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Women in Landscape Architecture Student Leadership Award Ally Czechowicz

Women in Landscape Architecture (WILA) is intent on creating female voices and building women leaders in this profession, which like architecture and law, used to be dominated by men. WILA-MN is happy to present this year’s Student Leadership Award to Ally Czechowicz for her work on a start-up sustainable business called BlueFOOD/ Fish+GREENS. The business comes out of an interdisciplinary, human-centered design course in 2011 that required the team to create a concept, write a business plan and test that concept -- in India. The result is this aquaponics venture that is essentially an innovative farm start-up that will provide fresh food greens, tasty herbs and healthy protein to a St. Paul community year-round.

Community Design Excellence Award The Ackerberg Group MoZaic Art Park

The Community Design Excellence Award is given to an individual or group that has recognized the role urban design and environmental excellence play in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Minnesota’s towns and cities. The MoZaic Art Park is a privately owned and operated art plaza for public use as a part of the MoZaic development in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Ackerberg Group transformed an underutilized parking lot into an innovative project that enhanced the charm and rhythm of the existing buildings on the street and ‘filled in the donut’ with an active mix of uses that have energized that portion of Uptown. As a property owner within the Uptown area for decades, CEO Stuart Ackerberg believed strongly in the power of public space in fostering community, and envisioned the MoZaic plaza would be a critical contribution to the neighborhood by including a dynamic public space. Stuart’s long-standing love of art is central to the experience of the space, which includes many installations by local and national artists. Project Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Additional Credits: David Motzenbecker (BKV Group) – Plaza/Landscape Design Ryan Construction – General Contractor Kim Cameron, Art Partners – Art Consulting Arteka – Landscaping Hicks Concrete – plaza paving, seat walls, crosswalk, engineered footings, plaza water feature trough GreenScreen – Greenwall Hennepin County – Bridge/Ramp RLK – Civil Engineer/Stormwater Kristin Cheronis – Art Conservator Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association Greenway Coalition Greco Development – Arnie Gregory City of Minneapolis – Mary Altman, Becca Farrar City of Minneapolis Council Member Meg Tuthill (Ward 10) Summer 2013 | Issue #17


_SCAPE 2013 Summer  
_SCAPE 2013 Summer