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Capacity building for the development of territory Based on a set of local development and capacity building practices which are being implemented in different countries in Latin America, during 2008 ASOCAM promoted an exchange of experiences of this subject. Some of the questions which led the analysis were: ¿how should processes of capacity building or strengthening be promoted?, ¿which stakeholders intervene in these processes?, ¿which factors do facilitate or complicate them? ¿are there available services relating to training and facilitation, which may contribute to the creation of new knowledge and capacities? ¿which kind of tools may be useful? ¿what is the importance of planning and evaluation within these processes? A territory whose capacities has been strengthened is one in which knowledge is seen considered as a core issue, so as to allow a systemic and sustainable endogenous development process. Indeed, personal and organizational knowledge merge into a collective knowledge which is made available for the territory as a whole. It becomes a territory which is capable of transforming itself and its surroundings. Capacity Development Individual or collective process, by which knowledge, skills, mental models and values are obtained, created and transformed. Development of the Territory Development proposal in which sector approaches are substituted by a holistic view in which stakeholders and sectors come together and determine development strategies according to endogenous resources of the territory.

Context issues

Institutional issues

Individual issues

Territory potentialities and limitations

Institution paradigms

Personal control

Networks and social organizations

Organizational culture

Mental models

Politic and institutional Institution processes and framework of the country structure Perception of reality and relating response

Value systems Attitude with respect to capacity development


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