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a set of portraits by Alan Markham

In front of the lens, I am at the same time: the one I think I am, the one I want others to think I am, the one the photographer thinks I am, and the one he makes use of to exhibit his art. Roland Barth

There is another orientation which may be considered ie the viewer’s perspective of the image. The person they think they know when they look at the photograph. An image has a number of visual characteristics which give the viewer a perception of the subject; whether it is an expression on the face, the stance, the relationship to other people or the surrounding. All of these build a picture in the persons mind so that they “know� the subject. The knowing is complicated if the subject is familiar in which case the picture serves to confirm or deny preconceptions. The notion however of a single photograph producing a knowledge or truth on any subject, not least a portrait, is highly contentious. I know these images are a reflection of the fact of taking a picture on a certain day, with certain light etc. But how much does any single image tell us about the subject? To what extent can you understand the thoughts and emotions of any individual from a photograph? In this book I have photographed people in their own environment in a relatively relaxed atmosphere with the objective of giving the viewer a better understanding of the subject, and to therefore I hope, better know the subject.

We used to walk on These days we walk in

the wild side. the countryside. Peter and Fiona

I spend a lot of time complaining about our flat; it’s too small, it’s untidy, it’s not comfortable. But when we’ve done the hoovering and we just relax with a glass of wine it’s my favourite place to be A good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Natasha and Gareth

The lady in the painting is saying “this is my house and family and you are under my protection�. We are individuals looking different ways. We






Daddy is serious and holding me. Mummy is posing and looking the other way. Harry, Alexandra and Areti

Music has acted as a passport in our travels. Using it as a language we have found that doors open with invitations, barriers don’t exist and shared musical styles and knowledge are ice-breakers and communicators. We have made friends, joined with other musicians, and passed many happy hours when least expected whilst always looking forward to repeat events, venues and gatherings of like-minded folks. John and June

Our secret passion for “Days of the Week” has

a game of been exposed.

This is fun isn’t it! Peter, Jackie and Glen

I’m rarely seen in front of the camera, so felt a little uncomfortable about my pose and expression. I was also thinking about how the image was being composed and how I would do it. Peter

Paul and Margy

Being happy and serious at home. Keith and Carol

Diederik and Anna Marie

I bet Kew this problem

Gardens don’t with apple

have trees.

The work on the garden is never complete. There is always something to do. Jim and Gillian

Stephen and Jane

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