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Paolo Brescia


The Information Age is constantly giving impetus to wide-ranging trans-national economic, social and cultural changes. In this context, some questions emerge about the role of the Architect in the future. Has architecture, which was once specific and local, become interchangeable and global? Is architecture still rooted in national identity, or has it been sacrificed on the altar of globalization? If architecture is the physical embodiment of socio-cultural aspirations, what form should it take to remain relevant in a rapidly mutating world? Of course, we cannot answer new questions with old answers. I believe we are in front of a change of paradigm and a new way of thinking about urban and social dynamics. A new urban and social consciousness has developed on the part of the new generation of architects, who are more interested in the kind of action-reaction processes within the body of the city. This approach extends the vision beyond the physical boundaries of architecture and at the same time limits the scope of predetermined actions. It takes note of the failures of urbanism and big plans (unprogrammable, by definition), and gives birth to interest in the intermediate scale: that of urban design. How to frame this attitude in the future? If by globalization we understand the planetary ensemble of the means of circulation and of the network of communication, then a key of interpretation may be provided from the juxtaposition that Paul Virilio identifies through World-City and City-World. The world has become a WorldCity, within which products of all types circulate and are exchanged, including messages, images, fashions, artists... architects. But it is also true that the city is a City-World, with its ethnic, cultural and social differences and identities. In this sense, the City-World belies the illusions of the World-City. It is upon this uncertain terrain, suspended between the city and the world, that I believe architects are called to act. In this context, it becomes improper to speak of local or global architecture. It would perhaps be more appropriate to speak of the different variations by the architects in different international contexts. Also, the international urban marketing has chosen to focus more on the logic of differentiation and uniqueness, starting from the cultural and social identities of the promoter and the final tenants (public or private). So, the issue is: how will architects respond in these specific situations? In the light of our recent experiences, we are increasingly converging on the idea of architecture as the outcome (rather than the initialization) of a cooperative evolutionary process. Architecture is 127

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Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

not an individual matter, it is a common task that will reveal within globalization, the awareness of individual identities and cultural specificities, which will be much more valued, as will be intense international exchanges, which are fundamental for the future. Moreover, architecture, so anchored in its own site, must depend on other, more dynamic means to spread the ideas it produces. In order to spread ideas it is necessary to give them life and to test them in the world.

Lehariya Cluster, Jaipur: Not a project for India, but by India. Photo: Š Open Building Research

Children Hospital, Parma: A project small outside and big inside. Photo: Š Open Building Research


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Patrick Meyers


Maximize personality The profile of the architect of the future does not differ that much from the profile of the architect of the present or the past. Searching for this profile reflects more the missing of it in the present day. Maybe there are some shifts in attitude or role, but the rough version is and will be the same, now, in the past and the future. The ideal architect is not you as the Starchitect dropping amazing images on the table. The ideal architect integrates several personal skills into an effective and charismatic personality. Besides the professional skills taught by education, the emotional skills are at least equally important. With an open mind you will acquire more knowledge and understanding of the conditions around you. A strong charisma helps you to communicate smooth and clear with the people around you. And your sharp political sense guides you smoothly through the different interests of all stakeholders. These skills shape you in the team player you have to be in order to build support for your ideas and to implement them into the building you always dreamed of. Maximize creativity Architecture is integrating multiple professions to design and build the environment we need for the future to come. You, as an architect, are therefore broadly orientated and have to know something of everything. That’s the strength, but also the weakness of the position you have as an architect. We are worthless as specialists but strong as generalists. Our strength is in the power of combining, cross linking, integrating and bringing together things we never thought of. In other words, you have to be creative. Creativity is the power of innovation and is the only force that can help you evolve the environment for us through time. Maximize engagement In the last 100 years the world experienced a huge growth of population and a major boost in technology. It resulted in a postmodern and global society where the standard living conditions benefited from this. But it also had a backdrop; this change was too fast and too distant and unrooted most of the people. Worldwide, there is today a tendency in societies to find these roots again; from global back to local. These fast changes also resulted in the detachment of humanity with its original natural habitat. Cities transformed from rich mixused organisms to monofunctional machines. If you consider that future cities, buildings and public space should be more natural, 129

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Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

and therefore more sustainable, you have to acknowledge how you have to create these places and what is needed to make these living environments work as naturally as possible for us and the world around us. It also means that you have to look at the social impact and that you have to restore the natural relation of the individual person within the collective group. How people will live from within the comfort of a sheltered and private place and celebrate life with friends and family in the vibrant collective space. You, as future designers, should be aware that these ingredients were, are and will be the basic conditions for a successful living environment. Together with place, time defines the identity of our environment. Through time we live in the present with a goal for the future and with the collective identity of the past. The built environment is a result of history, and future developments have to acknowledge that they are part of this time continuum. Maximize empowerment Every architect, including you, wants the ideas he works hard for to come alive. But in order to get there, your ideas should be understood and embraced by all partners and stakeholders in the process, during the whole process and beyond. The creative process, as a result of cross-linking and combining, culminates in an integrated idea called the concept. An effective concept is an inspirer, communicator and catalyst for your project, branding it along the way and resulting in a smooth marketing at the end. But most of all, a powerful concept, built on local conditions and history, gives your project a soul and identity. With this personality of your project, people will be able to embrace and love it. Only then you can succeed as an architect for the future.

Noorderkaap-Amsterdam – A bold and gentle statement to the former Amsterdam industrial area along the river IJ. Photo: © Orange Architects

Goldencity – A new iconic entrance from the Finish Gulf for the enchanting City of St Petersburg. A vibrant and comfortable new city on the eastern edge of Vasilievsky island. Photo: © Orange Architects


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Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

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Ádám Hatvani

Adrian Cancer Zeană

Adrian Cristescu

Adrian Spirescu

Alexandru Gavozdea

Alfonso Femia

Andreas Vardas

Andreea Robu-Movilă

Andrei Șerbescu


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Architecturally Yours: index of contributors

Andrzej Bulanda

Angel Zahariev

Anouk Legendre

Antonio Virga

Augustin Ioan

BegĂźm Yazgan

Berarducci Carlo

Besian Mehmeti

Borislav Ignatov

Bruno Andreșoiu

Carol Ross Barney

Christos Passas


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Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

Cinzia Ferrara

Claudia Staubmann, Cédric Ramière

Colin Ball

Darius Reznek

Dean Lah

Dietmar Eberle

Dorin Beu

Dorin Ștefan

Dorin Ștefan Adam

Dorte Kristensen

Dragoș Epure

Ervin Taçi


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Architecturally Yours: index of contributors

Eusebia Mindirigiu

Ewa Kuryłowicz

Farris Giuseppe

Fernando Menis

Françoise Pamfil

Gabriella Sajtos Grand

Gaivoronschi Vlad

Gergely Paulinyi

Giovanni Benedetti

Goran Vojvodić

Heechan Park

Ian Ritchie


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Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

Ivan Rašković

James Pickard

Jan Knikker

Javier Pérez Herreras

Jeroen Schipper

John McElgunn

Jüergen Mayer H.

Julian Weyer

Jurtin Hajro

Kamran Afshar Naderi

Karel Smejkal

Kerem Yazgan


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Architecturally Yours: index of contributors

Krzysztof Ingarden

Loxha Arianit

Madjdabadi Habibeh

Maria Baleva

Marian Moiceanu

Marija Simović, Petar Simović

Marius Miclăuș

Mark Hemel

Mark Sutton Vane

Martin Gran

Martin Knuijt

Massimiliano Fuksas


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Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

Meossi Maurizio

Miha Dešman

Mihai Drișcu

Nixha Astrit

Olsi Eftimi

Oskar Grąbczewski

Pako Radovanovic

Pan Yi Cheng

Paolo Brescia

Patrick Majers

Paul Bulkeley

Philippe Croisier


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Architecturally Yours: index of contributors

Radu Teacă

Rainer Schmidt

Rama Perparim

Reinier de Graaf

Rena Sakellaridou

Renato Rizzi

Roland Bechmann

Șerban Țigănaș

Sergiu Petrea

Stanisław Deńko

Tarek Hegazy

Tima Zoltán


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Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

Tomasz Klimek

Vassilis Sgoutas

Vermeulen Windsant Xander

Vesna Cagić Milošević

Victor Grosu

Vladimir Lojanica

Vladimir Popov

Wolf Prix

Zsolt Gunther


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Architecturally Yours: index of contributors

Ádám Hatvani Spora Architects, Founding-Partner      

Adrian Cancer Zeană Square One, Founding-Partner

Adrian Cristescu West Group Architecture, Founder

Adrian Spirescu arhitect Adrian Spirescu, Founder

Alexandru Găvozdea Romanian Chamber of Architects, President

Alfonso Femia Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, Founder

Andreas Vardas Vardas Studio, Founder

Andreea Robu-Movilă

Hungary 29 Romania 31, 71 Romania 41, 53, 150 Romania 32 Romania 152 Italy 155 Cyprus 60, 82, 158 Romania

Publisher for SHARE Architects, Co-founder Arhitectura Celuialt

Andrei Șerbescu


ADNBA, Founding-Partner

32, 160

Andrzej Bulanda


Bulanda & Mucha Architects, Partner

28, 38, 50, 78

Angel Zahariev


A&A Architects, Co-founder

31, 57, 68, 79, 166

Anouk Legendre XTU architects, Co-founder, Principal architect

Antonio Virga Antonio Virga Architecte, Founder

France 20, 51, 57, 169 France 61, 84, 172 359

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Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

Augustin Ioan


“Ion Mincu University”, Bucharest, Professor

74, 173

Begüm and Kerem Yazgan


Kerem Yazgan Architecture, Founding Partners

Berarducci Carlo Carlo Berarducci Architecture, Founder, Ph.D. Architect

Besian Mehmeti Besian Mehmeti Architects, Founder

Borislav Ignatov Bignatov Architecture Studio, Founder

Bruno Andreșoiu igloo architecture, Founder

Carol Ross Barney Ross Barney Architects, Founder, Design Principal

Christos Passas Zaha Hadid Architects, Associate Director

Cinzia Ferrara Ferrara Palladino Lightscape, Co-founder

Claudia Staubmann, Cédric Ramière Coco Architecture, Associated Architects

Colin Ball BDP London, Lighting Director

Darius Reznek KARRES EN BRANDS, Partner architect

Dean Lah ENOTA, Co-founder, Partner architect

26, 45, 90 Italy 46, 51, 95 North Macedonia 44, 72, 75, 177 Bulgaria 38, 41, 179 Romania 91 USA 82, 181 United Kingdom 46, 185 Italy 190 France 21, 38, 74, 193 United Kingdom 199 The Netherlands 18, 59, 98 Slovenia 29, 77, 202


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Architecturally Yours: index of contributors

Dietmar Eberle Baumschlager Eberle Architects, Partner

Dorin Beu Romania Green Building Council, President

Dorin Ștefan D.S. Birou de Arhitectura (DSBA), Founder

Dorin Ștefan Adam Mânadelucru, Founder

Dorte Kristensen Atelier PRO, Architect director

Dragoș Epure Metropolis, Founder, Leading Architect

Ervin Taçi DEA Studio l.t.d, Co-founder

Eusebia Mindirigiu

Austria 7 Romania 51, 55, 68, 100 Romania 101 Romania 56 The Netherlands 57, 104 Romania 48, 69, 79 Albania 18, 57, 107 Romania

ABplus Events, Head of Communication

Ewa Kuryłowicz Kuryłowicz & Associates, Vice President

Farris Giuseppe Studio Farris Architect, Founder

Fernando Menis Fernando Menis Architect, Founder

Poland 27 Belgium 74, 215 Spain 210

Françoise Pamfil


Igloo Magazine, Editor-in-chief


Gabriella Sajtos Grand SAGRA Architects, Senior Architect

Hungary 30, 78 361

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Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

Gaivoronschi Vlad


Andreescu and Gaivoronschi Associated Architects, Founding Partners

Gergely Paulinyi Paulinyi & Partners Zrt, President, CEO

Giovanni Benedetti Studio Fuksas, Director Business Development

34, 47, 58, 144 Hungary 213 Italy 79

Goran Vojvodić


BIRO.VIA, Founding partner

30, 57, 66, 71, 219

Heechan Park


Urban Agency, Co-founder

25, 42, 49, 74, 227

Ian Ritchie Ian Ritchie Architects, Founder

Ivan Rašković AGM Group, Partner

James Pickard Cartwright Pickard, Co-founder

Jan Knikker MVRDV, Partner

United Kingdom 17, 37, 41, 48, 61, 62, 64, 68, 72, 73, 109, 230 Serbia 30, 36, 40, 71, 75 United Kingdom 241 The Netherlands 245

Javier Pérez Herreras


Taller Básico de Arquitectura, Founder


Jeroen Schipper ORANGE Architects, Architect Partner

John McElgunn Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Partner

Jüergen Mayer H. J. MAYER H, President

The Netherlands 22, 42, 52, 56, 249 United Kingdom 24, 57, 65, 73, 255 Germany 260


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Architecturally Yours: index of contributors

Julian Weyer C.F. Møller Architects, Partner

Denmark 17, 24, 34, 43, 56, 58, 63, 71, 79, 112, 263

Jurtin Hajro


Center of Research and Design in Architecture ( CoRDA), Director

70, 268

Kamran Afshar Naderi MEMAR Magazine, President

Karel Smejkal INSPIRELI AWARDS, President

Krzysztof Ingarden Ingarden & Ewy Architects, Co-founder

Loxha Arianit ab GROUP LLC, Founding Partner

Madjdabadi Habibeh Habibeh Madjdabadi Architecture Office, CEO

Maria Baleva FUNKT, Co-founder

Marian Moiceanu “Ion Mincu University”, Bucharest, Rector

Iran 25, 35, 40, 64, 75, 271 Czech Republic 68 Poland 27, 35, 46, 53, 55, 63, 71, 73, 114, 275 Republic of Kosovo 20, 61, 85 Iran 26, 33, 71, 224 Bulgaria 31 Romania 36

Marija Simović, Petar Simović


Studio Simovic, Co-founder, Partner

18, 116

Marius Miclăuș Archaeus Foundation, President

Mark Hemel Information Based Architecture, Co-founder

Romania 32, 78 The Netherlands 281

Mark Sutton Vane

United Kingdom

Sutton Vane Associates, Founder

78 363

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9/24/19 1:38 PM

Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

Martin Gran


Snøhetta, Partner, Managing Director

46, 284

Martin Knuijt OKRA Landscape Architects, Founding partner

Massimiliano Fuksas Studio Fuksas, Founding partner

Meossi Maurizio

The Netherlands 18, 51, 288 Italy 19, 36, 60, 120 Italy

Zaha Hadid Architects, Senior Associate

42, 290

Miha Dešman


DANS arhitekti, Founding partner

Mihai Drișcu Arc en Ciel, Founder

Nixha Astrit ANARCH, Founder

Olsi Eftimi Atelier 4, Co-founder

52, 122 Romania 79 Republic of Kosovo 33, 79, 293 Albania 72, 73, 295

Oskar Grąbczewski


OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci, Co-founder

77, 124

Pako Radovanovic Rado Engineering, CEO

Pan Yi Cheng PRODUCE, Design Director, Co-Founder

Paolo Brescia Open Building Research, Founder

Patrick Majers Orange Architects, Architect partner

North Macedonia 59, 297 China 35, 44, 75, 298 Italy 127 The Netherlands 18, 77, 129


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9/24/19 1:38 PM

Architecturally Yours: index of contributors

Paul Bulkeley

United Kingdom

Snug Architects, Founder

24, 50, 58, 300

Philippe Croisier Atelier du Pont, Associate Architect

France 21, 57, 75, 309

Radu Teacă


Radu Teacă, Founder

59, 133

Rainer Schmidt Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects and Urban Planners, Founder

Rama Perparim 4M GROUP, CEO, Founding Director

Reinier de Graaf OMA, Partner

Rena Sakellaridou SPARCH, Founding partner

Renato Rizzi Renato Rizzi, Founder

Roland Bechmann Werner Sobek AG, Managing Director and Partner

Șerban Țigănaș Dico și Țigănaș Architecture and Engineering, Founder

Sergiu Petrea Tecto Arhitectura, Founder

Stanisław Deńko Wizja Architects, Founder

Tarek Hegazy Living Design, Founder

Germany 135 United Kingdom 17, 34, 40, 43, 50, 55, 72, 76, 131, 303 The Netherlands 22, 38, 40, 50, 58, 67, 72, 311 Greece 27, 42, 70, 76, 314 Italy 35, 54, 63, 318 Germany 23, 41, 45, 54, 76, 321 Romania 10, 137 Romania 32, 71 Poland 19, 34, 55, 139 Sweden 44, 52, 57, 59, 65, 141, 323 365

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9/24/19 1:38 PM

Designing the Profile of The Future Architect

Tima Zoltán Tima Studio Public Building Design Co., Architect manager

Tomasz Klimek QLAB - Laboratory of Light Poland, President

Vassilis Sgoutas Sgoutas Architects, Founder

Vermeulen Windsant Xander XVW Architecture, Founder

Hungary 29, 37, 45, 71, 76, 327 Poland 77 Greece 27, 38, 68, 75, 330 The Netherlands 20, 23, 37, 38, 50, 55, 70, 146, 340

Vesna Cagić Milošević


Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Associated Professor

31, 50

Victor Grosu Grosu Art Studio, Founder

Vladimir Lojanica Proaspekt, Founder

Vladimir Popov Strongil Stroy Ltd, Founder

Romania 74 Serbia 66, 335 Bulgaria 33, 68, 71, 76, 337

Wolf Prix


COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, co-founder, Design Principal and CEO

22, 344

Zsolt Gunther 3H ARCHITECTURE, Co-founder

Hungary 345


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