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Russellville School District Annual Report to the Public 2013

Children Deserve the Best


The mission of the Russellville School District is to educate, equip, and empower all students to be productive, contributing members of their school, their community, and their world.


Most people understand that the children we serve in our educational systems are the future. Today’s students need to be readied for the world in which they will live as adults. Russellville School District recognizes the need for curriculum to be relevant to the identified needs of tomorrow, not today, and certainly not years ago. Rigorous, relevant curriculum should have its eye on the future and the skills and abilities that will give our children an advantage in the marketplace and labor force in which they will be competing.

The problem is that the marketplace changes constantly. Technology and the global information explosion have caused some experts to believe that 70% of the jobs of tomorrow don’t even exist today. How are school districts to help their students meet this challenge? The answer is that the students must be exposed to a wide variety of learning experiences. They must have a firm grounding in the basics, supplemented with courses and educational opportunities that encourage them to be creative and adaptable. At RSD this is accomplished with innovative science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs, a commitment to the creative arts, and a well-rounded instructional program in all academic areas. On the following pages you will get a glimpse of what RSD is doing to help our students get ready for the challenges they will face as adults. It is only a glimpse; a snapshot of what is currently available. Offerings will continue to change as the school district changes to better serve our students. Our community, state, and our country are counting on today’s students for answers for tomorrow’s challenges. We believe that our approach gives our students a competitive edge that will serve them well. Our students deserve this competitive edge. Our students deserve the best. Yours in education, Randall Williams Superintendent Russellville School District 9/11 remembrance event at an elementary school.


2012-13 Data: Enrollment: 4996 Students (October 1) n Attendance Rate: 98.9%; Graduation Rate: 81.9%; Dropout Rate: 2.4%; College Reme

$27,329,795, Classified Salaries & Benefits $7,499,588, Child Nutrition $2,759,207, Debt Service $5,583,872, Federal Grants $2,131,255, Student Transport

Children Deserve the Best in...

The preliminary exterior rendering of the new competition gymnasium


RSD is committed to provide quality facilities for students, teachers, and the community. These facilities provide safety and opportunities for students to take their education to the next level. •

The final safe room for the district was completed in August 2013. All campuses throughout the district are now equipped with a safe room that will withstand an F5 tornado. The safe rooms are also used on a daily basis as physical education areas, auxiliary gyms, and as a practice area for cheerleading and dance teams.

During the first year, The Center for the Arts welcomed over 52,000 people including students, area residents, and visitors from around the state and beyond. More than 70 events were held including student performances and community or rental events.

Construction on a new competition gymnasium at the high school will begin March 2014. The new gym will accommodate multiple sports such as basketball, volleyball, wrestling, cheerleading, and drill teams and will seat approximately 2,300 people.

One of the two safe rooms at RHS that is used as the cheerleading and dance teams’ practice area.

ediation Rate: 45.4% n Discipline Plan Sent to Parents: Yes; Parent Plan Adopted: Yes n School Expenditures: Certified Salaries & Benefits

tation $663,661, Professional Development $221,290, Capital Improvement $793,002, Other $10,350,696, Instructional $2,663,642, Utilities $1,418,851 n


Children Deserve the Best in...

STEM Classes Offered at the Secondary Level: • • • • • • • •


Principles of Biomedical Sciences Human Body Systems Medical Interventions Biomedical Innovation Introduction to Engineering Principles of Engineering Digital Engineering Engineering Design

• • • • •

Marine Biology Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) Introduction to Engineering Design Automation and Robotics Design and Modeling

2012-13 Data: School Revenue: Local $31,761,782.61, State $16,744,937.88, Federal $7,667,857.06 n Total Expenditures Per Pupil: $9,237 n Stud

Grade Retention: K (6), 1st (3) 8th (1) n Norm-Reference Scores (percentile ranking): Math 1st (62%), 2nd (57%), 3rd (55%), 4th (65%), 5th (60%), 6t

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are in high demand in the nation. RSD is committed to making sure our students have the opportunity to excel in these areas before they reach college and the workplace. •

Science curriculum begins in Kindergarten and includes regular science classes and enrichment labs. RSD far exceeds the 20% state science lab requirement for elementary schools called for by Arkansas state standards.

Last year, two new courses were introduced at RJHS-Introduction to Engineering Design for ninth-grade students, and Design and Modeling/Automation and Robotics for eighth-grade students. In their first year, RJHS students received 4th place out of 38 teams in the statewide robotics competition.

Two RHS sophomore students were chosen to participate in the UAMS Perry Initiative Program, which encourages young women to be successful in the fields of orthopedic surgery and engineering. Over 100 students applied for the honor, and only 36 were selected.

20 different school districts visited RSD last year to look and learn about the district’s STEM program.

RHS was the first public school in Arkansas to offer biomedical courses and the sixth such program in the nation.

“Before coming to Russellville I had my two children in private, public and home school. Since coming to Russellville my children have been exposed to quality programs that cannot be found anywhere else in the state. The biomedical and engineering programs have equipped my children to be college and career ready in any science field. As a result of the biomedical program, my child was prepared to participate in the UAMS Perry Initiative Program, which allowed her to engage in orthopedic surgery on a cadaver this Fall. Because of the classes and teachers at RSD, one of my children is pursuing a biomedical career and the other is pursuing an engineering career. -Holly Pace RMS and RHS parent

dents Eligible for Free/Reduced Meals: 57% n Expulsions: 0%; Student Assaults: 0.4% n RHS: Accredited Cited; Other Schools: Accredited n

th (57%), 7th (58%), 8th (59%), 9th (56%); Literacy 1st (66%), 2nd (64%), 3rd (53%), 4th (58%), 5th (55%), 6th (49%), 7th (60%), 8th (59%), 9th (61%) n


Children Deserve the Best in...

Spring musical Beauty & the Beast


2012-13 Data: Percentage of Proficient or Advanced Benchmark Scores for the Combined Population of Grades 3-8 and End of Course (EOC): Math 3rd (

7th (80%), 8th (83%), EOC Literacy (73%); Science 5th (70%), 7th (71%), EOC Biology (58%); For more informaiton about

The Arts RSD believes fine arts programs play an important role in the overall success of a student. Studies show students who are actively involved in fine arts programs are more likely to achieve higher scores in the classroom, have better social skills, and are less likely to exhibit at risk-behaviors. Additionally, students who participate in fine arts programs tend to think more analytically, are more creative and selfconfident. By participating in the fine arts programs at RSD, students are learning skills that will continue to assist them in the classroom, throughout college, and in their future careers.

Students Participate in: • • • • • • •

Theatre productions such as Beauty and the Beast, Annie Get Your Gun, One Act Freak and Peter Pan. Choir and Band concerts The Oakland Heights Elementary STEPS dance program RHS Junior Follies Student talent shows Fine Arts classes AP Music Theory classes

“My children are not athletes. The theatre program at RSD has given them an avenue to perform, and a group to belong to. Believe it or not, some theatre students, both actors and techies, are really shy, may lack confidence, or may march to the beat of a different drummer. Theatre gives them opportunities to contribute, belong, grow and shine.” - Elizabeth Birmingham RHS parent

Beauty & the Beast at the Center for the Arts

(87%), 4th (86%), 5th (69%), 6th (73%), 7th (86%), 8th (81%), EOC Algebra 1 (82%), EOC Geometry (84%); Literacy 3rd (86%), 4th (87%), 5th (87%), 6th (80%),

t your school’s achievement scores for the past three years visit: n


Citizenship: foundation for success

Children Deserve the Best in... Every school district has a responsibility to help their students become college and career ready. RSD provides opportunities for students to excel in classes that prepare them for their future, whether that future includes a college degree or career technical training. Students can participate in: •

30 hours of concurrent college credit that can be used at the university level and is free to the students and their parents.

A variety of Pre-Advanced (Pre-AP) classes and Advanced Placement (AP) classes where students can earn college credit for qualifying scores on AP exams in mathematics, science, English, history, and the arts.

Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) classes beginning in junior high that feature student-driven service projects accomplished with the latest technology programs.

Gifted and Talented (GT) programs beginning in elementary schools that include foreign language classes.

Concurrent Credit Classes: • • • •

Pre-Calculus US History I US History II Composition I

• • •

Composition II Spanish II Biology

Advanced Placement Classes: • • • • • • • • • • •


AP English Language AP English Literature AP Calculus AP Statistics AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Environmental AP Physics AP U.S. History AP World History AP Human Geography

• • • • • • •

AP Macroeconomics AP Psychology AP U.S. Government and Politics AP Spanish IV AP Music Theory AP Environmental Science AP Human Geography

2012-13 Data: 16 Advanced Placement Courses Offered n 704 Advanced Placement Exams Taken n Percentage of Qualifying Scores of 3, 4, or 5

ACT Results: RHS Students Scored on Average 21.6, Arkansas 20.2, Nation 20.9, Louisiana 20.

Learning about career and community

College & Career Preparedness

“As a parent of a student who is enrolled in a concurrent Spanish class at RHS, I appreciate the opportunity and challenge for her to learn at an accelerated rate. I believe that having the option of being able to choose a college-level academic experience is important as she pursues subjects she is passionate about. For self-motivated students like her, gaining college credit while still in high school provides incentive to get ahead in her pursuit of higher education. Success in concurrent Spanish will also help build confidence in her ability to navigate difficult courses. She will use her experience to help establish goals for her future.� - Brandon Cooper RHS alumnus, teacher, and parent on Advanced Placement Exams (past three years): Russellville: 2011 (48%), 2012 (47%), 2013 (54%); State: 2011 (33%), 2012 (34%), 2013 (34%) n

.3, Texas 20.8 n London & Sequoyah: Achieving Status; Other Schools: Needs Improvement n


Children Deserve the Best in... Clubs and Organizations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 10

Student Council National Honor Society National Beta Club Spanish National Honor Society French National Honor Society Tri-M Music Honor Society Renaissance Leadership Group Christian Student Union Interact Science National Honor Society DECA (Marketing) FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) FCCLA (Future Career and Community Leaders of America) FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Forensics PEACE Club Thespians

• • • • • • • •

Outdoor Club Quiz Bowl Art Club Young Democrats Young Republicans LARPING Rodeo Club Teen Leadership Coalition

Band & Choir Athletics • • • • • • • •

Football Boy’s Basketball Girl’s Basketball Baseball Softball Tennis Wrestling Golf

• • • •

Soccer Volleyball Cheerleading Dance Team

2012-13 Data: RSD Teachers: 53% Bachelors, 45% Masters, 2% Advanced Degree n 100% Fully Licensed n 3 Teachers are Working on Additional Licen

Quiz Bowl

Outdoor Club

Co-Curricular & Extracurricular Activities RSD believes that students should also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities in addition to their academic courses. RSD provides an abundance of co-curricular and extracurricular activities to meet the needs and talents of all our students.

“I never knew when I started band in the 6th grade where it would take me. At that point, it was the beginning of a learning experience....TODAY, it is a large part of my life. Band class is the outlet in my school day that allows me to engage in musicality, preparing me for the future. The instruction I have obtained from the directors is immeasurable. My life would not be the same if I didn’t play my French Horn.”

“RHS provides such a wide variety of extracurricular activities for our students that enable them to grow and learn about themselves in a positive and safe environment. From Dance Team to the Outdoor Club, RHS is helping to shape and mold some great kids with true and strong character. I am grateful to the amazing staff and teachers who give their time in and out of school to make these teams, clubs, and activities happen. Thank you!”

-Natalie Gohman RHS Student

-Amy Miller RHS Parent

nsure Plan n Licensed Employees: 461, Classified Employees: 336 n 30+ Teachers are National Board Certified n Average Teacher Salary: $45,572 n


220 West 10th Street Russellville, AR. 72801 479.968.1306

School Board Members:

RSD School Board Goals:

Morgan Barrett Randy Campbell Chris Cloud Breanne Davis Allan George Margie Smith Wesley White

1. Increase proficiency and use of technology in the classroom

Administration: Randall Williams,

Superintendent of Schools

Alene Bynum,

Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and Instruction

Nathan Barber,

Assistant to the Superintendent/Business Manager

2. Increase the number of students excelling beyond grade level 3. Provide an environment that is conducive to emotional and physical well- being by promoting good citizenship 4. Improve communication and information availability within the district 5. Develop long term financial goals

RSD Board Meetings: RSD is governed by a seven-member Board of Education. The School Board consists of seven members, elected by a combination of five singlemember zones and two at-large positions by the qualified voters of the District. School Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Administration Building located at 220 West 10th Street. The meetings are open to the public. Parents, grandparents, and care-providers of RSD students and Russellville residents are encouraged to become more familiar with the governance of the School District.

The Russellville School District Annual Report to the Public is a publication of the Russellville School District. In compliance with federal nondiscrimination laws, the Russellville School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, or disability in its employment and education practices. If you have questions regarding the professional qualifications of your child’s teachers or paraprofessionals, you are encouraged to contact Mrs. Alene Bynum, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and Instruction at 479.968.1306. Le invitamos a que hable con la Mrs. Alene Bynum, si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre las capacitaciones profesionales de los maestros o asistentes de maestros de sus hijos.

2013 RSD Annual Report to the Public Brochure  
2013 RSD Annual Report to the Public Brochure