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BOARD PERSPECTIVES Advancing a Culture of Implementation & Execution

My first ASP Strategic Edge article was back in 2012 titled Creating a Culture of Implementation. That article started with: “A wise man once said, “Begin as you mean to end.” Nowhere is that sentiment more appropriate than in strategic planning. As every strategic planning consultant knows, the success or failure of a plan lies not in its creation, but in its implementation…” (Thank you, Lynne Brown, for helping me with that article, we’re still preaching that philosophy!) I am proud to report that the ASP board is significantly advancing our culture of implementation and execution. Since ASP is the thought leader in the strategy arena, it is important that I also note here how the concept of “implementation” compared to “execution” is evolving. Many in the field have used these two terms interchangeably, however, the evolution of nomenclature is now refining a differentiation between the two. Talking with my colleague Pierre Hadaya, PhD, ASP Board member and co-lead for the ASP Thought Leadership initiative, Pierre provided the following brief differentiation: ”Formulate = Internal and external analysis, identification of strategy alternatives and selection of the final strategy. Implement = Doing the actual transformations (i.e., the organizational transformation) to be able to execute the previously formulated strategy. Execute = Actually doing what you devised in strategy formulation = The operations are aligned to the formulated strategy.”


12/3/2019 As previously shared, we have formulated a new plan, informed significantly by member input as well as future trends, and continue to refine that plan here in its early stages of execution. Talk about agility!!! Near the end of our first quarter of operations, our four strategic pillar leaders met with their respective teams to discuss progress towards our objectives and KPIs, by reviewing status of efforts defined in the implementation plan during the quarter. ASP’s research on successful practices in nonprofit strategic planning practices confirmed the benefit of this level of discipline in plan execution oversight. During our October board meeting, we discussed the status of our efforts utilizing the scorecard generated from the online planning software we are using to manage the plan. (Thank you, Alan Leeds, former board member and ASP Hall of Famer, for allowing us to use your Agile Strategy Manager for this effort. Please note – ASP does not currently endorse any particular platforms available for use in plan management, however we encourage use of such tools since they can be very helpful in advancing your implementation and execution efforts.) In July 2019, the ASP board approved an explicit plan oversight policy and procedure. We are now walking the talk of that plan. The engagement of board and other ASP members in the execution of our plan is greater than I have seen in my six plus years on this board. To just share a few we have: Completed an extensive Job Task Analysis which is informing the revamp of our certification exams; Conducting a robust process improvement effort on the certification exam operations (e.g. streamlining the application process); The BOK committee is close to revamping the entire BOK structure, aligned well with the future advances planned for the certification exam; Our Webinar Wednesdays have launched with all three Communities of Practice and had record registrations; and We will soon launch a marketing pilot, after almost a year of research, analysis and planning, which will help to inform our future marketing efforts. I could go on and on, however, you will continue to hear about these efforts from us, and hopefully benefit through participation. We are a little too early in the game to report explicit outcomes yet, however I believe our success in progressing in these significant outputs/tactics will absolutely drive achievement of our KPIs/success measures. ASP is practicing the science and art of a comprehensive, integrated planning approach. Whatever nomenclature you use (and, yes, we hope to help standardize that in the future), we are formulating, implementing and executing, all the while being implicitly and explicitly agile, and keeping our finger on the pulse of the future trends of the strategy world. We are transforming! I am delighted to be supporting this organization and its important vision to “Advance the practice of strategy to achieve superior organization performance.” Thanks and Happy Holidays! Denise McNerney ASP President Back to the top.


Association for Strategic Planning 2020 Annual Conference WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA

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ANNOUNCEMENTS ASP Webinar Wednesday Update The Government Community of Practice is excited to host its next webinar: The Practical Application of Strategic Foresight, January 15, 2020 at 1:30 PM (ET).For more details click here. Please note more details on upcoming Webinar Wednesdays will be shared shortly. If you’d like to get more involved in the Women in Strategy Community of Practice, Government Community of Practice or Nonprofit Center for Excellence please contact Jennie Benjamins.

New Career Center Have you checked out ASP’s new Career Center? With postings exclusively for members, be sure to include us in your job search. Sign in to begin. And if you need to hire a strategic planning professional, there’s no better way to reach hundreds of qualified individuals across North America and beyond. See our job posting options here. (Members, be sure to sign in for your discount!)

Now Accepting Submissions for the October 2020 Issue of Strategy Magazine Strategy Magazine is dedicated to helping executives, strategists, managers, and other professionals better formulate, implement and execute strategies. The mission of Strategy Magazine is the diffusion of high-value innovative ideas and practices related to the field of strategy. All submissions are reviewed against the mission and the following criteria: High-Value Originality Fact-based Advice, Recommendations or Practical Applications Clear, Concise and Accessible Language - The use of headings and bullets is recommended to emphasize main points. Articles submitted should generally be around 2,000 words. Please complete this Idea Form and send it to to propose an article to our editorial team. We look forward to hearing from you! Pierre Hadaya Editor in Chief Back to the top.

UPCOMING EVENTS Webinars in December Global Webinars Presents: Heightened Integrity: The New Strategic Imperative Date: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM (ET)

ASP NorCal Presents: FREE: IntelliVen Manage to Lead System Online Overview Workshop Date: Thursday, December 5, 2019 Time: 10:45 - 11:45 AM (PT)

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ARTICLES FROM MEMBERS Strategic Initiatives - Getting the Job Done! By Mary Beth Imbarrato, PMP, CSM, SPP, CMS Research from the Brightline Initiative indicates that 9 out of 10 organizations fail to meet their strategic goals (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2017). The core reason for this shortfall? Most organizations take the time to design strategic plans, yet very few organizations take the time, and effort, to deliver on those plans. If you have been following the standard strategic planning processes, you should have a Vision, Mission, and strategic goals in place. The next step of the process involves answering the How? question: How do we plan to achieve the strategic goals? Click here to read more.

#1 Reason Strategy Fails in the Public Sector: Lack of Leadership By Randall Rollinson, SMP, President and Co-Founder from LBL Strategies Recent research conducted by George Washington University, Center for Excellence in Public Leadership and LBL Strategies points to this conclusion: The #1 reason strategy fails in the public sector is lack of leadership in executing the plan. In April 2019, several public and private sector organizations serving the public sector at the federal, state and local levels reached out to 5000 individuals working in the public sector to query them on the root causes of implementation challenges in government agencies. Lack of leadership and poor communication were most frequently ranked as primary reasons for implementation failure. When leaders fail to lead, measure performance and communicate effectively, culture erodes and implementation suffers. All leaders must communicate, communicate and communicate. It begins with leaders and managers taking responsibility to share their personal understanding, commitment and long-term view to others within the organization. Click here to read more.

New to Strategic Arena: Sitting for Your ASP Exam? Mastering Strategy dates announced for 2020 By LBL Strategies Looking for an education program to help prepare you for ASP certification exam? Look no further! LBL Strategies is a Registered Education Provider (REP) for the Association for Strategic Planning. We have proven success with equipping learners to pass the ASP Certification Exam: Currently a 100% pass rate of the ASP SPP certification exam of those who have completed our SMPS course At last count, 13% of all ASP certified professionals completed the LBL SMPS course on their pathway to certification Alignment of the SMPS content to ASP Body of Knowledge Guide 2.0 LBL Strategies offers the ONLY online ASP Certification exam preparation course. Click here to read more. Back to the top.

STRATEGIC STOCKMAL Using Exploratory Modelling and Analysis Tools to Support Strategic Foresight I recently had the opportunity to attend an Atlantic Council event and received their new report, Global Risk s 2035 Update: Decline or New Renaissance? written by Matthew J. Burrows, who heads up their Foresight, Strategy and Risks Initiative. Most of the discussion was focused on what has changed in the last two years from the original forecast and three distinct scenarios of possible futures. Burrows argues that new modelling and simulation techniques referred to as “exploratory modelling and analysis” or EMA can now generate tens of thousands to millions of scenarios called an ensemble of future worlds to test policy options. EMA models can highlight human actions that could generate desired outcomes across all possible futures and identify the factors that are critical to any future possibility. Mr. Burrows collaborated with folks from the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS), the Open Repository Base on International Strategy Study (ORBIS) and the University of Denver’s Pardee Center and International Futures Model to develop the three scenarios. Key factors driving the analysis include the bipolarity between China and the US, migration, de-globalization, the fracturing of the post-Cold War global trade system, climate change, and separate 5G systems for communication.


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MEET THE MEMBERS Welcome to new members who joined in November 2019! Members at Large Botho K Bayendi, Botswana Investment and Trade Centre Jonathan Guimond, Guimond LavallĂŠe inc. Omar Al Shammari Osmani Juarez, Torrens University Australia Sharon Ross, Canada Mortgage Housing Association National Capital Area Chapter David Harwell, Consulting Science Uganda Chapter Alex Rumanyika, NSSF-Uganda

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