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South Florida Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration

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Dr. Ramon E. "Ray" de Arrigunaga President Terry Murphy President-Elect Steven Bobes Treasurer Ana Morgenstern Secretary

Shannon Nazzal Communications Secretary Roslyn Alic-Batson Immediate Past President

Board of Directors Jaime Ceballos Glenn C. Joseph Kim Loutzenhiser Allan Rosenbaum William Solomon Ingrid D. Stuart Jonathan P. West

On Wednesday, May 31, 2006, the South Florida Chapter of ASPA celebrated the accomplishments of some of the chapters most distinguished members. The United States National Hurricane Center received the award for the Outstanding Public Sector Organization for the Year of 2005. Dr. Ed Rappaport, Deputy Director of the National Hurricane Center, accepted the award on behalf of the NHC. Dr. Danny O. Crew, Miami Gardens City Manager, received the Outstanding Public Administrator of the Year Award for 2005 for his outstanding work with the City of Miami Gardens. Mr. Glenn Joseph received

President Dr. Ramon E. “Ray” de Arrigunaga presents the Outstanding Public Organization of the Year Award to Dr. Ed Rappaport of the National Hurricane Center.

t h e C a r o l G l a s s m an Donaldson Award for the Outstanding South Florida Chapter Member for 2005. The luncheon was held at

Casa Juancho in Miami where members were treated to a wonderful lunch and networking session while recognizing these outstanding members.

STRESS MANAGEMENT By Dr. Steve Liebowitz, Coach, Managing Partner, Wisdom At Work How much stress are you feeling right now? These days, an entire day or even an entire hour without stress is rare. Research shows people who have a sense of control have less stress. A ‘sense of control’ is not the same as ‘control.’ Control is an illusion. It’s impossible to control everything and those who try, become sick and miserable. However, a ‘sense of control’ is real and something you can develop. It’s a sense of inner confidence and deep well being; a feeling that no matter

what, this too shall pass and you’ll emerge stronger and better. Faith is a key component of a sense of control; faith in something greater, like Nature, Courage, Joy, Excellence and of course, God. Everything that goes wrong and causes stress is an opportunity to build your sense of control and practice your faith. It’s a paradox. What seems to harm us actually makes us stronger. A sense of humor helps manage stress, too. Imagine yourself beside a clear mountain stream. The air is crisp and cool, birds are chirp-

ing. Nothing can bother you here. No one knows this secret place. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air. You take a deep breath and look down into the stream. What’s that? It’s the face of the person whose head you’re holding under the water. Look! It’s the person who is causing the most stress in your life, right now! What a pleasant surprise. You let them up, just for a quick breath, then plop! Back under they go. You allow yourself as many deep breaths as you want. There now, isn’t that relaxing?

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Dr. Raymond E. “Ray” de Arrigunaga

Wow, what a year!!! Growth in membership, luncheons with great speakers, professional development seminars, attendance increase at the Florida ASPA Annual Conference, good chapter membership participation in our charity

activities – all kinds of good things have been happening!!! By the time you read this, the leadership of the Chapter will have undergone another change. Our President, Roslyn Alic Batson, becomes the Past President, and we're sure that she will continue to work for the chapter as hard as she ever did. Yours truly is honored to become the President (once again, having served in this capacity previously during the 1992-93 term), and the shoes that Roslyn is leaving vacant will be hard to fill. She has done a magnificent job in leading the chapter to where we are today. Please join me in extending to her our sincere appreciation for a job well

done!!! Where do we go from here? An old saying states that no organization is so good that it cannot be improved upon. And here is where all of you come in. My intent is to increase participation in all of the chapter activities. However, in order to do that, we, the Board, need to know what your likes and dislikes are. Please let us know (or me) what you are thinking, and what ideas you may have for different and possibly more attractive activities that would appeal to more chapter members. On August 19, the Board will gather for an afternoon's strategic retreat, wherein we will plan out the chapter's activities for the coming year. Let us know what you think. You

can contact me at home (786-2439294) or by e-mail ( After our plan has been finalized and agreed upon, it will be communicated to each of you. One of my goals is to bring back on board the many members who were active, and who – for one reason or the other – chose to not renew their membership. The question, of course, is: Why did they not renew? We hope that by finding out this elusive answer, we can improve on what we do, and eliminate that which we don't do very well. Keep those cards and letters (and e-mails) coming! We'll be in touch shortly!!!

of a United Nations appointed taskforce working to develop standards of excellence for public administration education and training, which will be distributed in a UN report. Kim Loutzenhiser holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Policy Analysis from Saint Louis University. She is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at Barry University. She serves on the Faculty Senate Ethics Committee and has developed a Masters in Public Administration program. Bill Solomon has been employed by Miami-Dade County for 26 years. He has been involved with ASPA at both the local chapter and at the national level for the past 25 years. He teaches courses on public administration as an adjunct professor. Currently, Bill's management responsibility includes the procurement of all goods and services, materials management, procuring of construction services, records management, printing and reproduction services and messenger services for the Miami-Dade Park & Recreation Department. Jaime Ceballos brings over ten years of experience in the public sector. As a Water and Sewer department employee, he’s had the opportunity to interact with all levels of administration. Presently, the chairperson for Site safety Team (South Area). Who’s main goal is to reduce accidents in the workplace by providing training and awareness. His educational background includes a B.S. in Information Technology as well as a MPA. Shannon Nazzal is the Resources & Events Coordinator for the City of Homestead. She is a graduate

of FSU with a M.S. in Sport Administration. She is also currently pursuing a MPA from FIU. She is very involved with professional organizations including the National Recreation & Parks Association, Florida Recreation & Parks Association and Florida Festivals & Events Association. She is also serving on the 06-07 FRPA Southeast Region Board. Glenn C. Joseph is VP/Director for Munro & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in government and public relations, political consulting and management. He has an extensive background in the Aviation Industry. He has also worked for eleven years in the Travel Industry. He has an MBA from the University of Phoenix . He obtained a B.S. Science in Financial Accounting from University of New Haven. Ingrid D. Stuart is the Public Relations Officer and Assistant Financial Officer for the Bahamas Consulate General in Miami, Florida. She has over 8 years experience in public affairs for government diplomatic agencies and 20 years experience in the financial field. Ingrid has a M.S. in Management from St. Thomas University and she is working toward completion of a Doctorate in Education and Leadership, also from St. Thomas University. Jonathan P. West is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Miami, former Department Chairman, and current Director of the MPA Program. He has published extensively in the field of Human Resources Management and is acknowledged as one of the most prolific writers in the entire ASPA organization nationwide.

Ray de Arrigunaga, President

M E E T T H E 2 0 0 6 - 0 7 BOA R D Dr. Ramon de Arrigunaga received a Doctorate of Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University in 1992; the MPA from Golden Gate University in 1975; and, the B.S. in Physics from Louisiana State University in 1962. He then began a 20 year career with the US Air Force, retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In 1982, he became an executive with the Miami-Dade County Government for 11 years, rising to the position of Asst. Director of the Miami-Dade Transit Agency in 1991. In 1995, he moved to Texas where he spent the 7 years as the Assistant General Manager of the VIA Metropolitan Transit Agency. Dr. de Arrigunaga returned to Florida in 2002, where he taught Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University, at both the graduate and undergraduate level. In 2004, he accepted a position as a full time member of the faculty in the Political Science Department at UM. Terry Murphy has been employed by the Miami-Dade County Commission since 1988. Murphy currently serves as the Senior Policy Advisor to the Chair of the Infrastructure and Land Use Committee. He received his BA from the University of Iowa and holds an MPA from FIU. Steven Bobes has been employed by Miami-Dade County for 27 years. He works for the County Consumer Services Department as the For Hire Inspection Manager and is responsible for overseeing the registration and safety inspection of all regulated, private, for hire transportation vehi-

cles operating in the county. Steven worked for the Clerk of the Courts for 16 years before joining Consumer Services. Steven has been an ASPA and South Florida Chapter member for 17 years. Over that time he has served the South Florida Chapter as President, Director, and is currently serving his third term as Treasurer. In addition to his service to the local chapter, Steven has also served on various National ASPA committees and served on the SECoPA Board of Directors in 2002-2003. Ana Morgenstern is a graduate student at the University of Miami. She will be graduating with a MPA. Currently working as a research assistant for the Language and Reading Project, a research project concerned with language development and acquisition for bilingual children, funded by a NICHD grant. Holds a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations. Roslyn Alic-Batson received a MSM, Public Administration from St. Thomas University in May 2001. She is employed by MiamiDade County as a capital improvement analyst in the office of Capital Improvements. Since 2003 she has been working on the Building Better Communities General Obligation Bond Program along with other responsibilities within the department. Allan Rosenbaum holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Chicago. Currently, he is the Director Institute of Public Management and Community Service, College of Urban and Public Affairs at FIU. He is currently serving as the Chairperson

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ORLANDO HOSTS 2ND FLORIDA ASPA CONFERENCE By Steven Bobes and Bill Solomon The second Florida ASPA Conference was held on Friday, May 5, 2006 at the Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando, Florida. In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, seventy-seven practitioners, academics and students from around the State of Florida participated in a full day of panel sessions. The conference committee, which consisted of Claire Mostel and Steven Bobes, put together a well-rounded program containing panels on Emergency Management, E-Governance, Nonprofit Management, Ethical Issues and Emerging Trends in Public Administration, Performance Measurement, Florida’s Higher Education System and Alternative Directions in Public Service. Two professional development workshops were also conducted by Dr.


Steve Liebowitz, Managing Partner of Wisdom at Work. Registered conference attendees were treated to a bountiful continental breakfast, enormous sandwiches at lunch Steven Bobes and Claire Mostel manning the and spectacular Registration table at the Conference. desserts for coffee break in the which were raffled off at afternoon. During lunch, the conclusion of the conparticipants had the opporference. tunity to network and tour the history center. SponAfter the conference, parsors for the conference ticipants had the opportuincluded the University of nity to celebrate Cinco de Central Florida, Miami Mayo at a block party adjaTransfer Company, Orange cent to the history center County Clerk of Courts and in downtown Orlando. the Central Florida Chapter Planning for next year’s of ASPA. National ASPA conference is already in donated ASPA Ceramic cofthe early stages. Be on the fee mugs, ASPA travel look out for additional inmugs, an ASPA polo shirt formation as it develops. and ASPA publications

“In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, seventy-seven practitioners, academics and students from around the State of Florida participated in a full day of panel sessions.”


By Shannon Nazzal Recently, parks and recreation has become a very important asset to municipalities and counties in Florida. Everyone is talking about the quality of life is that is important to our citizenry. I couldn’t agree more. I was reading an article in the Miami Herald about all of the new and improved parks in Miami-Dade County and am impressed at now much coverage these facilities and programs are being offered (Considering that Parks and Recreation departments were once known as just the guys who cut the grass). The facilities being rebuilt and renovated are state of the art and the

programming is very in-depth. food festivals -- that draw visiSpeaking from a personal tors and new dollars into our view, at the City of Homebackyard. Our future as well. stead, an award winning 1,000 new residents a day. Parks Master Plan was creWith that kind of relentless ated a few years back and we population growth, people need are now starting to see the a place to connect and form results with ongoing construction and renovation of facilities. Why is there this onset of big projects by parks and recreation? I think it has to do with the research into quality of life. Including economic development. Parks offer the perfect venue for community and regional events -- tournaments, Homestead Sports Complex concerts, exhibitions,

new relationships, to learn about Florida’s heritage and its natural treasures – a place to become Floridians. Florida’s parks are the place where it all comes together – a sense of community, an appreciation of history and place, respect for nature. Parks and recreation are also essential to maintaining healthy communities and also conserving our national treasures. Those of us in the public sector who have a passion for parks and recreation have an interesting road ahead to see what will happen next in our organizations’ quest for a better quality of life.

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The American Society for Public Administration is the professional home for more than 9,000 PA practitioners, academics and students with its South Florida Chapter consisting of 171 members strong and growing. The Chapter embraces the society's original concept in finding ways of assisting its members to work better in their profession under the auspices of the national founder. ASPA was established 64 years ago to professionalize public service, to keep members on the cutting edge of good government, and to help answer the enduring question of how to make a government work better. Over the years the Society has played a major role in achieving these ends. The society is a non-for profit internationally recognized Society committed to excellence in public service. ASPA provides its membership with education, research, technical assistance and networking opportunities between academics and practitioners. ASPA's Mission is to advance excellence in public service. The Chapter's mission is to enhance public administration, promote the profession and preserve the public trust by providing expertise, direction, and leadership for all its members and other stakeholders. Currently, ASPA, South Florida Chapter awards three $200 scholarships to high school students and one $500 scholarship to a university student annually whose career interest lies in public management or academia. The Society sponsors regional, sectional and national conferences as well as local chapter meetings addressing a variety of public administration topics and is currently embarking on a national effort to raise $100,000 to fund a program aimed at providing additional services to new professionals.

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“The American Society for Public Administration is the professional home for more than 9,000 PA practitioners, academics and students with its South Florida Chapter consisting of 171 members strong and growing.”

Public Administration Review (PAR) As a member you will enjoy a one year subscription to PAR, the top journal in public administration for more than 50 years. A crucial tool for public administrators, academics, and students alike, PAR helps members stay current on topics important to today’s administrators. PA Times You will also enjoy a one-year subscription to ASPA’s monthly newspaper, the PA Times. Focusing on concerns of public administrators and highlighting best practices in the field, PA Times contains news you can use. PA Times also contains The Recruiter, a special classified section listing diverse employment opportunities in the public administration field. Local Chapter Membership The heart and soul of ASPA, local chapters provide public administrators the opportunity to meet and network with others in their geographic area. As a chapter member you will have the opportunity to attend informative lectures, conferences, and seminars, as well as participate in networking luncheons and award banquets. Most importantly, regular chapter meetings help keep members upto-date on the happenings in their



local PA community. Section Membership ASPA has 20 special interest sections for members, including many that offer outstanding scholarly journals and newsletters that help keep members current in specialized fields. The ASPA Online Community ASPA’s exclusive, cutting-edge, members-only community includes a career center, special interest message boards, scheduled chats with prominent professionals in the field, and a permanent forwarding e-mail address. It allows ASPA members to conference and network across the country and the world. The National and Regional Conferences As an ASPA member, you will have the opportunity to attend ASPA National and Regional Conferences where experts converge from all levels and fields of public administration to discuss the latest PA trends and issues and share other valuable information. The Center for Accountability and Performance A special resource for members interested in performance measurement and managing for results, ASPA's Center for Accountability and Performance (CAP) offers case studies, workshops, workbooks,

symposia and other educational and training opportunities to help members acquire the knowledge they need to improve program performance. Extensive Volunteer and Networking Opportunities ASPA offers countless opportunities to volunteer in the both the organization and the field of public administration in general. Volunteering can be done on a local, regional, or national level, and offers networking opportunities, adds to experience and exposure in the field, and helps to bolster resumes. Participation in all that ASPA has to offer exposes one to a vast network of public administration professionals. ASPA members use this network to draw on experience, best practices, mentoring, and a host of other professional and personal needs. Group Insurance Rates ASPA members may participate in special group discount rates on Health, Disability, Life, Dental and Legal Insurance. Advancing Excellence in Public Administration For many, the best reason of all to join ASPA is to support the only generalist organization in the field. By doing so, members play a powerful role in advancing the science and art of public administration.

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2006 ASPA newsletter summer  

2006 ASPA newsletter summer

2006 ASPA newsletter summer  

2006 ASPA newsletter summer