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New, Long-distance, HD-SDI Well-prepared for the Market Editor’s Note:

Though the IP market has exponentially grown, there is still demand for analog systems, which can be seen with the recent fast-development of HD-over-coaxial solutions. As one of these solutions, HD-SDI has upgraded in long-distance transmission within 300 meters. This new generation HD-SDI has overcome previous difficulties in long-distance transmission, and more importantly, has become more cost effective. This new and long-distance HD-SDI will soon be able to compete with other HD analog solutions in the market, which still tend to keep their legacy coaxial cables. In the following, follow we feature long-distance HD-SDI chipsets, along with their cameras and DVRs.

EYENIX EN331A EX-SDI TRANSCEIVER Long Reach Solution using VLC,up to 450 m (RG59)

T Serial digital digit di gital al I/F: I/F: 2.97 2.97 Gbps, Gbps, 1.485 48 Gbps, Gb bps, 270 27 70 Mbps; Mbps Mbp Tx • Serial PHY with cable driver; Rx PHY with equalizer • Parallel I/F: BT.1120 (10/20 bit) • JPEG based codec • Visual lossless: PSNR ≥ 40dB • Fixed latency: 100 us (20 HD lines) or less • Audio ADC/DAC interface (TVL320) Supplier: Eyenix URL:

he EN331 is capable of transmitting and receiving SDI serial data. It supports 2.97 Gbps, 1.485 Gbps, and 270 Mbps with numerous user-adjustable functions such as an audio de-embedder, ancillary detector, CRC checker, and so on. It is a visually lossless codec for long-reach solutions, reducing transmission bandwidth carried on existing cables such as RG59 and UTP. It can compress images from 2.97 Gbps to 1.485 bps (50 percent) as well as from 1.48 5bps to 270 Mbps (18 percent). It guarantees high-quality video regardless of the complexity of the input image. The average PSNR is above 40 dB and the end-to-end latency is 100us or less. High-quality audio and commands can go down-stream and up-stream to the camera side. Up-stream requires an additional LPF circuit or ecologic cable driver. Thus, PTZ and bi-directional audio are easily carried out with audio analog devices. With the virtual wire function, broadly used interfaces like Pelco, UART, and SPI can be achieved retaining the current seamless user experience as if it is connected directly. It supports HDcctv 2.0 as well as virtual-4 wires.



he GV7700 is a serial digital video transmitter for high definition (HD) component video. The GV7700 is capable of transmitting HD video at compressed 270 Mbs or an uncompressed 1.485 Gbs over 75 Ω coaxial cable, or differently over 100 Ω twisted pair cable. The GV7700 integrates the HD visually lossless codec (HD-VLC) technology, which has been developed specifically to reduce the transmission data rate of HD video over both coaxial and unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. This is achieved by encoding the HD video, normally transmitted at a serial data rate of 1.485 Gbs, to the same rate as standard definition (SD) video, at 270 Mbs serial data rate. At 270 Mbs, the effect of cable loss is reduced, resulting in much longer cable transmission. For 75 Ω coaxial cable, cable reach can be extended up to 3x the normal reach when transmitting at 1.485 Gbs. In typical video over coaxial installations, when paired up with Semtech’s GV7704 HD-VLC receiver, cable distances of up to 400 meters are possible. * The solution will be released next year



DEC 2014



• Serial digital video transmitter for HD video surveillance and HDcctv applications • Multi-rate operation: 270 Mb/s, 540Mb/s, 1.485Gb/s and 3Gb/s • Supports HDcctv 1.0, HD-SDI (ST 292) and 3G-SDI (ST 424) • Integrated high definition visually lossless CODEC (HD-VLC) for extended cable reach: 400 m over Belden 543945 CCTV coax; 100 m over Cat-5e/6 UTP cable • Configurable 50/75Ω cable driver output, for both coaxial and twisted pair cable transmission • Downstream multi-rate audio and ancillary data insertion Supplier: Semtech - Gennum Products URL:



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