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South Florida Administrator AUTUMN 2015

Newsletter of the South Florida Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." –John Quincy Adams

Editors’ Corner By Keven Mayo & Sheryl St. Pierre CONTENTS President’s Message……………2 District 3 Message…… 3 Student Representative Spot ...3 Upcoming Events………………...4 LocalEvents…………………….4 Regional/National Events...5 Past Events…………………………5 Local Events……………………5 Regional Event……………8 Get in Touch………………..11 Job Listings, Internships & Scholarships………………..11 Member Benefits…………..12 How to Join………………...12 Board of Directors 20152016………………………………..133

Dear Members, In this autumn issue Chapter President Terry Murphy provides a refreshing perspective on the relevancy of public administrators in society’s most urgent issues and challenges. The Chapter hosted several exciting events this fall where engaging guest speakers emphasized to ASPA members the positive contributions made by public administrators locally and in the State capitol. Student Representative Rody Veras debuts a new article series to inform and inspire the Chapter’s young professionals and student members. Not to mention (but we will), our members made waves at this year’s SECoPA conference.

As you learned in our last issue, Editor Keven “Kem” Mayo is passing the baton to Editor-in-Training Sheryl St. Pierre. Keven has served as the Chapter’s newsletter editor for 31/2 years. When asked about her most memorable experience as editor, Keven shares that she has enjoyed working with this Autumn newsletter the most because many board members are freely contributing articles and assisting with editing after one request; not so for past issues. Keven is only an email away, and although we intend to let her fully enjoy retirement, we hope that she will continue to participate in our activities when she is in South Florida. Checkout the website and our social media accounts for updates and details on upcoming events. Becoming part of the ASPA South Florida Chapter makes you a part of the leading professional association for public administrators in Florida. Join today!

President’s Message By Dr. Terry Murphy, President, South Florida Chapter

All Public Administrators are First Responders In the minds of many Americans, the term ‘first responders’ is associated exclusively with professional firefighters and police officers. But whenever society is confronted with a major challenge, citizens reflexively turn to their public officials to orchestrate a response. In every instance, when the citizens look for help, public administrators are the first responders. When issues of income inequality, employment discrimination, the digital divide, or even the existential threats associated with sea level rise threaten a community; public administrators are called upon to respond. An issue may require the creation of a new program, the design of new infrastructure, or a budget adjustment to reallocate resources. No matter the nature of the problem, public administrators will endeavor to solve it for the community. At every level of government, elected officials sift through the concerns of the citizens and determine which social problems require the most urgent attention. Once a problem is designated as a priority, public administrators are called upon to craft and implement a practical solution. Of course, the programmatic response to a problem must always be expedient, efficient and equitable. Many problems are extremely complex, and require input from a wide range of experts. Fortunately, there are professionals from every specialty who have answered the call to public service. In the ranks of local, state and federal government agencies there are engineers, technicians, healthcare professionals, program managers, planners, research analysts, finance experts and every imaginable certified professional. These ‘first responders’ are adept at designing and implementing solutions. The world is watching, and residents of South Florida are waiting to see, how the local governments of South Florida will respond to the threats of sea level rise and climate change. Let there be no doubt, when the elected officials declare sea level rise to be a major priority, public sector professionals will formulate and implement lasting solutions. People enter the field of public administration for the opportunity to address the major challenges of the day. Sea level rise may be the challenge that defines this generation of public administrators in South Florida. Whenever a community finds itself under siege, from gang violence, a health epidemic, or rising tides, public administrators are called upon to respond. Every public agency was initially established to respond to a particular need in the community. In that sense, every public sector worker is fulfilling a duty as a First Responder. On behalf of our Chapter of ASPA, I want to thank all the public sector workers for being the First Responders of South Florida. We are counting on you.


Notes from Ines By Ines Beecher, ASPA District III National Council Representative News Update:  I attended the National ASPA mid-year meeting from November 7-9, 2015.

The meeting provided an update on the upcoming national conference and council assignments. My favorite part of this meeting was when Executive Director, William (Bill) Shields, gave an overview on communication outreach. There has been 1 million downloads of Public Administration Review, there are 112,408 uses of the PA Times online, the book talks (10 as of this date) have averaged 65 attendees and the professional development webinars (17 as of this date) have averaged 113 attendees! I have participated in many webinars and enjoyed their content and presentation. I am constantly sending ideas for webinars to Bill-please share your ideas with him. The ASPA website has the webinars information archived for easy retrieval.  The ASPA National Conference, in Seattle, Washington, is from March 18-22, 2016, at the

Westin Hotel. The conference theme is “New Traditions in Public Administration: Reflecting on Challenges, Harnessing Opportunities.” The Section on Public Management Practices will have a Pre-Conference Forum on Good Governance Worldwide. We have begun preparations on this forum. More information provided at our website. Please keep in touch, I am only an e-mail away at, and tell me your ideas, thoughts and comments. Happy Holidays! Ines Beecher Chair, Section on Public Management and Practices National Council Representative-District 3

Student Representative Spot By Rody Tamara Veras, ASPA Board Student Representative

Welcome to the ASPA South Florida Chapter! The newsletter is designed for you, our student and young professional members. In addition to receiving an update from your student representative on the National Council, I will provide information on activities and opportunities specifically targeted to you and your colleagues in the South Florida Chapter. As a young professional and student member you have access to a wide variety of resources that will enhance your career and professional development. The ASPA National Council has launched new Student and Young Professional-focused Webinars. These targeted webinars will focus on topics of interest to both young public service professionals and public administration students, like “Publishing in Public Administration”, “Resumes, Resumes, Resumes: Marketing Yourself on the Page”, and “Standing Out in Academia: Building a Well-Rounded Vita”.

Looking to be more involved with the chapter? Our South Florida Chapter hosts networking luncheons, events, and award ceremonies. We have committees like Program Development, Chapter and Membership Development, Communications, and By-Laws and Chapter History, which can use your professional experience and educational background in support of advancing public service and public interest. We have a lot going on here at the South Florida Chapter for young professionals and student members. This newsletter is a tool that can be used to your advantage in exploring ways to become more involved with the chapter and the prominent professional association for public administration that advances the art, science, teaching and practice of public and nonprofit administration. Good luck this fall semester! Note from Board: Rody is doing an excellent job of promoting job openings and recruiting new members!

Upcoming Events Local Events Our events are open to everyone interested in public service, so please feel free to share the calendar of events with your colleagues, students, and professors. Visit our website or Facebook for additional information.

ASPA Luncheon at Casa Juancho tentatively scheduled for January 6, 2016 from 12 noon to 1:30pm

MLK Celebration Breakfast on January 15, 2016 ASPA Luncheon at Casa Juancho tentatively scheduled for February 3, 2016 from 12 noon to 1:30pm

10th Annual Best Practices Conference will be held on February 12, 2016 at the Government Center in downtown Miami at 111 NW 1st St from 7:30am-5pm.

13th Annual Women’s History Month “Ladies of Justice” Dinner is scheduled for March 11, 2016. ASPA plans to team up with the South Florida Chapter of the League of Women Voters.

ASPA Luncheon at Casa Juancho tentatively scheduled for April 13, 2016 from 12 noon to 1:30pm Public Service Recognition Week is May 2-6, 2016

ASPA Luncheon at Casa Juancho tentatively scheduled for May 4, 2016 from 12 noon to 1:30pm Annual Awards Ceremony is scheduled for May 19, 2016


National & Regional ASPA National Conference The 2016 conference will be held in Seattle, Washington from March 18-22, 2016. Several board members plan to attend. If interested, please check the website for details and speak to Bill Solomon.

SECoPA Conference 2016 Raleigh, NC is the site for the conference to be held October 13-16 at the Sheraton Raleigh. Our Chapter will host a reception at the event so we want as many members as possible to attend. We will consider forming carpools to travel up and back. Stay tuned to our website for further developments. For you long term planners, the SECoPA conference in 2017 will be in South Florida!

Past Events Local Events ASPA Budget Reception By Estephanie Escobar, ASPA Board Member Our Chapter held a reception to celebrate the Miami-Dade County Office of Management and Budget (OMB) having the FY2016 County budget approved by the Board of County Commissioners. The reception was held at La Loggia in downtown Miami on September 22, 2015. We celebrated with Jennifer Moon, Director of OMB and staff. It was a great opportunity to have a generous round of Q&A's and learn about the process and of the many upcoming opportunities that the budget will offer for aspiring public administrators like myself.

ASPA Luncheon By Dr. Valerie Patterson, ASPA Board Member Our speaker for the Casa Juancho luncheon on September 28, 2015 was State Senator Anitere Flores. She discussed the importance of public service, and the immeasurable contribution made by those who work across all levels of government in this community. She also discussed the challenges inherent in the legislative process but confirmed her commitment to serving all of Miam-Dade County.

ASPA Board members posing with Senator Anitere Flores include (l to r) Jaeisson Rodriguez, Michele Tantardini, Roslyn Alic-Batson, the Senator, Rina Gomez, Dr. Terry Murphy, Nicki Frazier, Dr. Valerie Patterson, Dr. Agatha Caraballo and Glenn Joseph. Photo by Bill Solomon

Meet & Greet City of Miami Candidates By Melissa Dynan, ASPA Board Member The League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County and the American Society for Public Administration, South Florida Chapter hosted a Meet and Greet the Candidates for City of Miami Commission, District 2. The event was held at The Oceanaire Seafood Room at Mary Brickell Village on October 14th, where attendees had the opportunity to learn the candidates' positions on issues that mattered to them. The City of Miami District 2 Commission race was one of the most important and surprising this year. The LWV and ASPA want to provide a platform for people to make an informed decision for the election. Congratulations to Commissioner Ken Russell, who was sworn in on Wednesday, November 25th.

League of Women Voters and ASPA members network and meet the City of Miami District 2 Commission candidates.


ASPA Luncheon By Estephanie Escobar, ASPA Board Member City of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez spoke at our luncheon at Casa Juancho on October 28, 2016. He focused on the serious issues that the city faces caused by rising traffic and the lack of sufficient transit options to handle such. He touched upon the importance of assisting the MPO to rethink its approach to the anticipated population growth.

City of Miami Commissioner Frances Suarez speaks to ASPA members and guests at a Chapter luncheon. Photo by Bill Solomon

Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society induction ceremony and reception By Estephanie Escobar, ASPA Board Treasurer The event was held on November 13 at FIU and ASPA sponsored the reception. City of Miami, City Manager Daniel Alfonso was the honorary speaker and he touched upon his background and experience as a public administrator, including treating everyone with respect and knowing your passion. Especially in public service where the job of a public servant is a thankless one, but rewarding if that is your calling. He shortly thereafter put a post on his linked-in profile that significantly mirrored his speech;

Regional Events SECoPA 2015 By Michele Tantardini, ASPA Board Member & FIU PhD student The Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (SECoPA) enhances the public service field in the Southeast by providing opportunities for academicians, practitioners, and students. The 2015 SECoPA Conference was held in Charleston, SC from September 30th to October 3rd. This year the conference theme was “Research and Application: Promoting Effective Public Service”. As a student and first time attendee, I certainly can state that SECoPA has been an important forum for exchanging ideas, networking, and developing professionally. Opportunities for students are numerous: first of all students can present their research in panel sessions with the opportunity to receive valuable feedbacks and suggestions from academicians and practitioners. Second, SECoPA can help students building or expanding their professional network: panel sessions, luncheons, receptions, and coffee breaks are great opportunities for students to get to meet people, share ideas, and eventually develop new research projects. Finally, SECoPA encourages students to present papers by assigning two awards each year: the Robert L. Kline Award and the Morris W.H. Collins Award to the most outstanding paper written by a MPA students, the former, and doctoral candidates, the latter, in the southeast region. This year it was with great honor that I received the award for a paper titled: “The Role of Social Capital in Public Administration Financial Performance: Lessons from Florida”. The article presents the results of an analysis conducted to test whether counties with a higher level of social capital have a better financial performance. The analysis tests this proposition on Florida county governments over a seven year period. The results of the analysis show that community social capital contributes positively to public administration financial performance. SECoPA was certainly an important opportunity for me and so I encourage the participation of MPA and Ph.D. students at the 2016 SECoPA Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. Editors’ comments: The Board was extremely proud to have Michele Tantardini at SECoPA representing our South Florida Chapter and we congratulate him on his hard-earned Collins Award!


Michele Tantardini receives the Morris W.H. Collins Award for best doctoral student paper from Dr. Ed French (l) and Jody Holland (r). Photo by Bill Solomon

Our top brass posing by the Chapter sponsored refreshment break sign at SECoPA (l to r) Glenn Joseph, Immediate Past President; Bill Solomon, Historian & Photographer; Roslyn Alic-Batson, “Permanent Head of Chapter�; Terry Murphy, President

Bill Solomon (standing) and Glenn Joseph (seated near screen) presenting at a SECoPA session,

South Florida Chapter members mug for the camera at SECoPA 2015 in Charleston SC


Fun Fact 14.4%...Portion of American city managers who are women. In the 1980s, it was 13 percent.

Get in Touch Do you have comments or questions for ASPA and the Board Members? Would you like to share your public administration experience? Please join us at the following sites:

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Job Listings, Internships & Scholarships ASPA's online career center at aids members' career development at all levels and offers the most comprehensive and useful information about careers in the field. Another source of information for local jobs and possible internships is the chapter’s Facebook page. There are sometimes internship opportunities through Miami-Dade County and municipalities to get a first-hand look at operations in the public sector. They are directed to undergraduate or graduate college students. ASPA South Florida offers several scholarships for Public Administration students throughout the year. Please contact Dr. Agatha Caraballo at FIU for information.

Member Benefits 1. Networking - Interactions with professional public managers not only provide the basis for lasting friendships, but offers opportunities for informal consultation with skilled professionals on matters of public concern. 2. Professional Development - A series of luncheon speakers and professional development seminars on cutting edge topics enable you to develop critical technical, ethical and leadership competencies. 3. News and Views - ASPA membership is one way to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your community. 4. Advancing Public Service - Learning about best practices provides the opportunity to better serve the citizenry of Miami-Dade County and other parts of South Florida 5. Conference Participation - Supplementing ASPA's national and state conferences on public administration is the inauguration of a South Florida conference with informative presentations from professional practitioners and academics. 6. Visibility Among Peers - ASPA's South Florida chapter rewards excellence in public service with annual awards, scholarships, internships and other forms of personal recognition for outstanding performance. 7. Community Service - Chapter efforts are designed to provide outreach and special assistance to needy segments of our community. 8. Liaison with Educational Efforts - The chapter has established linkages with higher educational institutions to encourage students to consider careers in public service. 9. Public-Private Partnerships - The ASPA chapter is cultivating close relationships with nonprofit and private sector service providers in recognition of the changing face of the public service profession.

New Ideas As an organization that values interaction between academia and practitioners, ASPA South Florida Chapter would like to invite you to share your ideas to improve public administration either by e-mail at or by attending one of our programs and talking to any of the board members.

How to Join Future members can easily join by attending one of the many events planned and complete an application form onsite, or by filling out the online application posted at ASPA Application.


Board of Directors Estephanie Escobar agreed to transition into the position of Treasurer, previously held by Julie Ann Smith. Estephanie is graduating with her MPA and a certificate in Human Resources from FIU this Fall semester,

Board of Directors 2015-2016 President: Terry Murphy President-Elect: Agatha Caraballo Recording Secretary: Angela Miller Corresponding Secretary: Carolyn Francis-Royer Treasurer: Estephanie Escobar Immediate-Past President: Glenn C. Joseph

Other Board Members: Seraphin W. Bernard Melissa Dynan Nicki Frazier Rina Gomez Keven Mayo Valerie Patterson Jaeisson Rodriguez Michele Tantardini

Student Representative: Rody Veras

Southeast Conference Liaisons: Steven Bobes, Bill Solomon National Liaisons: Allan Rosenbaum, Ines Beecher, Terry Murphy

Perpetual Board Members: Roslyn Alic-Batson Bill Solomon

2015 ASPA newsletter autumn  

2015 ASPA newsletter autumn

2015 ASPA newsletter autumn  

2015 ASPA newsletter autumn