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ASMP NEW YORK Photo Annual

Thomas Donley // President, ASMP New York A Letter from the President When I look at the pages of our new 2017 ASMP New York Photo Annual, I think - “seeing is believing!” – which brings up a couple of thoughts for me. Immediately, looking at the wide range of work within this Annual, it becomes clear to me how deeply I believe in who we are as highly talented photographers, those who are raising the bar and are wholly dedicated to our chosen profession as visual creators. We care deeply and passionately about what we do. All of the members whose work are contained on these pages represent the New York Chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers), the premier trade organization for the photography industry for nearly 75 years. We have been the home to many a great photographer – from legendary image creators to new and undiscovered talent alike. I also have the thought, while “seeing is believing,” is clearly used to state that one’s own belief can only be validated through tangible results, what we fundamentally do as photographers is quite the opposite. “What do I mean by that?” First, we see. Then we create. It is a given that photographers are all about seeing and vision. This ability to see, to envision, to conjure, occurs regardless of what is being shown by ‘reality’. Whether it is seeing through the chaos of a live moment or seeing beyond the blankness of studio walls to illustrate the profound or animate the absurd, it’s our ability as photographers to see that rich, multi-layered visual story… to see first – that is the alchemy of photography and the photographer for me. Then we can create the photograph, the tangible manifestation of that vision. It is the photograph that then can be shared with others and they in turn can say – “seeing is believing.” I invite you to enjoy the craft, the art, and the vision of the beautiful work that lies within these pages. There are many to thank for making this book possible. I will start by thanking our curator for this Photo Annual series these past three years - Julie Grahame. Julie brings her passion and her wisdom to these pages, always – thank you! To our book designer, Iván Marrero, for creating a volume that expresses who we are as photographers, you are a wonderful partner in this enterprise and are very much appreciated. Big thanks are due to our ASMP New York board, including our Sponsorship Chair, Salem Krieger, for bringing forth our relationship with our key sponsor, Xerox, who produces these books for us. And to all of our sponsors, starting with Xerox for their partnership and vision, including generous support from Sitewelder, B&H Photo, and ASMP itself. Please enjoy our ASMPNY PHOTO ANNUAL 2017! It is a joy to share who we are with you. It is also meant to be a dialogue between who we are as photographers in the ASMPNY family and the rest of our photo community at large. We want to hear from you and invite you to get in touch and be engaged in our world. Thank you!


Deborah Feingold // Photograph is of Jonathan Goldsmith, “Most Interesting Man in the World”. GRAPHIC DESIGN

Iván Marrero //

Julie Grahame // A Note From the Curator Congratulations to the photographers selected to be included in the 2017 ASMP Photo Annual. There were no obvious trends this year, but with a broad set of members we see a good variety of work, from architecture to beauty, still life to street. Having free rein to choose as many as 100 images is a luxury, and as we go along, we begin to see natural flows, pairings and relationships. I feel this is another strong collection of images that will make a fabulous source book. Julie Grahame is the publisher of, a full-screen photography magazine, and the associated aCurator blog, one of the ten best photo sites named by the British Journal of Photography and one of’s top 20. She has represented the estate of Yousuf Karsh for licensing for 12 years. Grahame is a consultant, portfolio reviewer, writer and speaker. She is a member of American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP) and is Vice President of the American Photography Archive Group (APAG). She judges photography for various non-profits, including ASMP, and is a contributing writer for PDN’s Emerging Photographer and EDU magazines. In 2013 she helped launch a new website dedicated to architectural photography, as well as working a spell as associate director for ClampArt, a gallery in New York. In a former life, she ran the Retna photo agency. Photo by Michael Putland

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ASMP represents the highest standards of

President Gerald Ford photographed by David Hume Kennerly, ASMP member since 1980

professional photographers

Peter Murphy // Wynton Marsalis portrait.

Ted Spiegel Kennedy portrait taken during the campaign September 6, 1960 just released as a United States Postage Stamp, commemorating his 100th birthday.

Carl Zapp //

Marvin E. Newman Taken in the Paris Metro 2012

Ahron Foster // Album artwork for Chris Bergson’s 2017 release “Bitter Midnight”. the images reflect Chris’ journey, passion and experiences.

Anthony Ficalora Eggs Still Life.

David Vargas // Inca stones of Machu Picchu.

Rod Goodman // Randy Stern-Busker, NYC.

Paul Sleeman // This image was part of a campaign photographed for the FX show The League.

George Ruhe //

Bill Bernstein //

Winter’s day on Wethersfield Cove along the Connecticut River.

“Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’leary.

Barry Rosenthal // I work with found objects. Trash, collected mostly in New York Harbor. Dependency no. 2 is about the choices we make.

Jonathan Wallen // Grant’s Tomb New York City.

Noah Greenberg // The photo is of a little girl in a fish smokehouse in Accra, Ghana, taken during a personal documentary trip.

Alonzo Maciel Minnesota resident Patrice Skyla at Oceti Sakowin Camp in Standing Rock, North Dakota.

Alison Rosa // Shot on the set of Hail Caesar.

Brigitte Lacombe //

Eric Meola // Children playing soccer behind the Taj Mahal in the mist, India.

Bob Gruen //

Andrew Holbrooke // Camel hearder on the road between Mogadishu and Baidoa in Somalia.

Frank Rocco // Summer fashion, Coney Island, NY.

Bruce Katz // Empire State Building.

Nancy Scherl //

Henry Leutwyler //

“Chromosomes in Technicolor’ (Medical Mocks Series) in an artificially constructed, anatomical creation of a scientific impossibility.

Iggy Pop shot for an editorial for Telerama / Mushmellon.

Erez Sabag // This image is from my conceptual beauty book “Gorgiality“.

Liam Sharp //

Naomi Kaltman // Rosie for Elibro, Amarillo Mexico.

Katarina Kojic // Climbing the Ladder to Success.

Michael Weschler // Girl Power.

Therese Aldgard // Sarcastic images of the fear of fat in food we eat.

Carey Kirkella // Photographing this woman for her modeling portfolio continued into an amazing photo session with her children.

Paulette Tavormina // Anthony and Cleopatra, 2017.

James Worrell // Cosmetic color study, personal work.

Larry Fink //

Rich Brainerd //

I hate hate...

I originally created this image for the cohber fuel calendar. based on the word “texture�, i was asked to come up with an image of my choosing. i wanted to take something that had great texture up close and cheat the scale to create more.

Leland Bobbe // Portrait of Pinky, shot at an outdoor summer fair in Upstate NY.

Gail Mooney // Shot for Smithsonian Magazine for a story on Arthur County, Nebraska.

Jeffrey Apoian // Conceptual Vest made by fashion designer.

Charlyne Thorn //

Viviane Moos //

ViĂąales, Cuba.

A traditional healer with her daughter. Cape Town, South Africa.

Herb Scher // Taken one Sunday morning at Economy Candy on Rivington Street in New York’s lower east side.

May Pearl //

Salem Krieger // I have been documenting my mother and other residents at the VA Center for years. This is my mom test driving a 1933 Ford Firetruck on display at the VA Center one afternoon.

Kate Bader Tunisia. Passengers sitting on a train with a man standing on the train platform.

Jason Bell // Eddie Redmayne, photographed in London.

Mat Rick //

Colin Miller //

An outtake of Dominique Babineaux from a shoot for L’Oreal Paris.

We were looking to capture the moment where fired-up adrenaline and quiet pause meet.

Cynthia Matthews // Winter Haiku.

Tiffany Walling McGarity // This is one image from the “Creators Project� with AMC. Denai Gurira, best known for her role as Michonne on The Walking Dead, plays the role of a fierce actor but is a very beautiful & kind woman in person.

John Rae // The public hospitals in NYC commissioned John to produce a series of portraits featuring their heroes of healthcare.

Daniel Sorine // www.sorinephoto.comv

Donnelly Marks //

New York taxi in snow. 1974.

New York Rangers goal keeper as Tag Heuer ambassador.

Anne Geddes // 9-year-old twins, Ellie May & Sophie (UK) from a gsk commissioned global series entitled “Protecting Our Tomorrows – Portraits of Meningococcal Disease”.

Richard Berenholtz One WTC at dusk.

Ed Lefkowicz // Chef Bo O’Connor, of the pomeroy, shot for Edible Queens.

Jena Cumbo // Image from ‘Day Trippers’ Ladygunn magazine. Editorial, styling - Shea Daspin, makeup - Michael Chua, hair - Anike Rabiu, models l-r, Amy, Marcelle and Ksneia with Q models NY.

Liam Alexander // This mask is worn by an undocumented activist while she protests to protect the identity of her and her family, as she fights for her rights both here and in Mexico.

Jason Riker //

Susan May Tell //

Portrait of photographer Coline Jourdana.

Nuns, Florence, Italy.

Carol Julien // Winter walk.

Chris Craymer Studio // Sunset, Skull & Selita.

Lisa Saltzman // A photo from my city, anonymity series.

Joe Goldman // Photographed during Abe Abraham’s Dance Film “Salt Water”.

Robert Ripps // From the Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

John Dolan //

Sigrid Estrada //

Bride between cancer treatments, Buffalo, NY May 2016.

The author, Lee Chid photographed in Brooklyn for his book “Make Me�.

Michele Curel //

Margaret McCarthy //

Endesa Pavillion - an eco-friendly building.

Women’s March, NYC, January 21, 2017.

Barbara Bordnick // Nudes Studies.

Spencer Jones // Part of a food prep series for a blogger by the name, Indigo Jones Eats.

Lois Greenfield // Sara Joel and Anna Venizelos, 2008.

Eric Hason // Beauty.

Todd Weinstein // Old couple in garden cafeteria on the lower east side in New York City.

Paul Raeside // Portrait of Morten Angelo, night club owner and Bon Viveur in Copenhagen.

John Stock // Footwear.

Steve Dreyer // The lamp posts along the paths of Central Park create dramatic shadows.

John Zoiner // Image oil refinery at night, Canada.

Stephen Gabris // Personal project, dancer (subject), i had an idea, and had some friends and neighbors rally to make it happen!

Rita Nannini // Clematis from the series “Point One Three�.

Lynn Saville // I am intrigued by lone figures in the dark city.

Iri Greco // We were looking to capture the moment where firedup adrenaline and quiet pause meet.

Elliott Kaufman // “Street Dance” Kaufman photographs repetitive actions of passersby, from a single vantage point and arranges the images in a highly contrasted grid.

Thomas Werner // For the upcoming book “The Fashion Image”; Bloomsbury Publishing, London.

Metin Oner // My current portrait project.

Harry Wilks // “High Line” 2014.

Jay Meisel //

Geoff Green // Near the summit of Gran Paradiso, Italy. Elevation ~13,000 feet.

Barbara Alper // This came out of my “What They’re Wearing” column in Newsday.

Robert Mayer // It was a great priviledge and blessing to meet ‘De La’ and share in a small way in their rich history in Rolling Stone.

Thomas A. Kelly // A young farm family.

Paul Aresu // This image was part of a campaign photographed for the FX show The League.

Russell Munson //

Deborah Feingold //

Seagulls in flight are an exquisite expressive freedom. I have been obsessed with photographing them for many years.

Photograph is of Jonathan Goldsmith, “Most Interesting Man in the World�.

Simon Lewis // Aman Hotel - Amanera - Dominican Republic.

Andrew Matheson // Jade Miner, Morthern B.C. Canada.

Chris Lee // This was an assignment for the Philadelphia Orchestra.Using special equiptment and techniques I was able to catpure the whole orchestra during a live concert.

Mariette Allen //

Ron Nicolaysen //

A moment at Spirit Festival with spirit medium in Mt. Popa, Burma, 2016.

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo.

Stephen Mallon // “UBC” from the personal project “American Reclamation”, a photo essay about the recycling industry in America.

David Neff // I stumbled upon a garden tractor pull several years back, inspiring me to capture the serious and humorous sides of this competition.

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