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Nov/Dec 2012

Regional Perspective

Postponed Election 70 Stalled 2012 in Malaysia The pending election put many projects on hold, making 2012 a flat year in Malaysia. Despite improvements, the IP infrastructure is still slow for physical and electronic security. With the recently announced 2013 budget highlighting efforts to lower crime rate, a steep growth might be expected in 2013.

Special Feature

Product Trends for 2013 24

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NOV / DEC 2012

Product Exploration

38 Some SDI, Sir? Korean Update

74 Korean Vendors Take Off in New Directions


Nov/Dec 2012

Industry Report


Differentiate to Win 46 NOW: A Do-or-Die Moment 50 M  anufacturing Excellence

in Times of Uncertainty 60 Security 50 Ranking 64 Security 50 Showcase

Vertical Market

Application Case

78 Japanese Buddhist Temple Employs Bosch

Systems 80 B osch Helps Enforce Security in Indonesian Telecommunications Company Building

Health Care Sector Provides Shot in the Arm to Electronic Security Providers 16 22

NOV / DEC 2012

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a&s Asia, published by Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd., is a bimonthly professional publication for channel players in the regional electronic security industry. It caters to importers, distributors, OEM/ODM searchers, system integrators and other product purchasers to get updates on product sources and developments in CCTV, Digital Surveillance, Access Control,


Biometrics, Intrusion Alarm, Intercom/Video Doorphone, Home Automation and other fields relevant to electronic security.

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After months of collecting and analyzing financial data and figures, we are finally releasing the latest Security 50 rankings. This ranking might not be as comprehensive as a research report, but by including the major technology-focused and service-oriented manufacturers in the rankings, Security 50 truly leads the industry trend and reflects the actual market. First released in 2003, Security 50 celebrates its 10-year-anniversary this year, in 2012. Having been in the industry for 10 years, we are proud to have observed and recorded the movers and shakers over the years.

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The security market has been through many changes brought about by new technologies, IP in particular, the impulse of emerging economics, such as the BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India and China — and some negative impact from the global recession. The world security industry, in turn, restructured to meet these challenges and new opportunities. “Both the middle strata and small companies have increased the size of the market and their share. The minnows are taking on the sharks and winning, both through the development of leading edge products and growth through acquisition and alliances,” said Allan McHale, Director of Memoori Business Intelligence, in his latest 2012 annual report. The industry is consolidating to provide more advanced and user-centric solutions for the market, which “transforms the security industry from a cost center to a cash generator,” added McHale. In the Security 50 Industry Reports, we discovered that it is the “security companies that are able to successfully adapt to these changes with continued innovation that will survive. However, it will not be a one-approach-fits-all solution, as companies differ in size and market positioning. Some companies have launched affordable solutions in face of the global belt-tightening, while others have launched their own brands or diversified product lines.” In this competitive market, the key to survival is still differentiation, which applies to all the industries, regardless of their regions. In other words, that means the importance of “marketing” and “branding” is increased for the security companies. The way the companies communicate to the customers and the capability to swiftly deliver the right solutions for users should be strengthened, if the companies are to have a competitive edge.

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NOV / DEC 2012


Corporate News Thai Government Deploys Wireless Mesh for Flood Forecasting and Monitoring and played an important role in providing citizens with real-time Firetide, a provider of high-performance wireless infrastructure information needed to make critical decisions for moving valuable mesh networks, announced that Thailand's Royal Irrigation property in time to avoid the flood waters. Despite the flood's massive Department has completed its phase three deployment of the devastation, the wireless network aided in saving countless lives and mesh network capable of delivering live HD wireless video feeds of billions of dollars in property damage. river water levels and telemetry data for real-time flood forecasting and historical data collection. In addition to the live HD video feeds to the control room, live VGA resolution video feeds are provided to the public via the Internet. The Firetide network, which covers a geographical distance of 372 km (231 miles), is a fully redundant wireless mesh network. New expansion phases of the network are planned for deployment beginning in the second half of 2012. Throughout the 2011 monsoon season, Firetide’s wireless network captured live video of rising river levels and made the images accessible to the Thai people via a real-time web feed. The feed accumulated nearly 300,000 daily web hits and provided Over live images $918 million and information of the entire flood situation to the citizensrespondents and public safety officials of Thailand. The web feed proved to be a huge success claimed it


remained static or increased over past 12 Global ALPR Market to Reach months

US$350M by Year's End, IMS Says

Difficult economic times have urged ALPR suppliers to switch their focus, placing greater emphasis on applications that generate an ROI. IMS Research forecasts the global market for ALPR to reach US$350.4 million by the end of 2012, a growth of 6.9 percent from the previous year. “Parking-time management can help parking lot owners to drive revenue growth by identifying and charging vehicles that have stayed beyond their allotted time limit. At the same time, retailers and shopping mall owners will often welcome, and even request, the installation of parking-time management systems to help free up parking spaces for new shoppers, and thus further drive retail sales,” commented Michael Arluck, report author Global ALPR Market and analyst at HIS. Thanks to a strong ROI, parking-time management has outperformed many of the Forcasted to reach other ALPR applications of late. US$350.4 million by In the U.K., budget cuts over the the end of 2012 past two to three years have caused a number of suppliers, which previously focused on law enforcement, to diversify into parking. Even though the EMEA market as a whole declined in 2011, the parking segment increased by 4.1 Source: IMS Research percent.

20 22

NOV / DEC 2012


$377 million Synectics Partners with Singaporean Distributor $35.4in million to Expand Asia S e c u r i t y s y s t e m s p ro v i d e r Sy n e c t i c s h a s strengthened its ties with Asian markets in a new partnership with Bricomp Group, a Singapore-based security distributor. Bricomp's partner network covers the Asian region, with a focus on Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Bricomp will offer Synectics' end-to-end security solutions to customers in key sectors such as government, gaming, public space, transportation and hospitality. The partnership builds on Synectics' existing footprint in Asia, a major growth area for the globalExpected security systems expert. at to grow



a CAGR of 12.6 percent and reach over US$900 million in 2016


Corporate News Bangalore Rapid Transit Protects Passengers with Nice Systems Solution Nice Systems announced that the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has successfully launched Nice's security solutions at Namma Metro. This includes full implementation at the train's Operations Control Center and across six metro stations. With the IP video surveillance and analytics, Namma Metro is able to enhance passenger safety, secure its train lines and ensure efficient operations while meeting the necessary compliance requirements. While BMRCL projects full operational capacity in 2014, Namma Metro is expected to serve 1.2 million passengers daily by 2013, with a capacity of 40,000 peak hour peak direction trips. In addition to the advanced video management system monitoring the metro stations and depot areas, the solution being deployed includes video analytics to provide automatic intrusion detection for specified locations along the tracks and in restricted areas. It will

also enable crowd control by monitoring overcrowding and queue wait time at the various stations. With Nice's video analytics, sur veillance cameras can be configured with many predefined functionalities, including operating within specific time ranges to help optimize resources and reduce the total cost of ownership. The integrated solution also enables system access by multiple agencies to facilitate collaboration between Namma Metro operators and the police.


Over $918 million respondents APAC Biometrics Market to Tyco Security Products claimed it remained static US$900M by 2016, Frost Demonstrated Innovation Surpass or increased at Secutech Vietnam &past Sullivan Says over 12 $377 million 2009 months 2012 Rising crime rates and terrorism around the globe have forced governments

to increase monitoring and introduce reliable border control systems. These security concerns and government regulations$35.4 aimedmillion at criminal identification and automated immigration at all entry points, whether air, land or sea, drive biometrics adoption in the government vertical across APAC. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan finds that the market earned revenues in the range of US$500 million in 2011 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.6 percent till 2016, to reach $905 million. With many emerging economies in the region, there is a strong need for building infrastructure in terms of national identification and border security. Therefore, the APAC biometrics market will witness faster growth than those in North America, the Middle East and Europe. To o v e r c o m e t h e s e APAC Biometrics Market barriers, companies must facilitate the convergence of Expected to grow at various biometric modalities to reachinto a single offering, as a CAGR of 12.6 percent multiple authentication and reach over million by methods for identifying 2012 an individual will enable US$900 million in 2016 higher accuracy and greater security. They must be able to integrate biometrics with other technologies, such as video surveillance, to meet the need for more intelligent and robust Source: Frost & Sullivan security systems.



NOV / DEC 2012



Tyco Security Products attended Secutech Vietnam 2016 2012, the biggest security show in Vietnam, from Aug. 22 to 24 . With a turn-out of thousands of professional visitors over the three days, Tyco Security Products' portfolio and integrated solutions were able to gain considerable exposure and brand awareness. The booth was divided into three themed areas in order to showcase the innovative technologies and solutions in the field of video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection. New products from companies under Tyco Security Products, such as American Dynamics, CEM, DSC and Visonic, successfully grabbed the attention of many of the show’s visitors. This is the first time Tyco Security Products attended Secutech Vietnam, marking an important milestone for its expansion into the Vietnamese market. During the show, partner recruiting was launched to search for strategic cooperation with local distributors, and positive feedback was received.


2014 IP 22


US$1.6 B

Special Feature

Product Trends for 2013 a&s examines the latest video surveillance and access control solutions in 2012, which hold great potential in 2013. BY JILL LAI

Video Surveillance Multi-megapixel

2012 was a fruitful year for multimegapixel technology providers. In 2013, the market for high-resolution image quality keeps getting stronger. With the market becoming more saturated, there will be a price competition in the 1- to 3-megapixel camera segment. One such vendor is Arecont Vision, which launched an affordable 1.3-megapixel camera for value-conscious buyers. “Certain buyers have certain financial requirements. So we provide them this cost-effective solution, but which still is a megapixel camera. We are expanding our product portfolios in megapixel solutions,” said Becky Zhou, VP of Sales at Arecont Vision, APAC. Other providers, such as Mobotix, are focused on developing cameras with megapixel counts above 3 megapixels to differentiate their product offerings. Some early adopters of multimegapixel technology are confident of its potential for casinos, retails, schools 24 22

NOV / DEC 2012

and commercial buildings in the U.S. “These industries are adopting more high-definition cameras because image detail is critical to their business operations. For casinos being able to read cards and chips gives them the ability to find card cheats or dishonest dealers,” said Keith Marett, VP of Marketing and Communications at Avigilon. “Retail stores can’t depend on low-resolution cameras pointed at a fixed cash register to capture the transaction any longer, as mobile point of sales terminals are becoming more popular.” “The education market was one of the first to realize the advantages of megapixel technologies as the security and safety of schools for both secondary and higher education is a priority,” said Steve Gorski, GM, Americas, Mobotix. “IP-based surveillance systems offer far more benefits than proprietary systems, such as remote access, video analytics, higher image quality and easily scalable systems, for example and the overall return-on-investment is much


greater.” I Q i n Vi s i o n p ro d u c e s u n i q u e varifocal lens for a mini dome camera with up to 2-megapixel resolution, which is targeted for health care, government and education sector. IQinVision provides a five-year warranty on all its entire line of dome cameras, which remains a rarity in the security industry. High-resolution technology is a natural fit for LPR/ANPR applications due to the sufficient amount of pixel density for better analytics. However, the 20- to 400-megapixel or gigapixel cameras are mostly used for niche and high-end applications. They are combined with panoramic viewing, for wide-area monitoring in border control or seaports. Smart Appliances

All-in-one appliances make networking third-party products much easier. The highly fragmented nature of security products makes configuration and integration the biggest headache for system

integrators as they are dealing with different hardware and software. Jeff Whitney, VP of Marketing and Business, Intransa, said, “Intransa’s clients just need to determine their configuration needs online or with a phone call. Then, Intransa will configure the NVR/server according to our clients’ cameras and VMS. Then, when the appliance goes to our clients, it is ready to use right away.” “Our NVR will send notification of hard-drive failure to customers,” Whitney said. “System integrators usually won’t check their systems regularly. As soon as the system has problems, they won’t take the action immediately. So we leverage our technologies to ensure the health of the entire video surveillance system.” Smart appliances provide the ease of use necessary for SMB applications. Access control, IP video and intrusion detection are combined in compact and scalable solutions to simplify and streamline security procedures. A Tyco solution supports remote monitoring, management and control over mobile devices, which is ideal for SMB owners. Thermal cameras with Video


Thermal cameras enable constant surveillance, making them a long-term staple for critical environments but now also for commercial applications. “Recent advances in

thermal camera image processing have expanded their traditional role as night vision cameras to provide 24-hour outdoor security,” said John Romanowich, President and CEO, SightLogix. An important development for thermal cameras is thermal WDR, which produces clear video despite challenging imaging conditions, such as when the camera is aimed toward the rising or setting sun. Other imaging challenges are when very hot objects enter the scene such as a fire, or very hot exhaust from a vehicle engine. Foreground and background image detail remain clear with FLIR WDR thermal cameras, which improve the probability of intrusion detection, and enhances the performance of video analytics. Thermal cameras combined with video analytics enhance situational awareness, for wide-range detection applications, such as ports and maritime applications. “SightLogix systems can detect intruders despite background water movement or reflections, making them a uniquely capable solution for waterside environments,” Romanowich said. Thermal cameras are deployed for critical infrastructure. In the U.S., government projects are coming back online, albeit fewer than in previous years. “One rapidly growing vertical market in North America is the electric power distribution

▲Becky Zhou, VP of Sales, Arecont Vision, ▲Keith Marett, VP of Marketing and ▲Jeff Whitney, VP of Marketing and APAC Communications, Avigilon Business, Intransa


NOV / DEC 2012

sector,” said Bill Klink, VP, Security and Surveillance of Commercial Systems for Flir Systems. “The Electric Power Grid is considered critical infrastructure. Therefore, many power companies are using thermal cameras for intrusion detection on the perimeters of their electric power substations and power distribution facilities. Government and industry regulations are fueling the growth of this vertical market.” Klink said commercial market segments are also going to deploy more thermal cameras in the near future. “Over the past three years, many new commercial market segments have adopted the use of thermal security cameras for perimeter intrusion detection, including data centers and municipalities for citywide surveillance,” he said. New Faces of VMS

VMS has become much more standardized — “openness” is a standard feature for many VMS products. Future innovation for VMS will be in mobility, simple and Intuitive user interface, and PSIM-like features to enhance situational awareness, found IHS (formerly IMS Research) in its 2012 “World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment” report. Milestone maintained its presence in the upper market tier and continues to expand to the SMB sector. “Milestone launched three user interfaces for the Web, PC and mobile devices — for advanced-to-simplified surveillance needs,” said Lawrence de Guzman, Director of Global Sales Operations at Milestone Systems. “Our entry-level VMS manages up to 26 surveillance cameras, and supports a new add-on feature, video push. It

22 25

Special Feature

allows one to extend mobile capabilities and use a mobile device as a video evidence collector. This feature enables one to push live video from a device's camera directly into the system giving immediate awareness of incidents no matter where they occur.” Avigilon’s latest VMS offering united ideas from IT, Web design and video gaming. Meanwhile, taking inspiration from companies with server farms like Amazon, Google and Facebook, its VMS provides crash-proof enterprise server management. This enables all servers to operate as one unit, so there is no single point of failure. “Two key markets for 3VR in North America are retail and banking. These verticals tend to want a 'black box' solution with the software pre-configured on the hardware, such as a VMS integrated into an NVR or HVR,” said Brian Lane, Director of Product Marketing at 3VR. "But, as we expand into other markets, customers tend to want more control over their hardware and the ability to expand the system and grow as needed. Therefore, we are releasing our VMS on COTS hardware beginning in early 2013 to allow more options for our customers. Whether a customer purchases a 3VR VMS with a 3VR NVR or to be installed on their own hardware, we offer analytics such as Facial Surveillance, LPR/ANPR, and

▲Steve Gorski, GM, Mobotix, Americas

26 22

NOV / DEC 2012

Demographics. The latter provides age and gender information of customers and can be integrated with PoS systems to provide valuable business intelligence." Analysts estimate that by 2013, more than 50 percent of all video surveillance deployments will be managed by the IT department on the IP network to support the deluge of bandwidth-heavy video data. Cisco introduced its latest IP video surveillance solution to help IT and security teams to implement large-scale video deployments. “As IT departments are tasked with dealing with increasingly large amounts of data — particularly video — the ease of migration of video surveillance to IP continues to accelerate,” said Lindsay Hiebert, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing of Emerging Technologies at Cisco Systems. “Leveraging Cisco’s strong network base and know-how, this platform can easily manage more than 10,000 cameras with video recording by using Cisco's end-to-end network video surveillance technologies, to manage and optimize bandwidth across network switches, routers, applications and endpoints.” Genetec, one of the leading VMS providers, has the latest advances in its unified security platform, which blends LPR/ANPR, video surveillance and access control into one platform. Genetec's LPR/ANPR offering is a complete solution with

▲Bill Klink, VP, Security and Surveillance of Commercial Systems , Flir Systems

▲Lawrence de Guzman, Director of Global Sales Operations, Milestone Systems


hardware and software for the police sector and parking enforcement. “We have many clients in the police sector. They require more technology for further law enforcement and investigation. With this solution, police can easily recognize the license plates of criminals and illegally parked vehicles. With the back-office management capabilities of the system, in-vehicle users are able to download all the latest hotlists and updates, providing the forensic information and evidence for later investigation to find the suspects,” said Chris Yigit, Product Manager at Genetec. Honeywell’s latest enterpriselevel VMS incorporates new features, such as support for wireless readers, new compliance reporting functions, and Web-based alarm and event management capabilities. “Optimizing business by using integrated systems is the new reality for most enterprise-level organizations,” said Vince Lupe, Honeywell’s Enterprise Segment marketing leader. PSIM

With the standardization of security and the growing need for multinational management, PSIM has good penetration for high-end projects incorporating IT network systems. Proximex is now the first PSIM vendor to support and adhere to the new Area Control Management standards specification, created by the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) for companies to effectively integrate multiple physical security systems. “Supporting these new specifications will allow Proximex to quickly and easily integrate with other access control, intrusion and video system vendors that also support these specifications,” said Larry Lien, VP of

HR. These solutions are likely to be for high security applications, such as critical infrastructure protection or safe city programs. The last tier is ▲Adlan Hussain, Marketing Manager, ▲Larry Lien, VP of Product Management, specialist vertical PSIM CNL Software Proximex suppliers who have built up a template product aimed at certain vertical markets. These are likely to be in verticals where the security challengs are fairly fixed, for example retail security, where ▲B rian Lane, Director of Product ▲ Lindsay Hiebert, Senior Manager, Marketing, 3VR Solutions Marketing of Emerging there is requirement for Technologies, Cisco Systems integration of CCTV, Product Management for Proximex. PoS data, RFID tagging and video “Standards-based interfaces enable analytics." information to be more easily shared Access Control while PSIM systems enable the Wireless relevant information to be combined Physical access control is dominated and correlated for organizations to by traditional mechanical locks and make more informed security and online management systems. The business decisions.” latter requires a high investment. Next year, we can also see three tiers Access control products are migrating of PSIM systems evolving, which can from mechanical to online solutions be divided by their complexity. Adlan with wireless technology, which Hussain, Marketing Manager at CNL complements existing mechanical Software shared some of his findings and electronic access control systems. toward these PSIM systems as follows: It provides a simple, intelligent way "At the low end there are smaller of upgrading them to high-level easier to install systems for SME security and creates many innovative applications. These are most likely opportunities for many access control to be provided as a software service vendors. Assa Abloy released its new and deployed by traditional security wireless solution to meet this need. installers. These may be described as In the U.S., more than 40 million PSIM Lite and may well be adaptions phones are expected to be near field of ASC or VMS systems. communication (NFC)-enabled by the The next tier is high end PSIM end of 2012, according to a report by solutions that deliver real business Market Research. Nearly half of all advantage by integrating to operation mobile phones will be NFC-enabled activities and adding value through by 2016. Assa Abloy introduced its increased use of security systems by commercial ecosystem for issuing, other departments, be it facilities or 22

NOV / DEC 2012

delivering and revoking digital keys on mobile phones with NFC technology. With this ecosystem, mobile phones can replace mechanical keys and access cards and open doors to homes, hotels, offices, hospitals, universities, and industrial and commercial buildings. Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies also successfully rolled out NFC-enabled campus credentials at the University of San Francisco’s campuses. Cloud-based Access Control

Cloud-based access control manages hundreds or even thousands of doors and provides end users with the freedom to remotely control and manage doors from anywhere. Hosted access control solutions are being adopted by large commercial applications, residential buildings and shopping malls. Brivo’s solutions can be tailored to the unique security needs of the end users. Property management and multiple-purpose buildings are new, growing markets suited for cloud-based access control, wrote Brivo in a prepared statement. Multifactor Authentication

For higher-level security clearance in corporate or government buildings, multifactor authentication is a trend. More access control vendors p ro v i d e m o re t h a n o n e s i n g l e authentication technology for better authentication. Innometriks provides a complete turnkey solution that implements multifactor technologies on next-generation “smart” credentials. Strong identity authentication verifies an individual’s identity using biometrics, public key infrastructure and digital signatures, providing greater protection of critical assets and sensitive information.

22 27

Vertical Market

30 22

NOV / DEC 2012


Health Care

Sector Provides Shot in the Arm to Electronic Security Providers

Health care facilities worldwide, particularly those in North America followed by developed nations in Europe, are moving fast to improve patient care while simultaneously reducing cost. To achieve these aims, hospital managements are turning to electronic medical records and telemedicine. By THE EDITORIAL TEAM


he health care sector poses unique challenges, said John Davies, Managing Director, TDSi. “After all, you have to provide security while, at the same time, guaranteeing access to patients and family members. You simply cannot go over the top in locking things down,” said Davies. It becomes a matter of security vs. freedom. TDSi exports 50 percent of its production, mostly to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and China with the rest being sold in the U.K. domestic market. "North America," said Davies, "is a very competitive market." Davies estimates that the Americas account for 50 percent of the global market for electronic security products and systems sold to the health care sector. This is followed by Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with 30 percent, East Asia with 20 percent, and the rest of Asia with 10 percent. That said, while EMEA is growing 4 percent and the Americas around 6 percent, growth in East Asia has been increasing at compound rates of 10 percent. “In the next three years,” said Davies, “Asia is going to start to outstrip the other markets in terms of size.”


NOV / DEC 2012

22 31

Vertical Market

Looking at the product mix, Davies estimates that, for a US$5 million project for a 500-bed hospital, 30 percent would be spent on CCTVs, 30 percent on fire detection systems and alarms, 20 percent on access control, of which half or 10 percent of the total would be for biometrics, and 20 percent for systems integration. The latter might include building a n d re c o rd s m a i n t e n a n c e a n d management. In terms of access control alone, the market for the health care sector, said Davies, is about $200 million per

year and he expects this to grow to $300 million by 2016. Extrapolating his figures for total global electronic security sales to the health care sector, one arrives at around $1 billion per year. That could be even higher. Defining the health care sector, particularly in terms of market research statistics is somewhat problematic. “After all,” said one industry executive, “the health care sector includes not only hospitals but also clinics and private medical and dental practices.” Confusing the issue, he said, is the fact that health care clinics are generally small premises but with unique electronic security requirements. “Frequently, care clinics sales of electronic are generally small premises security to but with unique electronic small and security requirements. mediums i z e d players are listed under retail sales,” he explained.

Taking the Pulse of Biometrics

One major beneficiary of the intense focus on security health care facilities has been biometric players. According to Phil Scarfo, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Lumidigm, hospitals and pharmaceutical prescriptions are creating major new opportunities. According to Scarfo, the

32 22

NOV / DEC 2012


▲ The threat of legal challenges has really forced large hospitals

to keep greater security and control over patient records.

Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances rule was issued by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as an amendment to the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, commonly known as the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). According to the rule, doctors or pharmacists writing prescriptions must authenticate two of the following: something they know (a knowledge factor) with something they have (a hard token stored separately from the computer being accessed), and something they are (biometric information). “For increased security, less-complicated management and ease of doctor and pharmacist use,” said Scarfo, “most health care organizations prefer that one of the authentication factors be biometric.” Meanwhile, secure user access to

Vertical Market

medical equipment and supplies is an ever increasing priority for hospitals. “Maintaining adequate control and an effective audit trail,” said Scarfo, “is both a cost-saving and compliance issue. Biometrics authentication and identification is an ideal solution to both problems.” All of this is music to the ears of biometric products and systems manufacturers. One forecast of next generation biometric technologies, for example, puts the annual global market at $14 billion by 2017. That is a compound annual growth rate of nearly 20 percent. As expected, North America is the largest market and source of the strongest growth. The current global market for next generation or newly adopted biometrics, said one industry professional, is $6 billion dollars annually. That would break down to roughly $2 billion to $3 billion in sales in the States alone. With 5,000 major hospitals, one could imagine health care sector spendings of $500 million per year.

Sales in China No Longer Anemic

Estimates are that China has 260 million people suffering from cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases, and the money is there to support investment. Some 95 percent of Chinese had governmentprovided health insurance in 2011, and the medical services market is growing 18 percent annually. With white-hot rates like these, Deloitte China predicts that the market will be worth $500 billion in 2015. Given the amount of money sloshing around the sector, electronic security providers will definitely find a shot in the arm. In fact, as of last year, China had

34 22

NOV / DEC 2012

Phil Scarfo, VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Lumidigm

3.7 million hospital beds, up 54 percent from 2005. Today, 12 percent of h o s p i t a l b e d s a re in facilities run by private corporations. Government targets could generate 400,000 new private hospital beds per year with annual revenue from private hospitals in China reaching $377 billion by 2015. The increase in hospitals is increasing demand for medical gear, and with this, electronic security equipment and systems.

Emerging Markets Posting Healthy Growth

Davies sees the Middle East and Africa as rising new markets. “There has been a lot of growth in the health care market for electronic security," said Davies. "Not only in East Asia but also the Middle East and, very soon, we believe in parts of West and East Africa. We have been getting a lot of work in Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya." While most projects still do not directly involve the health care sector, but critical infrastructure and financial services, Davies is confident t h a t A f r i c a w i l l s o o n p re s e n t attractive markets. He attributes Africa’s expanding relevance to maturing politics and improved democracy and governance. “As these countries’ political systems mature,” he said, “economies there have been growing 5 percent to 7 percent, and given the lack of indigenous manufacturing capabilities, players there are turning to companies such as ours.”


John Davies, Managing Director, TDSi

Another key market has been Saudi Arabia, where hospitals are being built “left, right and center,” said Davies. Not all growth, however, happens for the same reasons. In North America, federal mandates requiring health care providers to secure sensitive patient information is driving much of the momentum. Part of the impetus for doing so is fear of lawsuits.

The Positive Side of Too Many Lawyers

“Electronic security players,” said one industry professional with a wry laugh, “really need to thank the high number of lawyers in the U.S. The threat of legal challenges has really forced large hospitals in particular to establish much greater security and control over patient records. Doctor handwriting has long been a source of jokes in the U.S., but no more,” he said. “It is absolutely essential that other health care professionals, including other doctors, nurses, orderlies and, most definitely, pharmacists, understand exactly and immediately the type of medical service required.” In the U.S., another major impetus is the federal government goal envisioning citizens having secure electronic medical records by 2014.

Product Exploration

Some SDI, Sir ? Within two years, HD-SDI has established substantial awareness in the marketplace, as tangible products materialize from an earlier TV transmission concept. Market penetration, on the other hand, has been less than stellar, due to component/ system, pricing and deliverability issues. Is 2012 really the year of HD-SDI? In the first article of this two-part feature, a&s explores frond-end SDI devices, cameras, and looks into current advances and hurdles and opportunities ahead. By a&s China


D video surveillance is an unstoppable, irreversible trend. Indeed, it is one of the few driving forces behind growth in the global security market today, according to market research. Previously, the only means to get HD surveillance footage was via megapixel cameras and IP-based networks. Although they gave rise to new contenders and business

38 22

NOV / DEC 2012

opportunities, traditional installers have been struggling with the lack of networking and IT know-how. HD-SDI came as a boon for “the rest of us.� With characteristics similar to analog CCTV, HD-SDI provides an alternative to IP-based video surveillance. However, other than a select few subcontracted installations in China and Korea, HD-SDI currently does not have any


large-scale applications to illustrate extended usability and manageability. Most players are still focusing their energy on stabilizing overall system performance, bringing down cost and educating the market, wedging their way onto the HD video surveillance arena. No one has a crystal ball, and it is difficult to say with certainty what will happen in a few more years, but

it would certainly be wise to evaluate the technology and form an objective opinion.

Negligible Latency

Latency has always been the Achilles’ heel for IP-based video surveillance. A key advantage of HD-SDI is its real-time delivery of every frame. Of course, this is a priority

that differs in each market. For example, Chinese end users have displayed extremely high interest in HD-SDI, although they may not full understand the technology yet. "HD-SDI has a bright future in China, since some vertical markets place higher value on its low latency. This is different than other regions, where latency in video surveillance is acceptable," said Wan Yun Feng,


NOV / DEC 2012

Project Manager, Winhi. However, latency still exists for HD-SDI, contrary to what many claim, said Zou Yu Fan, Solution Manager, Axis Communications. "It is simply relatively less noticeable. As IP-based video surveillance continues to improve at a rapid pace, latency in HD network cameras is also becoming shorter and shorter, to the point that it is now barely

22 39

Product Exploration

noticeable." Latency is no longer a big d e a l - b re a k e r f o r H D n e t w o r k cameras, Zou continued. "Compared to other technical advantages of IP-based video surveillance, latency becomes a non-issue. In contrast, HD-SDI has limited transmission distance; remote surveillance still needs to be accomplished via IP networks, which introduces additional latency." Zhou Sheng Qiang, GM of Video Surveillance at Keda Technology, commented on HD-SDI's low latency characteristic as well. "This supposed advantage of HD-SDI's low latency over IP-based video surveillance is very small. Latency in HD network cameras is already barely noticeable, so this particular advantage over IP-based video surveillance is really not a big issue at all. In larger installations, images come from wide variety of sources, and are delivered to the video wall chiefly via IP networks. HD-SDI is more a 'last mile' solution; video still runs through the networks in real-world s e t t i n g s , w h i c h s t i l l re q u i re s compression. The small advantage of having low latency is not a big deal."

No Compression‌Good?

HD-SDI contenders have also touted zero image compression as a key winning point over their IP-based counterparts. Raw data is indeed delicious, just like how fresh vegies and sushi are infinitely tastier than lesser, processed foods. H o w e v e r, n e t w o r k c a m e r a manufacturers say the lossless video is merely useful when viewing in real time, and that storage still requires the images to be compressed via HD encoders or DVRs. Furthermore, video analytics is

40 22

NOV / DEC 2012

â–˛ Uncompressed video can be as delicous as fresh fruits; in some applications, it may be essential.

based on the analysis of pixels. The data still needs to be digitized and compressed for it to be processed by the analytics engine. Ultimately, the images will still be compressed. One problem that arises is that pressure is placed on back-end devices to process all the data from every camera, added Poseidon Technology's Zeng Chun Wei. "Back-end storage and processing are HD-SDI's weaknesses." Although lossless video sounds like a sweet deal, there are some "gotchas" to be aware of. More efficient back-end storage and processing, as well as video analytics, are common issues that HD-SDI manufacturers must resolve in the near future.

Lack of Standardization

Standardization is a deciding factor for a product to be widely adopted. Although it may be harsh to ask a new ecosystem to immediately produce universally usable standards, it is nonetheless a problem HD-SDI must resolve. It is not just a matter of standard-


izing cameras, Zou said. "First on the list is cabling. Although HD-SDI can utilize existing coaxial cables, not any cable can transmit high-quality images. A certain quality must be met for both the cables and the installation of them. Next, we can look at the TV wall; even connectors to the displays are not necessarily compatible with HD-SDI. Interoperability between devices made by different manufacturers, such as HD-SDI encoders and DVRs, still has problems. Multiple points of failure from the front end to back result in instability of the system." The quest for universal standards is still ongoing. In the mean time, end users and SIs will prefer more stable and mature solutions. HD-SDI will need to catch up in the standardization space and manufacturers roll out complete solutions, from front end to back, to become a true alternative in the HD arena.

Chips: Not Competitive

The aforementioned points are why HD IP-based video surveillance manufacturers doubt HD-SDI will

Product Exploration

become a competing faction in the market. However some chipmakers, such as Ambarella, are leaning toward HD-SDI products. Asked whether H D - S D I w i l l a ff e c t l a rg e c h i p vendors' attitude toward IP, Zou said, "Network cameras contain chips that digitize, process and compress images, but that does not mean HD-SDI is more competitive because it has no need for these chips." Another way of looking at it, Zou continued, is that "Video processing chips are a plus for network cameras, since it means that the camera is more intelligent and is capable of much more than just capturing video. The feats it can accomplish will only increase as time goes on."

Niche Applications

When HD-SDI advocates claimed the dawn of a "zero latency, zero compression" age for video surveillance, users frustrated with latency in IP-based systems sighed with relief as they hoped HD-SDI could solve all the problems they faced. Settings where low latency is critical and have short distances and few locations to cover do indeed see HD-SDI making much more sense than IP-based systems. Applications like gaming, traffic monitoring, financial institutes, operating tables and safe city initiatives all see the value in HD-SDI and will benefit from its pros. On the other hand, in a trend of globalization, digitization and connectivity, HD network cameras are a more logical direction to move in. Although HD-SDI solves the HD equation for analog video surveillance, the fact that it is still

42 22

NOV / DEC 2012

â–˛ Low latency is critical for traffic monitoring, where just a few frames can render the data useful or useless.

a closed system results in complex cabling and mundane installation. Furthermore, HD-SDI maxes out at 2 megapixels or 1,080p. These are both limitations that hinder its practicality in the big wave of digitization and increased connectivity. Regarding other limitations, Zeng said, "HD-SDI features much better image quality over traditional analog systems, but it also inherits the same downsides. “One issue is scalability. HD-SDI uses DVRs, which limit the front-end devices.� "Another is cost. Although it allows the reuse of existing cables, additional cash has to be coughed up to replace front-end devices,


optical transceivers and back-end recorders. At the moment, these are still fairly expensive." HD-SDI does indeed have its place in the market, but it will not become a strong competitor to IP-based video surveillance; HD IP-based video allows better integration, interoperability and flexibility, according to Zeng. "IP-based video surveillance will represent a large portion of the customer base, while HD-SDI will remain a better option for niche markets. If HD-SDI cannot achieve economy of scale, HD via IP will still make more sense in most settings."


Differentiate to Win 44 22

NOV / DEC 2012


2012 security 50

With Security 50 companies eking out an average profit growth of 9.8 percent, the disappointing statistics reflect a simple yet grim truth — supply outstripped demand. While weaker players were eliminated, prevailing companies prospered by demonstrating efficiency, productivity and innovation. Many corporations also leveraged their resources to acquire other companies, quickly gaining expertise and boosting their international presence. Despite the economic slowdown, a few companies experienced double-digit growth. Overall, 2011 was an eventful year, as companies sought to grow organically or through M&A.


• Electronic security equipment and system providers, including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and multiple product segments • S ecurity companies or pure manufacturers with their own products, brands or solutions • Publicly listed and privately owned security companies • Ability to provide FY 2010 and FY 2011 financial statements, audited/endorsed by a certified accountant or accounting firm • Distributors, system integrators, resellers, dealers, installers, guard service providers, information security and fire safety companies or related revenues were excluded Note: a&s bears no responsibility for the financial information provided by any individual company. For fair comparisions, non-US currencies were converted using midmarket exchange rate from on July 22nd, 2012. This is an unbiased list based on the willingness of participants to share their sales performance.



he Security 50 ranking represents the leaders of security, who demonstrated perseverance despite challenging economic situations. We salute these outstanding professionals for sharing their financial data, time and experience. This knowledge provides useful insights and observations, shedding light on how to succeed. These experts not only set higher expectations for themselves in the upcoming year, but for the security industry as a whole as well. For a fair comparison, we rank global manufacturers solely by product sales. Participants range from exclusive manufacturers to end-to-end solution providers, thus making it difficult to compare them side by side. We urge readers not to focus on the ranking of the participants, but to further explore the underlying causes for their success. For the 2012 Security 50 ranking, we welcomed six fresh faces — Arecont Vision, Optex, Safran, Tiandy, TKH and Tyco. By introducing new products, technologies or strategically acquiring other companies, these newcomers made an impression on the industry. To qualify for Security 50, all companies were required to provide financial reports. This is not an advertiser index — ranking is based on objective data, as we strive to present impartial analysis to our readers. All non-US figures were converted according to a specific date’s exchange rate. We break down the ranking into two stories. The first article analyzes the financial figures of the Security 50 in 2011 and what they imply for the industry’s future. The second article focuses on the companies’ strategic plans and how they led the market despite difficult circumstances.

Now, we proudly present the 2012 Security 50 Companies.


NOV / DEC 2012

22 45


NOW: A Do-or-Die Moment The cream of the crop ― based on the best financial performance ― the 50 international companies who made the cut for the annual Security 50 ranking for 2011. In this article, a&s examined those who survived or thrived in 2011 to highlight changes in the global security manufacturing industry and their potential influence in the near future. By Tevin Wang & Judy Wang


ven amid sales drops and stunted growth, some of the top 50 companies have gained momentum from the economic crisis, while others continue their struggle to find the best approach to defying declining revenues. Now, it is a do-or-die moment for many security companies.

Strong EU Companies

For European companies, the average revenue growth in 2011 was around 17.4 percent, which is five percent higher than the year before. And despite major economic problems in southern European countries and the U.S., some Security 50 players such as, Assa Abloy, Axis Communications, Geutebruck, Mobotix, Milestone Systems, Nedap,

Security 50 by Product Group Intrusion Detection 4%

Access Control 12%

Video Surveillance

Multiple 24%

46 22


NOV / DEC 2012

Top 12 Companies for Profit Growth from Security 50 Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

10 11 12

'12 Ranking 32 38 25 5 10 24 29 30 49 33 36 43


Product Group


Safran, SimonsVoss Technologies, Synectics and TKH Group still exhibited remarkable, double digit revenue growth in 2011 ― averaging a 22.3 percent growth rate. It is worth mentioning that three German-based companies, SimonsVoss Technologies, Mobotix and Geutebruck enjoyed consistent, uninterrupted growth thanks to strong market share in their domestic market ― averaging a 23.7 percent growth rate.

APAC Companies Encounter Roadblocks

The average revenue from APAC companies, on the other hand, had lost momentum, dropping from


Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Multiple Multiple Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Average

Profit Growth 2010-2011 89.7% 76.8% 60.6% 51.1% 43.4% 38.9% 38.4% 32.5% 28.6% 22.6% 19.9% 17.3% 43.3%

US$153.3 million to $138.8 million. Over the past three years, Korean and Taiwanese companies, who used to be the security industry’s go-to-factories, have been facing stiff challenges brought on by the economic crisis and the rise of Chinese manufacturers. Hikvision Digital Technology and Dahua Technology, apparent locomotives of Chinese manufacturers, have directly influenced their geographically adjacent opponents. Over the past three years, the ten Korean companies were able to hold on and remain in the Security 50 ranking, while two of the nine Taiwanese companies dropped out of the ranking this year. Interestingly, with a 17.5 percent

2012 security 50 Average Revenue Growth by Product Group 19.5%

the international market.

Video Surveillance Continues to Prosper

Abloy’s financial report, demand for radio frequency identification (RFID) rose sharply in 2011. Assa Abloy upgraded their customers’ previously installed locks, which used a magnetic stripe card locking system, to more secure, flexible and user-friendly locks that employ RFID. SimonsVoss also performed well, growing 18.4 percent in 2011. Korean manufacturer Suprema attained considerable revenue growth, up 21.9 percent from 2010.

Video surveillance compared to other product groups had a ce on l fairly strong revenue growth cti lan e ro l t t i e n ve o D r with an average of 19.5 percent. C n e Su sio ipl 0.5%cess o t l u e r Avigilon, who continues to be one d Mu Ac Int Vi of the top financial performers, -2.3% saw their revenue grow to $59.1 million, up 86 percent from 2010. increase, Korean manufacturers Asian manufacturers HDPRO and outperformed the average revenue VIVOTEK have also scaled the growth of the Security 50 list (14 ranking ladder. As a matter of fact, percent). ITX Security, with an 11.7 nine of the top 10 companies for Average Profit percent drop, is the only Korean revenue growth on the list cater Growth by Product company with a weakened revenue to the video surveillance market. Group growth. On the other hand, HDPRO Chinese manufacturer, Tiandy Digital 17.8% had an exceptional 83.7 percent Technology, made their debut in growth. this year’s ranking; this company is ce l Taiwanese players, in contrast, did coming on strong with a 50.1 percent lan ro l i nt 13% ve o r not enjoy a fruitful 2011, the average and 35.2 percent growth in revenue C le Su ss ltip ce eo revenue growth was a mere 8.8 and profit, respectively. u c d i M A V percent, and three out of the seven Eight of the top 10 financial leaders Taiwanese companies faced revenue for profit growth, including IP video losses. DynaColor, Yoko Technology providers Avigilon, Synectics and and EverFocus reported 16.4 percent, Mobotix. Asia maintains strong, with -23.3% 16 percent and 12.3 percent revenue HDPRO, Tiandy Digital Technology, losses, respectively. VIVOTEK and Hikvision Digital Technology, Dahua Geovision, on the contrary, represent Technology, KOCOM and Win4Net. Average Gross a s m a l l n u m b e r o f Ta i w a n e s e Margin by Product Access Control companies who did well in 2011, with Group Average revenue growth for access revenue growths of 62.1 percent and 41.5% control manufacturers on the Security 27 percent, respectively. 34.5% 50 ranking was a mere 0.5 percent. Despite the success of Hikvision Access control giant Assa Abloy Digital Technology and Dahua 27.3% (The Global Technologies division) Technology, another prominent e nc l clinches the spot as top player again Chinese company, RCG, encountered tro illa n e o rv le sC with $826 million in revenue, up 14.8 severe revenue decline, 54.2 percent. Su es o ltip c e u c d i M A percent from 2010. According to Assa The average Chinese company’s V grow rate also turned lukewarm in Average Average Average 2011. This may be an implication that Product Group Average Revenue Revenue Growth Profit Growth Gross Margin the domestic market simply cannot 10% 17.8% 27.3% Multiple $584.1 Million support the vast number of manufac19.5% 13% 34.5% Video Surveillance $136 Million turers. Therefore, in the years to come, 0.5% -23.3% 41.5% Access Control $244.3 Million Chinese manufacturers will need to -2.3% * * Intrusion Detection $66.7 Million figure out how to make their mark in 10%


NOV / DEC 2012

22 47

INDUSTRY REPORT Low Profit Low Margin

While no Security 50 manufacturer lowered their profit goals, the average profit growth was a stingy 9.8 percent in 2011; the average profit growth in 2010 was 12 percent. This implies the world security industry meets

the challenges of low profit for more supplies than actual demands in the market. How to achieve high profit margins will become a key tactic in the near future. In spite of low profits and margins, 2011 was a prosperous year for

M o b o t i x , w h o s e g ro s s m a rg i n increased to 76.8 percent to lead the Top 10 Companies in terms of gross margin. For Milestone Systems, their gross margin fell slightly to 76.8 percent for 2011, they rank second behind Mobotix.

New Faces in Security 50 2012

Among the many changes that happened during the course of the year, 2011’s Security 50 ranking welcomes several new faces — Arecont Vision, Optex, Safran, Tiandy, TKH Group and Tyco. Either by strategic acquisition of other companies or exercising their technological expertise, these companies made it to Security 50 to represent the industry’s leaders. a&s briefly explores some of the major strategies these companies have e m p l o y e d t o i n c r e a s e t h e i r 2 0 11 revenue growth. In the beginning of 2011, TKH Group acquired Optelecom-NKF, a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions and now operating under the name Siqura. TKH Group can now set themselves apart in the field of video analysis, detection systems and integrated security solutions. This business transaction helped the company secure larger, international contracts. As a result of broadened business opportunities, this newly acquired business unit contributed much of TKH’s 2011 revenue growth. L i k e w i s e , i n J u l y o f 2 0 11 , S a f r a n finalized the acquisition of L-1, a leading identity management provider in the United States. L-1 brought extensive knowledge in biometrics and enterprise access solutions, secure credentialing solutions and enrollment services to Safran’s security sector. Renamed M o r p h o Tr u s t , t h i s b u s i n e s s u n i t significantly enhanced Safran’s identity management capabilities, generating a huge portion of Safran’s 2011 revenue.

48 22

NOV / DEC 2012

Amid various events within Tyco’s business in 2011, Tyco bought Visonic, a leader in developing advanced wireless technology. Visonic strongly improved Tyco’s presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and broadened Tyco’s wireless intrusion products sales. Even though the ADT North America residential security business generated a lot of growth for Tyco, ADT will operate as an independent, publicly-traded company beginning at the end of 2012. Tyco's remaining commercial security business will be combined with the current fire protection segment to form a separate commercial fire and security company. In late 2010, Optex acquired Fiber SenSys, who has major operations in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, to facilitate Optex’s growth as an international brand. Fiber SenSys specializes in fiber optics intrusion detection sensors, and have assisted Optex in reaching global markets. At the same time, Fiber SenSys was able to accelerate its innovative applications by leveraging Optex’s financial resources. To further expand their business, they acquired Raytec, a manufacturer and supplier of LED illumination for high security system cameras, in the beginning of 2012. By acquiring this company, Optex strengthened its presence in Europe and diversified its product lines. Arecont Vision achieved recognition by its continued focus on developing megapixel imaging solutions. Their products are being used in every major


vertical market, and they keenly promote their products all over the world, including regions such as the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Last but not least, Tiandy Digital Technology, the only newcomer from China who made it to Security 50 this year. With their expertise, they have become a prominent video surveillance manufacturer. Tiandy Digital Technology offers a broad range of innovative CCTV products to enhance the effectiveness of video surveillance applications. With China’s manufacturing market on the rise, Tiandy Digital Technology takes this opportunity to seek out international opportunities to expand their brand as well as their product offerings.

korean korean update update

Korean Vendors Take Off in New Directions

In the aftermath of the 1997 financial crisis, the government implemented policies to transform the Korean economy into a knowledge-based one, in which science and technology drive innovation to enhance and sustain overall productivity and economic growth. Since then, many Korean companies have prospered as OEM partners of major security companies worldwide. In the last decade, these Korean manufacturers have built a solid reputation as OEM partners producing quality and reliable products. By ALYSSA FANN

74 22

NOV / DEC 2012


Feature Report QNAP Security

India’s Largest Petroleum Company Upgrades Its Surveillance System with QNAP Security’s Solution ■ Sponsored By QNAP Security

Case Profile Nature of the case: QNAP Security provides Linux-based NVR solution to BPCL, a government-owned energy and petroleum company located in India Application: Petrol station Location: Mumbai, India System adopted: QNAP VioStor NVR VS-2008 Pro


Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is a government-

owned energy and petroleum company located in Mumbai, India. As one of the largest companies in the world, BPCL marches to the

Project Highlights:

Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 listing as one of the single digit Indian

•QNAP VioStor NVR provides professional IP-based surveillance solution supporting megapixel recordings of IP cameras, and enables steady data transmission and data storage concurrently. •Offering IP-based surveillance application, QNAP VioStor NVR fulfills efficient management for the wide scale of surveillance deployment between BPCL’s massive branches. •The ease of system configuration without the need of a PC facilitates efficient deployment for BPCL petrol stations throughout India. •The user-friendly web-based user interface effectively increases security administrators’ working productivity, requiring no IT expertise to learn the system operations. •QNAP VioStor NVR supports multi-server monitoring. With the Dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor, the QNAP VioStor NVR provides exceptional performance, allowing better scalability by connecting to other VioStor NVRs to monitor up to 128 channels.



BPCL owns around 40,000 petrol stations throughout India.

Every day, there are so many customers coming to the stations for services, and the operation of fuel services is frequent among people on site. To well safeguard its employees and customers, each petrol station was deployed with surveillance system to monitor the station area. The surveillance system BPCL originally adopted was analog system that gradually failed to meet the requirements of high resolution videos for capturing the license plate, scalability, and stability when dealing with the enlarged scale of the countrywide petrol stations in terms of security management. Hence, an upgrade and restructure of the surveillance system was planned, and BPCL

82 22

NOV / DEC 2012


Dec. 9-11 RICEC Riyadh Saudi Arabia Booth No.H 26

Dec. 1-4 Cairo International Convention Center, Hall 4 Booth No. BB20

focused on the options of Internet-based surveillance application that

our experience, it has served well for projects based in the Indian

could support more functions and easier management for its wide

context. That is why it was an obvious choice for us when we were

scale of surveillance deployment between the massive branches.

implementing the BPCL retail petrol pump project."


solution for long-term recording and heavy megapixel recording. In

All in all, the VS-2008 Pro earns the heart of BPCL as a turnkey

In the end, QNAP® VioStor NVR VS-2008 Pro was chosen for

BPCL’s new surveillance system with some major concerns in mind. Firstly, the VS-2008 Pro is Linux-based system supports quick configurations without a PC for monitoring IP cameras over the network. The stand-alone NVR feature greatly benefited operation

the first stage of this project, BPCL deployed a total of 900 units VioStor NVR VS-2008 Pro for its petrol stations in India.


QNAP® VioStor NVR VS-2008 Pro has successfully turned

efficiency for security administrators. Secondly, the easiness of

BPCL surveillance system into an advanced network appliance

system configuration and management surprised BPCL that just a

and structure, and effectively helped BPCL with the large-scale

few simple steps were required to complete the setup. This feature

surveillance tasks for better environment monitoring and improved

was important to BPCL especially in such a large scale deployment

employee and customer security at the different petrol stations in the

as its surveillance upgrade and restructure project carried out. In


addition, the web-based user interface makes system management

“I am happy to be part of this project and had a deep, face-to-face

so simple and convenient that it helps security administrators relieve

conversation with the staff of one of the BPCL petrol stations,” said

part of the burden from their daily work and greatly improve their

Andrew Yu, product manager of QNAP Security. “They were very

working efficiency. Finally, the VS-2008 Pro supports multi-server

satisfied with the VS-2008 Pro in aspects of performance, compact

monitoring. Thanks to the Dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor the

and handy hardware design, and ease of local monitoring and

VS-2008 Pro provides exceptional performance, allowing better

playback on the screen by connecting a USB mouse. Through this

scalability by connecting to other VioStor NVRs to monitor up to 128

project, I hope people could easily understand the functionality and

channels. This Intel-inside model provides extreme flexibility to BPCL

convenience of local display.”

on the surveillance deployment based on different milestones of the

BPCL also gained many benefits in aspect of management,

project and, at the same time, allows easy surveillance expansion in

including 20-25% cost reduction of operation and administration

terms of affordable hardware investment in the long-term.

of each petro station, 15-20% increase in productivity. Moreover, it

"The QNAP NVR is robust and scalable, provides an HDMI output, supports multiple streams from an IP camera, and is

fulfilled an enhanced central monitoring from the head office, resulting in better efficient surveillance management. █

ONVIF compliant," says Vivek Bagri, CEO of Livedarshan. "In

For more information, please contact QNAP E-mail: TEL: +886-2-2641-2000 FAX: +886-2-2641-0555 All brand and product names referred to are trademarks of their respective holders. *Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact QNAP for updated information.


NOV / DEC 2012

22 83

Company Spotlight


About Amegia Amegia is an ODM/OEM-oriented business unit that dedicates itself in the integration and customization solutions of surveillance products for our partners, including the design, research & development, manufacturing, software implementation, and global standard compliance. Our range of standard products can be customized and made to fit our clients’ needs and demands. Amegia manufactures a full range of products, from low-cost indoor cameras designed for home use with effortless setup process and mobility access, up to highly professional surveillance ones with top features for different environments utilizations. Our solutions allow our partners to offer at their local market extensive solution coverage, satisfying the needs and services required by their clients. We commit ourselves to be compliant with global standards such as ONVIF and also matching the latest trends in technologies like Full HD/HD and mobility access in iPhone and Android phones. Meeting up with the market challenges and demands is our mission in our products. We continuously supply IP surveillance solutions that can support more technology platforms, becoming more scalable and cost-effective. Our engineer team has been in this business for more than 10 years so we have the ability to meet various demands for security, because we understand that surveillance issue is always different from one case to another. Our head office, assembly line, SMT Line, PCB Line, DIP Line, EMI Testing and testing chambers are located in Taiwan, with the high capacity to supply our clients worldwide.

Main Business • Network Cameras • Video Encoder • OEM/ODM customization & integration service • Customizable module solutions • Software/technology RTSP

Full HD PIR & Infrared Cubic Network Camera • Full HD 1080P 1/2.7” CMOS Megapixel @ 30 FPS • PIR for Motion Detection • Infrared LEDs for Night Vision • 11n WiFi connection with WPS button • H.264 and MJPEG Video Compression • Mobile App for iPhone and Android phones • Plug & Play for Home Users

TEL: 886 2 8228 6161 FAX: 886 2 8228 1200 E-mail: ADD: No.199, Lide St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 23556, Taiwan

Latest Products Full HD Varifocal Bullet Network Camera • Full HD 1080P 1/2.7” CMOS Megapixel @ 30 FPS • Mechanical ICR and Infrared LEDs for Night Vision • 11n WiFi connection, Power-over-Ethernet 802.3af • H.264 and MJPEG Video Compression • Varifocal Lens 3.3~12 mm • Multiple Streaming

84 22

NOV 2012


Full HD Box Network Camera • Full HD 1080P 1/2.7” CMOS Megapixel @ 30 FPS • Mechanical ICR and Infrared LEDs for Night Vision • 11n WiFi connection with WPS button • Power-over-Ethernet 802.3af • MicroSD Local Storage & Alarm Input Output • H.264 and MJPEG Video Compression • Multiple Streaming


Full HD 3X Axis Dome Network Camera • Full HD 1080P 1/2.7” CMOS Megapixel @ 30 FPS • 3X Axis Mechanism for easy installation and focusing • Mechanical ICR and Infrared LEDs for Night Vision • 11n WiFi connection, Power-over-Ethernet 802.3af • H.264 and MJPEG Video Compression • Varifocal Lens 3.3~12 mm • Multiple Streaming

Company Spotlight

HD Surveillance Total Solution

We always Link to the Future Technology! ADMiTAS CCTV founded by the group of the experienced CCTV engineers with the extensive understanding of the Video Security Technology. Since our establishment, we have been pursuing the goal to be a leading supplier in this field by unceasing efforts and to be a customer-friendly supplier of various CCTV products by innovative thinking.

Customer Satisfaction ADMiTAS CCTV makes everlasting effort to develop new technology and customize our solutions to address the unique needs of our customers. Complementing our extensive line of high quality products, ADMiTAS ensures our clients and partners could experience the extraordinary ODM/OEM cooperation and lifetime technical support of our products.

Core Capabilities ADMiTAS CCTV is focusing on both analogue and digital products and providing a complete product line and hybrid system integration based on innovative idea. We are devoting effort on the development of the network products, HD-SDI products as well as the analog products. We always think ahead of future market trend. Our Vision: always Link to the Future Technology!

Main Business •HD-SDI Camera & HD-SDI DVR •IP Megapixel Camera & NVR •Hybrid Solution •Analog Total Solution


Premium HD-SDI DVR with Full HD Recording • HD-SDI Video Recording • Full 1080p Recording @ Real-Time • Push Notice to Smart Phone • Support e-SATA Storage • Intelligent Search & Backup Method • Multiple POS machines supported • Hybrid CMS software for Analog and IP Camera Integration

ADVANCED MICRO TECHNOLOGY & SYSTEM CO., LTD TEL: 886 3 3460756 FAX: 886 3 3461856 E-mail: ADD: No.1071, Chung Cheng Road., Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C

Latest Products AHD-W3040F HD-SDI True Day/ Night IR Bullet Camera

ANVR-2916 Premium full HD recording NVR

ECL-208 2Megapixel IP IR Dome Camera (Eclipse series)

• Full HD up to 1920x1080 @30fps • HD-SDI Output/Analog Video Output • Fixed lens: 4mm or 6mm • IR Distance 30 meters • Mechanical IR Cut Filter • Superior WDR performance • Full function OSD control • RS-485 communication

• Support up to 16ch Megapixel IP cameras • Compatible with all kinds of browser • Support HD Recording • Support ONVIF, compatible with most major IP brands • Support Smart Phone Monitoring • Support e-SATA • Support Digital I/O

• 2 Megapixel CMOS Sensor • HD 1080p@ 25/30fps • Varifocal lens: 2.8~12mm • IR Distance 25 meters • Mechanical IR Cut Filter • Superior WDR performance • Remote Recording by HD NVR & SMS • Integrated Network Solution by CMS & Mobile Viewer • Email Notification with snapshot


NOV 2012

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Company Spotlight

Pro CCTV LCD Monitor All Made in Taiwan

Company strength Exland Technology Co.,Ltd established in 1983 and has been engaging in SMT service for more than 27 years and has become one of the most well-known manufacturers on SMT service in Taiwan. Exland has high-precision facilities and equipments and owns well experienced R&D and management teams to ensure to provide top quality products with customers and he is always sincerely and aggressive to serve his customers under the guideline and philosophy of company as [Quality Frist],[Customer Satisfaction] and [Sustainable Operation]. Nowadays, Exland’s products and services have been recognized and verified by lots of famous American and Japanese IT companies. The Surveillance Industry is prosperous and growing rapidly after America 911 terrorist attacks.With well experience and technology on the PCB of LCD Monitors, Exland decided to establish a new division the [Security Products Business Unit] to get involved in the CCTV LCD Monitors development and sales in 2003 . Nowadays, Exland has been top 5 of professional CCTV LCD Monitors manufacturers in Taiwan , having full range of CCTV LCD Monitors to meet different application on CCTV system.He has good sales not only in Taiwanese domestic market but also has exported CCTV LCD Monitors to Europe, the Americans, Africa and Asia Pacific as well. Furthermore, Exland also took the OEM/ODM business for those top 10 Surveillance Companies in the world.In order to expand the business, Exland will invest more manpower and money on new product development such as POS Monitors, Digital Signage Monitors, Marine Monitors and Touch Panel Monitors. Our vision is to become the most professional manufacturer in Industry Use LCD Monitors. In order to increase the production capacity and provide the advanced products and services with customers, Recent years, Exland has not only increased many well experienced technicians and talent managements but also build a new factory with about 12,000 ㎡ and has purchased the high speed SMT equipments. Exland will keep upgrading the production ability and enhancing the R&D capability based in Taiwan to offer the best products and services to all his worldwide customers.

Main Business • CCTV LCD Monitor • CCTV LED Monitor • Touch CCTV LCD Monitor • LCD Monitor ODM/OEM business • Electronic SMT service

22"/24"/27"/32"/42"/55" HD-SDI CCTV LED Monitor • Anti Burn-in function to Prevent LCD Panel from Burn-In. • 5 Scan image Ratios for Different CCTV Application. • Professional Design for CCTV 7-24 Operation. • HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI Digital Interface. • RS-232 for Exteral Controller or PTZ. • PIP & PBP & Alarm Trigger Function. • High Resolution Full HD (1920*1080) • BNC/S-Video/RCA Conectors

E  XLAND TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. TEL: 886 2 2274 6159 FAX: 886 2 2274 2484 E-mail: ADD: No.173-8, Yung-Fong Rd., TuCheng Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Latest Products 10"/15"/17"/19"/22"/24"/27"/32"/42"/55" Premium CCTV LCD Monitor (HDMI/BNC) • Professional Metal Design for CCTV 7-24 Operation. • 5 Scan image Ratios for Different CCTV Application. • Remote Controller with 9999 ID codes. • Digital Noise Reduction Function. • High Resolution (XGA to Full HD) • HDMI Input (DVI Comptible.) • BNC/S-Video/RCA Conectors • PIP & PBP Function.

86 22

NOV 2012

15"/17"/19"/22"/32" Touch Type CCTV LCD Monitor

17"/19" Value CCTV LCD Monitor (HDMI)

• Anti Burn-in function to Prevent LCD Panel from Burn-In. • Professional Design for CCTV 7-24 Operation. • Capacitive Type Touch Panel (USB Interface). • High Resolution (SXGA to Full HD ) • HDMI Input (DVI Comptible.) • BNC/S-Video/RCA Conectors • PIP & PBP Function.

• Anti Burn-in function to Prevent LCD Panel from Burn-In. • 5 Scan image Ratios for Different CCTV Application. • Professional Design for CCTV 7-24 Operation. • High Resolution SXGA(1 280x1024) • HDMI Input (DVI Comptible.) • BNC/S-Video/RCA Conectors


Company Spotlight


LILIN are dedicated to becoming one of the world's leading providers of IP Video solutions. At LILIN, we focus on delivering solutions that help our customers benefit from the latest IP technology. With a 30 year history as one of the World’s largest CCTV manufacturers, LILIN is now superbly positioned to transition from traditional CCTV systems to IP Video solutions. The first company in the World to introduce ONVIF compliant products, the migration from analogue to IP is simple with LILIN because many of the form factors, installation methods and menus remain the same. Our experience in CCTV has taught us how to make IP Products that are easy to install and easy to operate. The LILIN product line ranges from megapixel cameras, hybrid digital video recorders to standalone encoders and network digital recorders, and are still developing Analog products. LILIN is committed to innovation and technological excellence. With over 30 years experience, we continuously invest in Research and Development to maintain our reputation as a leading provider of IP video solutions. We also take pride in our commitment to perfect customer service. LILIN supports thousands of companies around the world with our products and services. All our customers appreciate we help them win business and support their reputation by delivering quality products exactly when they want them.

Why LILIN LILIN offers the perfect solution for unlimited applications. We can provide the IP Video solution and traditional analogue solution for any requirement, within any industry. With over 30 years experience in Research and Development we continuously strive to produce new products for customers around the world - the quality of our products has been tried and tested by many blue chip companies.

Main Business • Camera • IP Camera • Speed Dome • DVR • NVR

1080P Real-Time HD Video Decoder • 4-Channel 1080P Video Decoder • Display one/quad cameras out of 256 IP cameras without a PC • Remote playback on NVR series • TV wall application • IP camera configuration by importing database from CMX • IP camera recall without typing IP address • Virtual matrix • Multi touch screen support • Remote playback

TEL: 886 2 2298 8988 FAX: 886 2 2298 9077 E-mail: ADD: No.20, Wu-Kong 6 Rd., Wu-Ku Industrial Zone Wu-Ku Hsiang, Taipei, Taiwan

Latest Products D/N 3MP HD IP Camera IPG1032ES • Full HD 3.27 megapixel CMOS image sensor • H.264 and Motion JPEG multi-profile video streaming • Face / Tampering / Audio / Motion detection alarm function • 3D noise reduction (MCTF) • 2D WDR function • Digital PTZ supported • Day & Night (IR cut removable)


D/N 1080P HD Vari-Focal Dome IP Camera IPD2322ESX

D/N 1080P HD Vandal Resistant Dome IR IP Camera IPR6122ESX

• Full HD 2 megapixel CMOS image sensor • H.264 and Motion JPEG multi-profile video streaming • 3D noise reduction (MCTF) • 2D WDR function • Digital PTZ supported • Face / Tampering / Audio / Motion detection alarm function

• Full HD 2 megapixel CMOS image sensor • H.264 and Motion JPEG multi-profile video streaming • 3D noise reduction (MCTF) • 2D WDR function • Digital PTZ supported • Face / Tampering / Audio / Motion detection alarm function


NOV 2012

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Company Spotlight


VIVOTEK INC. VIVOTEK INC. (TAIEX: 3454), established in Taiwan in 2000, has quickly grown into a prestigious leading brand in the security industry. Known for delivering world-class IP surveillance solutions, VIVOTEK’s products are future-proof and highly reliable, facilitating the transition from traditional CCTV to wholly digital IP surveillance. Its comprehensive product lineup includes network cameras, video servers, NVR, and central management software. In 2006, VIVOTEK became a publicly traded company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange offering sales, support, and services over 80 countries through a wide network of distributors and system integrators. In 2007, VIVOTEK spun off its SoC division into a wholly-owned subsidiary, named VATICS, which focuses on development and sales of multimedia and intelligent video/audio SoCs. To keep pace with rapid sales growth, VIVOTEK USA was established in California in 2008 to offer sales, support and service. Through more than 150 authorized distributors in over 80 countries, a broad array of the products are successfully deployed by security dealers, telecoms and system integrators for a variety of applications and projects such as banking, city surveillance, hotel, transportation, retail, and more.

VIVOTEK Star 5MP Outdoor Fisheye Network Camera FE8172V • 5MP, 1080p Full HD • 180° Panoramic View and 360° Surround View • Removable IR-cut Filter • EN50155 for Mobile Surveillance • H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG • WDR Enhancement • Vandal-proof and IP66 Housing • ePTZ • PoE, MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot • Pixel Calculator

Main Business • Network Cameras • Video Servers • Network Video Recorder • Central Management Software

VIVOTEK INC. TEL: 886 2 8245 5282 FAX: 886 2 8245 5532 E-mail: ADD: 6F, No.192, Lien-Cheng Rd., Chung-Ho, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Latest Products 5MP Outdoor Bullet Network Camera IP8372

Ultra-mini 1MP Fixed Dome Network Camera FD8136

1MP Pan/Tilt Dome Network Camera PD8136

• 5MP, 1080p Full HD • Removable IR-cut Filter • Built-in 30M IR Illuminators • H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG • WDR Enhancement • Smart Focus System • IP67, PoE • MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot • Cable Management

• 1MP, 30 fps @ 1280x800 • H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG • PoE, MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot • Compact and Stylish Design • Easy Installation

• 1MP, 30 fps @ 1280x800 • 360° Pan & 80° Tilt for Wide Area Monitoring • Compact, Elegant Design • H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG • PoE, MicroSD/SDHC/ SDXC Card Slot

88 22

NOV 2012


Company Spotlight


A leading security camera manufacturer from Taiwan X-Core Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 1999. We have over a decade experience of supplying our customers with the latest, reliable and cost-effective video products. With customers all around the world and in all the major markets of North America, West Europe and pan-Asia, we are experts in providing the most efficient solutions according to each particular market demands.

From analog to HD-SDI, X-Core cameras are built to last All of X-Core cameras are 100% developed and produced by our in-house R&D team and manufacturing. By using the best components available and keeping the power consumption as low as possible, we supply our customers with products that work flawlessly for years. According to the latest market demands, this year we developed a line of 2.0 mega pixel HD-SDI cameras that upgrade the security coverage of traditional analog systems to a superior level of detail and clarity. Combined with HD-SDI DVR, we provide a complete HD CCTV solution of the highest quality and durability.

Customized OEM/ODM designs go for wide applications We focus on providing our customers with the best service, before, during, and after the sale. Based on our professional backgrounds, we can tailor a solution for our customers according to their unique requirements. With design and manufacturing flexibility, X-Core cameras are used in a wide array of applications, such as video communication, industrial, health care, robotics, transportations and other fields using video technology.

Main Business • HD-SDI Security Camera • Full HD Standalone DVR • Hybrid HD / Analog DVR • 700TVL Analog Camera

2.0MP SONY HD-SDI OSD Box Camera • Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p @ 30 fps • 2.0 mega pixel 1/2.8” SONY Exmor CMOS sensor • Controlled by OSD menu in 4 languages • ACCE, Smart-NR, 30X Sens-up • LPR, HSBLC, LSC, DPC, Defog • True day & night with mechanical ICR • SDI & CVBS video out

X-CORE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. TEL: 886 2 8227 3567 FAX: 886 2 8227 3577 E-mail: ADD: 2F-3, No. 268, Liancheng Rd., Junghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan

Latest Products HD-SDI Vandal Proof IR Dome Camera

HD-SDI Outdoor IR Bullet Camera

• Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p @ 30 fps • 2.0 mega pixel 1/2.8” SONY Exmor CMOS sensor • ACCE, 3DNR, 30X Sens-up, LSC, Defog • True day & night with mechanical ICR • 25 meters infrared LED projection • Vari-focal 2.8~12mm auto iris lens • IP66 weatherproof enclosure • SDI & CVBS video out

• Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p @ 30 fps • 2.0 mega pixel 1/2.8” SONY Exmor CMOS sensor • ACCE, 3DNR, 30X Sens-up, LSC, Defog • True day & night with mechanical ICR • 30 meters infrared LED projection • Mega pixel CS mount lens • IP66 weatherproof enclosure • SDI & CVBS video out


NOV 2012

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Company Spotlight


The No.1 manufacturer of the professional surveillance camera around the world ! Established in 1992, YOKO Technology Corp. is now a well-known professional video surveillance system manufacturer in Taiwan. We have been dedicating to R&D, manufacturing and marketing of video surveillance products. Accumulating 17 years of efforts, we have taken advantage of the vast experience in our core technologies in CCTV field. YOKO has grown to be a world-renowned video surveillance system manufacturer. According to the studies of a famous market survey institute in Japan, YOKO had become the No. 1 manufacturer of the professional surveillance camera around the world in 2004. Our strong R&D team always devotes efforts to the full range of CCTV products. All of YOKO merchandise are derived from a precise design, manufacturing and testing process which assures good functions, stable quality, fast and punctual delivery, as well as competitive pricing. We have hence gained a prestigious success and recognition among our customers in the world. YOKO has grown to be a high-tech manufacturer and integrator of video surveillance system. In order to provide better service to our customers and accommodate to YOKO's rapid growth, we relocated our business headquarters to a new site in September 2005. In the future, we will continue to build up the channels and locations necessary for YOKO to become the world leader in CCTV equipment.

Main Business YOKO has successfully developed a variety of HD-SDI Camera, CCTV Camera, HD& Multiplex DVR, Portable Security Recorder, IP Surveillance, Vehicle Recorder, GPS Tracker, Wireless Surveillance system with Solar Powered and other peripherals to meet all requirements from customers. It is the best solution for " one-stop shopping ".

4CH Full HD DVR- Super High Quality Real-Time Recorder ( RYK-9274 ) • 4CH Video/Audio HD-SDI Interface HD real time recording • H.264 compression ideal for saving HDD space • 2 USB ports for mouse usage and backup • Supports Internet Explorer with same GUI as DVR site • 3G/GPRS mobile surveillance system • Built-in HDMI output

YOKO TECHNOLOGY CORP. TEL: 886 2 8228 6161 FAX: 886 2 8228 6880 E-mail: ADD: No.199, Lide St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 23556, Taiwan R.O.C.

Latest Products HD-SDI Camera ( RYK-H231 )

IP Camera ( RYK- IP4D31/1 )

IP Camera ( RYK- IP3802 )

• 1/2.8”Color Sony Exmor 3.0 Megapixel CMOS • 1080p Full HD Resolution Support • Real Time Video up to 30FPS • 18x Optical Zoom • Built-in IR Cut Removable(ICR) Model

• D Series • 1/3”Sony Exmor Progressive CMOS Sensor • 3.0 Megapixel Resolution • WDR Application • 3-AXIS Mechanism Design

• 8 Series • 1/2.7”Progressive CMOS Sensor • 2.0 Megapixel Resolution • Built in IR-CUT Removable (ICR) Module • 1080P up to 30FPS

90 22

NOV 2012


Company Spotlight Network Camera

Stand-alone H.264 NVR / IP Camera / IP Speed Dome Established in 2004 is a specialized surveillance CCTV manufacturer with core competiveness in hardware R&D and software innovations. Our products include smart dome cameras (PTZ-DOME), infrared radiant cameras (IR-CAMERA), network cameras (IP-CAM), digital video recorders (DVR), standalone network video recorders (NVR). All these products have been used for individuals, schools, hospitals, constructions, business enterprises. With the newest embedded Linux operating system utilized in our NVR products for megapixel recording and high performance real-time monitoring. Our objective is to offer partners and customers with stable and innovative surveillance CCTV solutions to build up the complete security surveillance environment. After eight years since established, FaceID has been continuously offered our customers with product quality and reliability to achieve 100% satisfaction on service perfections and successfulness, and we will continue to do so in the next era of high definition network surveillance solutions with professionalism and innovations.


NOV 2012

Main Business • Stand-alone H.264 NVR • IP Camera • IP Speed Dome



TEL : 886 2 2809 6076 FAX : 886 2 2624 2040 E-Mail : ADD : 7F., NO.69-2, Sec.2, Zhongzheng E. Rd., Danshui Dist., New Taipei City 25170, Taiwan(R.O.C)

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Company Spotlight HDcctv Accessories

GoMax Electronics, Inc. Your best HDcctv OEM/ODM partner around the world! GoMax Electronics was founded on April 7, 2006 and has focused on professional video and audio system design, development, and

Main business: •SDI Splitter/Repeater (up to 3G) •SDI Scaler/Format Converters (up to 3G) •Real time Quad-view Mixer (up to 3G)

HowGoMax GoMaxvarifies varifiesSDI SDIquality? quality? How

•Turnkey Solution (up to 3G)

manufacturing. We dedicate ourselves to provide the core value of ODM business of various video processors and converters to our customers.With experienced engineers with PhD/Master degrees,

•Signal generator (up to 3G)

GoMax has excellent research skills and knowledge in audio

•SDI 5.7” LCD Monitor (up to 3G)

processing, high performance video systems based on FPGA, excellent firmware developing and system integration. In response to the growing demands, GoMax keeps accumulating good experiences in teamwork, advanced technologies and wellplanned finance. GoMax aims to become a leader in A/V system design and innovative high-end products in Taiwan.

Here atat GoMax, we develope our SDI products base on ”Eye Here GoMax, we develope our SDI products diagram”, we follow standard HD-SDI quality that the UI base on ”Eye diagram”, we follow standard HDratio should be lower than 1.0UI, and 3G-SDI should be SDI lower quality than 2.0UIthat the UI ratio should be lower than 1.0UI, and 3G-SDI should be lower than 2.0UI

GOMAX ELECTRONICS, INC. TEL: 886 3 668 1958 FAX: 886 3 668 1908 E-mail:

CV-300S New product

SDI to Composite Scaler Converter (up to 3G)

SDI Monitor

∙ Input video support: [3G] 1080p @50/59.94/60Hz [HD] 720p @50/59.94/60Hz, 1080i @50/59.94/60Hz, 1080p @24/30Hz [SD] NTSC @59.94Hz, PAL @50Hz ∙ NTSC/PAL output available ∙ 1x CVBS + 2x BNC [Audio R-L] + 1x BNC[SDI Loopout] ∙ OSD control interface ∙ Input bandwidth 2.970Gpbs ∙ Output maximum pixel rate : 165MHz ∙ Supports nosie reduction and video enhancement features ∙ Active video area adjustment supported






fix output at 10800P

CV-308S New product

SDI to Multi-signal Scaler Converter (up to 3G)

4 HDcctv Cameras

∙ Input video support: [3G] 1080p @50/59.94/60Hz [HD] 720p @50/59.94/60Hz, 1080i @50/59.94/60Hz, 1080p @24/30Hz [SD] NTSC @59.94Hz, PAL @50Hz ∙ DVI, SDI, VGA, NTSC, PAL output available ∙ 1x CVBS + 2x BNC [Audio R-L] + 1x BNC[SDI Loopout] ∙ OSD control interface ∙ Input bandwidth 2.970Gpbs ∙ Output maximum pixel rate : 165MHz ∙ Supports nosie reduction and video enhancement features ∙ Active video area adjustment supported





GoMax Electronics, Inc. TEL:+886-3-668-1958 / FAX:+886-3-668-1908   /  E-Mail: 92 22

NOV 2012


Company Spotlight Network Camera

A Leading Provider and Trusted Partner for Industrial Video Networking Solutions

Main Business •Complete Edge-to-Core Industrial Ethernet Solutions •Computing Solutions for Industrial Applications •Wide Range of Serial Connectivity Solutions •Remote Automation Solutions for IP-Based Networks •IP Surveillance Solutions for

Established in 1987, Moxa has been a pioneer and reliable provider of industrial networking, computing, automation and video solutions, providing thousands of quality products and value-added services to help our customers achieve success. Industrial systems integrators have relied on Moxa’s world-class industrial networking products, accessible through a network of certified distributors and value-added resellers in over 60 countries, in major device networking installations all over the world. Clients place great trust in Moxa's business and environmental practices, which are backed by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certification.

Industrial Applications

Industrial-Grade Reliability for Extreme Conditions As a leading provider of rugged IP surveillance solutions with superior video image quality, Moxa provides an array of product solutions that include rugged IP cameras, video encoders, and DVRs/NVRs. Moxa’s IP surveillance products feature a wide operating temperature range (-40 to 75°C), without the need for a heater or fan, level 3 EMI/EMC protection, IP66 rain and dust protection, key industrial certifications (EN 50212/50155, NEMA TS2, ATEX Zone 2/ Class 1 Div. 2), and are robust enough to deliver non-stop IP video streaming and recording functionality for extreme video surveillance applications, including oil and gas, railway, ITS, and city traffic systems.


NOV 2012

MOXA INC. TEL: 886 2 8919 1230 FAX: 886 2 8919 1231 E-mail:

22 93

Company Spotlight Network Camera

We position ourselves as “Surveillance Innovator, to provide safety and peace of mind, anytime, anywhere” ZAVIO Logo Color: Black: 85%

Founded in 2006, ZAVIO has been one of the earlier surveillance companies focusing purely on IP. We have come a long way since then, and are now proud to present a wide range of new products that reflect our dedication to innovation, quality and continuous improvement. We do not aim to be a leader on specifications, but to provide the best value for the money to our customers, and more importantly, we put customer service as our first priority. This is why major brands worldwide have also chosen ZAVIO as their OEM/ODM partner, and helped to make ZAVIO one of the world’s largest true manufacturers of IP cameras.

94 22

NOV 2012

• Power over Ethernet • MicroSD card local storage • Analog video output • IP67 weatherproof • Protected cable

• IP Cameras • Video Encoders • IP Video Solutions

ZAVIO INC. TEL: 886 3 579 0275 FAX: 886 3 668 6845 E-mail: ADD: 2F, No.13, R&D Rd. II, Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan

ZAVIO B5111 • HD 720p real-time • Multiple H.264, MPEG-4 & MJPEG video streams • Automatically removable IR-cut filter • High power IR LED illuminators with adjustable brightness and 15m range

Main Business


Storage Academy

Submitted by Seagate

Choosing the Right Hard Drive for Your Application When selecting a hard drive, it is important to consider your system’s workload, configuration, capacity requirements and drive count.


ed, silver, white, blue. The promise of flexibility, capacity and performance. Names that reference nature’s fiercest predators. These are characteristics reflected by the dozens of hard drives on the market today. But what do these qualities reveal about the capabilities of a hard drive, and how can professionals choose the best drive for a particular surveillance application?

capacity optimized 2TB and 3TB enterprise drives well-suited for bulk-data centers, enterprise external storage arrays, cloud storage and centralized surveillance systems. Constellation ES drives offer the highest performance on sequential read/write applications (6Gb/s on SAS and SATA) and enterprise-class reliability. They also feature government-grade encryption to secure critical data, enhance RAID functionality, and possess best-inComparison of Drive Offerings class rotational and linear vibration tolerance for environProducts like the Seagate® Pipeline HD® drives are ments with high drive counts. optimal examples of hard drives designed primarily for For professionals seeking a drive to support a consumer electronics environments, including DVRs, mainstream SDVR application, Seagate SV35 Series™ home theater PCs and media centers. The Pipeline drives offer the industry’s only surveillance-optimized HD drive is the industry’s leading consumer video platform for this setup. These drives offer a dedicated storage device thanks to its 24/7 quiet operation, energy design at only a slight cost premium over budget-priced efficiency, competitive pricing and world-class reliability. desktop drives. With 1TB-per-disk technology, they With capacities up to 2TB, low power consumption provide cost-effective capacities up to 3TB and increased and cool operation, these drives can be useful for small video rates enabled by the SATA 6Gb/s interface. SV35 embedded surveillance systems with low camera counts Series drives are designed for 24/7 surveillance applicaand can stream up to 12 simultaneous HD streams to tions and maintain one million hours MTBF. Operation is support multiple camera feeds. enhanced with 64MB of cache, a new dual-core processor On the opposite end of the spectrum are high-end and surveillance-optimized write caching, making products like Seagate Constellation® ES drives — them ideal for surveillance environments with up to six drives that demand high performance and HD streaming support. SV35 Series drives are Constellation® Pipeline Design Considerations SV35 Series™ fine-tuned for these high-write workloads. ES HD® Cool Operation Low Drive Count Embedded DVR High Performance Surveillance-Optimized High Drive Count IP-Oriented Infrastructure Rack-Mount Surveillance Storage System Data Encryption Mid-Drive Count HDCCTV Infrastructure Mainstream DVR

98 22

NOV / DEC 2012

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With the many products on the market, knowing your system’s storage needs is key. Choosing a hard drive with application-specific features will contribute to greater performance and overall value.

ü ü ü ü ü

For more information, please visit


24-26 April, 2013 Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taiwan

Economic turbulence? 560 original security manufacturers are here to give you value-added solutions! Meet with original security manufacturers once a year to keep your business competitive in the challenging market. • New Launch

Prime original security makers from Taiwan, Korea, China, etc. to launch the latest products here!

• Diverse Display

Complete product lines from key components, devices to solutions

• One-stop Shopping

Electronic security and fire & safety for your local needs

• Application/ Integration/ Solutions

Cutting-edge conferences and fringe events to update technology innovation

• Search Partners and Check Factory in Person

Enjoy compatible partners sourcing along with factory visiting in the same trip

Exhibit profiles: •IP Surveillance Systems •HD SDI Surveillance Systems •Vehicle Security/ Parking Equipments •Biometrics •Fire & Safety

•Intrusion Detection/ Alarms •Management Software •Access Control Systems •Intercoms / Home & Building Automation •Key Components

Register early at to enjoy fast track entry!

Security OEM/ODM seekers say,

“Secutech is our must-visit show even under economic depression.” The security market is severely impacted by economic recession in 2012 but it didn’t influence security insiders’ determination to visit Secutech in person. Why ? Check key buyers’ sharing from their biz trips to Secutech 2012! Morocco / Ahmed Badda, General Manager of Damas Computers At Secutech, I learnt about the IP surveillance offer in the market. I compared products and talked to exhibitors about technical aspects of their IP solutions. Alongside, conferences helped me better decide the right choice between analogue and IP for my market. If my budget allows only one visit to an international security products fair, it would be, without any hesitation Secutech. Cutting on expenses is a must in this time. Yet, you cannot develop your business without seeing your manufacturer in person at least once a year.

Israel / Avi Bareket, CEO of Anteco Security Systems It‘s very important to meet manufacturers. I see them every year and check their manufacturing halls. Secutech is a very professional and quality exhibition. Most of the presenters are professional, businesslike and provide the solutions you are looking for. The exhibition is welcoming and I try not to miss it. I highly recommend the exhibition and it is one of the best quality ones in the field.

Spain / ShuangSheng Xu, Product Manager of Visiotech In economic turbulence, it is even more important to visit manufacturers to lower costs and offer the most competitive products at the most competitive price. I sourced all kind of accessories and products related to CCTV business at Secutech 2012.

Australia / Warren Simmons, Director of Eye-Tech Pty Ltd. Secutech has a good range of manufacturers, mostly with reasonable or good quality products. It is important to be able to talk with the engineers and others who know and understand the market.

Turkey / Rustu Arseven, General Manager of Tesan Iletisim Face-to-face negotiations/meetings are very important. Even though the economic environement is not good, meeting partners in person at least once a year is helpful. Secutech 2012 provided us with enough options of IP solutions. Addtionally, I found one OEM partner here!

Organizer Contact: Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd. Ms. Lois Lee Email: Tel: +886-2-2659-9080 Ext. 358

Zoom in on HD-SDI at Secutech !

Awareness of HD-SDI has been growing since its inception in 2009. Market penetration, however, has been less than stellar, due to component/system availability, pricing structure and deliverability issues. Luckily, a number of dedicated chipset and solution providers have been working tirelessly to offer more affordable packages that address compatibility, transmission, storage and display challenges. One of the vertical segments that would particularly benefit from this technology is financial/banking, which has extensive proprietary analog infrastructure and above-average HD requirements. As such, Secutech will host the world’s largest HD-SDI pavilion in April 24-26 2013, featuring the industry’s first live demo of HD-SDI solutions in a simulated bank environment. Take a sneak peek at what’s on offer at this exciting event now!


GKB has launched its line of full HD-S DI cameras and 4CH SDI DVR / HD Hybrid DVR series! GKB HD-SDI series provides a variety of real-time H.264 hybrid DVR solutio n, including 4CH SD I & 2CH HD / 8CH SDI & 2CH HD / 4CH SDI & 12CH HD . O th er fe at ur es in cl ud e he xa pl ex op er at io n fo r maximum recordin g and playback ab ility, Ethernet to support remote ac cess through IE brow ser, proprietary software, email no tification, and FTP file storage. In addition, it suppor ts remote access th rough mobile phone/PDA/ tablet s with free iOS/Andr oid apps. The latest GKB te chnology provides clear images over smooth trans mission with its un ique two-way audio capabilities.

Booth No. : M700 Contact: sales@gk bs

Hi Sharp HS-HDC103

PS The Hi Sharp HD camera series offers HD 720P@60F be can and full HD 1080P@30/60FPS resolution which al sent as high definition images over standard coaxi re, tructu cable. In using an existing coaxial cable infras to it is a cost effec tive and labor saving solution HD an migrate from a typical analogue system to are performance system that would favourably comp to a newly installed IP network camera system. e Designed to increase the cameras degree of imag capture, it offers a wider area to enhance monitoring anual accuracy. This series of cameras adopts DC/m its (C/CS-mount) lens and performs 30x sense up on built image sensor. Each of the HD-SDI cameras has a ce in in removable IR-cut filter for good performan both day and night mode. with The Hi Sharp HD cameras have been designed of range the de-fog and mirror functions widening potential applications. 4V / The series of cameras offers a dual power (AC2 ent DC12V) input to suit most power sources at differ te remo by d sites. The cameras can be controlle controller via an RS485 interface.

Booth No. : M712 Contact:

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NOV / DEC 2012

22 115


NOV / DEC 2012

22 119

Expertise in security exhibitions worldwide.

International Security Expo

International Security Expo 24-26 April 2013 Taipei,Taiwan

28 Feb.-2 March 2013 Mumbai,India

3-5 July 2013 Bangkok,Thailand

21-23 August 2013 Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam

15-17 January 2013 Dubai,UAE

15-17 August 2012 Buenos Aires,Argentina

5 -7 June 2013 Buenos Aires,Argentina

a&s Asia Nov/Dec. 2012 (Trial Version)  

The No. 1 Security Magazine for Professional Buyers in Asia.

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