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Your ASPA National Council Representatives: Kalu Kalu – 2012- 2015 Alabama, Florida, Georgia James D. Ward – 20112014 Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee James_Ward80@hotmailcom

Phin Xaypangna – 20102013 Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina Phin.xaypangna@mecklenbur

Thank You for Your Service!

Highlights: ASPA News from Dr. James Ward Dr. Kalu Kalu SECoPA Call for papers Donato J Pugliese Award

Dr. Kendra Stewart, The Joseph P Riley Jr. Center for Livable Communities, College of Charleston, SC

ASPA District III National Council 2009 - 2012


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What’s Going On at ASPA?

ASPA News from James Ward, Ph.D.

James D. Ward, Ph.D. ASPA District III Representative The American Society for Public Administration is making strides to stay true to its mission and remain on the cutting edge as the nation’s premier public service organization. The ASPA National Council has approved a redistricting plan in hopes of having a National Council that is geographically more representative of the organization’s membership. The change creates a new District 4 with an eastern most boundary stretching from Wisconsin and Illinois and westward to Oregon and Washington, and includes Alaska. The new District 5 starts with Texas and Oklahoma and stretches westward through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California, and includes Hawaii.

ASPA is looking forward to celebrating its 75th Anniversary at the 2014 annual conference in Washington, D.C. President-Elect Steve Condrey has appointed former ASPA President Mary Ellen Guy to chair the 75th Anniversary Committee.

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee James_Ward80@hotmailcom

The National Council has approved a proposal to condense the Nominations and Election process calendar from seven to four months. The Call for Nominations will start July 1st and election results will be revealed to candidates no later than November 20th.

During its December 2011 Conference Call meeting, the National Council passed unanimously the creation of a LGBT section. The new section met for the first time during the 2012 conference in Las Vegas.

ASPA Members Jim Svara and Jim Nordin, named by former President Erik Bergrud as co-chairs of the ASPA Working Group charged with reviewing the current code of ethics, are still soliciting ideas from members. Check ASPA's website at for more information and details regarding scheduled webinars on the code of ethics review.

ASPA President Tom Liou and 2013 Conference Co-Chairs John R. Bartle and Ronnie L. Korosec are working hard for the upcoming conference in New Orleans. The 2013 Conference theme is “Governance and Sustainability: Local Concerns, Global Challenges. For additional information, contact the co-chairs John R. Bartle at or Ronnie L. Korosec at



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2012 ASPA Conference Highlights James D. Ward, Ph.D. ASPA National Council Representative District III The 2012 national conference of the American Society for Public Administration was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 2-6 at the Flamingo Hotel. There were various events that may be considered conference highlights. One that stands out is the Welcome Reception sponsored by the local host committee. In addition to the presence of showgirls, ASPA attendees who were perhaps not extremely cognizant of their surroundings may have come away believing that reincarnations of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe had also been in their midst. During the reception, some attendees took advantage of gaming lessons and a green screen photo booth making it seem as if they were in front of the nostalgic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Other attendees had their photos taken with the showgirls as well as the Elvis and Marilyn look-alikes. The conference theme, “Redefining Public Service Through Civic Engagement” was very much reflected in presentations, addresses and initiatives such as “Memo’s to the President,” an effort to compile a book length manuscript of leading public management issues facing the nation today. “Leading Change and Managing Self” was the title of an inspiring Elliott Richardson Lecture delivered by former ASPA President Walter Broadnax. Gloria Hobson Nordin Social Equity Award Winner Daniella Levine’s luncheon presentation also inspired those in attendance. Other presentation highlights include the Donald C. Stone Lecturer presented by Camilla Stivers and Cheryl Simrell King. Scheduled Opening Plenary Session Speaker John Berry, Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, did not attend the conference due to illness. Filling in for Director Berry was Justin Johnson, Deputy Chief of Staff for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. The Closing Plenary Session presentation was delivered by Maria David-Evans, President of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada and the longest serving Minister for the Government of Alberta. Returning to entertainment events, a number of conference attendees looked forward to then ASPA President Erik Bergrud’s jump from the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower.


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CONGRATULATIONS 2012 ASPA National Council Representative!

Your ASPA National Council Representative: Kalu Kalu Alabama, Florida, Georgia

Kalu N. Kalu Professor, Auburn University

DR. KALU INTRODUCES HIMSELF…… I am a Professor of political science and public administration at Auburn University Montgomery. I teach several courses in the Graduate MPA/Doctoral program as well as in the Master in International Relations program which we offer at the Air University (Maxwell Air Force Base). My research engagements span the broad areas of political science, public administration, economics, philosophy and organization theory and behavior. As a long–time member of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), I have come to develop a healthy appreciation of the Association’s importance and its central contribution to scholarship, knowledge, and cutting-edge research among scholars and practitioners in the discipline. I am quite humbled to be representing District III at the moment, and I am more than eager to become part of the foot-soldiers in the all-engaging process of setting a rigorous forward-looking agenda for the coming years. I very much share in the broader vision of the new administration, its emphasis on community-building and outreach, and a spirited focus on internationalizing ASPA’s 21st century mission as a way of broadening its impact and ownership by our international affiliates and memberships. I also fully embrace the vision to collaborate with such international non-governmental organizations as the United Nations as well as independent sovereign states on matters of mutual and global interest. All this, none the less, will require the support of ASPA’s membership in general, and of course, the support of District III, in particular. I intend to be both direct and forthcoming in communicating ASPA’s messages to my home District as well as to serve as a messenger to bring to bear the District’s interests and perspectives to the national council. I am under no illusion that election to the national council is a responsibility premised on trust—a trust that will certainly need to be earned. In the end, my willingness to serve, despite all other equally challenging obligations, is premised on an enduring spirit of great expectations, loyalty, and service for the years to come. Contact information:



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October 3-6, 2012 Coral Springs, Florida Theme: “Promoting a Positive Transition for the Public Service: Hope for the Future” Call for Papers and Proposals If you have a panel idea, want to present a scholarly paper or have a professional experience which you want to share, we want to hear from you. We encourage students, practitioners and academics to submit proposals.

Program tracks are listed below. However, if you have a topic that does not fit into one of the tracks, please contact the conference chair to discuss. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Economic Policy Disasters/Hazards/Emergency Management Environmental Policy and Management Ethics Finance and Budgeting Health Administration and Policy Human Resource Management International and Comparative Public Administration Local Government Performance Management Nonprofit Leadership and Management Performance Management Policy, Planning and Program Evaluation Public Management and Organization Theory Social Welfare Policy Criminal Justice Administration Planning and Policy


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For academics and students interested in submitting a paper, please provide by email attachment a 150-200 word abstract of your paper. Practitioners who have professional experience to share do not have to present a formal paper. However, please provide an indication of the content of your presentation, e.g. an outline or some other written documentation of what people will learn or be able to do when they leave the session. Please also include a suggest track (from above bulleted list). All proposals must be submitted by June 1, 2012 by email to and

SECoPA – For more information about the program, contact Jonathan P. West, Ph.D., or Allan Rosenbaum, Ph.D., Program Co-Chairs at (305) 284-2500 or (305) 3481271. For more information about the conference in general, contact Bill Solomon at (305-755-7873), or Steven Bobes at (305-375-2481), Conference Co-Chairs. STUDENT INFORMATION Students interested in presenting their research at the SECOPA 2012 conference are encouraged to submit their work and compete for the prestigious Robert L. Kline Award for master's students or the Morris W. H. Collins Award for doctoral students. Paper Abstracts are due in coordination with the SECOPA Call for Papers by June 1, 2012. Abstracts should be submitted to both andSECOPA@fiu.eduusing the appropriate submission format found above, as well as to the appropriate committee chair at their respective email addresses, below: Kline Chair: James Ward, (ASPA 3 Rep) Chair; Collins Chair: Sharon Wrobel (Secretary) Chair; For more information regarding Awards Criteria and Descriptions, go to:



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Donato J. Pugliese Award Southeastern Conference of Public Administration

The Southeastern Conference of Public Administration hereby announces and invites nominations for the Donato J. Pugliese Award. Donato Pugliese was affectionately called the “godfather” of SECoPA. Don volunteered a considerable amount of his professional time and energy to ASPA, its regional affiliates and local chapters. This award in his honor was created because he was a model of selfless service to the SECoPA community and is awarded to SECoPA members who exhibit those same qualities of service and encouragement to their colleagues. This award recognizes sustained, outstanding professional contributions to SECOPA and the profession.

I. Eligibility criteria The recipient of this award: (1)Must have a minimum of ten year’s service to the profession. (2) May be either an academic or a practitioner; II. Award criteria Candidates will be assessed on the basis or the quality and extent of their contributions to SECOPA and the profession. Candidates must have consistently demonstrated ethical behavior in public service in accordance with ASPA’s code of ethics The nominee varies according to the proclivities of the selection committee – sometimes the award has gone to someone who has worked ‘in the trenches' for SECoPA for many, many years but has little visibility outside SECoPA. At other times it has gone to someone who has worked ‘in the trenches' plus has widespread visibility in the discipline. The committee considers all possible nominees and selects the most deserving person based on the quality and extent of contributions to SECOPA and the profession.

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Still more SECoPA …………….

III. Procedures and documentation


To be considered for this award, a candidate must be nominated by a current member of SECoPA. The nominating individual should provide: (1) A nominating letter that includes: the nominee’s name, position, current employer, and a comprehensive summary of the nominee’s contributions to the profession and SECOPA that warrant receiving the award. (2) A resume or biographical statement for the nominee, if available. It is helpful if this includes the nominee’s position, current employer, current contact address, phone number and email address, employment history, educational attainment, and civic and professional activity and service. Nominations will be assessed on the extent to which the justification provides specific information and examples related to the criteria listed above.

IV. Submission requirements: • • •

The nominating letter and nominee’s resume should be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word or pdf attachment. Nominating materials should be submitted to Steven Bobes at the following email address: The deadline for receipt of all materials is July 27, 2012


Phin Xaypangna

Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina

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MAURA MILLER, The Joseph P Riley Jr. Center for Livable Communities, College of Charleston, SC

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2012 ASPA District III spring newsletter  

2012 ASPA District III spring newsletter

2012 ASPA District III spring newsletter  

2012 ASPA District III spring newsletter