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IP Video Storage 2.0:

Getting Architecture and Distribution Right 46 As camera counts and amounts of data increase, IP-based video surveillance signals and footage become more difficult to transmit, store and manage. There are a bewildering number of equipment choices for digital recording, but effectively recording and storing data requires more considerations than just hardware. Choosing the “right” architecture and storage distribution network that suit your needs and purposes will help ease a lot of headaches down the road.

54 Keeping Video Storage

Reliable and Resilient 58 What’s Next in Video Recording and Storage? 60 Product Showcase

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What A Complete Solution Couldn’t Do Without



Standards, Openness and Integration in Security 34 The physical security industry comprises a collection of devices and technologies that security providers pull from to provide comprehensive solutions for managing, monitoring and maintaining the security and safety of people, property and assets.


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Changing Role of the Security Consultant

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Secure and Strengthen the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Therapeutic drugs take significant time and resources to develop. Not only are the costs of developing new drugs high, but there is also the risk that investments might go to waste if new drugs are not approved by regulatory agencies or if their side effects begin to outweigh their medical benefits.

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Assessing and Accessing Entry-Level Cameras 70

Broadband over mobile devices has not only boosted the developments of apps, games and social media, but has also had transformational impact on how end users pick and use entry-level or DIY surveillance cameras in their homes or at their businesses.


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Secutech International 15 Years of Promoting Manufacturing Excellence Contents Editor’s Note Corporate News Market Observer

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EDITOR'S NOTE a&s International, published by Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd., is a monthly professional publication for channel players in the worldwide electronic security industry since 1997. It updates importers, distributors, OEM/ODM searchers, system integrators and other product purchasers on product sources and identifies

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developments in CCTV, Digital Surveillance, Access Control, Biometrics, Intrusion Alarm, Intercom/Video Doorphone, Home Automation and other fields relevant to electronic security.

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The industry is used to having mega sized trade shows in the first two quarters of the year. Secutech International (rebranded from SecuTech Expo) in Taipei is particularly noteworthy. From two-dozen booths of local OEMs to two exhibition-center show floors of global manufacturing elite, Secutech has come a long way. Celebrating its 15th anniversary this month, the exhibition is no longer just a sourcing fair, but a center of innovation and a propeller of industry development. Behind all the hustling and bustling of manufacturer-reseller-user interactions at trade shows, only Secutech has stood up to the challenge of addressing ever-changing needs of different stakeholders within the product life cycle and supply chain.

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No matter how much technology advances or user requirements evolve, the fact that what’s inside — chipsets and components — dictates the final performance outcome remains unchanged. From the lens and image sensor to the DSP and codec, a surveillance camera is only as strong as its “weakest” component; similarly, a security system is only as strong as the weakest device within it. At Secutech, your product managers or R&D personnel can discuss product design ideas, requirements or even setbacks with Intel, Texas Instruments, NEC and other chipset, component and reference design providers in the “Composec” zone or seminars.

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In the tectonic shift to IP-based security systems and deployments, you should no longer hide in the dark, siloed corner. At Secutech, you can meet up with just about anyone and everyone: from MNCs like Bosch, Honeywell and Tyco to design houses and OEMs based out of Taiwan, Korea, China, the Philippines, Vietnam and India; from software developers like AxxonSoft and Milestone to transmission, biometrics, locking systems and car electronics specialists; from electronic security and police equipment to integrated security, safety and rescue. Or, you could just come for industry gossip and discussions on growth opportunities and strategies. In the world of IP and cloud, no security system is plug-and-play any more. Manufacturers, distributors/resellers and system integrators the world over are scrambling to revise their support priorities and service terms to better cater to the new, holistic nature of security management and situational awareness. Minimize your potential losses and enhance your skill sets at Secutech, through the educational Global Digital Surveillance Forum (GDSF) series, high-caliber Security 50 business dialog, or a round-the-clock camera and D/NVR shootout on real-life display. In a time of economic uncertainty, Secutech ensures the biggest bang for your buck. If you are a manufacturer or solution provider, come meet your old hardware/software partners or forge new alliances. If you are a decision maker in purchasing, come see the most comprehensive range of security and safety components, products and solutions in action. All in one place in Taipei, the heart of East Asia and hub of global electronics manufacturing.

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Corporate News St. Petersburg Cathedral Deploys Axxonsoft Surveillance System The St. Isaac's Cathedral is the largest cathedral in St. Petersburg. As a site of tremendous cultural significance visited by many people, a reliable tool is required to see in and around the cathedral. The objectives of Armo Petersburg, the installation company, included setting up a long-term, high-resolution video archive for video from crucial cameras, and provide an optional video feed into the St. Petersburg safety system, an automated computerized city-wide system. All socially significant facilities are required to connect their video surveillance systems into the city

safety system. This requirement was one of the reasons the Axxonsoft software suite was chosen to provide backup for the most crucial part of the system. Video recorders are used to oversee what goes on inside the cathedral, whereas the perimeter camera signals are backed up to a video server. The St. Isaac's Cathedral video surveillance system helps protect Russia's cultural heritage and maintain public order at this popular tourist attraction.

IMS Research: World Market for Video Surveillance as Others a Service Worth $500 Million in 2011

SaaS 1.3 Million

IMS Research estimated that the world market for video surveillance as a service (VSaaS), was worth more than US$500 million in 2011, an increase of 25 percent from 2010. However, what does the future hold for this emerging market? Sam Grinter, Market Analyst of IMS Research commented that, “Growth in the VSaaS market is a result of increasing demand from consumers, SMBs and government end users. Also, an increasing number of entrants to the market has accelerated growth of service development, marketing presence, and is also creating a more competitive environment. All of which means that VSaaS is set to grow significantly faster from 2012 onwards.” While VSaaS solutions are clearly developing, a key inhibitor of the VSaaS market remains price. The infrastructure cost required to provide a VSaaS solution remains relatively expensive. Furthermore, some vendors offer free remote monitoring through DVRs, NVRs and video management software. This service may prompt an end user to upgrade existing hardware or software rather than opt for a VSaaS solution. Grinter continued, “For VSaaS to become more widely adopted, the market needs to resolve a number of barriers. For consumers and commercial users, the price per camera needs to drop significantly and installation must be simpler.” Preliminary findings from the VSaaS report indicate that the Global VSaaS Market VSaaS market has even stronger growth prospects than originally predicted. However, a key factor that will determine the success $1 Billion by 2014 of the market will be the VSaaS providers ability to overcome the previously stated product barriers. If VSaaS providers are successful in overcoming these barriers, IMS Research predicts that the world market could exceed $1 billion by 2014.

1.8 Million in 2011

Source: IMS Research

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APR 2012


WD Completes Acquisition of Hitachi Global Storage$14.7 Billion Technologies and Signs Agreement $4.5 Billion With Toshiba Western Digital (WD) announced that it has completed its acquisition of Viviti Technologies (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies), for US$3.9 billion in cash and 25 million shares of WDC common stock valued at approximately $0.9 billion. Hitachi has the right to designate two individuals to the board of directors of WD. The new WD will operate with WD Technologies and HGST as wholly owned subsidiaries. Aggregated revenues of the two companies in 2011 were $15 billion. CEO of WD, John Coyne will head up the new office of the CEO, with Steve Milligan as President, Tim Leyden as COO and Wolfgang Nickl as CFO. WD has also entered into a definitive a g re e m e n t w i t h To s h i b a o n To s h i b a' s acquisition of a portion of WD's 3.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturing equipment and related 1.24% intellectual property. In return, CAGR Toshiba will transfer Toshiba Storage Device (Thailand) to WD. Toshiba Storage Device Thailand is Toshiba's wholly-owned HDD manufacturing subsidiary located in Thailand. Toshiba and WD aim to complete the acquisition and transfer by March after obtaining approval from the relevant author$1.6 Billion by 2017 ities.



Corporate News Brazilian Gas Stations Leverage Axis Cameras for New Business Model Vehicles can enter gas stations on the Brazilian highways and stay as long as they like. Drivers can spend entire nights in stations if they choose, without paying for services. Gas station management can do very little when drivers complain of a theft in the area, which increases the insurance charged for transport. Faced with this long-standing problem, the Túlio chain of gas stations, located in southern Brazil, has discovered a technological solution. The gas station network approached Sigmafone, a local integrator specializing in IT and surveillance. The project consisted

of equipping entry and exit gates at each gas station with HD cameras that capture images of license plates. All the HD cameras are from Axis Communications. The images are managed by software from Digifort, which records entry and exit times, and allows CRM of the gas station to be adjusted accordingly. The whole external area of the gas stations is monitored by fixed network cameras, with a total of 42 units with HD quality. A total of 25 Axis network cameras were installed for the internal areas, like the convenience stores. For reading license plates at the entry and exit points, another 15 network cameras were installed.

Frost & Sullivan: Global Civil and Military Biometrics Market to Reach $14.7 Billion by 2019 The universal adoption of biometric passports will influence e-gate implementation, which will become the main revenue generator for the global civil and military biometrics market in the near future. Biometrics is set for almost universal use in the identification of citizens through e-government programs in which e-IDs, e-drivers licences, and e-healthcards will be used. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Global Civil and Military Biometrics Market Assessment, indicated that the market earned revenues of US$4.5 billion in 2010 and estimates this to reach $14.7 billion in 2019. “The civil and military biometrics market will be highly influenced by the universal adoption of biometric passports,” said Krzysztof Rutkowski, Research Analyst of Frost & Sullivan. “This will pave the way for the adoption of other measures, such as e-gates, that will enhance the biometric possession experience.” Large-scale government programs have been a catalyst in the adoption of biometric passports. Related to this, the adoption of e-gates is crucial to ensure that biometric passports yield effective but economical security. E-gates may also become a new standard at all Global Civil and international airports. Military Biometrics While offering several benefits, slow ROI Market and high initial investment costs are the main $14.7 Billion restrictions to widespread uptake of biometric technologies. Projects related to universal census or the issuance of e-IDs might result in extremely high costs due to sheer volume. Another crucial $4.5 Billion aspect constraining the adoption of biometrics are concerns related to privacy as well as lengthy sales cycles in governments. “While the ROI may not be visible at the very outset, once the technology is in place, faster verification and portable devices will decrease the amount of travel required, which will be beneficial in the long run,” said Rutkowski. Source: Frost & Sullivan


SaaS 1.3 Million

1.8 Million in 2011


APR 2012




Skyscraper in Western Canada Protected by Assa Abloy Locking Systems The Bow skyscraper, a 59-floor office building, still under construction in Calgary, has officially become the tallest building in Western Canada. With 1.9 million square feet of rentable space, the building covers two city blocks in the downtown area. The building will be the headquarters of Encana, one of North America's largest producers of natural gas. Encana was interested in producing a world-class facility with top notch security — a total solution that offered something more than the run-of-the-mill system. While it is a high-end building with a significant investment in style and aesthetics, remaining on budget was still an important consideration. Assa Abloy Door Security Solutions Canada presented Sargent integrated Wiegand locks as a solution that would fulfill the building owner's security vision and budget. Sargent products integrate into Wiegand compatible access control systems and incorpolion 2009 $364.4 Mil USreader rates 125 kHz HID proximity technology, card reader, door position switch and requestlion to-exit sensor2016 all into the lock. US$1.6 Bil Johnson Controls was the system integrator for the job. Sargent products were connected to Johnson Controls' security management solution using the plug-in connector solution offered by all Assa Abloy Door Security Solution brands.

Corporate News City of Phoenix Installs Vivotek Cameras to Aid Traffic Monitoring Phoenix, Arizona, the sixth-largest city in the U.S., has a total of 1097 intersections with traffic signals and growing. Originally, 96 of these intersections used analog surveillance cameras to monitor traffic. Following the completion of the project, Vivotek cameras accounts for 88 of the intersections. Due to Phoenix’s harsh climate, one of the city’s most important requirements is that a camera be able to operate smoothly even under adverse environments, which Vivotek’s camera is able to do. AJP Electric, the installer of this project, chose Luxriot, an

Belgian Arts Museum Deploys Genetec Management Software Genetec announced that the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Belgium has chosen Genetec's video surveillance system to protect their prestigious collection of art works, as well as the collections of the Magritte Museum. Renovations at the the Royal Museums and in the restaurant section, as well as the 2009 opening of the Magritte Museum, led to a rethinking of the facilities' security and surveillance systems, and a desire to take advantage of recent IP developments in security. The museum security team contacted G4S, a certified Genetec reseller in Belgium, with whom they had previously worked on numerous occasions. The choice had to meet serviceability and performance criteria — a IP video surveillance system, compatible with the existing equipment, and open to other systems, such as the fire and intrusion detection system. Digitizing the existing analog cameras and updating the available equipment allowed the museum to adopt an intelligent IP video system without changing all of the equipment at the same time. The system now has 270 cameras connected to the global system.

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APR 2012

open-architecture video management software, as the traffic monitoring platform. Luxriot was compatible with Vivotek cameras and very user friendly. According to AJP Electric, Vivotek and Luxriot were highly cost-effective and met the customer’s demands very well. "We have had great success with this project and greatly appreciate the customer service that Vivotek has offered," said Michael Paganik, Project Manager of AJP Electric. "The shipment was quick and arrived sooner than expected."

Maryland Police Opt for IQinVision Cameras to Improve Public Safety IQinVision announced that the Forest Heights Police Department, located in Maryland, has installed IQinVision cameras in key locations throughout the city. SeeView Security is the integrator for this ongoing project. Forest Heights is a town of approximately 2,500 people and as Police Chief F. R. Webb explained, the town is home to a large proportion of potentially vulnerable residents. “We have neighborhoods with a number of older homes and a lot of elderly residents. Over the years, we've had a few homicides in these residential areas. If we had surveillance cameras covering the entrances to these neighborhoods, I'm confident we would have gained information to more effectively solve these crimes.” A total of 10 IQinVision 5-megapixel cameras were installed in key areas where police regularly observe loitering, drug sales and other crimes. Incorporating its best of breed philosophy and multidiscipline knowledge base, SeeView designed a cost-effective hybrid IP video/broadband wireless solution. All video is transmitted on heavily encrypted wireless links back to police headquarters, where it is managed by Milestone software.

Swiss Casino Upgraded With Geutebruck Storage and Virtualization Solution The Grand Casino in Baden, Switzerland, completed an upgrade of its video security system. It installed a Geutebruck IP solution with virtual platforms, including 35 1.3-megapixel cameras. The 250-camera system provides a complete video history from all cameras, including the megapixel cameras, at full resolution for 28 days on a 320 TB instant-access database. The system has a dozen legacy analog speed domes and a hundred analog box cameras, all now linked to Ethernet with video encoders; 35 new 1.3-megapixel cameras; and a hundred new high resolution day/night network cameras. Two Intel servers, each incorporating five high-performance computers, handle all data streams and run 21 virtual video system platforms operating in cluster formation. If something fails, then the full functionality of the system is immediately automatically reestablished without downtime or data loss. The new megapixel cameras provide improved picture quality along with support for close-ups. The 30-inch monitors allow supervisors to view all 250 cameras and pull up live or recorded footage of identical quality in milliseconds. Despite its technical complexity, supervisors find the system simple to operate as the user-friendly display and operating software is extensively customized for each application, optimizing operator comfort and convenience.


Corporate News Industry Experts and Visitors to Vote for Secutech Award The 2012 Secutech Awards for Excellent HD camera and DVR/NVR will be presented at Secutech, held from Apr. 18 to 20 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taiwan. The awards will help security industry players better understand product performance in the two categories. Mr. Parson Lee, Managing Director for Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media said, “HD surveillance is becoming more widely used in the security industry. It is important for users to understand the products and make wise purchasing decisions. The Secutech Awards offer buyers

Gucci Group Headquarters Access Control Tightened by CDVI Gucci was established in 1921 in Italy. Throughout the years, the company has become one of the most respected and luxurious brands worldwide. The management knew that they needed an access control solution that would secure Gucci’s headquarters in Milan. This solution had to provide secure access and cooperate with various other technologies to control the elevators and manage the parking. A locking solution at different access points was needed. The company also required that the supplier give local training and support. After collecting all relevant information from the customer, CDVI Italia designed the solution according to the requirements and presented the full demo at the Gucci’s office in Milan. The solution for Gucci was exactly what they needed to secure the headquarters. The solution had powerful features, such as DVR integration, frontview module and guard tour. Features in the solution could be used in the future without any hidden costs. The solution controls 95 accesses in the building including the parking and the four elevator cabins. They used proximity card readers for the outdoors and the card readers for the main areas of the laboratory and showrooms. Readers were mounted at parking entry gates. Also, the exit emergency doors were fitted with approved locks with electric releases triggered by panic push bars.

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a platform to learn the differences between various products and to understand the implication of every specification.” There are 37 products from 20 brands competing for the Camera Excellence Award. For the DVR/NVR category, there are 16 entries representing 15 brands. The awards will be judged by invited industry experts and Secutech international visitors. The award ceremony will take place on Apr. 20, 2012.

New Zealand Airport Improves Security and Operations With March Networks Solution March Networks announced that Christchurch International Airport in New Zealand has standardized on the company's IP video surveillance solution to support safety and security requirements across its operations. The March Networks video management software and high-definition network cameras have provided a high return in operational efficiencies and the solution is now a critical component of the airport's overall business. Christchurch Airport's surveillance commitment has increased considerably in recent years because of the worldwide focus on transport security. The airport has expanded its coverage from a few dozen to hundreds of cameras, including more than 200 minidome and network PTZ cameras, to gain greater visibility of its terminal, airfield and automated baggage system. It is also using the solution for operational purposes, such as managing gate allocations for incoming flights, directing taxis to where they are most needed, and responding remotely to inquiries from unattended carpark gates. Christchurch Airport's security and IT teams engaged in a rigorous evaluation process before selecting the solution, working with certified March Networks provider ECL Security. As a next step, the airport is planning a complete integration with its access control system. It is also assessing the use of video analytics available in the March Networks portfolio, such as loitering or baggage detection.

Shanghai Diamond Exchange Deploys IndigoVision Management System Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE), the only diamond exchange in China, has installed the IndigoVision surveillance system to assure of legal and fair transactions. SDE worked with IndigoVision partner, Shanghai Tuijin Electronics, to identify the ideal monitoring solution for its premises. IndigoVision was chosen because of its full frame rate guarantee, which ensures that nothing is missed. The stability of the system was also a vital factor, due to diamond trading rules on continuous camera coverage of transactions. Mr. Wang with the Security Department of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange said, “Diamond trading rules demand the highest possible level of monitoring and recording facilities. Thank to the state-of-the-art IndigoVision technology, we can be sure tha transactions or incidents are covered at all times.”


Highest Performance, Effortless Management

Manage 1000 Full HD IP cameras in cloud +

What is the solution you have been looking for? Higher video resolution for identifying details as an event happens? Sufficient bandwidth without image quality compromised? Flexible scalability as your infrastructure has been built up? No worries about data protection if a disaster occurs? A center platform administrator may manage effortlessly? Now, an unparalleled solution— Intel Smart Surveillance Solution hits the market, it’s no longer an either-or option for large scale projects.


ntel Smart Surveillance Solution (ISS) is an Intel initiative to meet the challenges in various industries. The embedded processor technology giant, Intel partners with NUUO, Qsan, and Seagate, the leading providers in CMS, storage, and hard drives of IP surveillance industry. They see the true issues happen on premises, and tailor the best solution to suit customers’ requirements. With the growing trend towards re p l a c i n g a n a l o g C C T V w i t h I P surveillance, users aware the value of IP benefits is higher and higher. Meanwhile, the desires for highdefinition video, bandwidth, and storage capacity is larger and lager. In large sites, such as shopping mall, factory, airport .etc, customers require hundreds of HD IP cameras, even more than thousands, typically face the obstacles of efficiency, bandwidth, and storage to process enormous video streaming. They manage and monitor in different stations, which increases the complexities and difficulties of deployment, and also leads the security exposed to unknown risks.

Solution Architecture ISS solution supports up to 1,000 IP cameras, real time streaming, in 1080p resolution from multiple sites. Enormous amounts of megapixel recordings are streamed through 10G Ethernet to NVRs for intelligent analytics and event handling, and be saved to a backend iSCSI storage system in private cloud. Users utilize a center control platform to retrieve video from NVR for live view, playback, and management. Simultaneously, all the data will be

APR 2012

In typical cases, such an overwhelming amount of recordings with high definition will cer tainly consume out the efficiency of video processing, bandwidth and storage, or even leads the system badly unstable. Technical limitations push managers give in and accept their structures designed in a distributed way, they could be weighed down with awful management and maintenance, on top of total cost of ownership.

Diagram of ISS solution 1080P 30FPS IP Cameras x 1,000

NVR(Data and video processing)

Private Cloud 10Gb Ethernet Backbone

ISCSI SAN Storage 28 22

replicated to cloud storage for offsite backup.


Central Management Platform

Ultimate Performance With 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ P ro c e s s o r a n d N U U O F i l e R i n g technology, each NUUO Titan NVR can receive 250Mbps IP camera throughput (around 40~50 channels 1080p, real-time). The performance of video processing is 3 times greater than other platform currently. Utilizing NUUO NuClient (Titan NVR’s viewing client, which can connect up to 100 servers, 400 channels live view and 100 channels playback from different servers simultaneously), the manager could control and monitor hundreds of IP cameras from different sites on a TV wall at one center control room. Mass data transmission requires a stable and sufficient bandwidth infrastructure, Intel 10G Ethernet Infrastructure Revolution thoroughly meets the demand of largescale projects. In addition, through the integration with Nexcom media player, optimized by Intel® HD Graphics, NuClient guarantees the best display ability for building up a TV wall. The updated NuClient can display around 8 channels 1080p, real-time video on one Nexcom NDiS 166. It’s capacity of decoding and display is 2 times better than others in surveillance industry.

Cloud Storage and Backup Qsan P600Q storage includes QiSOE hardware iSCSI offload engine plus QReplica for remote replication. I n b u i l t I n t e l ® X e o n ™ p ro c e s s o r provides hardware RAID function and outstanding performance to process huge amount of random access data. Seagate Constellation ES hard drives provide the backbone of centralized video storage with optimized sequential performance features for multiple HD videos recording in high density rack

mounted operations. More storage capacity can be achieved through expansion of up to 192 hard drives for capacity potential of up to 576 TB. Dual active controllers and hot-swappable create a high availability platform and provide non-stop services. ISS solution delivers high availability, scalability, and reliability as well. All the data can be automatically replicated via iSCSI port to another Qsan storage system w/o draining host resources. Cloud backup reduces the risk from disasters and increases the safety of data protection. Customers can take advantage of cloud services for off-premises backup. It’s a simple, effortless, reliable, and cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

Remote Management F u r t h e r m o re , t h e I S S s o l u t i o n suppor ts remote management, health check and trouble-shooting of hardware and software. Intel® A c t i v e M a n a g e m e n t Te c h n o l o g y (AMT) features out of band remote management capability to support such a structure of huge connected devices. In case a hang or blue screen occurs, or update process is interrupted, even OS crashes, AMT can reboot system and operate remotely, and secures the system in a protected environment as well. The hardware KVM function allows administrator to retrieve details of device info and status without reconfiguration. The ability of remote management let enterprises deal with the awful maintenance more easily, and save more time, cost, and workforce. The More IP cameras, the clearer resolution, the higher efficiency, the lower cost, here you are.

NUUO Titan NVR •2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor. •NUUO File Ring - 250Mbps throughput for more high resolution cameras. •Manage up to 100 servers, 400 channels live view and 100 channels playback from different servers simultaneously. •Mobile client for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Qsan P600Q storage system •Intel® 82599ES 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller & Intel® 82574L Gigabit Ethernet Controller. •Hardware iSCSI offloaded engine built on Intel® Xeon® processor C5500/C3500 series. •Fully redundant & hot pluggable designs: RAID controllers, power supplies, fan modules, battery backup modules, & JBOD expansion. •Up to 780K IOPS & 4000MB/Sec. throughput.

Seagate hard driver Constellation ES •Provides storage scalability up to 3TB for longer video storage retention. Outfitted with error-free enterprise-class reliability with rotational/linear vibration tolerance to avoid data loss and corruption for video accuracy. •6Gb/s performance in both SAS and SATA interfaces ensuring highest video bandwidth for recording and playback.

Industry application including but not limited to the following:

• Airport • Casino • Seaport • Shopping Mall • Factory



APR 2012

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News Feature

What A Complete Solution Couldn’t Do Without While adding value and saving cost, IP is not without its complications. Larger-scale, more interconnected installations also mean that proper support and training programs must be in place to optimize system uplink and operation. Submitted by 3VR, CBC, Milestone systeMs, noRBain, on-net suRVeillanCe systeMs, ViVotek


any companies continue to achieve strong revenue growth with IP-based video surveillance systems and solutions. With great sales performance comes greater responsibility, however. Take Norbain, the largest distributor in the U.K. and one of the largest in Europe, for example. The company has adopted a tailored, charged approach to technical support, since late 2011, to ensure continued high levels of support and customer satisfaction in response to increasing complexity of security products and system configurations, which has “made it increasingly difficult to continue providing this level of support at no additional cost.” “The help line aims to give customers the benefit of rapid access to technical support aligned to their individual business requirements,” said Keith Purvis, Operations Director for Norbain, in a prepared statement. The new, pay-as-you-go service model is applicable to all products that Norbain distributes, including its own brands. The company further bolsters IT channel support with newly hired divisional director and sales manager.

company’s support capability for its worldwide channel to provide more self sufficiency, flexibility and predictability.” The company’s increasing number of installing partners around the globe has created demand for “flexible support options that are better tailored to each partner’s various needs.” One size does not fit all, Flanagan said. “The key is to deliver tiered levels of support that match the needs of each partner. More self-service resources will empower our partners to better help themselves and our customers. Cost-effective technical support offerings will also include priority queuing, committed response times and

Soft Power

VMS developer Milestone Systems also hired a global support director, Michael Flanagan, to “scale out the

30 22

APR 2012


News Feature

24/7 capability. Clear, consistent and visible guidelines for global support availability will allow partners to optimally manage requirements and expectations. Open-platform IP video surveillance software is still a young market with enormous potential in the future, so the needs for technical support will constantly evolve.” PSIM software developer CNL Software has also added new blood for partner network expansion and collaboration efforts outside its home market, the U.K., to “train, facilitate and support the company’s growing partner ecosystem, which now includes technology, channel, service and development partners.” In one of its largest markets, the U.S., the company is now focused on accelerating knowledge transfer to partner companies, as 2011 saw significant increases in demand for PSIM software from safe cities, mass transit and critical infrastructure projects. This has led CNL to create a number of strategic alliances and partnerships. The company’s Americas president said in a prepared statement: “We’ve developed advanced training programs as well as development tools that facilitate our partners to do more of the product delivery and driver production, which are helping them commercialize our offerings. The recent addition of our Washington D.C. office will ensure that we are ideally situated to make this process as efficient as possible.” For On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI), training and education programs are offered throughout the U.S. year-round. Its channel partners are provided with the knowledge and skills to be able to install and support the company’s software offerings, including full hands-on installation and configuration. Discounts are offered to “returning alumni” and specific vertical segments such as education.

Evolving nEEds, Continuous training

Run by a team of dedicated staff, Vivotek offers a training program, nicknamed Vivotek Warrior Academy, only to its official distributors to help turn their project FAEs into industry experts. “As the market of surveillance technology becomes increasingly competitive, we need to continuously sharpen our skills, refresh our knowledge and strengthen our networks in order to stay at the top of the industry,” the company said in a press release. The academy offers program participants the opportunity to meet other warriors, to share their project experiences throughout the world, and to transform these

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APR 2012

experiences into useful architecture and engineering guidelines. In video storage, 3VR provides a platform for partners to differentiate their product and services, drive revenue and increase margins. Data integration modules and resources are made available for the company’s partners to build differentiated service offerings — including enterprise servers, health checks and reporting — that result in recurring monthly revenue. The alliance program provides “the support and enablement partners need in bringing those services to market, driving true service differentiation and enhanced margins.” The partners portal’s unique tools and resources also allow sales teams to focus on priority deals, expanding reach and capacity. Surveillance solutions provider CBC is also making a significant investment in its international customer support operation throughout EMEA. The company’s customer service manager said in a prepared statement: “We recognize the need to help customers in a practical way with telephone technical and operational support, site visits when required, and a high standard of workshop repair and equipment processing.” The expansion of CBC’s customer support operation comes as the company introduces a variety of cost-effective systems. “We’re improving our average workshop turnaround time from receipt of equipment, and ensuring that installers, system integrators, end users, consultants and other buyers receive the best possible help with all of their requirements, ranging from system quotations to order inquiries and technical questions.”


Network MaNageMeNt

Standards, Openness and Integration in the Security Industry The physical security industry comprises a collection of devices and technologies that security providers pull from to provide comprehensive solutions for managing, monitoring and maintaining the security and safety of people, property and assets. Getting these devices, built on different technologies and developed by different (and often competing) manufacturers, to work together as part of the larger system continues to be a challenge. Submitted by UTC ClimaTe, ConTrols & seCUriTy


h i l e p ro p r i e t a r y s y s t e m s m i g h t h a v e simplified this task in the past, it has become increasingly difficult for one manufacturer to cover all aspects of the modern security system. As such, these implementations have given way to the broad device support and flexibility that open systems claim to offer. Industry standards help drive the adoption of open systems, by providing specifications for protocols and interfaces that create a common language for communication. It is this integration of varying devices and technologies that drives much of the discussion with respect to openness and industry standards. Open systems focus on ensuring there is appropriate communications among all devices within the security environment. These “conversations” are governed by internal “language” definitions, often published externally to encourage wider adoption. Industry standards, in this sense, work to formalize and ratify common “languages” across the industry. Language does have its limits, though. If we continue the linguistic analogy, we can relate the limitation to dialects or cultural differences across geographic regions that have standardized on the same base language, yet still require care when communicating. Consider the two popular industry standards, ONVIF and PSIA, for instance. Using these standards, compliant cameras often are not “plug-and-play” even with compliant storage devices or management systems. It is often not enough to agree on a “language;” it is also important to focus on how the conversation is conducted.

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APR 2012

▲ Standards allow an industry to agree on the language definitions and grammar acting as a

universal translator for everyone, so that vendors can innovate and provide higher functionality in their products.

When we add to the mix other subsystems such as access control, visitor management and intrusion detection, it becomes apparent that integration requires more than just a set of standards. The linchpin of a seamlessly integrated, coherent solution is an open architecture, designed in compliance with accepted industry standards, producing a system that easily integrates with other applications and devices.

Open vs. standard

The term “open system” is often misused and confused with the adoption of industry standards. Systems theory tells us that an open system is a system that is able to continuously interact with its environment. This imposes a critical requirement on any system striving for open communications. Every major component or device


Network MaNageMeNt in the system must be able to clearly communicate its Existing standards There is a need for standards written to address capabilities, state and system data. This can be defined interfaces beyond network video products. PSIA by internal rules, accepted industry standards or some has done more work in this area than ONVIF, which combination of both, and still be open. The system originally more narrowly focused on its goal of providing software must be hardware-, database-, network- and a global open network interface standard for physical peripheral/device-independent. Moreover, the most IP-based video equipment. Work is ongoing to expand advanced open systems should have the ability to the standard into the access control space. PSIA, alternainterface with any external systems or devices through tively, began with a broader agenda as witnessed by the a common, published, bidirectional protocol, based on creation of PSIA’s Area Control Working Group in order existing standards where possible. to develop specifications for independently developed In the security industry, the most popular integration access control and intrusion systems, to interoperate method is through APIs, which simplify the integration with each other and other PSIA specification-compliant by hiding all the complex mechanisms from developers devices. such as authentication, decoding video and network In late 2011, PSIA announced the release of its Area protocols. APIs ensure ease of integration with different Control Version 1.0 specification devices such as access control panels, to standardize the communication IP cameras, D/NVRs, fire panels, into access control and intrusion intrusion controllers and intercom products. The Area Control specifisystems. cation, PSIA’s fourth systemIn particular, security management oriented specification, was achieved systems (SMS) software vendors offer with broad industry collabovarious APIs so video management ration from companies such as systems can receive, for example, Lenel, Mercury and Honeywell, access control events from their representing more than two-thirds system. In many cases, a tighter of the access control and intrusion integration can be provided by ▲ Contributor: Jonathan Lewit, Product Manager of Digital Video Solutions, systems market. allowing video manufacturers to Lenel Systems International (UTC Climate, Controls & Security) Standards allow an industry to integrate their functionality inside agree on the language definitions and grammar acting the SMS user interface, reducing the need for the operator as a universal translator for everyone, so that vendors to learn multiple systems. In many cases, industry can innovate and provide higher functionality in their standards are the result of early internal standards agreed products. The classic example of a successful standard is upon and published by technology partners of necessity. networking protocol TCP/IP. Companies are not trying Only a system that is both device- and data exchangeto make a special version of TCP/IP. Using the standard, independent can be considered truly open. Open they instead drive innovation in other areas. architecture allows for the creation of a security However, standards only expose the basic interactions management environment that includes nonpropriamong systems, databases and devices. Vendors tend etary, off-the-shelf devices and applications, standard to keep their “secret sauce” outside of those standardsoperating systems and databases within the existing based ways of exchanging data. This can be a result network infrastructure. This flexibility is enhanced by of intentional omission to preserve product differincorporating relevant industry standards. For digital entiation or the inherent lag in the standards body’s video solutions, open architecture provides support for ability to incorporate new technologies and approaches. multiple video compression algorithms, video recorders Ultimately, standards serve as a starting point for and off-the-shelf, network-based storage devices. In such integration, but never the end-all, be-all solution. an environment, when technology migrates, end users are not tied to a particular manufacturer and are free to OpEning in thE ClOud choose from different vendors with minimal interoperIn many ways, Web services are emerging as the ability problems. most suitable technology to guarantee interoperability,

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APR 2012


Network MaNageMeNt allowing for easy and fast integration, thanks to source code generation through the standardized Web Services Definition Language. In addition, several rich and well-tested frameworks already exist in Web services. In fact, ONVIF does not see any other technology on the market providing such broad device support capabilities as Web services. It is not surprising that simple object access protocol (SOAP), an XML-based messaging protocol that Web services utilize for communication, is a popular buzzword currently in the security industry. ONVIF’s Core Specification 1.0 defines a network video communication framework based on relevant IETF and Web services standards, including security and IP configuration requirements. Having this in place will make it easy for manufacturers to develop fully interoperable products. Web services are also very suitable for other applications/devices, including as access control, and can be accessed through an open type of interface and then connected to other applications. Cloud-based computing, which delivers hosted services over the Internet, is increasingly being held up as a new model of efficiency by the IT industry, and the move to the cloud has its own valuable opportunities for the security industry. Video, in particular, is emerging as a technology area where the cloud holds great promise. As with any key technology advance, the solutions that intend to employ that technology must properly evolve their solutions to appropriately provide the benefits without introducing unnecessary complications. There are three primary categories of cloud-based computing: infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platformas-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS). An important area of IaaS for the security industry is cloudbased storage. Many large global organizations are forced to manage literally thousands of DVRs and NVRs. With cloud computing and server virtualization, that kind of video storage can be centralized and put into the cloud and managed as ubiquitous storage. Video storage can be centralized in the cloud, centrally managed and monitored. That is only doable when you have standards and open architectures. It could never occur in a proprietary environment.

Brave New world

The cloud is clearly the emerging example of where openness can take the security industry. With the cloud,

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APR 2012

▲ Cloud-based computing, which delivers hosted services over the Internet, is increasingly being

held up as a new model of efficiency by the IT industry, and the move to the cloud has its own valuable opportunities for the security industry.

openness is more achievable; or to put it another way: without openness, the cloud is unachievable. Serviceoriented architecture (SOA) is a key enabler for cloudbased computing, maximizing IT efficiencies in terms of server management, infrastructure availability and maintenance costs. What makes SOA attractive is that manufacturers and developers can now create various Web services that are totally uncoupled from the user interface and allow for access from a plethora of platforms. In addition, SOA provides a clear pathway to appliance, cloud, hosted/ managed, mobile, PSIM and VMS solutions that the marketplace is demanding. As the security industry continues to embrace open systems and standards, proponents of “openness” are finding that the integration of disparate systems and devices is a work in progress. Industry consensus is that an open architecture is one of the most important requirements in designing flexible, scalable and interoperable security systems. A winning solution will be one that appropriately leverages each of these elements into a solution that allows administrators to efficiently configure devices, users and business rules that provide information to operators in intuitive and innovative ways, ensuring the protection of a facility’s people, property and assets.



Changing Role of the Security Consultant Operating in a quiet corner of the industry, security consultants have spent years providing quality, independent advice to customers around their security requirements. However, the relentless intertwining of IT and electronic security in the form of IP-based integration has prompted consultants to adapt, and consequently redefine, their role within the physical space. Submitted by Honeywell Security


he increasingly significant role of IT in the security space, in the ongoing evolution from analog to IP-based security solutions, has had profound effects on the different stakeholder groups. It has affected manufacturers in the range of solutions that the market demands, installers in the technical, business and sales competencies to sell, deploy and support security systems, and end users who are grappling with more powerful but, in some cases, more complicated technology. Yet as the industry’s ecosystem has seen its modus operandi shaken up by IP, it has equally taken significant steps toward embracing it. Manufacturers are offering more free training courses to installers to provide insight into the features, functionality and benefits of IP, and installers, hungry to better incorporate IP- b as e d s ol u t i on s i nt o their own businesses, are readily taking up such offers. Equally enthusiastic about understanding and evangelizing the benefits of IP are security consultants.

Contributor: Daniel Wan,

Channel Marketing Leader for the U.K., Honeywell Security

42 22

APR 2012

For many years, independent security consultants have provided a highly sought-after service to customers looking to invest in solutions to protect their organizations. Unlike manufacturers, or installers who are typically loyal to one, security consultants are vendoragnostic, focused on providing a set of impartial recommendations based on a client’s specific needs. Traditionally, security consultants support risk managers in drawing up a tender list and procuring the right solution at the most competitive price. However, as with other areas of the security industry, the growing prevalence of IP has reshaped the role of the security consultant. In contrast to a decade ago, as more security systems run over IP networks, the traditional audience of a consultant — the security or facilities manager — is increasingly joined by a tech-savvy, IT manager. This is a radical shift in thinking and approach for consultants who have built a business around site managers reliant on their understanding of the technology. IT managers understand the technology quickly and easily. An IP network is bread and butter to an IT technician, and implementing and managing the software associated with the process is just another addition to their ongoing application lifecycle portfolio. This shift has prompted consultants to evolve by immersing themselves in IT terminology and honing their technical expertise to be able to advise an IT-focused audience just as effectively as with facilities managers. In addition, as IP solutions are evolving at a much quicker rate than traditional analog products, the need to keep abreast of technology advances and developments is a challenge that consultants have had to cope with.


Consultant programs have proven to be an effective way for specifiers and consulting engineers to keep on top of the trends and gain an insight into how IP can deliver effective, integrated, easy-to-manage and future-proof security solutions to a wider range of deployment scenarios. In some cases, training results in tangible qualifications for participants. Another key driver behind attendance at these sessions is the desire among consultants to understand rapidly evolving legal requirements, such as EN regulations, governing the installation, specification and operation of intrusion detectors and alarms. This is a particular area of focus for consultants, with further standards for video surveillance and access control expected from the BSIA and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) in the coming years. The intertwining of IT and security is also influencing the recruitment strategies implemented by security consultants; they are increasingly hiring staff with advanced qualifications in IT, and encouraging IT skills development among their employee base to ensure these


essential competencies are embedded at the very heart of their business. Another more subtle impact of technological advances in changing the role of the security consultant is the way in which some specifiers have started to refocus their core business on addressing the higher end of the market. For larger organizations, a new or upgraded security system can represent millions of dollars of investment; a bad decision can prove costly. Again, as security increasingly becomes the purview of both facilities and IT managers in tandem, both with a respective skills gap, the need for an independent, third party to provide the necessary advice and assurance to both sides of the house is growing. As the industry at large has responded to the tectonic shifts brought about by the onset of IP, independent organizations have worked hard to do the same. Boosted by an insatiable appetite for information and education, a determination to stay relevant in the coming decades, and a willingness to adapt, the future has never been brighter for security consultants and specifiers.

APR 2012

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