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The activities undertaken in the project were: Establishing an efficient partnership in the project. In this regard, at the beginning of the project it was established, at the level of each partner the project team and as well clear rules and tasks for each partner. 

Preparatory visit of the project – December 2013, in Kathmandu, Nepal. The meeting was attended by one member from the project team of each partner and a young person participant to the project. 

Promotion of the project in the local community and the selection of the participants. There we posted information about the project on the partners` webpages and there were organized project launching conferences in the communities of the partner organizations. 

Young people preparation for the project.

Facilitating local meetings of young people with local authorities: it was facilitated the meeting of the project participants with youth leaders, youth workers, other young people from the community, representatives of the local authorities etc 

Organization of 2 local workshops. Each partner had organized 2 local workshops, involving young people from the community. 

Interim evaluation of the project – March 2014 in Istanbul - Turkey, attended by a representative and a participant from each organization. 

Training course – July 2014 in New Delhi – India. The training was attended by 24 young people, which were formed in the environmental field and how to organize a media campaign in order to aware the population about the environmental issues. 

Organization of the media campaign – in September 2014. at the each partner level, with the purpose to promote the environment protection and the active participation of the young people. 

10. Dissemination of the project results: distribution of the training course booklet, promotion of the project webpage etc. 

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Final report Green youth citizens