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cube cameras Garner major support from service Providers Having the advantage of bundling home surveillance with other services they provide to homeowners, service providers are slowly gaining market share through cube cameras. n by the a&s editorial department


xternally, cube cameras appear to be similar, if not identical, to DIY cameras; yet, they are capable of performing the duties of professional surveillance cameras at a much more affordable price, as well as in a much more discreet manner. “Cube cameras are more like a consumer commodity, which is very susceptible to prices. SMB or residential markets are price sensitive to cube cameras, and they always seek low-cost solutions,” added Ervin Wang, Sales Director of Messoa Technologies. For regular homeowners or owners of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), they want to have the option of increasing security without breaking the bank. As much as price is an important factor to customers, price is equally important to manufacturers. “Bear this in mind, manufacturers can well balance the product price and performance by optimizing the cost control, product manufacturing, logistics, and sales channel,” stated Adler Wu, Product Marketing Manager at Hikvision Digital

Technology. For service providers, they are able to shift the weight of product cost to their services to balance things out. “On the other side, take cloud service as an example, the product cost can be allocated as a monthly service charge. The focus here has been transferred to service rather than product price itself.”

Cube cameras are more like a consumer commodity, which is very susceptible to prices. Ervin Wang, Sales Director, Messoa Technologies


FEB 2014

diffErEnt channEls, diffErEnt rEquirEmEnts Cube cameras are based on IP infrastructures so having sufficient network knowledge is vital, since most end users will likely encounter obstacles when configuring their cameras. “IT-based distributors that we target offer a completely different customer base from the traditional video surveillance distributors or installers, so this is something we certainly benefit from. Also with their IT background, they require less training and could help their customers better with their IT knowledge,” said Wang.


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