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Concentrate bird repellent

NATURAL CROP PROTECTION AGAINST BIRDS ATTACKS CHARACTERISTICS AVE Repellent is a powerful biodegradable product for all types of birds, to be used in places where they land, feed or nest. The taste and smell is very distasteful to the birds, causing them the displacement from the place of application. - It easily dissolves in water and can be applied with any traditional spray equipment. - Does not alter the physiology of the fruit, does not change its organoleptic or aesthetic characteristics. - There is no risk of residues and other contaminants in the harvest.

APPLICATION AND DOSAGE For all kinds of birds; sparrows, pigeonsseagulls swallows, etc. APPLICATION 4 L/HA Repellency active period: 7 days. In 1 application do a week before harvesting. In 2 application to do the 14 days and 7 days before harvest.



Methyl anthranilate 30% p/v 1L AgrĂ­cola de Aspe

5L Aspe Factory

MAMMALRepellent Capsicum Oleoresine

NATURAL CROP PROTECTION AGAINST MAMMALS ATTACKS CHARACTERISTICS It is a potent repellent of botanical origin, with biopesticide action formulated with extract of seeds and fruits of hot pepper. Capsicum Oleoresin is a nontoxic compound widely used in the food industry

against rabbits, hares, birds, deers, boars and other pests for crops

APPLICATION AND DOSES Foliar application: 0,2 - 0,3% (2-3 cc/L) It can also be applied with a brush, painting the surface with a mixture of water and 25% product. Repellency active period: 30 - 40 days depending on the weather conditions.

ECOLOGICAL PRODUCT. PLANT ORIGIN Composition 5% w/v Capsicum Oleorresine Aspe agrobiol贸gico

Packaging 1L

5L Aspe Factory