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IN PRAISE OF ALLAH By Tanvir Phool Translated by Ahmed Kamal Khusro

Heart’s lyre every moment resounds with the refrain ‘Allah is the Only One’ On the heart’s book, the soul has written ‘Allah is the Only One.’

The cry of ‘A Last’ [Am I not your Lord] , heard in the beginning by the ear The tongue chanted without delay, ‘Yes, Yes, Allah is the Only one.’ When the heart spoke of his Oneness, my belief became strong

Just as Bilal lay on scorching sand but said, ‘Allah is the Only One’ Listen from the pores of your heart, all secrets will be revealed

That the universe is tongued with the anthem ‘Allah is the Only One’. His remembrance alone relieves the affliction of my heart

Surely, the soul’s comfort, the only anodyne is ‘Allah is the Only One.’ He is the Lord of everyone; He is free of any partner,

Spread in the world and say to all ‘Allah is the Only One’. When Yusuf in jail exhorted all ‘Allah is the Only One’

His companions replied in unison ‘Allah is the Only One’. When I leave this world, let your favour be with me,

You are immanent in every fibre, All Pride is Yours, ‘Allah is the Only one’ Let my lips chant Your name and of Your Prophet [saws] Let my mouth repeatedly utter ‘Allah is the Only One’.



Bismillah Hirrehman Nirrahim HAMD-E-BARI TAA’LA Rubbab –e-dil pe har ghadi hai zam-zamah ahad ahad Kitab-dil-pe ruh ne yehi likha ahad ahad Alast ki sada suni azal ke roz gosh ne Zubaan bol uthi wahin balla balla ahad ahad Joh dil ne wahdahu kaha yaqeen ho gaya qawi Bilal tapti raith par magar kaha ahad ahad Sunoo jo gosh-e-dil se tum khilein gi sab haqeeqatein Zubaan-e-kainaat per hai bar mala ahad ahad Ussi kay zikr se mera dil-e-hazaein hai mutma’in Sukoon-e-qalb kay liye hai bas dawa ahad ahad Wohi ilah sab ka hai, wohi toh la-shareek hai Jahaan mein phail kar kaho yeh ja-baja ahad ahad Ahad ka tazkira kiya jo Yusuf-e-aseer nain To sathiyaon ne keh diya yeh marhaba ahad ahad Jahaan se jab ho rukhsati tere karam ka sath ho Hai tu yahan, hai tu wahan, tu kibriya ahad ahad Labaon pe tera naam ho, tere nabi (saws) ka naam ho Zubaan-e-phool par rahe yehi sada ahad ahad.