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Ocean & Swing Alex Sternin

The sky’s getting bluer, I take deep breath in, I jump in the ocean, I swing with the swing. Today I’ll be seaweed – Tomorrow the wind, Because there is ocean, The ocean and swing.

I wonder who and why and where Had made up rules on what to wear‌ And how to play, And what to eat, And whom to like, And how to be‌

Because when I got up today, I thought that it might be ok To paint my shoes bright-sparkly-red And only make half of my bed,

And hop one legged down the street, Smiling at people that I meet‌

Ride my bike up to the sky, I will kiss my room good-bye. I will fly above the rooftops – picking apples from the trees. And when sun tells me it’s noon – I will head up towards the moon. Have a picnic, Chase the stars, Watch the earth spin from afar …

I find I am always on the go, And she’s on the fly He’s on the swing, They’re on the run, But sometimes being still is fun.

One two three four five: I just came alive Six seven eight nine: I will take what’s mine Nine eight seven six: This time I am playing for keeps Five four three two one: It’s time for me to have FUN.

Ocean & Swing  

A book of poems for children and adults