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South Florida Administrator FALL 2014

Newsletter of the South Florida Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit. – Arnold H. Glasgow, author, 1905-1998

Editor’s Corner By Keven Mayo CONTENTS President’s Message. ................................ Upcoming Events ................................ Local Events ................................................................ Past Events ................................................................ Dear Members, Local Events ................................................................ Our new year for the South Florida Chapter began on July Regional/National Events ................................ 27, 2014 with a Board Retreat at the home of Glenn Joseph, Get in Touch ................................................................ the new president! Glenn had prepared a Retreat Agenda Job Listings, Internships & and Event Calendar with tentative dates for the Board to Scholarships ................................................................ discuss and work from. Committees and their chairs were Member Benefits ................................ determined and Retreat attendees signed up for those New Members ................................................................ committees with which they would like to assist. I was Board of Directors 2012-2013 ................................ fortunate to have a new member, Sheryl St. Pierre from New Ideas ................................................................ Miami-Dade Parks, sign up to assist me with the newsletter How to Join ................................................................ and Marketing and Promotions Committee. Sheryl has already stepped up to help out with the Spring-Summer newsletter. The Board has planned a variety of activities for you this year which you are sure to enjoy, and we hope to partner with one or two other organizations in order to get big name speakers and increase networking capabilities. Although members will receive email messages about events when they are confirmed, you can also stay tuned to the ASPA South Florida Chapter website to plan your calendar at Please check out the list of Committees at and sign up to help out with any that grab your interest by emailing Your support through attending and volunteering to assist at our events is greatly appreciated. The Board looks forward to working for and with you during this 2014-15 fiscal year. If you would like to submit an article for publication in the next newsletter, it must be no more than 1 page in length, and must be received no later than February 1, 2014 to be included in the Winter newsletter. Please submit to Keven Mayo at .

President’s Message by Glenn Joseph Fellow ASPA members, I hope that you have had a wonderful beginning to the operational fiscal year of the South Florida Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration. As such I am hopeful that after the recharge period of the summer and early fall we are filled with renewed energy, renewed commitment and renewed resolve to produce the types of programs that will continue to make us proud. I thank you all for your support and I look forward to continued success over the next year. Our Programs, which we have outlined for this year, are indicative of the commitment that we have made to reclaim our position of preeminence in the organization that we love. The creation of our first Student Chapter is paramount among our objectives and we are overdue on our commitment to open a chapter at Florida Memorial University. As such our Best Practices Conference has been moved up to February so that we can maximize the prospects of participation from the future leaders of ASPA, our student members. We will use this occasion as the launching pad for the student chapter by taking the conference back to Florida Memorial by celebrating Black History Month on an HBCU campus celebrating the importance of and commitment of ASPA to diversity within our profession. Public Administration and Public Policy is at the crossroad. Throughout the profession there are onslaughts perpetuated in the name of austerity as the rank and file public administrators are bombarded with abuse on all fronts. The attack on our profession cannot be successful or we will be leaving a legacy devoid of progress. There is no other option than successful recovery of our profession from the clutches of those who impede our ability to have quality administration in spite of faulty policy. As we travel along this rocky road together, let us commit to engage all of the members of the chapter in the activities that we conduct. We will expand our membership to include students and young professionals who will continue in the leadership of this organization in the future. Our time will not last forever but the preparation we make for those who will follow will be the legacy that we leave to those whom we serve. Let us not be afraid of change but let us be wise about what we change.

Notes from Ines by Ines Beecher, ASPA District III National Council Representative Here is some news from various sources to entertain and enlighten: National Council Update:  Last week, there was a meeting of the Finance Committee to discuss yearend projections as we continue to struggle with our limited revenue stream. Anyone have any ideas?


On another note, Paul Danczyk, our Membership Task Force Chair, has been sending surveys to former members as well as undertaking webinars to focus attention on retention and recruitment of members. I am looking forward to hearing the results. Interesting Facts:  The National Office has added Book Talk to its webinar series. It is a great benefit and free to ASPA members. I listened to my first Book Talk today and it was enlightening (book title pictured). I have worked for both City Manager and Strong Mayor types of government and, in my humble opinion; have found that it depends on the person who is in the leadership seat. Join the Book Talks!

Also, I loved the Paul Krugman op-ed in GovManagement Daily (from the New York Times) titled “When Government Succeeds.� Surely, those of us in the public sector know this occurs more often than not and I am glad to see it advertised! Governmental Operations | Paul Krugman

When Government Succeeds When the great American Ebola freak-out was at its peak, it was held up as a symbol of government failure. Leading Republicans mocked claims that health officials knew what they were doing. Guess what: Those officials actually did know what they were doing. Remember Solyndra, the renewable-energy firm that cost the Treasury $528 million? The program that included Solyndra is on track to return profits of $5 billion or more. Then there's health reform. Much of the national dialogue over the Affordable Care Act is being dominated by fake scandals drummed up by the enemies of reform. But if you look at the actual results so far, they're remarkably good. Yes, sometimes government officials, being human, get things wrong. But we're surrounded by examples of government success. >> New York Times | Posted Nov. 18, 2014

2015 Conference  I had the privilege of working on the Finance and Budget track for the upcoming National Conference in Chicago, March 6-10, 2015. The team feels the track will be a great learning experience, alternating between research and practical application. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago! Until next time, keep in touch and tell me your ideas, thoughts and comments. I am only an e-mail away at

Upcoming Events Local Events Our events are open to everyone interested in public service, so please feel free to share the calendar of events with your colleagues, students, and professors. Visit our website: for additional information.

Holiday Reception The South Florida Chapter Holiday Reception is scheduled for Friday evening, December 19, at the home of National ASPA President, Dr. Allan Rosenbaum. The location is on Riviera Drive in Coral Gables. Please see our website for details

Dolphins Game Fundraiser ASPA / Miami Dolphins Exclusive Group Offer Sunday, December 21, 2014 from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL 33056 Join your hometown team, the Miami Dolphins, as they take on the Minnesota Vikings for a fundraising opportunity! Experience the excitement LIVE at Sun Life Stadium! $45 Upper Corner/End Zone (Proceeds to benefit ASPA) *Tailgate is included in the price Deadline to Purchase: December 17th, 2014

Click here to purchase tickets or visit

January Luncheon Meeting Save the date for our January lunch meeting at City Hall restaurant, 2004 Biscayne Blvd, on January 28, 2015. You will be emailed when we have a speaker confirmed.

Best Practices Conference & Black History Month Celebration The 9th Annual ASPA Best Practices Conference will celebrate Black History Month

at Florida Memorial University 15800 NW 42nd Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33054 Conference Theme: Supporting and Advocating for the Public Sector PLEASE SAVE THE DATE! Friday, February 20, 2015 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM For More Information: Please contact Roslyn Alic-Batson at or 305-3755658 / 754-581-6242. Register Online at


National/Regional Events 2015 National ASPA Conference Save the Date! The National Conference will be held in Chicago, March 6-10, 2015. The conference title is Building a Stronger and More Equitable Society. Make plans to attend and register now for a discount at ails.aspx?iKey=NC2015&TemplateType=A Early discounted registration ends on November 30, 2014.

Past Events Local Events 2014 President’s Reception The President’s Reception was held on August 29, 2014 at La Loggia Restaurant in downtown Miami. Our President, Glenn Joseph, and President-Elect, Terry Murphy, each spoke about the items they would like our Chapter to focus on this year. Terry is concerned about many citizens (and some government officials) not understanding or considering the advanced education and experience that most government workers have when they are making salaries higher than that of the average South Florida worker. He believes we need to help make this point clear. Glenn introduced the remaining board members. Board members presented at President’s Reception (l to r): Seraphin Bernard, Rina Gomez, Carolyn FrancisRoyer (Corresponding Secretary), Rosalyn Alic-Batson, Dr. Terry Murphy (PresidentElect), Glenn Joseph (President), Dr. Agatha Caraballo, Bill Solomon (J.D.), Keven Mayo, Michele Tandardini (Student Representative) , and Dr. Valerie Patterson.

September ASPA Luncheon The first luncheon was held on September 24, 2014 at City Hall restaurant in Midtown Miami. Our guest speaker was John Rivera, longtime President of the Dade County Police Benevolent Association. Mr. Rivera spoke about the importance of unions, particularly to public employees. He mentioned that although the staff must pay union dues, the executive level managers are covered by the League of Cities, League of Counties, etc. and their dues are paid by the tax payers. He believes it is beneficial for all supervisors and managers to be familiar with the wording in the union contracts of their subordinates so they can work together in the best interest of the department. Mr. Rivera said that although he did not consider one form of government better than another (“it depends on who is in office”), he did have a much better working relationship with George Burgess as County Manager than he has had with Carlos Gimenez as a strong Mayor.

Commissioner-Elect for District 8, Daniella Levine-Cava (pictured), made a guest appearance at the September luncheon to say hi to attendees and to thank John Rivera (to right of Ms. Levine-Cava) and the PBA for being her first and most ardent campaign supporters, asking nothing in return but to be heard. Photo by Bill Solomon

November ASPA Luncheon By Sheryl St. Pierre, ASPA member ASPA South Florida Chapter held its November 19th Luncheon at City Hall restaurant in Midtown, Miami. Daniel J. Alfonso, Manager of the City of Miami, was guest speaker. Manager Alfonso reflected on the importance of leadership as he addressed a room filled with local experts, including Dr. Allan Rosenbaum, President of ASPA (National), Professor at Florida International University, and Director of the Institute for Public Management and Community Services; new professionals; community leaders; and students. Mr. Alfonso recalled his arrival to the City of Miami in 2011 during the second year of substantial budget cuts. The City has had significant challenges, but Mr. Alfonso asserted that “There has been leadership in the downturn and in the upturn.” He stressed the importance of public leaders and employees “…understanding where you are in the system, and why you are doing your job. Everyone has an integral part to play in the organization’s success.” When asked about his role in selecting the City’s next police chief, Mr. Alfonso said, “As City Manager I have the authority to select a chief, but I wanted an open recruiting and vetting process which engaged HR, a community board, and the City’s representatives. The four remaining candidates are the best of a nation-wide applicant pool. I am taking the time to meet with each candidate to get an understanding of their policing philosophy, management style, and how they interact with their colleagues. There will be clear expectations laid out for the new police chief from the beginning. I’m of the belief that if I made the wrong decision, I’m going to fix the problem. Leadership means that you must have the fortitude and courage to correct an error.”


Miami City Manager Daniel Alfonso speaking on leadership at the ASPA November Luncheon. Photo by Bill Solomon

ASPA Sponsored Local Event Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society Fall 2014 Induction Ceremony & Reception By Dr. Agatha Caraballo, Board Member On November 18th, 2014, thirty-seven high-performing undergraduate and graduate students from Florida International University were inducted into Pi Alpha Alpha, the national honor society for public affairs and administration (many are shown in the photo below). The keynote speaker was Dr. Allan Rosenbaum, ASPA National President and Professor of Public Administration and Director of the Institute for Public Management and Community Service at Florida International University. The ASPA South Florida Chapter sponsored the networking reception that followed the induction ceremony. ASPA South Florida board member and PAA Faculty Co-Advisor, Dr. Agatha Caraballo, announced that an ASPA at FIU Student Chapter will be launched in Spring 2015 and requested self-nominations for executive board positions. Interested students should email for more information.

Photo by Agatha Caraballo

Regional/National Events SECoPA By Bill Solomon, long-time Board Member The Southeastern Conference for Public Administration was held in Atlanta, Georgia from September 17-20, 2014. The Georgia Chapter of ASPA along with Clark Atlanta University hosted the conference which had over 350 attendees. The conference attendees included students, practitioners and academics from the Southeastern United States as well as some international participants. The conference program had 67 panels which offered a wide variety of topics. I attended panels that focused on “Policies in State and Local Governments”; Looking for New Tools in Governance”; “Federalism and Immigration Policy”; “New Cities in a New Light: Examining Local and County Governance”; and “Balancing the Public and Private Sectors in Evolving Government Structures.” The South Florida Chapter was represented by Steven Bobes, Sukumar Ganapati, Nazife Ganapati, Paulina Prysmakova, David Rivera, ASPA President Allan Rosenbaum and me. There were luncheon speakers on the Thursday and Friday along with a Welcome reception and a Host Reception for Charleston South Carolina, next year’s location. The luncheon speaker on Thursday was Georgia State University President Mark P. Becker, who discussed public/private partnerships leading to extensive growth of the university. The luncheon speaker for Friday was Dr. Priscilla Oliver, who gave an inspirational talk about her 40 years in public service working for the Federal government. Next year, SECoPA 2015 will be held on September 30-October 4, 2015 at the Embassy Suites in North Charleston, SC. This is a good, reasonable conference, great for networking and one you should try to attend.

Bill Solomon and Steven Bobes, SECoPA President, mugging for the camera at SECoPA in Atlanta


ASPA President, Dr. Allen Rosenthal, speaking at lunch during SECoPA 2014. Photo by Bill Solomon

SECoPA luncheon Photo by Bill Solomon

Get in Touch Do you have comments or questions for ASPA and the Board Members? Would you like to share your public administration experience? Please join us in the following sites:

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Job Listings, Internships & Scholarships ASPA's online career center at aids members' career development at all levels and offers the most comprehensive and useful information about careers in the field. Another source of information for local jobs and possible internships is the chapter’s Facebook page. There are also internship opportunities through a program at Miami-Dade County to get a firsthand look at operations in the public sector. They are directed to undergraduate or graduate college students (click here for further information).

Member Benefits 1. Networking - Interactions with professional public managers not only provide the basis for lasting friendships, but offers opportunities for informal consultation with skilled professionals on matters of public concern. 2. Professional Development - A series of luncheon speakers and professional development seminars on cutting edge topics enable you to develop critical technical, ethical and leadership competencies. 3. News and Views - ASPA membership is one way to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your community.


4. Advancing Public Service - Learning about best practices provides the opportunity to better serve the citizenry of Miami-Dade County and other parts of South Florida 5. Conference Participation - Supplementing ASPA's national and state conferences on public administration is the inauguration of a South Florida conference with informative presentations from professional practitioners and academics. 6. Visibility Among Peers - ASPA's South Florida chapter rewards excellence in public service with annual awards, scholarships, internships and other forms of personal recognition for outstanding performance. 7. Community Service - Chapter efforts are designed to provide outreach and special assistance to needy segments of our community. 8. Liaison with Educational Efforts - The chapter has established linkages with higher educational institutions to encourage students to consider careers in public service. 9. Public-Private Partnerships - The ASPA chapter is cultivating close relationships with nonprofit and private sector service providers in recognition of the changing face of the public service profession.

Board of Directors 2014-2015 President: Glenn C. Joseph President-Elect: Terry Murphy Recording Secretary: Magaly Jeanty-Bashir Corresponding Secretary: Carolyn Francis-Royer Treasurer: Julie Ann Smith Immediate-Past President: Diane Benitez Student Representative: Michele Tantardini

Southeast Conference President: Steven Bobes National Liaisons: Allan Rosenbaum, Ines Beecher, Terry Murphy

Roslyn Alic-Batson Seraphin W. Bernard Agatha Caraballo Rina Gomez Keven Mayo Valerie Patterson William Solomon

New Ideas As an organization that values interaction between academia and practitioners, ASPA South Florida Chapter would like to invite you to share your ideas to improve public administration either by e-mail at or by attending one of our programs and talking to any of the board members.

How to Join Future members can easily join by attending one of the many events planned and complete an application form onsite, or by filling out the online application posted at ASPA APPLICATION.


2014 ASPA newsletter fall  

2014 ASPA newsletter fall

2014 ASPA newsletter fall  

2014 ASPA newsletter fall