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Sounds combine to make syllables; syllables combine to make words; words combine to make sentences; and groups of sentences make paragraphs and texts! The 5 Basic Vowels [ah] Aa

[eh] Ee

[eeh] Ii

[aw] Oo

[ooh] Uu

Make words with syllables ca + sa = casa es + co + la = escola hi + po + p贸 + ta + mo = hipop贸tamo



Let’s practice! Vamos praticar! On the internet navigate to the following sites:

To write sentences you need words! These words need to be in a specific position or order.

1. Build words with “ba, be, bi, bo, bu” [click “Jogar” to play; drag the letters with the cursor]

2. Build words with “ca, co, cu”

Is this an English sentence? Yes/No

* Like I balloons.

3. Build words with “da, de, di, do, du”

Let’s put the words in the right order.

I like balloons.

4. Build words with “sa, se, si, so, su”

This is the most common order: 5. Find the syllables in words with “B”

[ 6. Find the syllables in words with “C”


(1) Someone or something ------ I (2) is|does|likes|has, etc. --------- like (3) something ----------------------- balloons.

In Portuguese sentences work in a very similar way. Let’s look. Position 1

Position 2

Who | What

does, is, has

Position 3 what.

English sentence I


balloons. be;have;like


gosto de




(3) Portuguese sentence

Next we’ll learn a few words that go on Position (1) ------------------- Who or What Position (2) ------------------- does Position (3) ------------------- what, when

Eu ( I ) Tu (You) Ele (He) Ela (She) O pato A menina O livro Etc.

sou; tenho; gosto de uma menina.

(a girl)

és; tens; gostas de um rapaz.

(a boy) de Portugal. (from Portugal) da América. é; tem; gosta de (from America) um carro. (a car) ler. (to read) fazer desporto. (to do sports) Etc.


Learn Portuguese Letters & Sounds  

Portuguese letters and sounds for beginners (grades 1-8).

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