also benefited from Aspen’s commitment through workshops which were hosted to demonstrate opportunities for personal and professional development. To ensure their inclusion, the sales force engaged in random acts of kindness with less fortunate strangers.

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55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 Aspen Germany

Fixing the farm for the kids On 17 July members of Aspen Germany’s office spent time at the Munich Farm for Children and Teenagers which accommodates approximately 100 guests per day. It is well stocked with animals to benefit disadvantaged children and teenagers of all ages. The farm provides various activities and highly supervised courses to help them to develop social and practical skills and create awareness about nature and animals. The farm welcomes the children in the afternoons and over weekends which helps busy parents who are at work. Aspen’s employees provided support to the farm by carrying out routine maintenance and improvements which included replacing the 35m weathered wooden fence used to keep the animals safely enclosed.

 Aspen Greece

Opa! Celebrating life The team of 11 employees from Aspen Greece made a significant difference in the lives of the 145 elderly residents at Athenian Old Age Home in Ambelokipi, Athens. These lonely folk were treated to a fabulous day where they received the best gift of all – the quality time of people who care. The Aspen team spoilt the residents by taking them for an outdoor walk in their wheelchairs, chatting, dancing and singing with them and heartily serving them welcomed drinks and snacks. This home receives no government funding, so the Aspen employees’ donations of toiletries, food items and treats were also highly appreciated by these elderly folk.

10  aspen mandela day 2015

INTERNATIONAL: EUROPE CIS 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 Aspen Hungary

36 countries 6 continents

Helping the elderly The Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat (Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta) was established as a homeless shelter in 2010 to provide temporary accommodation for 40 elderly convalescent patients. Patients receive treatment for various ailments such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, COPD, renal failure and others. Ten volunteers from Aspen Hungary’s office enthusiastically collected clothing, linen, blankets and other necessities and handed these donations to the very grateful staff at the shelter. In addition, they cleaned and painted two of the rooms and also provided a nutritious lunch for the highly appreciative patients and staff.

 Aspen Italy

Repacking food for thousands From 9 to 23 July, Aspen Italy’s 41 employees volunteered to assist the Associazione Banco Alimentare Onlus – Via Legnone in Milan for the second consecutive Mandela Day. Their time at Banco Alimentare was spent sorting and packing surplus food products provided by the local food industry. This food is then redistributed to non-profit organisations in 13 regions across Italy to meet the needs of the impoverished. In this manner, Banco Alimentare feeds more than 103 000 people each year.

aspen mandela day 2015  11

55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents


 Aspen Ukraine

Helping military casualties and displaced refugees Over 800 beneficiaries were touched by the actions of Aspen’s team in Ukraine who adopted four worthy organisations in support of Mandela Day 2015. The team in the western region provided support to the Khmelnytskyi Regional Hospital and the Kiev Support Centre, while the eastern region volunteers made a difference for disabled veterans at the Kharkov Regional Hospital. Aspen volunteers from the south-east region improved conditions for soldiers at the Military Hospital in Dnepropetrovsk. Six employees spent Mandela Day at the Khmelnytskyi Hospital where they painted the ceiling and walls of the hall of the surgery department, as well as the floor in the hall and two wards. Much needed donations were provided to the Support Centre for people from the east of Ukraine who have been displaced due to military action. The Aspen team also made numerous improvements at the centre and cleaned up the environment for the refugees. The gardens of the Kharkov Hospital received focused attention from the team who tended to the flowerbeds, cleared the pathways, cut the lawn, enhanced the gardens and provided pot plants. The Military Hospital in Dnepropetrovsk cares for wounded soldiers and has numerous needs for improvements. With care and appreciation for the soldiers, the Aspen volunteers cleaned the wards, washed windows and floors, tended to the garden and walkways and painted areas that were in need of improvement.

12  aspen mandela day 2015

INTERNATIONAL: EUROPE CIS 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 Aspen Russia

36 countries 6 continents

19 Mandela Day projects in Russia

Aspen Russia’s eight regional teams embraced Mandela Day for the first time. These employees hosted 19 activities stretching from St Petersburg in the North Western Region to Vladivostok City in the Far Eastern Region. The projects ranged from caring for the elderly; working with HIV positive babies; tending to children at rehabilitation centres, orphanages and hospitals; enhancing facilities at some of the selected institutions; and supporting local blood banks; to tending abandoned animals at shelters. Their heartfelt efforts had a direct impact on scores of beneficiaries. The organisations selected for their 2015 Mandela Day campaign

Central Russia Region Despite their limited resources the Aspen team was adamant that they too would make a difference on Mandela Day.


Alla Labynina, a key accounts

 Pushkin Social Rehabilitation Centre for Minors;

manager from Tver City, collected

 Children’s Regional clinical hospital No 3 in Vladivostok;

donations from friends and family

 Kashin Orphanage in Tver city;

to assist the Kashin orphanage.

 Phoenix social and rehabilitation centre for children in Smolensk;

Essential items such as diapers

 Dora shelter for homeless animals in Voronezh;

and baby food were bought with

 Vologodskaya Oblast Children’s hospital;

the funds raised and ongoing

 St Eugene Hospital in St Petersburg;

commitment has been pledged to this orphanage.

 Animal shelters in Murmansk, Syktyvkar, Arkhangelsk and Petrozavodsk;

Clothes and toys were bought for the children who live at the Phoenix

 Blood donations in Sumara, Kirov and Kazan city;

social rehabilitation centre. This was the project of Irina Krechikova who

 Supporting elderly market vendors in Kazan;

is the key accounts manager of Smolensk and Bryansk who called on the

 Flora and Lavra pet care centre in Ulyanovsk;

assistance of his family to

 Kidburg Orphanage No 1 in Rostov-on-Don;

reach out to the children

 Orphanage No 66 in Tyumen;

at the centre.

 Children’s Heart (Kuzbass) Charity Fund; and  The Kemerovo Cardiology Clinic.

The Dora Shelter in Voronezh cares for homeless animals and they were very grateful to receive a nutritious supply of food for the abandoned puppies and dogs.

aspen mandela day 2015  13

55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 aspen RUSSIA

Moscow Region The Social Rehabilitation Centre for Children in Pushkin City cares for children aged 3 to18 years who are orphaned, homeless or in need of a safe environment. Aspen Russia’s Moscow team of 12 volunteers made significant improvements at the centre much to the joy of the children. The summerhouse, sand pit, swings, see-saw, dart targets and the ship are all favourite play areas and these were beautifully painted and enhanced. The trees were whitewashed for environmental protection, while the gardens were weeded, gooseberries and flowers were planted and the lawn was cut back. The rooms were improved with the addition of new shutters and decorative paths were created around the swimming pool. After all the hard work, the children enjoyed treats of sweets and biscuits as they played contently at the vastly improved rehabilitation centre.

14  aspen mandela day 2015


INTERNATIONAL: EUROPE CIS 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 Aspen Russia

36 countries 6 continents

North West Region Six initiatives were rolled out in the North West Region. Vologodskaya Oblast Children’s hospital In Vologda City is the only paediatric healthcare facility in the Vologda region that provides treatment for various diseases and has trauma facilities for serious injuries. The little patients at the hospital each received coloured pencils which were used for a drawing competition. They thoroughly enjoyed the special attention that they received as well as the small gifts. Elderly ladies at the St Eugene City Hospital No 46 were also treated to a wonderful meal, some treats and small gifts as well as a master class in needlework – a gesture that brought them so much delight for a skill that is so crucial to them. There is a big need for caring for abandoned, injured and ill animals in Murmansk. The team helped out at shelters in Murmansk, Syktyvkar, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk cities. Their activities included assisting with the handling of aggressive dogs and stray cats, and providing donations of food and dressings for these furry friends.

Volga Region There is no gesture too great or too small when it comes from a willing heart! The team from the Volga Region adopted a simple slogan – ‘Let’s help where we can’, and so they did! The small morning market in Kazan was their first port of call. Loving grannies tried to sell the team all their delicious fresh produce. They were so tempted and bought as much as they could which restored some of these elderly ladies’ pride at being able to go home having earned a good wage for the day. The Aspen volunteers also chose to give back to society by donating blood. They visited blood donation banks in Sumara, Kirov and Kazan city. In the city of Ulyanovsk, Aspen employee Olga and her daughter Anya visited the Flora and Lavra pet care centre. At that time, this facility was accommodating 29 stray cats and 11 abandoned dogs, that would hopefully all go to good homes in due course. Their donations of food and their help to clean the areas where the animals live was very warmly received.

aspen mandela day 2015  15


55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 Aspen Russia

Southern Region Rostov-on-Don’s Orphanage No 1 was established in 1994 and hosts 40 children aged between four and 14. Six Aspen volunteers arranged a trip for the children to Kidburg, a fun-filled facility that’s based on a gaming format. Kidburg assists visitors with options in terms of vocational guidance and it provides knowledge and details about various professions – all in a highly friendly, fun, gamebased environment. While playing the game, a child is able to trace the link between the acquisition of knowledge, their application and the end results. This stimulating environment enables children to be more aware of possible future professions and equally importantly, what they are best suited for in terms of their strengths and abilities. At the end of a fun morning, the children enjoyed a delicious lunch, shared their experiences about Kidburg and the professions that most interested them before each one gratefully received gifts of sports equipment and clothing.

Ural Region The small team from the Ural Region had loads of fun with the children who live at the Orphanage No 66 in Tyumen city. A table laden with wonderful treats that included raisin buns, apricots and milk shakes were enjoyed by the hungry residents. In addition, the festivities included hours of boarding, dancing and singing to a mini-disco that had been set up especially for the occasion. The children cherished the time where they experienced an abundance of care and love that we all take for granted.

16  aspen mandela day 2015

INTERNATIONAL: EUROPE CIS 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 aspen RUSSIA

36 countries 6 continents

Siberia Region The Kemerovo Cardiology Clinic located in that city was selected as the beneficiary by Aspen Russia’s team in Siberia. With the assistance of non-profit organisation, Kuzbass Charity Fund, the Children’s Heart campaign was extended. Aspen employees assisted by arranging for Children’s Heart donation boxes to be positioned strategically in specific stores in an attempt to prompt consumers to donate to this worthy cause. Julia Dildina, the key accounts manager for the hospital business, was provided with collectible handmade dolls, which were sold in a charity auction to raise additional funds for the Clinic. Children could not be photographed for this activity to protect their identity.

Far East Region

Aspen Russia’s Far East Region of 20 volunteers chose to help children born from HIV-positive mothers. In order to clarify their diagnosis these little ones need to spend a lot of time as in-patients at the Children’s Clinical Hospital No 3 in Vladivostok. The generosity of this team extended beyond providing the babies with clothing, diapers and much needed feeding furniture. However, one of the greatest gifts that they gave was love and care when Nikolay Shelak and Julia Osokina spent the day with the toddlers. They participated in feeding, playing games, taking them for walks and putting them to sleep. The high chairs that Aspen’s employees donated proved to be very convenient when it came to feeding time. Both Nikolay and Julia were emotionally overwhelmed by the end of the day. They so enjoyed being with the children and taking them for their daily walk – an essential aspect of healthy growth and development and an awesome adventure for those who were already walking. This Aspen team found it very hard to convey the emotions of the innocent children who simply craved attention and the need for love. They certainly added to the hope and happiness of the children and they encourage others to do the same.

aspen mandela day 2015  17


55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 aspen Slovakia

Smiles say it all! Five employees from Aspen’s office in Slovakia helped with improvements at the DOTYK Basic School and Kindergarten in Ružomberok. The team set about repairing the playground, cleaning existing structures and painting the equipment that the little ones enjoy playing on. The smiles shared by the staff and children was all the thanks that this team needed!

 Aspen Romania

Bright new classroom The rural areas of Prahova county in Romania have one of the highest childbirth rates in the country, and this is sadly compounded by the highly underdeveloped infrastructure for primary education. Aspen Romania’s 10 employees chose to support the Kindergarten in the poor village of Miroslavesti located 45 km north of Bucharest. The team provided substantial help by furnishing and decorating the Kindergarten which has resulted in improved conditions for the 35 children, aged three to six years, who attend classes there each day.

18  aspen mandela day 2015

INTERNATIONAL: EUROPE CIS 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 Aspen Bulgaria

36 countries 6 continents

Colouring the lives of cancer sufferers This was the first year of participation for Aspen Bulgaria and they chose a cause that touches the hearts of so many – children with onco-haematological diseases. Aspen’s four Bulgarian employees took part in three daily events hosted at three hospitals that specialise in paediatric onco-haematological diseases. These University Hospitals are based in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna and strive to save the lives of these little patients. The hospitals’ psychiatrists approved the events which they found to be inspiring and uplifting. Desperation and hope define the mood of the patients and their parents at the hospitals. The Aspen volunteers chose to do the little they could to bring some joy to them by presenting fairy tale puppet shows at each of the hospitals with the central message being that they should never lose hope, never quit and keep believing in a full recovery. After the highly amusing and fun fairy tale productions, the little ones each received colouring books and pencils to continue with their journey of bringing colour into their lives. Children could not be photographed to protect their identity.

 aspen Czech Republic

Paediatric ward renovations The staff and patients at the paediatric department of the Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic, received fabulous improvements to their facilities in celebration of Mandela Day. The team of 10 very enthusiastic volunteers from Aspen Czech Republic went to great lengths to improve conditions for the little patients by refurbishing the dining room and playroom in the paediatric ward. A new carpet was also laid, the walls were repainted, new curtains were added and wooden decorations introduced into the environment.

 aspen Serbia

Helping kids with congenital abnormalities Despite only being six employees in the team, Aspen Serbia’s volunteers rolled up their sleeves to serve at the Fondacija Naša deca centre (Our Children), in Belgrade. This non-profit organisation runs a centre for children with multiple congenital abnormalities and mental retardation, specifically MCA/MR syndromes. Aspen’s employees hosted a workshop with the children at which time they had an opportunity to express their creativity, have some fun and develop their talents. The treats of snacks and small gifts were also gratefully received by the residents and staff alike. No photos were permitted to be taken at this facility to protect the identity of the children.

aspen mandela day 2015  19

55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 Aspen Pharma

Showing care and love For its third year as a valued participant in the Mandela Day campaign, Aspen Pharma (Brazil) selected the Santa Rita Orphanage in Rio de Janeiro as its beneficiary. The home cares for 89 female orphans and Aspen volunteers assisted the young ladies with some guidance in terms of personal hygiene, hair care, makeup application and stylish fashion trends. The girls lapped up the attention and also enjoyed the recreational activities, gifts and snacks that were provided. Another pressing need at Santa Rita is that of eye care. Aspen arranged for ophthalmologist Salvatore Donato to examine the young girls’ eyes and of the 72 examinations done, 14 were diagnosed in need of glasses. These were provided by Interview Optics in partnership with Aspen Pharma and distributed at the Mandela Day festivities. Alexandre França, CEO of Aspen Pharma Brazil said, “As a corporate citizen, Aspen Pharma has adopted this annual event as a way for its employees to participate in social responsibility activities and they do so with a great spirit of joy and solidarity. The orphanage was chosen because of the very important work that it does with the children and due to its close location to our headquarters.”

 aspen Chile

Helping Hogar Esperanza Aspen Chile’s team supported the Foundation Hogar Esperanza Children’s Home which provides shelter to 25 children from birth to five years of age. Hogar Esperanza receives no government support and the staff and children were exceedingly grateful for the generous donations of food, treats, snacks and swing chairs for the babies. After meeting the children and learning more about their history the team enjoyed some fun time with them. It was most encouraging to learn that some of the former residents of the Home had progressed well and had become university graduates and professionals in their chosen field of expertise.

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INTERNATIONAL: LATAM AMERICA 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 aspen labs

Girls just wanna have fun The Hogar Dulce Hogar Foundation (DAYA), which cares for 23 underprivileged girls ranging in ages from nine to 20 years, was supported by the Mexican-based team from Aspen Labs. The girls are provided with shelter, education, healthcare and psychological support. Some of them are teenage mothers who do not have the resources to provide education, a home and food for their children; while others are victims of abuse. Guests from the South African Embassy joined 130 Aspen employees and their families for the event which included handing over more than 1 500 articles that had been donated by Aspen's employees. The team, some of the girls and members of the Embassy, rolled up their sleeves and joined in painting the walls of the shelter, improving the gardens and repairing some of the facilities. After the hard work, the fun began with board games and sporting activities that the girls thoroughly enjoyed. Eduardo Sosa, General Manager Mexico echoed Nelson Mandela’s sentiment and said: “A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination, which is what we seek with this kind of activity.”

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55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 aspen Costa Rica

Uplifting pensioners Aspen Costa Rica cares in many respects. It cares about creating an excellent internal environment for its employees, but also, and more importantly, it cares about the impact that the company and its actions have on the lives of patients, clients, medics, family and friends. The Group’s corporate values remain fundamental to the daily functioning of this business. This year the team chose to visit the Geronto Vida nursing home that offers group and individual attention to elderly people so they can have a better quality of life and improved psychological health. The 60 residents, who are all abandoned alcoholics, were rescued by the Home from a homeless life on the street and have been given an opportunity to fully recover from alcoholism and enjoy a quality life. They have lost everything and simply yearn for someone who can show them some kindness and care. Aspen visited these abandoned pensioners and had an outstanding day of fun which included playing bingo with them. In addition, they planted 100 trees on the premises and also cleared and tidied the property.

 Aspen Peru

Easing the plight of poverty The Mi Buen Jesús School is located in Villa Maria del Triunfo approximately 11/2 hours from Lima. Director Raquel Yauli established this little school 15 years ago.

On 17 July, Aspen Peru´s team headed to the school and spent the morning refurbishing the classroom by painting it and repairing the damaged roof. The children were delighted to receive generous donations of rubber boots, toys, books and toiletry bags while the

He has made it his life mission to ensure that the poverty

teachers each received a chair for their classroom. The

stricken 113 students aged three to12 are given an

celebrations were complete when special treats were

opportunity to obtain an education at the school. Director

shared and all enjoyed the Mandela Day cake.

Yauli is dependent on donations, fundraising activities and self-generated resources for its efficient running.

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INTERNATIONAL: LATAM AMERICA 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 Aspen Venezuela

Grateful disabled children

More than 200 children from the Carmen Cecilia Palma School of Initial Education located in Caracas enjoyed the celebrations hosted by the team in Venezuela. The students at the school all have mental disorders or Down’s Syndrome. Members of the South African Embassy in Venezuela joined the Aspen team for the Mandela Day events that stretched over two days. Facilities at the school were in need of significant improvements so the teams set to work – painting, cleaning and improving the environment for the children. Time was also spent doing what kids do best – having fun. Face painting, games, musical activities, a fabulous party with treats, and an extensive range of donations were graciously received by the children and the school management. The events were also supported by Caracas County (Alcaldía) and Horus Security Advisors.

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55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 aspen Ecuador

Bringing joy to children It was with great enthusiasm and excitement that the Aspen Ecuador team hosted two events for Mandela Day – one in the city of Quito and another in Guayaquil. Employees from Aspen’s Quito-based office supported the María Campi de Yoder shelter that provides warmth, care and a homely environment to 30 vulnerable children. Aspen hosted various activities for the 12 boys and 18 girls and provided donations of clothing, toys and school supplies. Events of the day included a brief overview about Mandela Day but the fun really started with colouring-in activities and the preparation of banners regarding stories that were narrated during the morning. The essence of the stories focused on improved self-esteem and inner power from which the children could learn valuable life lessons. Each child also received a hearty meal as well as a medical checkup from local volunteer, District Manager Marco Cisneros, who has ensured that the children each have a medical chart with relevant data for future reference. Those children who were diagnosed with acute medical conditions will also have follow-up examinations and receive the necessary medical attention. After the medical examinations, some of the children enjoyed “caritas pintadas” (face painting), while others made puppets. The festivities ended with a party, delicious snacks including a Mandela Day cake and – of course – a traditional candy-filled “piñata”. In Guayaquil, Aspen volunteers supported children at the Centro de Desarrollo Infantil – Durán with a programme full of fun and surprises. The 40 children were given an overview of various professions that could assist them with career guidance and they also enjoyed activities that included storytelling and making hot dogs. A highlight of the day was the photo booth where the children enjoyed taking photos using a variety of props that were supplied. The day ended when an Aspen volunteer, dressed as a doll, handed out treats of sweets to all the children.

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INTERNATIONAL: LATAM AMERICA 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 aspen Colombia

36 countries 6 continents

A new home for Luz and Jennifer Aspen Colombia approached Mandela Day with the perfect spirit. Their goal was to inspire and motivate employees to participate in the initiative not only with caring gestures such as financial contributions, but also through active participation and to invest personal time to support a local disadvantaged family. Organización TECHO was selected for the project. They strive to overcome the poverty of thousands of people who live in slums. This they achieve through joint activities with volunteers who build primary, emergency housing in a bid to realise the creation of a fair and free society. Single working mother Luz Adriana Rios (29) and her daughter Jennifer Rios (10) were elected as the beneficiaries of a new home. Aspen employees rallied around the campaign and collected donations and hosted numerous events to raise funds for the new home. Construction took place over a weekend and started with preparing the ground, laying the foundation and completing the structure on the second day. The full team participated in this heartwarming activity, which included painting the home and installing the windows and door. Celebrations began in earnest when Luz Adriana and Jennifer cut the ribbon to their new home. They had previously only dreamed of this, but the big-hearted team from Aspen Colombia had made their dream come true. What a blessing!

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55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

ASIA asia PACIFIC pacific

36 countries 6 continents

 aspen Australia

Surplus food feeds thousands Aspen’s employees in Australia once again chose organisations that provide meals to the homeless, disadvantaged and hungry as their Mandela Day beneficiaries. OzHarvest is the first perishable food rescue organisation in Australia that collects quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it to 600 charities. These donations provide much needed assistance to vulnerable men, women and children across Australia. The team also participated in cooking for a cause in the OzHarvest kitchens, which fed over 300 people across New South Wales (NSW). As a consequence of Aspen’s participation, more than 500 Foodbank charities also received packed goods, which were distributed to the disadvantaged in NSW. FareShare collects surplus quality food from supermarkets, farmers and other businesses and delivers nutritious meals to Victorian charities that in turn serve those in need at soup vans, homeless shelters, food banks and through school breakfast programmes. Up to 400 charities across Melbourne received food cooked by Aspen’s volunteers. Established in 1993, Foodbank Victoria was again supported by Aspen. Foodbank is an independent NPO that provides food relief to more than 500 charities that feed underprivileged communities in Victoria.

 aspen taiwan

Oodles of noodles and fun The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families has 27 branches that care for indigent, abused and abandoned children across Taiwan. These children, who are all aged nine to 12 years, received support from Aspen’s team in Taiwan for the second consecutive year. The children had a great time learning and playing dominoes in the nature classroom. A special excursion was also arranged to a venue in the suburb of Taipei City, which gave them an opportunity to relish nature and play at its best. To their delight they also made traditional Chinese noodles which they enjoyed for lunch. The children were also blessed with gifts that included Valda candies, school supplies, hand-painted cookies and keychains. 26  aspen mandela day 2015

ASIA PACIFIC 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 aspen Philippines

36 countries 6 continents

Changing a community On 16 July, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines, Aspen helped to revitalise the Bagumbayan Community located in Bagumbayan Taguig Metro, Manila. This destitute community is home to about 70 families, approximately 300 beneficiaries in total. The Aspen team’s efforts kicked off on 16 July by painting the walls of some houses in the community. They also hosted two lectures – one on hygiene and another on cultivating 10 local plants. Some 100 hygiene kits were handed out at the event and a basketball hoop was installed to encourage fun and exercise for the community. A long-term sustainability initiative is also taking place with Habit for Humanity to ensure that programmes are hosted for this community throughout the year. On 19 July Aspen’s team also joined in the Mandela Day efforts of the South African Embassy hosted at the Il Delfonso Parish Community. Celebrations focused on community upliftment and Aspen joined in the programme and also distributed learner’s kits to 150 children.

 aspen asia

Games, songs and dim sum Aspen Asia's 13 employees, family members and a pet returned to bring cheer to the aged residents at the Lok Fu Care Home. Lok Fu is managed by the Helping Hand Organisation, and is a home to 75 elderly folk. Many of the residents do not have relatives in Hong Kong and lack family support. Some also have physical disabilities that make it difficult for them to keep contact with the outside world. The event was very close to the traditional Dragon Boat festival and it was a good time to meet with the elderly and extend wishes of good health and happiness to them. The Aspen team arranged various activities including games and a performance by a few of the employees’ children. The highlight of the day was the traditional Chinese dim sum that was served by the team. The very grateful residents enjoyed the company, entertainment, meal and also the gift bags that were filled with treats and healthy snacks. aspen mandela day 2015  27


55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

ARK in the Philippines There are so many destitute, needy people in this world. The Aspen Philippines' sales force made a difference again this year with their acts of random kindness (ARK) to complete strangers. This action has prompted many of them to do so a lot more frequently. A blind lady in

Stella Garcia

need of funds for

gave the security

an eye operation,

guards of VL

received an umbrella

Makabali Hospital

from Melanie


Adriano to shelter


her from the rain.

and juice) in

Onlookers watched

appreciation for

in amazement and

their hard work

were inspired by this action to also help the lady.

After a very extensive search using social media and managing to

RB is 10 and

trace family members, Taba Rabang was able to return important,

excels at school.

valuable documents which she had found to the rightful owner.

He is also

Her only request to the recipient was, "Just pay it forward."

destitute and he and his mother are homeless. Allan Lumalang first spotted him at church and identified a need. While treating him to a meal, and without a hint of sadness, RB shared about their hardship, his great day at school and that he is lucky to have one meal a day. This deeply touched Allan who was inspired to make a difference more often than just on Mandela Day.

This old lady collects used plastic bags that she resells in order to make a little money. Rio Caparas identified her in the pouring rain and blessed her with a meal – one less that she will need to buy herself from the very little that she has.

28  aspen mandela day 2015

Lola Aurora, an 80-year-old survivor of Yolanda Typhoon who has had no choice but to resort to begging, was blessed with a meal and a drink by Mel Romasanta.

ASIA PACIFIC 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents May Catiltil says, "We

Kuya, a janitor at

make a living by what

the Taguig Market

we get, but we make a

doesn't eat at night in

life by what we give."

order to save money.

She showed kindness

Joan Cabrales made

to a street sweeper

a huge difference

when she blessed him

in his life when she

with a meal and saved

happily handed him a

him 25php which he

meal for dinner.

can use for his family.

The smile on the face of a homeless child, in gratitude for a simple meal passed to

ARK – bringing joy to less fortunate citizens on the streets of the Philippines.

him by Jayson Cahilig, was all the thanks needed for this ARK.

Some elderly beggars have sat at the entrance to the Jaro Cathedral in Illoilo for many years. They rely on the generosity of church goers for their daily needs. Two very elderly, teary eyed ladies were filled with delight when they each received a meal – as were other needy folk in the area. Ramon Vargas, Dale Esmoso, Marniel Toleco, Aivy Codilla and Derick Sibug shared that they were humbled by the experience and that nothing could replace the emotion that they felt that day. They are grateful to Aspen for encouraging them to perform ARK which they will certainly be doing more often.

aspen mandela day 2015  29


55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 aspen Holdings

Hope for the children The Aspen Holdings team engaged with Key of Hope, a United States driven child welfare organisation that cares for 1 500 destitute children. Some are orphans and are HIV positive while others come from under-privileged homes. Key of Hope assists the children with the payment of their school fees, provision of various skills and leadership programmes and constructive extramural activities. This NGO’s end-goal is to ensure that the children are supported through to matric after which they try to help obtain internships or tertiary education and ultimately employment for the young adults. Stephen Saad and Gus Attridge were among the employees supporting the children for the day and the event was formally opened with the national anthem sung by the Key of Hope choir which has been invited to tour the US over the December holidays and also to sing at Disney World. The children enjoyed a host of activities and games and were also treated to a traditional South African braai and refreshments before enjoying the huge Mandela birthday cake. The discipline among the children was admirable and it was encouraging to note how the leadership skills of the older children are being developed to stand them in good stead in the future. The grateful children each received a goodie bag. Various donations including a financial contribution, clothing, stationery packs and a large plasma television were also handed over to the Key of Hope.

30  aspen mandela day 2015

SOUTH AFRICA 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 aspen Pharmacare

36 countries 6 continents

Educational upliftment Johannesburg-based Aspen Pharmacare devoted its caring actions to improving the educational infrastructure and needs of the pupils of Blair Atholl Primary School in Lanseria over a four-day period. The school has a proud history since it was founded 30 years ago and accommodates 738 primary school learners. Unemployment in the area is high and most of the children come from the surrounding informal settlements, plots and farms. With a poverty index that hovers around 80%, parents are unable to pay school fees. While the government provides limited funding, it is inadequate to meet the school’s pressing needs. Aspen equipped the Ripple Reading Centre and classrooms with educational aids and stationery and established a new vegetable garden and front entrance area. The tuckshop container and the kitchen that feeds the children two meals a day was upgraded and Aspen assisted in ensuring that the school is Safety, Health and Environment compliant. Recycle bins were donated and 76 broken glass panes were replaced. Ten classrooms were repainted and 200 lemon trees planted along the fence parameters to deter thieves from entering the school premises. The spirit of Nelson Mandela was celebrated with great joy by the staff and learners when Aspen handed over their donations to further enhance the school.

aspen mandela day 2015  31

55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 Aspen Group Operations: East London

Sleep peacefully The Aspen South African Operations’ team from East London made a significant difference at the Masizkhe Children’s Home in Mdantsane Township. This Home accommodates 72 abandoned children between the ages of two and 16 years. The team enthusiastically tackled some great needs at the Home including painting 18 bedrooms, fixing and replacing broken doors, the washing line, curtain rails, gutters and ensuring that each child received a comfortable new mattress and fresh new linen for their bed. After a very busy day of renovations, the children were treated to lunch and received a range of gifts including books, colouring pencils and party packs.

32  aspen mandela day 2015


SOUTH AFRICA 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 Aspen Group Operations: Port Elizabeth

36 countries 6 continents

Touching 1 000 The generosity of the employees at Aspen South African Operations in Port Elizabeth touched the lives of more than 1 000 people. They chose to support four beneficiaries: Masilakhe Day Care Centre, BASA Homes, Buhle beNkosi Playschool and the local Children’s Haematology Oncology Clinic (CHOC). Masilakhe cares for about 50 children and is run out of a shack in Veeplaas on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth. They also run a soup kitchen, which feeds some 150 local residents. Aspen improved the facility by sealing the centre’s roof and also supplied 12 months’ electricity and grocery vouchers as well as other donations. BASA Homes cares for 487 elderly and disabled residents. This NGO benefited from improvements to the communal areas and donations of groceries and gift packs for the elderly folk. As an additional act of random kindness, Aspen prepared soup and bread for the residents. Buhle beNkosi is a playschool with 17 children who are fed three meals a day. They have meagre facilities and Aspen supplied them with a Wendy house, 20 mattresses and a vast range of donations to assist with the management of the facility. Most of the cancer-affected children and parents supported by CHOC in Port Elizabeth come from disadvantaged and poor backgrounds and they have no medical aid. A range of donations was made to CHOC to further assist these families with their needs.

aspen mandela day 2015  33


55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 aspen Nutritionals

A brighter ward Aspen Nutritionals’ employees helped to establish a playroom for some 40 children who are treated at the Tembisa Provincial Hospital daily.

said, “The hospital can

Their donations included toys, children’s reading books, colouring pens,

minds. They long for an

stationery, linen, blankets, a variety of cartoon DVDs, a DVD player, a

opportunity to get well and play like other children. Aspen has made a

television and a filing cupboard.

heart-warming, material contribution that will make a significant difference

Aspen’s employees assisted the nursing staff to transform the paediatric ward with brightly coloured linen, gave gifts to the children and changed the dreary atmosphere to one of hope, optimism and expectation.

Matron Neo Mosala be a dull uninspiring place for these young

in their lives.” Seemingly, once the television was installed and the cartoons were playing, the ward Sisters had a tough time trying to get the kids to go to bed.

 aspen FCC

Empowering abuse survivors The Saartjie Baartman Centre is a one-step facility for women and children who are survivors of abuse. Their vision is to create a safe and secure society and a human rights culture where women and children are empowered to exercise their full rights. Members of the FCC team spent the day facilitating skills workshops on how to prepare a CV, how to conduct a job interview and jewellery making to generate an income. The ladies also received a class in self-defence techniques. The centre has a wide range of needs and FCC donated books for their library, blankets, bedding and heaters, toiletries, clothing and non-perishable foods. The kids received attention with face painting and storytelling finishing the day off with a lunch.

34  aspen mandela day 2015

sub-saharan AFRICA 55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects

 Beta Healthcare – Kenya 36 countries 6 continents

Food, medicine, clothing and toys for children and the elderly Beta’s Kenyan-based team has loyally supported the Mother Teresa, Havilla and Baby Blessing Children’s Homes for a number of years. These institutions provide for the needs of orphaned, abandoned and socially challenged children and they also facilitate adoptions into stable families. Beta’s support of these beneficiaries has continued in 2015 and it was further extended to include the Nyumba ya Wazee home for the aged. The Mother Teresa home also offers a bonding programme to new mothers to encourage those who have rejected their children to love and accept them unconditionally. Donations of toys, food and clothing for the 100 children that are cared for at this facility in Nairobi were graciously received. Likewise, Nyumba ya Wazee – meaning old people’s home, appreciated the visit and company from the Beta volunteers, as well as their donations of food and medication. Children from the Havilla home welcomed the Beta team back and excitedly shared news of their academic and personal progress. Gifts of clothing and food were provided for the 70 children resident at this home while the Baby Blessing Children’s Home also appreciated similar donations including toys for their 80 children.

 Beta Healthcare – Uganda

Caring for orphaned and abandoned kiddies The Nsambya Babies Home in Kampala provides a safe, homely environment to about 50 destitute, orphaned, abandoned and socially challenged children under the age of six years. A normal school day is accommodated for those youngsters of school-going age and a programme is provided to help them understand that they are valued and important members of society who can bring about change in the community when they are older. The Home was most appreciative of the food, toiletries, diapers and medication that was donated by Beta’s employees.

aspen mandela day 2015  35


55 000 beneficiaries 90 projects 36 countries 6 continents

 aspen nigeria

Ongoing support for SOS Once again Aspen Nigeria chose to support the SOS Children’s Village in Lagos. SOS cares for about 100 children in a loving environment which encourages positive development and reintegration into society by facilitating adoptions into stable families. Ten of Aspen’s volunteers handed over much needed donations of food, toys and medication to the staff who expressed their gratitude for Aspen’s ongoing assistance and commitment.

 Shelys Tanzania

Helping the blind and deaf Some 200 employees from Shelys in Tanzania participated in supporting the Chavita Group and the Tanzanian League of the Blind for Mandela Day. Chavita is a network for deaf citizens in Tanzania and it strives to provide assistance to about 200 individuals who are afflicted by loss of hearing. The League of the Blind assists some 150 visually impaired and blind citizens. The Shelys team provided donations of food, clothing, toiletries and medication to these organisations.

 Kama Industries, Ghana

Orphaned but not forgotten by Kama Aspen’s newly acquired business in Ghana participated in Mandela Day for the first time. Volunteers from Kama visited the Teshie Orphanage, which is home to 15 children, seven girls and eight boys, and handed over much needed donations of food, clothing and toiletries that were graciously accepted.

36  aspen mandela day 2015

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