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Chapter Helps Hurricane Victims


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2005 Chapter Board Meeting Retreat Professional Development Chapter Helps Hurricane Victims (continued)

Chapter Helps Hurricane Victims Officers and members of the South Florida Chapter’s Board of Directors addressed the need for a coordinated effort among our membership to provide a tangible and effective means for assisting the displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina prior to the convergence of Hurricane Rita against the battered Gulf Coast. Subsequent to brainstorming options concerning a gift of consolidated chapter members’ financial donations to one of the many well-reputed philanthropic organizations coordinating relief efforts, officers and board members unanimously agreed to raise funds to support relatives of Miami-Dade County employee Selena Williams whose relatives were relocated from New Orleans to temporary shelters outside the Gulf region. Chapter efforts will enable Williams to provide her relatives with financial support for deposits necessary for securing rental housing in order to initiate some semblance of normalcy in their lives following the catastrophic loss of their homes, personal property, livelihoods and ongoing struggle to track down other missing loved ones. Continued on page 3

From the President’s Desk As this administration enters into a new era of the South Florida Chapter of ASPA, I would like to introduce the new Board of Directors and Committee Chairs that will be the backbone of my administration. Please welcome our new president-elect and program chair, Dr. Ramon “Ray” deArrigunaga; our treasurer and chair of community events/volunteer committee, Steven Bobes; our immediate past president and chair of the professional development committee, Angie DeLimas; our secretary and new board member, Sarah Ruen; our assistant secretary, Bill Solomon; our newsletter guru, David Lane; our membership chair, Anita Gibboney; and the chair of our bylaws committee, Terry Murphy. In addition, I would like to welcome our newest board members Elizabeth LaSueur, Allan Rosenbaum, and Kim Loutzenhiser. We are all looking forward to an exciting New Year with incredible programs planned to make all of us better administrators, leaders, team players, and lastly better individuals. With assistance from each of you, we can join together and expand the South Florida Chapter membership. I encourage each of you to take a moment and explore our new chapter website and learn more about your board members, the exciting programs planned, and most of all… how to be an active member and participate.

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New Chapter Website Chapter President Roslyn Alic-Batson spearheaded the rapid materialization of the South Florida Chapter’s first website which is now online with a stimulating chapter logo representative of our tropical environment at Members are encouraged to visit the website regularly for updated information regarding chapter events and photo gallery, current officers and board members, monthly chapter financial statements, upcoming and proposed professional development opportunities for members and guests, in addition to other pertinent postings. Members are encouraged to provide feedback on website content and any other areas in which we can collectively improve our chapter.

2005 Chapter Board Meeting Retreat On August 7, 2005, officers, board and general members of the South Florida Chapter convened for the annual board meeting retreat, which Treasurer Steven Bobes graciously volunteered to have at his beautiful home in Miami. Upon welcoming those in attendance, Chapter President Roslyn Alic-Batson introduced the newly elected officers and board members, followed by selection of committee chairs and a fresh slate of items on the retreat agenda concerning luncheons with guest speakers, new events for the Chapter’s Master Calendar for 2005-06 and discussion of chapter financial data by Steven Bobes. Those in attendance indulged themselves in a medley of succulent ham, croissants and side dishes provided by the host, in addition to various casseroles, salads and desserts including a popular Black Forest Cake and dulce de leche, both of which were quickly consumed before second helpings could be taken. Discussion continued on ideas to develop the chapter website, review of the Gulf Coast (Broward) Chapter’s internet-based membership survey and ways in which it could be replicated to retrieve feedback for the South Florida Chapter, and the urgent need for greater participation for our chapter to host the 2009 ASPA National Conference in Miami. For those members that were unable to attend the retreat, we greatly encourage you to attend the next scheduled board meeting, which will be held on Monday, November 14, 2005 at 5:30 p.m. at the Pizza Hut on the corner of SW 8th Street and SW 8th Avenue in Miami’s Little Havana.

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Professional Development Dr. Steve Liebowitz, conducted a lunch-time professional development seminar on September 7, 2005 on Business Planning Basics which resulted in a high turnout. Dr. Liebowitz has 36 years of experience as a coach, author, manager, public speaker, trainer, and consultant. Dr. Liebowitz received a Doctorate in Human Resource Development from Florida International University in 1991. He holds Master’s Degrees in Health Care Management (Florida International University, 1977) and Public Administration (Florida Atlantic University, 1974). Dr. Liebowitz is an adjunct professor at Florida International University, St. Thomas University, University of Miami, and Miami Dade College, and has served on the faculty of University Without Walls, Union Institute in Cincinnati, and Pepperdine University. His corporate client list includes: Burger King, Girl Scouts of America, Church’s Chicken, Eastern National Bank, Southeast Bank Corporation, and the American Automobile Association. Please visit the chapter website at for information on upcoming events and exceptional speakers.

Chapter Helps Hurricane Victims Continued from page 1

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Selena Williams, an administrator with the Miami-Dade County Office of Community Relations, had to search for 29 members of her immediate family that were evacuated from New Orleans. Fortunately, she managed to locate them all, but they remain scattered, finding shelter in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Memphis, Lafayette and Baton Rouge. Of Williams’ sister and three brothers and their seven school-age children, seven adult nieces and nephews and their 11 children, only three families have transitioned from shelters into longer-term housing. When asked what her family needs, Williams explained the following: “Many people have donated new and used clothes, non-perishable food, toiletries and money to assist my family. I have packed and can now ship approximately 18 boxes of things to family that has housing. I continue to support family in shelters with money for personal needs. They have applied for FEMA and other federal emergency assistance but that process is slow. They have told me that their primary need is for money to take care of their personal needs until the FEMA and other aid is provided. Once they receive housing vouchers, they will continue to need financial assistance with establishing their households until they find jobs.” Please send financial contributions which can be made payable by check to the ASPA South Florida Chapter and can be mailed to Treasurer Steven Bobes at 1625 SW 83rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33155.

“Selena Williams …had to search for 29 members of her immediate family that were evacuated from New Orleans.”

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2005 ASPA newsletter fall

2005 ASPA newsletter fall  

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