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Miss Earth 2018

Interviews: Five Exceptional People #behumble #empowered

Fake it till You Make It Fake Influencers and Media in a Social Sphere



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Welcome to our first edition.

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Fake it till you make it. How long are you going to pretend in the social media sphere?

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Your opinions matters to us.

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The superpower of social media. Your social media mirrors what you do on your daily social activities. #beauthentic





Five Exceptional People who continuously inspire others. #behumble #empowered







Social media is a medium of influence, but it is not the influencer itself.









Discover Bollywood and what else don't we know about India?


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Break the stigma. #standup



Gary Washington NEW ENGLAND'S PERFECT MAN 2019 @gromance0804

Dani Walker

MISS MONTANA 2018 @pageantaccess @daniwalker

Shree Saini

MISS INDIA WORLDWIDE 2019 @missindiausa_shreesaini


PS Privette

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editor's note people of influence: the power of social media Welcome to PageantLIVE's first curated magazine! Thank you, Marc Defang, for the special collaboration. A fifteen percent (15%) OFF of Marc Defang shoes for your gift. Nope, it's not that early to plan. PageantLIVE also collaborated with titleholders and personalities who are making a difference in the social community. They are smart and humble too! Well, you'll know when you read the inside of this magazine. In this issue, we talked about the digital age communication, and how it influences us. When I guested on CNN in 2017, I remember we were asked what's the best invention we have and I answered, "It's the social media." Why? It is now easier to communicate with our family and friends, or to anyone in our own comfort. It's instant communication. It also became an instrument of a bold self free speech, as well as more affordable alternative business advertisements, especially to small businesses and self-employed individuals.


The success of social media initially started on September 2, 1837, when Samuel Morse did an experiment to a seventeen hundred feet of copper wire coiled around the room in the presence of Alfred Vail. Vail whose family owned the Speedwell Iron Works, at Morristown, New Jersey took an interest in the invention and persuaded his father, Judge Stephen Vail, to advance money for experiments. Not only that, but he was also responsible for several technical innovations of Morse's system, particularly the sending key and improved recording registers and relay magnets. May 24, 1844, when Samuel Morse sat before his recording telegraph in the room of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. His friend, Miss Annie Ellsworth handed him the message which she had chosen, "What Hath God Wrought?" Morse flashed the message to Vail forty miles away in Baltimore, and Vail instantly flashed back the same momentous words, "What Hath God Wrought?" And, the first commercial telegraph line was open for business! The first social media integration into a website, Six Degrees, however, was in 1997, where everyone in the world is connected to everyone and to anyone. Six Degrees lasted until about 2001. Then followed by Friendster, Google, Yahoo, Linkedin, MySpace, and then comes Facebook, which has become politically controversial — followed by Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. With this information age evolution, are we being influenced by it, or are we maximizing our full potentials through it? Are we using these tools to empower others or to feed our pride? Life is too short, make it remarkable.

Joyce Cortez LEAD EDITOR



$1.3 B IN 2019. QUOTED BY CHEQ



FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT Words by Natalie Christie McGovern Photo by Fels Photo


#pointofview It seems that everyone wants to be an influencer. Every time you scroll through your Instagram feed, you see a new account to follow boasting an entourage of fans that crush on every outfit posted. I mean, we all know hawking products is the way to make money in 2019, after all. Just ask The Bachelor contestants. But what really accounts for journalism or true marketing these days, and is there something to be said for more than just street cred and internet validation? Good thing there is an entire college major devoted to journalism, public relations, marketing, and Communication studies. As a Lambda Pi Eta (Communication honor society member) myself, I can tell you all about the sleepless nights, Friday nights at home writing papers, and reading up on current case studies it took me to score my hard-earned Journalism credentials. Not to mention all the tedious exams I prepared for each semester. In other words, true Journalism is an art that should be respected and well preserved. There's a lot of wannabe marketing ploys out there on social media, unfortunately. Brands are pretty wary of this and recognize the mass potential for hiring fake Instagram influencers to represent them. The kind of aspiring fake it till you make it gurus that are in droves, filtering the social media landscape. So on the other side of the coin, from a Marketing and PR standpoint, the fake sponsorships and ads, while lofty ambitions, are a demise to this entire social media operation. Pulling the wool over your follower's eyes is not going to up your ROI. It's a digital facade, and not a good look once you are outed. Fake followers. Fake content. A fake life does not make one worthy of brand deals. Nor should it. But hey, if you have just so happened to have studied Journalism and Communications and are making a go at it, then go you! Set your sights high because that's what you went to school for. Just remember to keep it real, people. #liveyourmostauthenticlife. And live your best life, while you're at it. Certified as a (fill in the gap) and all. The question is, do we really want "fake it till you make it" in our everyday lives?


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WE ASK How do you answer an issue that is against your belief or standpoint on a politically correct way without losing your TOP spot?

& #OpinionMatters at @pageant_live


"Honesty is always the best policy." — @trishb60 "Everyone has the right to make a choice." — @liveraffaele

Unsashed THE SUPERPOWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA Words by Gary Washington Photos by Jonathan Hernandez

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Foursquare, and all media's in between the world of pageantry has a brand new judge we must impress. Having a social media account has moved past just a leisure activity, it has become the most distinctive way to bring upon impact for the world at large. If you think about how this fun fact, in 2018, 2.77 billion people identified as


subscribers who actively engage in various social media accounts, this figure takes into account those who are viewing, liking, sharing, and subscribing to others accounts which focuses around the engagement that is created. That number alone is remarkable — makes it even more important that your social media presence is strong, effective, and engaging enough to gain the proper exposure needed to be a figure of

distinction. How does this fit into the world of

The standard of holding a title also now includes the


power of social media, defining what influence you are expected to have during your reign is critical. Â The

Exposure and visibility of the title have moved past a

posts we do as titleholders' surprisingly hold a

simple headshot, appearances, and local engagement;

substantial amount of weight; it shapes the public's

it has become "a must-do" for titleholders to have a

perception of who you are as a person. We often forget

following. This idea NOW is the make and mark of a

the power a post may have for those following

titleholder always being remembered, in-demand,

regardless of the tambour of the actual post itself.

and considered as one those influential figures everyone

I always suggest as a pageant coach to follow a schedule in which your posts follow, so, it's the right amount of content for the viewer to really fall into understanding who you are. Such examples I employ for my team would include: #MotivationalMonday, #TitleholderTuesday, #WorkweekWednesday, #ThrowbackThursday, #FlamingoFriday, and #Weekends are open content. Having something along

Influence is now a silent judge.

these lines with your favorite topics allows you as the titleholder the chance to present the full breadth of your voice for the viewer. Through this, you are giving the audience a perspective of what they can connect or utilize for themselves in return; it adds to a positive grade of execution towards social engagement. Also, don't forget about variety because most of the time, pageant

Exposure and visibility of the title have moved past a

professionals are ONLY seen in one light; this offers

simple headshot, appearances, and local engagement;

the viewer to see a full 365-degree view of you. That is

it has become "a must-do" for titleholders to have a

important to be able to make viewers have a positive

following. This idea NOW is the make and mark of a

response to your post when you have achieved that

titleholder always being remembered, in-demand,

you're on your way to being an amazing titleholder

and considered as one those influential figures

with the most significant presence — a memorable

everyone should want to follow. Influence is now a


silent judge that most titleholders are now learning that can make or break a lot of what we do & how we

We often find inspiration in the strangest places, and

do it. Having a dedicated audience on social media

with the amount of viewership that is on social media,

allows others to see how effective you are as a public

your post may be seen and shared. So, the best way to


gain the exposure you need in your title is to establish


your vibe, never deviate from that and allow your heart and brand to speak for itself. Make sure that each post you create is authentic, thoughtful, and more importantly, unapologetically yourself. The viewership of these can automatically detect when someone is "being authentic" the noun, but your goal is to "be authentic" the verb always.

I can do it, too! Be transparent, speak your truth, and never fear that your content may be too much for your viewers because those posts have a stronger impact on readers. The struggles you overcome are the most significant platforms to work with because it engages the community, it spreads awareness, and hopefully opens the proper conversations needed to make a change or for the better. Last reminder, keep your social media as clean and non-controversial as possible.

Reminder to have fun with your feed. Don't lose sight of capturing those in-between moments for your viewers. Those types of posts capture a relatability that many want to see from a titleholder. I, myself, take random selfies in my sash out in the community to the subways in New York City, to the local Trader Joe's for my ten items for less. Don't make it feel like "it's your job" to create a post for your social accounts. We, as humans, lose the enjoyment of doing something when it feels like a job rather than a moment you just wanted to share. Again, your viewers can tell when your posting "just" to post versus when it's a spontaneous moment. Another tip, keep in mind your posting pattern, follow a specific algorithm that is comfortable for you. Loyal viewers will love every post you do, but posting too much, you run the risk of posts being skipped over.

As titleholders, we have a huge responsibility. We are seen as role models and leaders to the billions; the last thing you want to do is offend anyone. Keep in mind the language you use, the backgrounds or events you're taking photos in with your regalia. Lead by example, don't draw negative or unwanted controversy towards yourself. Go through your social media and EDIT! Take down any posts that do not reflect you in the best light or may cause an unnecessary conversation. Be mindful of the differences between your 'personal' leisure and 'titleholder' expectations because they don't always need to be shared. Again, use your best judgment on what you post, your posts have weights with your viewers — remember that!

The best titleholders have the influence and power of their social media to gain the consistency to reach everyone at all times. You may want to skip this, but, don't be afraid to post about the struggles you may have as a person. The moments we struggle in, someone else is dealing with the very same thing. Your responsibility through social media is to use your voice effectively, sparking the change you want to see in the world. Those who often provide some form of vulnerability gives a viewer the feeling that you have a story worth listening to, a divine purpose, a platform to open a network for growth. In a viewers point of view, those struggles are what make us want to aspire to be like you because you shared how you overcame those obstacles which in return makes us, as the viewer, to have the belief that if you can do it,

In theory, your social media is your first judge before you step onto the stage. Take into consideration the amount of power you choose to use, as a titleholder; it may make or break the perception the masses have of you. Take the proper time to cultivate an honest, relatable, and intriguing but dignified place for viewers to visit, you will immediately see your likes and followers go up. Never underestimate at any time that you can make bigger, better, and more meaningful impacts using your social media for the greater good. Trust and believe that moving forward in the world of the most advanced technology is becoming more crucial to everyday life, taking the investment into your social media could be a very smart move. Never underestimate the power you have, don't take for granted of the platform and use it to establish yourself in history as someone to follow. Use your social media to make your title relevant, inspire people to chase after their dreams, be a leader, and take social media towards the next levels for the future. Take your social media as your way to show the world what 365 days of reign would look like in your eyes, take the spotlight 24/7 through what you post. You will be surprised at how many individuals you touched, the lives you changed, and opportunities you have gained by investing in the power of your influence through social media.


Take your social media as your way to show the world what 365 days of reign would look like in your eyes.

Five Exceptional People who continuously inspire others. And they have one thing in common; they stay grounded. #behumble #empowered


NATÁLIE STEJSKALOVÁ Miss supertalent of the World 2016

Interview by Joyce Cortez Photo by Peter Weigl

How did pageantry change your life and career? It did open several doors for me, especially in the fashion industry. I was blessed with many jobs opportunities and worked with great people who inspired me in different ways. I cannot forget to mention the traveling which it always was one of my biggest passion in life and thanks to pageantry, I was able to work and visit amazing places. Your most memorable moment as Miss Supertalent of the World? Without a doubt, it was when my name was announced as a winner, the level of anxiety before that moment was crazy, and when I heard my name, it was incredible! It is hard to put it into words; a mix of feelings went through my mind. Plus, the support and admiration I felt from people all over the world, it was really amazing. I dreamed about it, and it became true, it definitely overwhelmed me. stay positive, I appreciate my family and friends and be thankful for opportunities that I've been blessed with.

Who influenced you the most? Well, everyone who works hard to achieve their dreams. Everyone who persuades their goals with courage, dignity, and perseverance influences me one way or another. I admire people who want to make a positive change in the world. What's your everyday mantra? I feel so lucky and happy to do what I love and get paid for it. So, I can say that my daily mantra is to enjoy the ride,


Do you think a contestant political views matter in pageants? (Yes or no answer only) Yes. ** Follow Natalie at @nataliiimiss on Instagram or /Natálie Stejskalová on Facebook.


dj, international model

Interview by Joyce Cortez Photos Courtesy of B l a c k T i e E n t e r t a i n m e n t

Claim to fame International model, talent manager, DJ Fun fact I can cook the world’s best pasta, don’t believe me? I’m ready to defend my title. Recent BIG project Opening performer for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. What is the power of digital influence to you? Digital influence — I see as a liberation of media. Anyone can create a following if they are creative and passionate enough. What’s your social media mantra? I see some other influencers posting things that aren’t related to them. I think that can isolate some of your following, so I always try to keep it relevant to me and about what I’m doing. Who influenced you the most? Probably someone who can dream big and make things happen. ** Follow Callum at @callumdavidofficial on Instagram or @realcallumdavid on Twitter.


MOSTAFA ELEZALI Man of the World 2017

Interview by Joyce Cortez Photos Courtesy of B l a c k T i e E n t e r t a i n m e n t

What is your recent project? I'm undergoing workshops for the meantime, which includes hosting and acting. How did male pageantry mold you into who you are today? It taught me to be a better person by being true to myself and being more. What is the power of digital influence to you? The power of it makes me aware of what is happening around the world, and this helps me improve my own skills. Who influenced you the most? My family, because they are ones who are always supporting me. ** Follow Mostafa at @mustafaelezali on Instagram or /MostafaElezali on Facebook.



Classic International Woman 2018

Interview by Joyce Cortez Photos by Georgina Vaughn

What is the power of digital influence to you? The Internet is one of the most powerful media tools, and as such, plays a key role in marketing to people, places, and things. Social media and the Internet is a phenomenal platform for digital influence. With this, one can reach the maximum number of targeted users and lead them to engage. In my 30 year history in sales, marketing, and business development, digital influence is like nothing historically seen. It is definitely the wave of the future, as we see the impact digital influence has already had in so many markets. Do you still remember how your winning moment was? I do! What incredible moment! To have months of hard work come to fruition, a huge goal accomplished, and a moment I dreamed about come true was phenomenal. I still cherish my winning moment and know that memory will last a lifetime. One word that can change your day.

Who influenced you the most?

The first word that comes to mind is COFFEE! But in all seriousness, the word that turns my day around is GRATITUDE! It’s like a daily attitude adjustment when you realize your list of life’s blessings. I’m grateful for the little things in life, as well as the big. I cherish each day and make the most of it. Each day is another day to turn your life around, as well as give back to someone in need. What's your social media mantra? Know your audience, never let a day of silence go by, and keep a balance of text and visuals.


My Dad is a primary influence in my life. He is an extraordinary man in every respect. The way he empowers those around him constantly gives back to the community and stays humble through every life blessings that has come his way. Through every success, he has remained down to earth and humble. My Dad has incredible moral fiber. He does the right thing no matter what, in any and all circumstances. He lives his life to constantly be there for those around him. He has the most amazing soul I’ve ever witnessed.

Do you think political views on pageant contestant matters? No, absolutely not! It is not for myself or anyone in the pageant world to pass judgment on those around us. When we focus on political differences and not basic similarities between us, we are apt to put a wall up. We should instead, focus on the sisterhood of pageantry and our collective interest of all being here for the same reason. Celebrate each pageant participant’s uniqueness, honor each of our individual journeys, and empower a pageant woman's endeavors in our collective community. Your daughter is following your footsteps in the pageant industry, what's your advice to her? (This also applies to every pageant girl). I constantly tell Alyssa to follow her dreams. Know that anything is possible in life, embrace and lift up the other girls around you, as well as be confident in who you are. I encourage her to be involved in the community around her because she can make a difference. Even one act of kindness can change an impact on another person’s life in the most incredible way. I lead by example in that in leaving a legacy at the end of each day that I will be proud of. Mostly, my wish for her is to do what brings her happiness and joy.

** Follow Darlene at @darlenequinn on Instagram.


Miss supranational usa 2019

Interview by Joyce Cortez Photos extracted on Aaron King of King Aaron Photography 

Claim to fame. I don't have one, YET! So, I'll get back to you on that. Fun Fact. I'm 5'10" tall, BUT 'I'm the shortest person in my family! They jokingly call me the runt. When did you get involved in pageantry and why? I grew up watching Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Universe with my mom. I always wanted to be on a national stage competing but didn't have the courage to do so until I was 22. That's one thing I regret — that I did not get started sooner (at age 18) in pageantry. Your advocacy. I work closely with the American Heart Association to bring awareness to the importance of heart health and heart disease prevention. I got involved with this cause due to my dad passing of a heart attack and my grandmother's several strokes and heart surgeries. Describe your crowning moment. It was simply incredible! The moment is vividly ingrained in my memory, and I find myself replaying it often. Right before the hosts announced the results, I remember telling God that regardless of the outcome, I'd be OK. After I was named the winner, I had a surge of pure joy to take over my body.


I remember locking eyes with my mom and saying, "We're going to Poland... we're going to Poland!" I still haven't fully wrapped my brain around the fact that I'll be representing the United States in Poland!

Who influences you the most? Both my older and younger sister have the most influence within my life—and for different reasons. My younger sister, Briana, motivates me to keep striving for my dreams. She is a professional basketball player and reached that level in her career despite multiple injuries, surgeries, and setbacks. My older sister, Tiffiney, and I own a consulting company together called Pageant Fairies. Because we are business partners, she influences me greatly in all professional aspects! What's your social media mantra? If you don't want your grandma to see it, don't post it. Lol! In all seriousness, I am very particular about the content I post on social media. I'm aware that it should be just a small glimpse into your life, who you are, and your interest! How do you define empowerment? Empowerment is the freedom to fully express oneself without the fear of judgment, ridicule, or oppression. It's also the desire and ability to support others in their journey to full self-expression. This is especially true with groups (i.e., women, minorities, transgender people, etc.) who find themselves being stifled or oppressed in today's society. What is beautiful to you? Anything that can evoke pure, unadulterated emotion can be considered beautiful in my eyes. I find beauty in those things or moments that cause you to pause and do a double-take! That could be as obvious as a piece of artwork, a striking man or woman I pass on the street, or even as simple as a warm feeling—whether sparked through the kindness of another human being or through a divine moment. That's BEAUTY! What would you like people to remember about you? My ultimate goal is to be remembered as a kind, giving human being. Completely separate from any professional and pageant success that would be the ultimate success for me!


Swim Photo from Facebook

** Follow Regina's journey at @misssupanationalusa on Instagram or /MissSupranationalUSA on Facebook.

Social Media and its Influence Words by Dani Walker Photos by Austin Ryde (in pink) and Irma Lomidze (in blue)

One day when I have kids, I'll talk to them about the days of yore when social media did not yet exist.

I imagine they'll look at me, puzzled, struggling to comprehend, "How did people live without social media?" If you've ever lost your phone or wandered where the wifi is weak, you might experience social media withdrawals or pleasantly discover that life exists beyond your screen. Some say the genesis of social media was the invention of mail or the telephone, while others argue it's emergence, through social media network giants like Facebook. Regardless of when it began, its relevance stems from its influence. Today, thanks to smartphones, it takes more effort to avoid social media than it does to access it, and that is exactly the way that social media giants like it. The longer they can keep a user on their app, the higher the potential to make a sale associated with advertisement revenue. Social media is a medium of influence, but it is not the influencer itself. Twenty years ago, only celebrities could generate massive followings. But, now anyone, myself included, can use platforms like Youtube or Instagram to garner thousands, or even millions, of followers. Effects of influence vary greatly; while some influencers leave you feeling empowered, others stir up thoughts of comparison. Potentially, anyone you follow on social media influences your self-worth, opinions on social issues, events you want to attend, or clothes you want to buy. Everyone is selling something online, but the multi-billion dollar question is, "Are you buying?"


Whether you are a brand, influencer, or consumer, everyone has something to gain through social media. In recent years businessminded pageant titleholders are cashing in on social influence to become micro or mega influencers. Take, for example, Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012, known to most pageant fans as a total girl boss. Olivia capitalized on her title to become a fashion and lifestyle influencer who regularly collaborates with brands ranging from food and drink to beauty and fashion. You might be thinking, "Cool, but I didn't win Miss Universe." While that might be true, the influencer space is expanding quickly, which means there is space for you, as an influencer or content creator.

Although it would be nice to get paid big bucks for sponsored posts, most people start small by collaborating with brands for free products or services. Past collaborations, story highlights, or video, across social media platforms, are the foundation to paid partnerships or affiliate marketing. Aside from the visual aspect of content creation, interaction, and engagement is essential. Brands pay attention to an influencer's audience, age, gender, and interests, as well as their quality of interaction with an influencer's content. Understanding the use of calls-to-action and responding to comments is an increasingly important skill in the social media world. Beyond interaction with followers on your account, the way you interact with brands you want to work with will determine if you are the right fit from them. Questions you should ask yourself include: Am I following the brands I want to work with on social media? Am I regularly liking posts, commenting, or direct messaging their accounts? Do I already use their products or services and post about them? If the answer is yes, you're off to a great start, if it's no, then it is unlikely you will secure any sort of dream collaboration.

Even pageant organizers are beginning to value the ability to effectively manage social media. By encouraging judges to scope out contestant social media accounts, pageant organizers are adding a new consideration to the selection process of a titleholder. But before you can use your position in pageantry to become a mega-influencer like Olivia, there is opportunity within the microinfluencer field, for anyone with as little as onethousand followers, because brands are looking beyond analytics. Pageant contestants and titleholders are at an advantage; the pageant industry has existing fans. By leveraging exposure, contestants can create opportunities, to attend events, book brand deals, or launch businesses. With my micro YouTube channel of 20,000 subscribers, I launched a coaching business and created online pageant courses to help women around the world achieve their pageantry dreams. This allows me to work remotely and travel freely. This is only one way to use social media and influence; a more common path is through platforms like Instagram or blogs that attract paid brand collaborations. Sound interesting? Here’s how you can start.

After putting in work on the backend; do not wait for brands to contact you. Gather up the confidence you built through pageantry and contact brands directly. Use the power of Google to find email contact information for potential collaborations. Avoid the urge to mass email copypasted, impersonal, messages to brands; instead, share your experience with the brand, describe your idea for the collaboration, and detail what you bring to the table. Share about skills that can potentially be used for the collaboration, like your knowledge of photoshop, wardrobe styling, or even video production. Social media is a powerful tool of influence, changing how everyone operates throughout the world. When used wisely, it has the potential to change your life, and the lives of those around you, if you choose to use it a medium of influence — rather than a source.

Social media accounts are like a resume. They provide examples of past work experience and skill. Creating content and curating it to align with brands you want to work with is the first step towards influence.


Creating content and curating it to align with brands you want to work with — is the first step towards influence.


Miss Earth 2018 Interview by Joyce Cortez Ask The Crown Archived Photos Courtesy of Miss Earth Fdn

Q: Social Media, especially Instagram, is very influential to younger millennials. How can you incorporate the Miss Earth Advocacy through them, so they would have a better understanding as to why we need to "Act Now" when it comes to having a sustainable future? A: I have started my own efforts before joining the competition. Let me tell you a story, "There is a woman in Ben Tre that has been collecting plastic wastes from bags, bottles, packaging at the Mekong River during the past years." I was amazed by the woman and voluntarily joined her in helping her out. I posted the photos during the pageant. Reality is - viewers on Social Media are just mindful of fashion, style, expensive items, and the likes. Probably, I can be one among the few handful millennials who are the key influencers in carrying the role of keeping our environment healthy even at our own small efforts. As I've answered, "One small action can be multiplied by a million to transform the world!" Instagram stories are important to show short clips too about the environment. Recently, I [just] launched a project "Together We Act For Climate Change Responds" in Ben Tre.


Together with the key officials and community members; we did tree planting from small seeds, and hopefully, it will grow to a forest. Giving a talk to young students about what current situation is and about the hazards and effects of climate change. By starting an education of Environmental Awareness, from the school children, they will be able to influence their parents back home then it will grow from one neighborhood to another then to a commune, city, and country. Q: Developers have been eyeing on building infrastructures such as housing and industrial developments in wildlife areas, including our oceans, rivers just because it sounds like an "exotic place." How are we able to press the issue that the ecological effect of these virgin forests is crucial to wildlife survival? And it's vital to humanity's health survival? A: I am aware of the changes that my country has undergone - growing up in a small town at Ben Tre Province as being one of the two provinces while the latter is Binh Dinh Province in Vietnam being known as the capital of producing coconuts, and we are exporting it abroad. Ben Tre has grown to a city because of progress, a transformation in terms of economic benefits from the produce to traders and buyers; therefore, new hotels and shopping centers have been established. A popular retailer will be constructed soon rise up. Now let me move on to my experience too in living in Singapore for three years for my University. We know how developed the city of Singapore is and how strict the laws are in respecting the country. Our government in Vietnam and the provinces have the Ministry of Planning and Investment wherein rules and regulations are strictly implemented in terms of safety, and levels of building and structure.


There's a report that needs to be submitted too, called Environmental Impact Assessment wherein by definition before any establishments, structures, enterprises are to be built — there have to be submitted and reviewed by the concerning bodies. Once it passes, then a thumbs up is given. The system above can always be followed accordingly to the levels of compliance. Therefore, each country whether underdeveloped, developing nation and 1st world nations must be strict on the laws as to preserve the natural habitat of animals/wildlife/ insects/living creatures wherein water, rivers, seas, and oceans.

Being the ambassador of taking care of Mother Earth, I have started projects with the local municipality in my province wherein support has been given by both the government and private companies. Planting trees and education are the key steps towards helping ourselves to preserve our forests and environment which goes back to us. If we do not listen to the cries and moans of our Mother Earth, why should we wait for its ill effects which cost lives both in society, wildlife and our crops? FUN FACT [I love] collecting vinyl records, listening to a different genre of music from classical to R&B and taking care of my cat. Another fun fact, "My unique laugh!" MOST POPULAR TOURIST SPOT IN VIETNAM Vietnam is very beautiful and has many tourist spots. One of the most popular tourist spots is Hoi An, the ancient city of Vietnam. This city is very peaceful with old communal houses, old building, and trading streets.

















Bollywood That People Might Not Know About Words by Shree Saini Photos Courtesy of Shree Saini

India is the biggest democracy in the world. India is the fastest growing economy. India is the world's second-largest English speaking nation. India is very diverse.

People speak between 300 and 3,000 languages, and up to 22,000 dialects, every state one visits has a totally different main langue, food, and culture. Generally, students are required to know English, their state langue, and then their city langue.


Shree gives us pieces of India that we might not know about: discover and learn more about Indian culture, women in the workforce, and how they supported her journey.

“India is the world's secondlargest English speaking nation.”


Once, I was hanging out with five of my gal friends who were from Indian heritage, and we could all only communicate in English because we all spoke different langue. Indians LOVE pageants. They have been so supportive of my reign as Miss India USA and Miss India Worldwide. I'm blown away by their love and support. Can you imagine, Miss India Worldwide is in 42 countries? I was invited to the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, and Guyana to be a guest at their pageant. The Bollywood Bollywood is the highest grossing film industry worldwide, producing over a thousand films a year annually in several different languages. Thriving Careers India's top colleges have an acceptance rate of less than 1%. At times, students who don't get in, keep Harvard, Yale and other ivy leagues schools as a backup option. I've studied at Harvard, Yale, and Stanford and can only imagine the rigor of India's top universities.

India has the most amount of female pilots than any other country. I learned about this when I was invited to meet with Consul General of India in New York, Sandeep Chakravorty, at a women's empowerment event. Moreover, every third doctor in the USA is of Indian origin. I was invited to AAPI last year, which is the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. It represents a conglomeration of more than 80,000 practicing physicians and 40,000 medical students. It is an annual 4-day event where doctors and medical students come together to learn about new innovate health practices and find solutions to healthcare. I was invited to speak at several different convention rooms as I am a heart patient. I have a pacemaker, and a doctor saved my life by discovering my irregular slow heartbeat.

LOVE, YOUR FUTURE MOM QUEEN BEAUTY DC 2019's OPEN LETTER TO HER FUTURE DAUGHTER Words by Brooke Packard *Originally published on Ask The Crown


    ear future daughter, One day you will start dating, and that is exciting! I'm sure by now you've seen all the romantic comedies, love, and relationships on the big screen, happy couples on social media and so on. But you also need to know that dating, love, and relationships are not always happy or easy. It takes work for

two people to love each other and stay committed through the ups and downs. But, don't ever allow yourself to be disrespected, hurt verbally, emotionally, physically, or sexually. Unfortunately, these hurtful things happen to teenage girls, and even women like me. Please be aware of the red flags and listen to your gut. When I was a teenager, my first relationship consisted of all of these hurtful things. Most people ask why you stayed with


him for so long or just leave him already. If it were that simple, I would have left him before it even started. I am going to share with you how and why it got to the point that it did. Now, remember, it's not ever the victim's fault, but it does take two to allow these things to happen.

"Don't ever allow yourself to be disrespected."

Dating is hard. But it doesn't have to be abusive and lacks respect. Normally, the first signs of a potentially abusive relationship deal with a boy or man toying with your emotions. It can be as simple as complimenting you on one thing but then telling you that, that one thing they complimented on can be better or 'isn't as good as it can be. For example, "Your hair looks better down. You should wear it down more. But part it on the other side." He may even touch your hair or make you do as he says to his liking. That is red flag number one. Feelings for someone will make you vulnerable, and 'that's okay because, in order to love, you have to be willing to open up. But there is a difference when that person starts to insult you when complimenting you so that it seems valid, but it makes you feel insecure and need of changing something about yourself. Yes, it can be as simple as your hair. It may seem innocent at the time, but if this continues, these compliment/insult comments eventually take your sense of security with your style and presence. If this happens, he has gained control of your appearance.

Another red flag that will arise if you allow this behavior from him to continue is not just escalated emotional abuse, but verbal abuse will start and escalate as well. This is when he starts insulting you more than complimenting you and playing more games by saying he will dump you if you don’t do something he says to do. Or, he will dump you in order to make you do what he wants, then he will take you back immediately. Once he is able to gain that kind of control once, he knows he has you wrapped around his finger. This is the point he has gained complete control over you whether you realize it or not. This is when you are starting to be completely isolated from your friends and only allowed to be with him and his friends. This eventually steals you away from your family, and he can even insert fear, anger, and distrust towards your own family. He is now the only person you spend time with and go to him when he calls for you.


Then comes the physical and sexual abuse. One may come before the other, but these two forms tend to escalate together simultaneously. No man should ever lay his hand on a woman or make her do anything she doesn't want to do. It normally starts off with some tight grabbing of the forearms while he's annoyed or angry with you. Physically pulling you away from your friends and holding your hand in order to keep you close to him is another. These smaller physical abuse notions can escalate to being punched, choked, bruised, and so on. His hands are almost never his only form of physical abuse. He may start using whatever items he owns as well. Once he establishes you fear him in this way, he uses this as your punishment for not doing as he asks and to make you do what he says. Your body will now have bruises and scars almost daily. This is when you are afraid to do anything of your own free will because you feel he will find out and punish you for it. When it comes to sexual encounters, he will love using the line, "If you love me, you'll do it." Or, "Don't you love me?" Which you reply, "YES," so he responds, "Then, you'll do it, or that means you don't love me." These conversations to make you feel guilty and feel you have to do what he wants; otherwise, he'll think you don't love him will be used for more than in the bedroom. Sometimes if he wants to do something to you, he will do it regardless if you want to or not. Now, all of these things are incredibly scary, I know. But if you are aware of the red flags, listen to your gut, and talk to your parents you won't have to go through anything like this. It is important to know that love is respect. Love is not measured by what you are willing to do for someone if they want it. Love is not unequal of two individuals. Love is not insulting. Love is not beating someone up. Love is not isolating you to keep for themselves. Love is not based on ultimatums. Love is not "I owe you's." Love is not a sacrifice. Love is not flawed. Love is not ugly. Love is respect. Love is the equality of two individuals. Love is complimenting. Love is holding and supporting someone. Love is sharing and caring. Love is mutual decisions. Love is giving and rewarding. Love is compromising by both people. Love is flawless. Love is beautiful.

Photo by Higher Level Photography

If I had reminded myself of these things instead of letting it all slip away because of getting attention from a cute boy, I would have never gone through an abusive relationship. I also should have reminded myself that I am worthy of respecting myself and being respected by others. I am beautiful the way I am. I am worthy of a healthy relationship. I matter even if some people may not think I do. I am a princess worthy of being treated no less than a queen, and so are you. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. You will make mistakes, and that allows you to grow and learn as I did. But please always remind yourself of these things as will I because you are worth it. If you ever find yourself in any situation as I have been in, you come to me to confide in no matter how scared or ashamed you may feel. It’s normal to feel that way but doesn’t mean you are at fault and that you deserve any of it. You will be heard, and we will do whatever it takes to get away, heal, and recover.

Even if you want to stay with him because you love him and don’t want him taken away from you, remember that you are worthy of being loved as you love others with that beautiful heart of yours. Don’t let anyone ever take that away from you. Had I known all of this at your age, I wouldn’t have dated my abusive ex back then. I would have sought help and advice. Always stay true to yourself. Always love and respect yourself even when it becomes difficult. Remember your value and never forget it. Love isn’t always happy or easy, but it is a beautiful thing.

Love, Your future Mom


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