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secutech Awards Speak Volumes About Asian Manufacturing Excellence

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aking a look at the finalists in this year’s secutech Awards, it was discovered that manufacturers across the globe were pretty much concerned with the same things. From 4K, H.265, and fisheye products to HD-over-coaxial, which was launched by Asian manufacturers to begin with, we get the sense that Asian manufacturing is catching up at rapid speed. Testing results of 4K products showed that high resolution was the key advantage featured on frontend cameras. Of course, improvements need to be made on transmission and storage. There were quite a few UHD IP camera participants this year, and we have identified several features that they share in common, including 8M resolution, intelligence, edge storage plus management software, and automatic adjustment of resolution. It looks like everyone is now shifting their focus to high-end IP cameras to increase profitability.

We’ve also tested several NVRs, which have progressed noticeably in terms of compatibility, ease of use, and functionality, allowing users to truly “plug and play.” Asian manufacturing over the past two years have really strengthened their software development capability. Unsurprisingly, there were many HD-over-coaxial products. Price varied according to the type of image sensor used, which ultimately played a role on quality. If you only look at the price, you will definitely be disappointed. Meanwhile, transmission distance did not live up to what was promised by the manufacturers. You really have to test the product out before buying it. The grade and quality of the coaxial cable should also be taken into consideration. Overall, Asian manufacturers have caught up with the new technologies. In the areas of software development and products’ ease of use, they have made much progress, too.

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As for H.265, it indeed was able to compress files by 50 percent. With smaller file sizes, high-resolution products are expected to find more applications and market acceptance.

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