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Programme & Exhibition Guide 2014 Information Innovators:

Librarians evolving in the digital environment 27-28th February 2014 Radisson Blu Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8

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A Welcome Welcome to the Academic & Special Libraries Section of the Library Association of Ireland Annual Conference & Exhibition 2014. We hope you enjoy your time at the conference and take the opportunity to network with colleagues, view the poster exhibition and visit sponsors’ and exhibitors’ stands.

Organising committee Marie G. Cullen (National University of Ireland Maynooth); Lorraine Curran (Houses of the Oireachtas); Jessica Eustace-Cook (Trinity College Dublin); Laoise Doherty (Royal Irish Academy of Music); Caitríona Honohan (Contemporary Music Centre); Dr. Eva Hornung (CDETB Curriculum Development Unit/Trinity College Dublin); Seán Hughes (Trinity College Dublin); Erin O’Mahony (Houses of the Oireachtas); Sile O’Shea (King’s Inns); Ann O’Sullivan (Houses of the Oireachtas); Niamh O’Sullivan (Irish Blood Transfusion Service); Laura Rooney Ferris (Irish Hospice Foundation)

The Committee of the Academic & Special Libraries Section would like to thank our sponsors

Annual Conference & Exhibition of the Academic & Special Libraries Section of the LAI

Information Innovators:

Librarians evolving in the digital environment As Information professionals the need to be innovative and to evolve in our dynamic working environment is essential to our continued professional development. The 2014 A&SL Annual Conference & Exhibition challenges us to consider our profession beyond the boundaries of the Library as a physical space, beyond mobile devices as containers and beyond the notion of information as a bound entity. The newly formatted Annual Conference & Exhibition is running over a day and a half encompassing plenary sessions, case studies, workshops, posters and lightning sessions from our sponsors. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore the topics which affect us today, share best practice, and celebrate the innovation of information professionals.

Conference website http://academicandspeciallibraries.blogspot.ie/p/home.html Follow the conference via HEAnet livestream http://media.heanet.ie/live/eaa8efac9d304f5abe5b34324a72aa70 and Twitter @aslibraries #ASL2014


A Poster Prize For the first time we are holding a poster exhibition. The prize for the best poster is a €100.00 voucher, sponsored by the Academic & Special Libraries Section Committee. The winning poster is selected by the delegates at the conference.  Delegates vote by completing the voting form in the delegate bag/pack and placing it in the ballot box in Goldsmith 3. Voting will close just before lunch on Friday 28th February.  The winner will be announced on Friday, 28th February 2014 after lunch. A list of posters is available on page 5.

Suggested criteria for judging the posters: • Overall design: easy to read, not too clustered, logical flow of information • Does it describe the project well? • Does it show an innovative approach to a problem? • Is it of value to the Academic and Special Libraries Community? Source: http://www.anltc.ie/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/ANLTCpostercompetitioninforesourcesNov2011. pdf Used with permission of ANLTC


A Conference Schedule

Programme subject to change


SESSION 13:00-13:30 Registration

LOCATION Hotel lobby/foyer

13:00-13:30 Refreshments

Network with colleagues, sponsors Goldsmith Hall 1&2 & exhibitors, view poster session

13:30-13:45 Welcome & introduction

Marie G. Cullen, Academic & Special Goldsmith Hall 3 Libraries Section Hon. Secretary


Keynote Speaker – When is a Library not a Library?

Fionnuala Croke, Director, Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

Goldsmith Hall 3


Lightning presentations by 3 SILVER Sponsors

SWETS, Taylor & Francis and Burgundy

Goldsmith Hall 3

3 Case Studies – parallel sessions CHOOSE ONE 1. Click here to order this book: a case study of print and electronic patron driven acquisition in UCD Library 2. Opportunity out of change: designing a new approach to 15:10-15:40 student and teaching support at UCD Library 3. Gathering Meaningful Statistics - Using KnowAll Enquire at NUIM Library

1. Eoin Mc Carney and Mark Tynan Goldsmith Hall 3 – University College Dublin

2. James Molloy and Susan Boyle - Swift Suite University College Dublin

3. Laura Connaughton – National University of Ireland Maynooth

Field Suite

Network with colleagues, sponsors Goldsmith Hall & exhibitors, view poster exhibition 1 & 2

15:40-16:10 Refreshments

3 Workshops – parallel sessions CHOOSE ONE 1. Making documents accessible 1. Andrew Costello – Trinity College Field Suite Dublin Disability Service 16:10-17:10

2. Design your own 23 Things Programme

2. Niamh Tumelty - University of Cambridge

3. Information at Point of Need: 3. Siobhán Dunne, Peter Dudley Practical Tips to Augment Your & Paraic Elliott – Dublin City Library Service University 17:10-17:20 Wrap up and close 17:30-19:00

Swift Suite Goldsmith Hall 3

Marie G. Cullen, Academic & Special Libraries Section Hon. Secretary

Drinks & Canapés hosted and sponsored by Innovative Interfaces & the Sure (hotel) Bar Royal Society of Chemistry


DAY 2 FRIDAY 28th February SESSION


09:00-09:35 Registration

Hotel lobby/foyer

09:00-09:35 Refreshments

Network with colleagues, sponsors & exhibitors, view poster exhibition

Goldsmith Hall 1&2

09:35-09:45 Welcome & introduction

Dr. Eva Hornung, Academic & Special Libraries Section Chairperson

Goldsmith Hall 3

KEYNOTE SPEAKER - The 09:45-10:45 Cocked Hat! Navigating the Digital Future

Ben Showers - Head of Scholarly and Library Futures, Jisc, London

Goldsmith Hall 3

10:45-11:15 Refreshments

Network with colleagues, sponsors & exhibitors, view poster exhibition

Goldsmith Hall 2

CASE STUDY – Find not Laura Ó Broin- Houses of the 11:15-11:45 search - delivering information Oireachtas services to Parliamentarians’ 11:45-12:00

Lightning presentations by 2 Platinum Sponsors

Proquest & EBSCO

CASE STUDY – Findit@ NUIMLibrary – development, Mary Antonesa – National University of 12:00-12:30 implementation and delivery of Ireland Maynooth the Library app 12:30-12:45 Panel Discussion / Q&A

Dr. Eva Hornung, Academic & Special Libraries Section Chairperson

13:45-14:10 Refreshments 14:10-14:15

Introduction to afternoon session

CASE STUDY - Google Play 14:15-14:45 opportunities for authors, publishers and librarians 14:45-15:00

Lightning presentations by 3 Gold Sponsors

CASE STUDY – Redefining 15:00-15:30 reference service at the UL Library

Goldsmith Hall 3 Goldsmith Hall 3

Goldsmith Hall 3

Goldsmith Hall 3 Verres en Ver (Hotel Restaurant)

12:45-13:45 Lunch



Network with colleagues, sponsors & exhibitors, view poster exhibition

Goldsmith Hall 1&2

Seán Hughes, Academic & Special Libraries Section Committee member

Goldsmith Hall 3

Francesca di Felice - Google

Goldsmith Hall 3

IET, Innovative Interfaces & RSC

Goldsmith Hall 3

Liz Dore & Donna Ó Doibhlin – University of Limerick

Goldsmith Hall 3

15:30-15:40 Break

Goldsmith Hall 3

CASE STUDY - Social Media Tools in a Corporate Florence Curley - PWC 15:40-16:10 Information Setting - Friend or Foe?

Goldsmith Hall 3


Lightning presentation by 1 Platinum Sponsor


CASE STUDY - eDeposit Ireland - collecting everything 16:17:16:47 and the challenge of digital only publications

Christoph Schmidt-Supprian – Trinity College Library Dublin

Goldsmith Hall 3

16:47-17:00 Panel Discussion / Q&A

Seán Hughes, Academic & Special Libraries Section Committee member

Goldsmith Hall 3

17:00-17:15 Wrap up and close

Dr. Eva Hornung, Academic & Special Libraries Section Chairperson

Goldsmith Hall 3

17:15-18:15 Drinks Reception

Hosted by the Academic & Special Libraries Section Committee

Sure (hotel) Bar

Poster Exhibition Goldsmith Hall 1 & 2 Poster presenter/organisation

Poster Title

Michelle Dalton (UCD)

“What would I tweet?”: Exploring New Professionals’ Attitudes towards Twitter as an innovative tool for Professional Development

Helen Fallon (NUI Maynooth),Jane Burns (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)

How to Prepare a Professional Portfolio to Obtain Fellowship of the Library Association of Ireland

Helen Farrell

Social media use by Library and Information Professionals: how has it impacted on their reading habits?

Rebecca Grant (Digital Repository of Ireland)

Sharing Irish Place Names as Linked Open Data

Seamus Haughey (Houses of the Information Skills programme for Members of the Oireachtas Oireachtas Library & Research Service) Betty Maguire (Old Bawn Community School, Tallaght)

Collection Development for teenagers and young adults in an ever-changing information world : Old Bawn Community School Library Tallaght Dublin.

Bernadette Mellon (NUI Maynooth)

Embracing Online Disability Training: Innovative Practice at the Library NUI Maynooth

Andrea Mullen (St. Angela’s College, Sligo)

Creating Mobile Phone Apps Cheaply and Easily

Helen O’ Connor and Ruth O’Hara (NUI Maynooth)

Library Chat

Anne Marie Smith (UCD)

UCD Development Studies Library. The re-organisation and promotion of a specialist library.


A Abstracts Thursday 27th February Keynote Speaker Abstract Fionnuala Croke, Director, Chester Beatty Library ‘When is a Library not a Library?’

Originally the personal library of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty, the Chester Beatty Library is today a premier visitor attraction. How has it evolved from private collection to becoming a forum for multi-cultural dialogue and learning, visited by over 250,000 people per annum? How is the Library coping at a time when public funding is decreasing, and expectations by our visitors and users are increasing. So, how can we best embrace the new in an affordable and sustainable way? Our online presence provides the opportunity to promote our collections to a wider audience; however, the challenge is how to make these resources available.  And how do we ensure that we keep the balance between the physical and digital offerings? The challenges are formidable but – as we are finding out – the rewards are even greater.

Thursday 27th February Case Study Abstracts (Parallel Sessions)

Eoin Mc Carney and Mark Tynan, The Library, University College Dublin

‘Click here to order this book’: a case study of print and electronic patron driven acquisition in UCD Library’ Patron driven acquisition (PDA) has been used as an academic library collection development tool since the early 2000s, but UCD became the first library in the Republic of Ireland to trial it in 2013. Our presentation is a case study of PDA from tender stage, through evaluation and selection of suppliers to launch and beyond. Where the majority of PDA exercises have electronic material as the sole choice for users, our project differs in that we have included the option to select print. It was the print side of our exercise which was to prove the most challenging. UCD Library collaborated with Ingram Coutts on this project. Coutts UK were also engaging in a print PDA project for the first time.

James Molloy and Susan Boyle – The Library, University College Dublin

‘Opportunity out of change: designing a new approach to student and teaching support at UCD Library’ A recent change in structure at UCD Library has opened up new opportunities on how we approach learning supports aimed at students and teaching staff. With fewer Liaison Librarians and a growing and more diverse student population, the challenge is to look at how we can create online supports that will add value to the teaching and learning we provide, supports that teaching staff can embed in their programmes and that students will be able to find and that are short, instructional or interactive and easy to use.


Laura Connaughton – The Library, National University of Ireland Maynooth ‘Gathering Meaningful Statistics - Using KnowAll Enquire at NUIM Library’

Metrics are becoming more and more important in terms of demonstration of library work and value. At NUI Maynooth we were very mindful of this when we moved into our new 20 million euro building on December 3rd 2012. With an extensive range of new facilities and resources we were very aware of the need to gather meaningful statistics to continue to showcase and demonstrate our value and commitment to teaching, learning and research at NUI Maynooth particularly after the significant investment of a new library building. Having considered various options we purchased KnowAll Enquire which is an enquiry management software package which tracks enquiries through every stage of the enquiry process from initial enquiry to successful completion.

Thursday 27th February Workshop Abstracts (Parallel Sessions)

Andrew Costello, Trinity College Dublin Disability Service ‘Making documents accessible’

As part of his role Andrew supports students and staff in a wide range of hardware and software solutions to enable users with a disability to access information and participate in all 3rd level College activities. Andrew is currently the project lead on the implementation of the Trinity College accessible information policy - http://www.tcd.ie/about/policies/accessible-info-policy.php This session will focus on easy to implement functions within the Microsoft office suite and adobe acrobat ensuring content and information is created in an accessible and universal format. The session will also introduce the use of the Towards inclusive colleges tool - http://www.tictool.ie/ index.php/login and online resources - http://www.tcd.ie/CAPSL/TIC/accessible-info/ that can aid users looking to ensure content is created in a universal and accessible format.

Niamh Tumelty, The Library,University of Cambridge ‘Design your own 23 Things Programme’

In this workshop, I will present my experiences of participating in a traditional 23 Things programme and of developing one with a twist – 23 Things for Professional Development (http://cpd23.blogspot. com/). This programme mixed the social media elements with ‘Things’ encouraging reflection on different aspects of professional development and attracted over 1000 participants from all over the world. Workshop participants will then develop their own 23 Things programme aimed at Academic and Special Libraries/Librarians in Ireland.

Siobhán Dunne, Peter Dudley & Paraic Elliott, The Library, Dublin City University ‘Information at Point of Need: Practical Tips to Augment Your Library Service’

Augmented reality (AR) is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting users with more meaningful content in a dynamic and new way. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR can add layers of digital information – such as videos, guides and tutorials – directly on top of physical items held in our libraries, at point of need.


Friday 28th February Keynote Speaker Abstract Ben Showers, Head of Scholarly and Library Futures, Jisc ‘The Cocked Hat! Navigating the Digital Future’

The library finds itself confronting unprecedented challenges: The well-recognised impact of the web and web-based technologies on the information landscape, providing access to, and the creation of content and information on an unparalleled scale. The expectations of users, accustomed to the intuitive, personalised and seamless experience of new technologies and devices, particularly mobile phones and tablets. If these considerable challenges weren’t enough, they also fall within a context of falling budgets and shifting priorities. It can sometimes feel like we are adrift, trying to navigate an uncertain landscape with few familiar landmarks. Yet, against this backdrop, libraries are employing novel ways to design and deploy new services and systems to meet the needs and expectations of their users. By exploring some of these innovative approaches by libraries and elsewhere, this presentation will highlight the opportunities libraries have to redefine the user experience and ensure they thrive in an information landscape where disruption and uncertainty are the norm.

Friday 28th February Case Study Abstracts Laura Ó Broin, Houses of the Oireachtas Library & Research Service ‘Find not Search - delivering information services to Parliamentarians’

This case study will explore the background and selection of an open source blogging software to function as the intranet for the Oireachtas Library & Research Service. Specific reference will be made to the customisation and set up of the pages and posts to ensure the most effective delivery of information products and services to Members. Specifically the case study will look at: Wordpress as an intranet, advantages and disadvantages of using an open source tool, the development of a second site to track Bills, the use of the system by the entire Library Section, and the removal of eServices staff as ‘choke points’ in the publication process. An internal satisfaction survey will also be presented to show the type of feedback we have received after a year in operational usage.

Mary Antonesa, The Library, National University of Ireland Maynooth

‘Findit@NuimLibrary : case study of the development, implementation and delivery of a library app at the Library in the National University of Ireland, Maynooth’ The findit@nuimlibrary app was designed as a directional aid to supplement a more general library app already in existence. It was led by the Library in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science. This case study will discuss the 6 month project and outline how the app was designed and developed. It will provide details about managing such a project and outline critical skills necessary for the delivery of this project. It will present an overview of how the app was designed and present feedback on how the app is being used by the library and by staff and students. Finally, it will outline the pros and cons of using an app in a library environment and propose challenges and opportunities for other libraries considering similar projects.


Francesca Di Felice, Google

‘Google Play opportunities for authors, publishers and librarians’ From the early days of Google Books Search, back in 2004, Google began developing ways to improve digital access to knowledge and culture. The initial project focused on bringing millions of books from publishers and libraries online, providing a content preview and giving the reader the chance to find the book in online retailers or physical shops. Six years later, Google Play has now launched, allowing users from all over the world to buy copyrighted ebooks online and access them from every reading device they have. Regarding public domain books, Google is currently working with more than 40 libraries around the world to digitise their collections and make them available to users. Google Play will soon also include news content, magazines, renting programmes and educational texts.

Liz Dore & Donna Ó Doibhlin, The Library, University of Limerick ‘Redefining reference service at the UL Library’

This case study looks at how the Glucksman Library has re-defined its reference service in response to the changing needs of the library user and the upsurge in technology. Libraries continually need to examine areas such as staffing levels, modes of communication, information resources, assessment tools and education and training for Library staff. In the Glucksman Library, an extensive training programme was put in place for Library Staff as the main focus for re-defining its reference service. The training programme coincided with the establishment of a referrals process, a consultation area and promotion of Ask Us, our virtual reference service.

Florence Curley, PWC

‘Social Media Tools in a Corporate Information Setting – Friend or Foe?’ This case study examines the usage of an in-house social media tool called “Spark” in the Professional Services Firm PwC. The tool has been rolled out to the PwC Global firm and the case study will examine how it has grown and developed with particular reference to its use in PwC Ireland, how the Information and Research Centre has utilised it, the learning processes and challenges that have accompanied its introduction.

Christoph Schmidt-Supprian, Trinity College Library Dublin

‘eDeposit Ireland - collecting everything and the challenge of digital only publications’ Legal Deposit libraries are charged with collecting “everything” that is published in a country in order to make this available to current and future researchers. Established in a print-dominated world, these libraries have now to adjust to a digital world with increasingly “electronic only” publications – most recently. In Ireland, no attempt has yet been made to systematically collect born digital, electronic-only publications and save them for posterity. A project to close this gap has been brewing in Trinity College Library, Ireland’s oldest Legal Deposit library, since 2008. It is now ready to be launched in early 2014 as a voluntary electronic deposit service, to be called “edepositIreland.” This case study will present two aspects of the work in TCD: the technical and organisational challenges of getting the project off the ground, as well as an overview of the systems and workflows of the initial edepositIreland service. The case study is particularly relevant to the A&SL Conference themes of: “print versus electronic, ”future libraries”, and “collection development in a changing information world.”


A Speaker Biographies Keynote Speakers Fionnuala Croke, Director Chester Beatty Library, Keynote Speaker - Day 1 Fionnuala Croke became Director of the Chester Beatty Library in March 2011. Previously, she was Keeper and Head of Collections at the National Gallery of Ireland, where she was centrally involved in the redevelopment of the Gallery.  She joined the National Gallery as a research fellow in 1987 and went on to become Curator of French Paintings. In 2000, she set up the Exhibitions Department prior to the opening of the Millennium Wing extension in 2002, and from 2008 headed up a new Collections division.  She has published on a wide range of art-related subjects and has organised and curated numerous exhibitions. She received a BA with honours in History of Art & Archaeology from UCD, a research MA from UCD and an International Executive MBA from the Smurfit Business School. She also attended the Getty Museum Leadership Institute in Los Angeles. She is a member of the steering committee of the International Exhibitions Group (IEO) and is Chair of the Asia-Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS).

Ben Showers, Head of Scholarly and Library Futures, Jisc, Keynote Speaker - Day 2 Ben Showers is a programme manager with the Digital Infrastructure team at Jisc. Ben is part of the Information and Library Infrastructure programme and manages a number of areas of work, including library systems, user experience, mobile infrastructure and shared services. Ben is also currently managing a project to develop a shared analytics service for UK academic libraries. Prior to this Ben worked with the Content team at Jisc, working on a number of digitisation and digital scholarly resource programmes exploring innovative new models of content creation and curation, such as crowdsourcing. Ben holds an MA in Philosophy as well as an MA in Library and Information Science from University College, London.


Case Study Presenters Mary Antonesa, The Library, NUI Maynooth Senior Librarian for Teaching, Learning and Research Development Mary was appointed Senior Librarian for Teaching, Learning and Research Development in August 2010. Prior to that she worked as Head of Information Services and also as the Science & Engineering Subject Librarian. Before taking up these posts she worked in the Outreach Campus in Kilkenny where she was employed to establish the Library. Mary has a keen interest in how libraries partner in the teaching, learning and research process. She has written extensively on this and has spoken at numerous conferences both nationally and internationally on this topic. She is a member of the CONUL Advisory Group on Information Literacy. Currently Mary is pursuing Doctoral Studies with the University of Sheffield where she is studying these topics further.

Susan Boyle, The Library, University College Dublin Susan is the College Liaison Librarian for Business and Law at University College Dublin. Prior to this role, Susan was the Nursing Midwifery Librarian also at UCD and an active member of the HSLG committee, editing the health publication HINT. Before arriving at UCD, Susan worked as a subject librarian in Trinity and spent a few years in the private sector in advertising and market research agencies where she worked on a variety of brand and consumer advertising and research campaigns. Her interest in information, educational technology, innovation and research led Susan to the Library profession. In her current role as Business and Law Librarian, she is heavily involved in eLearning development, information literacy and research support. Susan has developed a particular interest in Game Based Learning (GBL) and has designed bespoke treatment games to increase student engagement and learning. Over the past few years, she has published a book chapter on her work in GBL, presented at Library conferences and peer reviewed and published articles in various journals. Susan enjoys translating creativity and innovation to Library concepts and practice. Currently Susan is developing an online Learning Support Menu for UCD library – a key tool to promote eLearning tutorials to academic staff.


Laura Connaughton, The Library, NUI Maynooth Laura Connaughton was appointed Assistant Librarian for Library and Information Services in NUIM as well as Subject Librarian for English, Celtic and Media Studies in September 2012. Prior to that she worked as Subject Librarian with responsibility for Science at Dublin City University from October 2011 to March 2012 and as Library Stagiaire in the Marine Institute in Galway from October 2009 to October 2010.  Laura has a real interest in the development of Library and Information Services, particularly meeting the needs of next generation library users in a changing library environment.

Florence Curley, PWC Florence Curley is a manager in the Information and Research Centre of PwC - the largest professional services firm in Ireland and has worked there for the past 13 years. The centre provides an information and research service to the PwC Irish firm and caters for the primarily business, legal and technical information requirements of over 2000 people. Prior to that, Florence worked in DIT Libraries, Aontas and Dublin City Public Libraries. She has a diploma in LIS from SILS UCD and a BA Mod from TCD.

Francesca Di Felice, Google Francesca Di Felice has been working for Google Books and Google Play in the company’s European HQ for three years. She has a bachelor’s degree in media studies from the University of Bologna and a master’s degree in publishing and journalism from the University of Urbino. Four years ago, she completed a dissertation on the opportunities and challenges within Google Books Search and subsequently took an opportunity to join Google in Dublin. Since then, she has been working on the European launch of Google Play. She is also currently working on various other products such as Google News and Google Newsstand.

Liz Dore, The Library, University of Limerick Liz Dore is the Librarian for Science and Architecture, in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Limerick. Liz’s previous role was as Librarian of the University Hospital Limerick. Liz worked in Dublin for a number of years in a variety of library and information environments which included an engineering company, The National Library of Ireland, Food Safety Authority and the Office of Public Works. Her interests include improving the teaching and learning aspects of the student experience within the library.


Eoin McCarney, The Library, University College Dublin Eoin McCarney is Head of Collection Services at UCD Library, where he previously worked as System Librarian. Eoin has worked in a number of Irish libraries including DCU, National Library of Ireland, IT Tallaght and the Royal Irish Academy.

James Molloy, The Library, University College Dublin I am part of the College Liaison team at UCD Library, with responsibility for the College of Engineering and Architecture. I started in UCD in 2006, initially working for Reader Services and then moving to my new post in August 2012. Alongside my teaching and learning responsibilities, I am also the lead on our eLearning project. I have previously held posts with the RCSI and I also worked for two years on a voluntary basis through APSO as a Library Advisor at the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I see the development of eLearning within the profession as an opportunity to explore our creative side and take ownership of the content we produce.

Laura Ó Broin, Houses of the Oireachtas Library & Research Service Laura is eServices Librarian at the Oireachtas Library & Research Service. She is currently part of the Members Information Team based at the Reading Room in Leinster House, with special responsibility for the technical management of the Liberty Library Management System, the Archivalware database, the EBSCO Discovery Service and the internal Library website via Wordpress. She is also currently working on internal project teams in the areas of Leadership Development and Internal Communications.

Donna Ó Doibhlin, The Library, University of Limerick Donna Ó Doibhlin is the Librarian for the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences at the University of Limerick, which includes teacher training, PESS, psychology and everything in the health sciences. Prior to joining UL she was Deputy Institute Librarian in Dundalk IT and before that worked as librarian in several other special and HE libraries. Her interests include the development of information and research training programmes for faculty and students and investigating new resources that enhance student learning.


Christoph Schmidt-Supprian, Trinity College Library Dublin Christoph Schmidt-Supprian is Sub-Librarian (Collection Management) in Trinity College Library, Dublin. He is passionate about the role of research libraries in preserving all publications and making them available to present as well as future readers. Christoph has lectured on information organisation in UCD and the DBS, and he is an active member of the Library Association of Ireland’s Cataloguing & Metadata Group.

Mark Tynan, The Library, University College Dublin Mark Tynan has worked in UCD Library since 2007. He currently works in Collection Services as a Collection Development and Description Librarian, with responsibility for Business, Economics, English, Law, Medicine and Politics. Other roles in UCD Library have included liaison librarian to the UCD Schools of Business, Law and Politics & International Relations, and Development Studies librarian. Mark previously worked in RTE’s Sound Library and Television Archive, and in the public library in Kilkenny.

Workshop Facilitators Andrew Costello, Trinity College Dublin Disability Service Andrew has been working with the Trinity Disability Service since January 2008. He has played an active role in implementing the Accessible Information College policy and promoting Trinity as an inclusive campus. He has former experience with the Trinity Information System Services, working on College technology projects including the roll out of the new e-mail systems as well as the day to day maintenance of College systems. Prior to Trinity, Andrew worked in the private IT sector for 4 years with Calyx Voice & data gaining experience in a range of IT issues from desktop to server support. He has a BA in Management and Information Systems from Liverpool John Moores University. He is currently studying for MSc in Computing (Universal Design and Assistive Technology) at DIT Kevin St in Dublin.

Peter Dudley, The Library, Dublin City University Peter Dudley is the Public Service Manager in Dublin City University library, with responsibility for the overall day-to-day management of all front-line library services. He has worked in various academic libraries, including the University of Pittsburgh (where he also worked as an Assistant Lecturer in Philosophy), the Irish Management Institute, and University College Dublin. He holds a Masters Degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Library and Information Studies.


Siohhán Dunne, The Library, Dublin City University Siobhán Dunne is Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian at Dublin City University, Ireland. Prior to this, she held the role of Research Support Librarian at DCU and Information and Library Manager at the National Disability Authority. She has been actively researching how librarians and faculty collaborate to improve the first year learning experience. Other research interests include bibliometrics for the humanities, academic e book design and the role of HE libraries in civic engagement. She is currently pursuing an MSc. in Education and Training Leadership.

Paraic Elliott, The Library, Dublin City University Paraic Elliott has been a member of library staff in DCU since 2004. He has previously worked in Trinity College and for Dublin City Council. He has a background in Social Policy and has a particular interest in current library topics such as Bridging the Digital Divide, Information Behaviour and Information Literacy and has been involved in literacy programmes for disadvantaged groups.

Niamh Tumelty, University of Cambridge Niamh Tumelty currently manages the Library and Information Service at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. This role involves everything from managing and developing a team of four library staff through to collection management , reader services and user education. She previously worked at the English Faculty Library and Medical Library in Cambridge and An Chomhairle Leabharlanna/The Library Council and the Contemporary Music Centre in Dublin. Niamh initiated and coordinated the online 23 Things for Professional Development programme, which was ‘highly-commended’ runner-up in the 2012 Credo Reference Digital Award for Information Literacy. She was also on the organising committee for the Cambridge Librarian TeachMeets and has been active in the East of England region of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), co-chairing the regional branch through a merger with the local division of CILIP’s Career Development Group in 2012. Niamh is currently working towards CILIP Chartership under the mentorship of Section Committee Chairperson, Dr. Eva Hornung.


A Sponsors Platinum Sponsors EEE Xplore Digital Library Stand: A Contact: Paul Canning Contact: Steven Tweedie Email: p.canning@ieee.org & steven@contentonline.co.uk Website: www.ieee.org/digitalsubscriptions

IEEE, a leading authority in the advancement of technology, offers online resources and cuttingedge information in a wide variety of areas ranging from aerospace systems, computers and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power and consumer electronics, vital to researchers worldwide. The IEEE publishes 30 percent of the world’s literature in the electrical and electronics engineering and computer science fields, and has developed over 1,200 active industry standards.  IEEE Xplore Digital Library delivers access to over 3 million full-text articles from highlycited journals, magazines, and conference proceedings, and offers more than 500 ebooks and 200 online education courses.


Stand: B Contact: Mari Mo Email: MMo@EBSCO.COM Website: www.ebsco.com

EBSCO works with hundreds of thousands of libraries around the world to streamline and simplify the increasingly complex job of information management by consolidating collection management and discovery solutions. We offer extensive customer support services, including training and marketing.  We help librarians to ensure their content is easily discovered by researchers using a variety of access models via devices from desktops to the latest mobile technologies.  Our integrated reporting tools help librarians to evaluate the usage and value of their collection, and to facilitate collection management decisions.  EBSCO maintains a title database of over 355,000 serials and we support over 95,000 publishers by consolidating invoices, currencies and claims on a single, easy-to-use platform.


Proquest Stand: K Contact: Tracey Moore Email: Tracey.Moore@proquest.co.uk Website: www.proquest.com

ProQuest® connects people with vetted, reliable information. Key to serious research, the company’s products are a gateway to the world’s knowledge including dissertations, governmental and cultural archives, news, historical collections, and ebooks. ProQuest technologies serve users across the critical points in research, helping them discover, access, share, create, and manage information. ProQuest includes Bowker®, Dialog®, EBL®, ebrary®, and Serials Solutions® businesses, and tools such as RefWorks®, Pivot™, Intota®, and Summon® services.

Gold Sponsors IET

Stand C Contact: Yann Amouroux, Regional Sales Manager, EMEA Email: yamouroux@theiet.org Website: www.theiet.org

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has over 153,000 members in more than 125 countries. IET membership provides Engineers and Technicians worldwide with a wealth of resources. The IET publishes 28 journals, print and electronic books and also produces the leading bibliographic information database Inspec (with over 14 million records of the world’s scientific and technical literature in physics and engineering). The IET and SciTech eBooks collection will offers around 415 titles in 2014. New in 2014 is IET tv, with over 5,000 videos of lectures, interviews, reports and presentations all dedicated to Engineering and Technology.

Innovative Interfaces

Stand: D Contact: Robert Jacobs Email: rjacobs@iii.com Website: www.iii.com

Innovative Interfaces (www.iii.com) is a leading vendor of integrated library management and discovery systems. Its new Sierra Services Platform has seen a rapid level of adoption with selections by 325 libraries in 19 countries. Sierra provides libraries with efficient workflows across all business areas and resource formats. Built on open architecture, Sierra empowers libraries to develop their own applications. Innovative also works closely with key industry players such as EBSCO to provide best-of-breed discovery solutions, such as Encore Synergy. Come to Stand D and discover more about the exciting developments at Innovative.


Royal Society of Chemistry

Stand:E Contact: Brian O’Connor Email: OConnorB@rsc.org Website: www.rsc.org

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the world’s leading chemistry community, advancing excellence in the chemical sciences. A not-for- profit organisation, we are one of the world’s leading scientific publishers, offering an exceptional range of peer-reviewed journals, magazines, books, databases and publishing services to the chemical sciences community. This is all in keeping with our overriding vision to be the leading voice and trusted partner for science and humanity.

Silver Sponsors SWETS

Stand: G Contact: John Jardine Email: info@swets.com Website: www.swets.com

Swets is a global market leader in managing research information. Swets’ vision is “to improve the delivery and use of knowledge”. From more than twenty offices around the world we actively serve users of information and publishers in over 160 countries. The company’s active role in today’s complex information marketplace has been regularly recognised by E-Content Magazine in their annual ‘100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry’. We are the only information agent to be ISO 9001:2008 certified on a global basis, a standard which affirms the company’s focus on customer service and continuous improvement. Follow Swets on Twitter @SwetsUK

Taylor & Francis

Stand: F Contact: Mark Howard Email: Mark.Howard@tandf.co.uk Website: www.tandfonline.com

Taylor & Francis Group partners with researchers, scholarly societies, universities and libraries worldwide to bring knowledge to life. As one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, eBooks and reference works our content spans all areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Technology. From our network of offices in Oxford, Philadelphia, New York, Melbourne, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Stockholm, New Delhi and Johannesburg, Taylor & Francis staff provide local expertise and support as well as tailored, efficient customer service to our library colleagues.


Burgundy Information Services Ltd Stand: H Contact: Helen Cooke Email: helen@burgundyservices.com Website: www.burgundyservices.com

Burgundy represents a wide range of Publishers and e-Content Aggregators from around the world. We specialise in negotiating the delivery of scholarly information to academic, corporate and medical libraries and information centres throughout Europe, Israel, South Africa and Turkey. At A&SL 2014 we are showcasing: Mary Ann Liebert Publishers (www.liebertpub.com) is widely acknowledged as the leading publisher in biotechnology and is well known for its authoritative international publications in cutting-edge basic and translational biomedical research, with expanding scope in engineering, business, environment, and legal publications. Morgan And Claypool Publishers (http://www.morganclaypool.com/)  publish ebooks containing the latest research in Engineering and Computer Science (Synthesis collections) and Life Sciences (Colloquium collections). PressReader (http://www.pressdisplay.com) is  the world’s largest online newspaper kiosk, now available as an app, providing instant access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines from around the world.  SPIE (www.sdlinfo.org) is an international society advancing an interdisciplinary approach to the science and application of light and the largest international provider of scientific knowledge, including conference proceedings, journals and ebooks in optics, photonics, and imaging.

Bronze Sponsors IOP Publishing

Stand: L Contact: Helen Ellis Email:custserv@iop.org Website: www.ioppublishing.org

IOP Publishing provides publications through which leading edge scientific research is distributed worldwide and is one of the leading international publishers in the physical and related sciences. IOP Publishing is central to the Institute of Physics, a not-for-profit learned society dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge across the globe. Beyond our core journals programme, highvalue scientific information is made accessible through an ever-evolving portfolio of community websites, magazines, books, conference proceedings and a multitude of electronic services.


Dawson Books Stand: I Contact: Andy Soanes Email: andy.soanes@dawsonbooks.co.uk Website: www.dawsonbooks.co.uk

Dawson Books is a world-class international supplier of academic and professional books, ebooks, shelf ready and information services to academic, professional and research institutions. Dawson is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions which interact between the essential components of the book supply chain. Our service includes shelf ready books to libraries, data enhancements to MARC records, reclassification services, RFID and ‘dawsonera’ our ebook platform

Interleaf Stand: J Contact: Martin McGovern Email: mmg@interleaf.ie Website: www.interleaf.ie

Interleaf are specialists in Open Source Library Systems bringing support for the Koha LMS to the Irish market. Interleaf have 12 special/academic libraries using Koha already and over 50 schools. Koha is a browser based system. There are no client licences to install on individual workstations, simplifying System Administration. Koha supports the full suite of library functions: Cataloguing, Circulation, OPAC, Acquisitions, Serials, SIP etc. in a consistent and easy to use interface. With regular upgrades, system developments respond quickly to user needs. Interleaf supply Koha as a fully hosted system in our Data Centre. Koha is Open Source software and has no licence fees.   Come and meet Martin McGovern at the Interleaf Technology stand and see what Koha can do for your library.


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Academic & Special Libraries Section of the Library Association of Ireland

The Academic and Special Libraries Section (A&SL) The Academic & Special Libraries Section functions within the Library Association of Ireland to cater for the needs of librarians and information professionals working in academic, research, not-for-profit, corporate and other specialist libraries. The Committee is drawn from members working in all these sectors. The Committee meets monthly. Any items that a member would like to bring to the attention of the Committee, for discussion or information, should be e-mailed to the Secretary. The primary function of the Section is to provide a forum for discussion on issues relevant to academic and special librarians and information professionals and carries out this remit through the provision of seminars, workshops, talks and visits. These activities are open to all members and are advertised on the LAI website, Facebook, Twitter and via email. Members can join our emailing list by sending an e-mail to asl-on@lists.libraryassociation.ie Members can post to the list by sending an e-mail to asl@lists.libraryassociation.ie

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Asl2014 information innovators, librarians evolving in the digital environment conference brochure  

Full programme and brochure for the Academic & Special Libraries conference & exhibition 2014. 'information innovators: librarians evolving...

Asl2014 information innovators, librarians evolving in the digital environment conference brochure  

Full programme and brochure for the Academic & Special Libraries conference & exhibition 2014. 'information innovators: librarians evolving...