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TEAM PROJECT By Athina, Maria, Mirsini, Nikoleta, Chrysa

The grape is the fruit of the vine and some of its products are wine, vinegar and raisins. It can be made spoon sweet, too.  It is known as the fruit of antiquity and was first mentioned in the Bible. There are several varieties in Greece, such as sultanas Corinth. Generally, they are separated by colour,that is, white, red and black.  It is rich in potassium and vitamins with antioxidant and anticancer qualities 



The grape is the symbol of the god Dionysus who is fond of wine. Dionysus is the son of Zeus and Semele and the first vineyard grew to the point where his mother was killed by Zeus. When he grew up he took Semele from Hades to Olympus and there she became immortal. He married Ariadne, who was stolen from Theseus and he asked Zeus to make her immortal.


According to the myth, Stafylos was in the service of the king of Aetolia, Oineas, as a shepherd. As he was herding his goats, he accidentally found a succulent fruit. So,he collected enough and offered them to the king who was really delighted by it. So, he made a juice which he called “oinos-wine” and named these fruit after his shepherd “stafilia-grapes”.

Symbolism in Christianity 

Grapes have many significant meanings in the Bible and in christianity including fruitfullness, gladness, and ripe harvest. Also, it is the symbol of the wine our Lord used at the Last Supper to consecrate it into his precious Blood.

Pancake with grapes Ingredients: Crust:

-150 gr flour -80 gr butter -50 gr sugar -40 gr water -1 egg yolk -1 pinch of salt Filling: -400 gr red grapes -400 gr white grapes -20 gr melted butter -100 gr sugar -30gr flour -1 egg, slightly beaten -40 gr milk cream

Celebrating Greek Taste  

A school project about Greek products, their symbolic importance, related myths, recipes e.t.c.

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