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Spring 2006

Serving Members in ASPA’s Southeastern Region: AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, SC, TN

Your ASPA National Council Representatives: David Ammons— 2006

ammons@iogmail.iog.unc. edu

ASPA DISTRICT III NEWSLETTER WANTED: FUTURE ASPA LEADERS While attending the recent ASPA National Conference in Denver, I had the opportunity to attend my first national council meeting as your representative. At this meeting, my duties and responsibilities to you, the members of District III, and to ASPA members in general, were outlined and explained. Part of these responsibilities include being a conduit for your voice to be heard by the ASPA leaders on important issues, as well as providing current information back to the members of the District. Those are my responsibilities. What are yours?

In addition to its national officers, ASPA relies on Committees, Steering Groups and Action Teams to accomplish the strategic goals of the organization. This is where the real work of the private ASPA takes place, and where your help is needed. The Steering Groups are established to achieve the three goals of Pride, Performance and Capacity and the action teams are used within each steering group to perform specific tasks. A more detailed description of the steering groups and action teams is outlined on the ASPA website at

ASPA is considered to be the preeminent organization in the field of public administration, but it is a complicated beast. In fact, it can be said that there are two ASPAs, one public and one private. The public ASPA is the one that we all know through its publications such as the PA Times, PAR, and even this newsletter; and through its programs and conferences. The private ASPA, the one we don’t see, is responsible for creating and executing the vision for the future of the society. This pivotal role is carried out by the national officers and other volunteer leaders who work tirelessly towards the goal of keeping ASPA the leading voice of public administration.

Over the years, more and more of this critical work has been done by the same people over and over. With the recent emphasis on succession planning in the public sector, it is now time to bring succession planning home. As I meet more members of the district at ASPA or SECoPA conferences I’ll be looking for talented people to help with the continued growth of ASPA through their work on committees, steering groups and action teams. This is one way to develop future leaders. Others will follow.

Steve Condrey—2007 Steven Bobes—2008

In this issue: SECoPA Award Nominations Sought


S. Florida Chapter Easter Basket Drive


Updates from the ASPA 4-6 National Conference Upcoming Events— Dates & Details


Steven Bobes Miami Dade County ASPA National Council Representative


Many thanks to David Ammons, Steven Bobes, Helen Buckelew, Steve Condrey, Donna Milam Handley, Roxanne Matthews, and Claire Mostel for their contributions to this issue of the newsletter.

Attention Program Chapter Chairs! A PowerPoint presentation about SECoPA 2006 is available for you to use as a portion of your chapter meeting. SECoPA’s success depends on your involvement—please consider submitting a proposal and attending and encouraging your colleagues to do the same! For a copy of the presentation, please email Jason Fleury at or Ilka Decker at

We welcome your comments, articles, letters, information about events, and other items of interest for publication in the District III Newsletter—send submissions via email to Ilka Decker at or by fax to (706) 583-0744. 1

SECOPA 2006: AWARD NOMINATIONS SOUGHT SENATOR PETER B. BOORSMA INTERNATIONAL AWARD The Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (SECOPA) is seeking nominations for its International Award. The Award is presented to recognize a consistent record of involvement and efforts to transfer best practices and public administration theory from one country to another. The recipient of the award, a practitioner or an academician, must be present at the October 2006 conference in Athens, GA. Please email or mail letters of nomination and supporting documentation by April 30, 2006 to Dr. Arie Halachmi ( Dr. Arie Halachmi Institute of Government Tennessee State University 330 Tenth Ave. North Nashville, TN 37203-3405 USA

DISTINGUISHED PUBLIC SERVICE PRACTITIONER AWARD SECoPA’s Distinguished Public Service Practitioner Award honors an individual who has demonstrated sustained outstanding achievement in, and contributions to, public administration and public service through applied practice in the field. To be eligible, nominees for the Award must have served as a non-elected practitioner in the public sector for the majority of his or her career; may have served in any type of public service environment -- local, state, federal, or international, in either government or non-profit environments; and must have spent the majority of his or her public service career in the SECoPA region. Please email letters of nomination and supporting documentation to Committee Chair Dr. Gary Rassel ( by April 30, 2006. Further information may be found at From the SECoPA 2006 home page, click Awards and then the link for the Distinguished Public Service Practitioner Award.

ROBERT L. KLINE & MORRIS W. H. COLLINS STUDENT PAPER AWARDS Attention all Masters and PhD students! The deadline for submissions for the Robert L. Kline (Masters) and Morris W.H. Collins (PhD) Student Paper Awards has been extended to May 5, 2006 so you can submit a paper you may have written for one of your classes this semester. The recipient of each award will be presented with a plaque at the SECoPA awards luncheon on Friday, September 29, 2006 and will also receive $300 cash and a waiver of their SECoPA registration fee. Masters students who wish to submit a paper to be considered for the Kline Award must submit their paper proposal with an abstract by Friday, May 5, 2006 to both Dr. Paula Yeary, SECoPA Program Chair (, AND Dr. Glenn W. Rainey, Kline Award Chair ( If the abstract is accepted by the SECoPA Program Chair, students will be notified regarding the deadline for the submission of their full paper for consideration by the Kline Award Committee. Doctoral students interested in submitting a paper to be considered for the Collins Award should submit their proposal with an abstract by Friday, May 5, 2006 to both Dr. Paula Yeary, SECoPA Program Chair (, AND Dr. Christine Ludowise, Collins Award Chair ( If the abstract is accepted by the SECoPA Program Chair, students will be notified regarding the deadline for the submission of their full paper for consideration by the Collins Award Committee. Further details about the Kline and Collins Awards are at—click Awards on the home page. A downloadable proposal form is also on the web site—click Proposals and then the link for the form.


SOUTH FLORIDA CHAPTER DELIVERS EASTER CHEER Continuing its long-standing commitment to the community, the South Florida Chapter concluded its annual Easter basket drive by delivering Easter baskets to Holtz Children’s Hospital in Miami. Holtz Children’s Hospital at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center is one of the largest and most respected children's hospitals in the nation. Through a partnership with University of Miami and nearly $20 million in annual research and training funding, Holtz Children's Hospital is one of the top pediatric clinical research centers in the United States and the largest in Florida. The ASPA Board, with assistance from its community partner, Country Club Animal Hospital in Miami, collected over 70 baskets and bags of stuffed toys for distribution to children at the Holtz center, as well as the 10 other facilities operated by the Public Health Trust in Miami. Special thanks goes out to Donna Hernandez and the staff of Country Club Animal Hospital, MaryLou Bobes, wife of So. Florida Chapter Board member Steven Bobes, and to Aurelia Pierre Louis and the Bunny Patrol of the Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation Department for their efforts in collecting, assembling, and delivering the baskets to the kids. Photo (L-R): Marta Duran and Anna Betancourt of Jackson Volunteer Resources, Donna Hernandez of Country Club Animal Hospital, and South Florida Chapter members Steven Bobes, Bill Solomon, and Fidel Cruz with some of the Easter baskets they helped collect and distribute.

8TH ANNUAL GEORGIA PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION ACADEMIC CONFERENCE The Georgia Chapter thanks Dr. Rita Henry-Brown, conference chair, and the Southwest Georgia Chapter for hosting the 8th annual Georgia Public Administration Academic Conference at Albany State University. The conference took place Friday, March 3rd, with presentations made by students, faculty, and practitioners. Universities represented included: Albany State, Clark Atlanta, West Georgia, Georgia College & State University, and North Georgia College & State University, and North Illinois. Panels included: Bridging the Gap between Technology and Public Administration: Public Policy Issues; Current Issues in Public Administration; and Ethics and Public Service Leadership. The presenters were applauded for the quality and relevance of their presentations. All those who made presentations in Albany are also encouraged to send in their proposals by May 12 for SECoPA 2006 in Athens. Helen Buckelew President, Georgia ASPA Chapter


ASPA 67TH ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE IN DENVER, CO The Sky’s the Limit: Idealism and Innovation in Public Service ASPA’s 67th Annual National Conference was held March 31—April 4, 2006 in Denver, Colorado, at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. The conference offered something for everyone, including professional development workshops offering training on issues such as human resources and performance measurement, mobile workshops, specialty 1- and 2-day courses, a Student Summit featuring job search strategies and resume development, and concurrent panel sessions. For those who were not able to make it to Denver this year, the next several pages offer updates of some of the activities and discussions that took place. Looking ahead, next year’s annual national conference will be held March 24th-27th at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC.

ASPA NATIONAL COUNCIL UPDATES New Tennessee Valley Chapter Established in District III A new ASPA chapter, centered in the Chattanooga region, has been established in District III. The new “Tennessee Valley Chapter” serves 15 Tennessee counties. The membership area of the Tennessee Valley Chapter now consists of the Tennessee counties of Bledsoe, Bradley, Coffee, Franklin, Grundy, Hamilton, Marion, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe, Polk, Rhea, Sequatchie, Van Buren, and Warren. A letter to the National Council from the East Tennessee Chapter accepted the departure of these counties. Chapter leadership includes Chuck Shoopman, president; Meghan Anderson, vice president; Shannon Lilliard, secretary; Stephanie Bellar, treasurer; and board members David Edwards, David Jones, Mark Kleiner, Betsy Duncan Ranalli, and Virgil Thomas. District III welcomes the Tennessee Valley Chapter—our newest chapter! A National Issue: Should ASPA Take a Position? At the 2006 ASPA annual conference in Denver, a member and former Council member attending the annual business meeting offered a motion that would have ASPA take a position on a high-profile national matter. The member’s proposed resolution would have ASPA encourage Congress to take steps to check recent presidential actions thought to reflect a disregard for the rule of law and an intention to shift the balance of power in favor of the executive. The motion was, in part, inspired by an earlier plenary session in which featured speaker Irene Rubin articulated a lengthy list of alleged excesses. Professor Rubin urged citizens to weigh in when they believe this or any administration is acting in a way that violates the Constitution. As a result of the concern expressed during the business meeting, the National Council directed ASPA President Wendy Haynes to forward the proposal to the appropriate bodies for review and recommendation prior to consideration by the National Council, in accordance with the Society’s current policies and procedures. The Council also decided that ASPA should take a look at its process for taking public positions on important breaking issues, keeping in mind the importance of not crossing the line on actions that could potentially jeopardize ASPA’s nonprofit status under tax laws. Inherent in the discussion was the question of whether ASPA should take a position on this or similar matters and, if so, how we determine what those positions should be. Within the Council meeting and in the hallways, there seemed to be an appreciation for the challenges inherent in establishing a policy position on any issues in an association as diverse as ASPA. David Ammons University of North Carolina ASPA National Council Representative 4

ASPA CONFERENCE IN DENVER: SPALR-HOSTED FORUM ON PAY AND PERFORMANCE ASPA’s Section on Personnel Administration and Labor Relations (SPALR) hosted a well-attended forum and discussion regarding “Performance, Pay, and the Public Service” at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Denver prior to the beginning of the ASPA National Conference. The forum featured speakers with a variety of both academic and practitioner backgrounds who shared their experiences and thoughts about current issues and future challenges of performance, pay, and the culture of public service. Speakers (shown seated from left to right in photo at right) included: Andrew Wasilisin - Director, Workforce Relations and Communications, Office of Human Capital, Corporation for National and Community Service, Washington DC • Vidu Soni - Professor, Department of Political Science/Public Administration, Central Michigan University & Chair-Elect, SPALR • John Crum - Deputy Director, Office of Policy Evaluation, U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, Washington DC • Susan Manning - Director, Human Resources, Mecklenburg County Government, Charlotte, NC • James Thompson - Associate Professor, Graduate Program in Public Administration, University of Illinois—Chicago, Chicago, IL After the speakers made their presentations, forum attendees enjoyed a networking break with coffee, beverages, and a delicious array of goodies sponsored by the Brookings Institution. Following the break, speakers and attendees engaged in a lively question and answer session and discussion of pay and performance facilitated by Dr. Al Hyde (shown standing at right in photo above). Many thanks and much appreciation to Al for organizing, coordinating, and facilitating the forum. Looking ahead to next year, SPALR plans to sponsor a symposium on “The Future of Public Sector Pensions” at the Brookings Institution on Friday, March 23, 2007, immediately prior to the annual ASPA National Conference in Washington DC. The program will be begin at 1:00 pm and conclude with a sponsored reception. The symposium is in the planning stages, so we are looking for volunteers to coordinate the program as well as to make presentations. If you are interested in helping, please contact Jason Fleury at •

In any event, please make plans to attend!

Steve Condrey and Jared Llorens of the University of Georgia at the SPALR forum


ASPA CONFERENCE IN DENVER: SWPA NEWS AND ACTIVITIES The ASPA Section for Women in Public Administration (SWPA) was involved in several activities at the Annual Conference in Denver. The Annual Membership Meeting, held on Sunday, April 2, included several news items, including the following:

A Chapter Grant of $500 was awarded to the Evergreen Chapter in Seattle, WA for sponsoring a women’s conference in April 2006.

A new slate of officers for 2006-2007 was approved: ο Vice-Chair: Becky L. Schergens—Organizational consultant and National Advisor to the National Women’s History Museum, Alexandria, VA ο Treasurer: Eileen R. Lawrence—Director, Strategic Issues, U.S. Government Accountability Office, Annandale, VA ο Secretary: Sharon H. Mastracci—Assistant Professor, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL New Board Members (2006-2009) ο L. Dara Baldwin—Legislative Policy Analyst, Association of Children of New Jersey, Newark, NJ ο Patricia M. Shields—Professor, Political Science Dept., Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas ο Vera Vogelsang-Coombs—Associate Professor, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

The SWPA Breakfast was another activity provided for SWPA members in Denver. The Honorable Gail Schoettler was the Keynote Speaker. She as been a United States Ambassador, The State of Colorado’s Lt. Governor and State Treasurer, and a newspaper columnist. Currently, she is Chairperson of the Board of Fischer Imaging Corporation and serves on the boards of CancerVax Corporation, A4S Security, and Aspen Bio, Inc. The Honorable Beatrice Marshoff, Premier of the Free State Province, South Africa, was also honored at the breakfast. Breakfast award winners included the following: • The Julia Henderson Award for Dedicated Service to SWPA was renamed and will henceforth be known as the Marcy P. Crowley Award for Dedicated Service to SWPA. Crowley was recognized at the breakfast for her commitment to SWPA and excellent leadership. A new international award will be created which will be named for Julia Henderson and presented at the 2007 Annual SWPA Breakfast in Washington, DC. • Joan Fiss Bishop Award for innovative leadership, professionalism, and outstanding contributions to public administration was awarded to Sherri Greenberg, 2005-06 Fellow, Max Sherman Chair in State and Local Government, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin. • The Rita Mae Kelly Research Award was awarded to Judith Saidel, Executive Director of the Center for Women in Government & Civil Society, University at Albany, State University of New York, for her outstanding research contributing to our understanding of gender-related issues in public administration. 2006 SWPA Conference Scholarship Awards were granted to Jessica Henning, Jill Cornett, and Margaret Stout. Each received a $500 check to assist with their expenses in attending the annual ASPA conference in Denver. More about the award winners:

Jessica Henning is in the MPA program at the University of Akron Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies. She is a new Public Administration professional.

• •

Jill Cornett is at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Master's of Public Administration program. Margaret Stout is in the doctoral program at Arizona State University - School of Public Affairs.

Donna Milam Handley University of Alabama at Birmingham 6

REMINDER: KEEP YOUR ASPA CONTACT INFORMATION CURRENT For many ASPA members, life in the public service means life on the move. Have you moved or changed your email address since you joined ASPA? If your email address or mailing address has changed recently (or not so recently) and you haven’t updated your information with ASPA, you may be missing out on some of the benefits of your ASPA membership. To make sure your contact information with ASPA is up-to-date, do one of the following: •

Send updates by e-mail to Jeannie Jeffries, ASPA Membership Associate, at

If you have member access on ASPA’s web site, you can update your own contact information online at Login to the web site by entering your username and password in the gray box on the top left side of the ASPA home page. →

Contact the ASPA Membership Dept. (Jeannie Jeffries or Patricia Yearwood) to get your user login, have your password reset, or if you have any trouble making updates online.

Send updates by mail to the attention of Jeannie Jeffries at the following address: Jeannie Jeffries ASPA Membership Department 301 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 840 Washington DC 20004

SWPA: OUTSTANDING WOMEN IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, VOLUME 2 SWPA is sponsoring an ongoing activity in which editors Claire Felbinger and Wendy Haynes have led an effort to document the contributions of Outstanding Women in Public Administration. One volume was published by M.E. Sharpe in 2004. The second book, known as Volume Two, is designed to focus on shorter biographies of women who have made significant contributions to SWPA. Volume Two is an ongoing document, and those interested in serving as an author for one of the chapters are encouraged to contact Claire Felbinger at

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! MAY 4, 2006: SOUTH CAROLINA ASPA AWARDS LUNCHEON The SC ASPA Awards Luncheon will take place Thursday, May 4th. For further details, please contact Roxanne Matthews at


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! MAY 5, 2006: 2ND ANNUAL FLORIDA ASPA CONFERENCE Rising to the Challenges of Public Management in the State of Florida The 2006 Florida ASPA Conference will take place in Orlando on Friday, May 5th. The diversified program includes panels addressing ethics, higher education, emergency management, non-profits, E-governance, and a "supersession" on Organizational Cultural Assessment. May 5th is Cinco de Mayo, and we are planning an "after-conference" celebration; in addition, May 5th is also the last day of Public Service Recognition Week. So come on down and celebrate our profession in the Sunshine State make it a long weekend and stay for Disney, Universal Studios and other attractions the area has to offer! When: Friday, May 5, 2006 8:00 - 5:00 PM Where: Orange County Regional History Center 65 East Central Boulevard Orlando, FL Registration: • Fees: $65.00, $55.00 Students • Fee includes all conference sessions, continental breakfast, lunch, and two coffee breaks • Online Credit Card/Conference Registration is available through April 30, 2006. • Go to • Click on Conferences, which takes you to the conferences/event page. • Click on Conference/event registration, which will bring you to Available Events. • Click on 2006 Florida ASPA Conference. • Onsite Registration: Payments of cash, checks, or money orders will be accepted at the door. For further information, please contact Claire Mostel at

MAY 11, 2006: GEORGIA ASPA CHAPTER MEETING WHEN: THURSDAY, MAY 11TH AT 1:00 PM LOCATION: Montalvo Room, on the 11th Floor of the U.S. Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Building located at 40 Marietta Street, on the corner of Marietta & Forsyth Streets. Directions from MARTA: Leave the Five Points MARTA station via the Forsyth exit and walk up (north) on Forsyth to Marietta Street. The HUD Building is on the corner. PROGRAM: “BUILDING SOCIAL CAPITAL,” FEATURING GUEST SPEAKERS MICHAEL RUSHTON AND TERESA CHAPPELL. Michael Rushton is Associate Professor of Public Administration and Urban Studies in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. Dr. Rushton received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of British Columbia and currently teaches courses in nonprofit management, public policy, and economics for policy analysis. His principal areas of research are cultural economics and policy, and the governance of nonprofit organizations. Teresa Chappell is the Region IV liaison from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to community and faith-based organizations in the Southeast/Caribbean Region. As such, she is the primary point of contact with faith-based and community groups seeking information, technical assistance, and funding opportunities in the United States. Ms. Chappell was the driving force behind initiating the Gulf Coast Faith-Based and Community Initiative Conference held in January 2006 and was also one of the conference’s most inspirational speakers.


SECoPA 2006

Southeastern Conference for Public Administration

BRIDGING THEORY, POLICY, AND PRACTICE September 27 – 30, 2006 | Athens, Georgia

CALL FOR PROPOSALS We are currently seeking papers, panels, and participants for the following tracks: ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅

Budgeting and Finance Emergency Management/ Homeland Security Ethics, Accountability, and Performance in the Public Sector Health and Human Services/ Non-Profit Management Human Resource Management Intergovernmental Relations Local Governance and Form of Government Public Policy

Proposals are due by May 12, 2006. A downloadable proposal form is available at For additional information, please contact us at

SEPTEMBER 27-30, 2006: SECoPA IN ATHENS, GA The 2006 Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (SECoPA) will be held at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia. This year’s conference theme for is “Bridging Theory, Policy, and Practice.” In addition to panel sessions, there will be a public manager’s roundtable and practitioner training sessions for topics such as benchmarking, finance, budgeting, and organizational assessment. A symposium on “Natural and Other Disasters: Public Administration Lessons Learned” will be held Saturday morning at the historic Seney-Stovall Chapel on the grounds of the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government. The symposium will kick off with a continental breakfast and two separate concurrent panel sessions. Following the panel sessions, featured speaker Donald Kettl, Director of the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania, will address the symposium and open the floor to questions and discussion among participants. Mary E. Guy, Jerry Collins Eminent Scholar at the Askew School of Public

Administration and Policy and the College of Medicine at Florida State University, a past President of ASPA, and Editor-in-Chief of Review of Public Personnel Administration will speak at the opening breakfast meeting on Thursday, September 28th. ASPA President-Elect Harvey L. White, Director of the University of South Alabama Center for Healthy Communities and Associate Professor of Public & International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, will be the featured speaker for the Keynote Luncheon on Thursday, September 28th.

currently working on a book about Carter’s presidency. The conference web site is The agenda, hotel information, and driving directions as well as details and forms for conference registration and sponsorship inquiries are all available online. Details regarding the public manager’s roundtable, a listing of professional development sessions, and the schedule for panels and paper presentations will be posted as plans are finalized. Should you have any questions, please email us at

The featured speaker for breakfast on Friday morning is Robert T. Golembiewski, Distinguished Research Professor, Emeritus in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at the University of Georgia. Dr. Golembiewski is an international expert on organizational development. Hamilton Jordan, former White House Chief of Staff for President Jimmy Carter, will address conference attendees during the SECoPA Awards Luncheon on Friday, September 29th. Mr. Jordan is 9

SECoPA 2006 WWW.SECOPA2006.ORG SEPT 27-30, 2006 | ATHENS, GA

2006 ASPA District III newsletter spring  

2006 ASPA District III newsletter spring

2006 ASPA District III newsletter spring  

2006 ASPA District III newsletter spring