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Common Causes of Snoring You are never aware of how bad snorer you are until you see it through a recorded video. And this situation worsens for the married ones. Out of embarrassment, many people randomly try many anti snoring remedies and devices. Even out of frustration people fall into the traps of false assurances like surgical operation. It is a general information for all the snorers, do not opt for any anti snoring medicine or device, without knowing the actual cause.

5 Common Causes of Snoring

•Age: No one has seen a teenager snore! Often after reaching middle age people start snoring. As you reach middle age the muscle tone in the throat decreases, thus making it narrower.

• Obesity: Fat ones sound louder! Usually men have narrower throat passage than women and obesity adds up fatty tissue to the throat making it narrower.

•Sinus: Sinus is the blockage of nasal passage making inhalation difficult. This results in a vacuum in the throat consequently leading to snoring

•Addictions: Alcoholics consumption and smoking reduces the flexibility of the muscles. Even certain medications also reduce the muscle tone.

•Posture: Incorrect sleep posture causes snoring. People sleeping on their back snore more. Hence it is always recommended to sleep on the sides.

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Prevent Snoring  
Prevent Snoring  

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