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Aside from regular or IT-based distributors and systems integrators, service providers are now becoming major channels for cube cameras as well, since these compact devices can be easily supplied to their clients with minimum hassle.

Service Providers Become Major Players Service providers, especially communication service providers, are now becoming major channel players as they are able to combine home security, home automation, and home energy management into one integrated service for their clients. To provide such a complete package, some requirements that service providers look for when selecting cube cameras include efficient image compression technology to

ensure smooth video quality on mobile surveillance; excellent integration with platforms of end devices; and easy installation and configuration for cost-effectiveness. “Considering the limited network bandwidth, efficient image compression technology is able to ensure good image quality without consuming excessive bandwidth and also to ensure smooth monitoring on mobile devices. Also, considering that cube cameras might be connected to different types of recorders with different video management software at the back end, having excellent integration with existing platforms is important,” explained Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK. Service providers also take a different approach in terms of business strategy compared to manufacturers and

distributors, who focus primarily on selling just the hardware. Due to the nature of how service providers operate, it is important they find a suitable supplier. “In general, telecom service providers and security service providers seek profit by charging monthly fees rather than selling products. Accordingly, they take video surveillance equipment as an extra service but not their main business. Their target is mostly the public consumers, which means ‘easy to use’ should be the number one consideration for products. Due to the many different platforms or IT infrastructure they use, the products’ compatibility, reliable R&D capability, and credible manufacturing image delivery are some crucial factors for them to choose their preferable video surveillance manufacturer,” added Wu

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