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19 Aralık 2013

Daily Trip Our reporters talked to the school trip manager Mr. Tino Q: Hello Mr. Tino. How long have you been working at Piri Reis? 14 Years. Q: Which school trip do you think was the best? I think the best trip was a year ago's Kapadokya and Antalya. Q: Where are we going for trip this year? The first is Ankara and the second one will be Çanakkale. Q: What is the program of the trip? The program of Ankara trip is to visit first the Ancient Parlement, the new one, the mosauleum of Atatürk and the museum. !1

19 Aralık 2013

Q: Do you think it's an interesting school trip? Yes very interesting and every student should go yo these trips. Q: The last question, how many languages do you speak? I speak 5 languages.

Reportage: Remi APOTHELOZ


Nureddin KARACA


Where Do You

Want To Go?

7 students


2 students


1 student

Zindan Island

4 students



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