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History Turned Into Hospitality Martyn Lawrence Bullard Designs the Prestigious Chateau Gutsch

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Span Marketing for Interior Design: Personalized

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Dear Readers, As the summer heat subsides, so comes the autumn wind! And with the slight cool breeze settling, you need to bundle up in the nostalgic love of the classics, just as you would with a fluffy blanket. Though you won’t beat the heat till October, it’s never too early to begin reminiscing on the classics once again. It’s that time of year.

In this issue, indulge yourselves with the classical furnishings of several different world class brands, all of whom are widely regarded as maestros in their fields. In addition, we also present to you the ingenious work of several local businesses who are making the most out of their time by adding value in local design, including Span Marketing for Interior Design, Dar Designs, and Cube Architects. Spend time on this issue to read, reflect, and be inspired. Your inspiration awaits you in the coming pages. Best Regards,

Managing Director

Jessica Yeramian

THE Chairman Enass Mohamed Sleem Alkhair Managing Director Jessica Yeramian



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Cover Image Credit: Images courtesy of Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design Photography by Francis Amiand Photo Caption: Chateau Gutsch, Switzerland

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HISTORY TURNED INTO HEAVENLY HOSPITALITY By Nader Ramadan Images courtesy of Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design Photography by Francis Amiand


n a move that will become the hallmark of his career, American designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard restores the historic Chateau Gutsch to its previous glory, transforming this iconic location into a stunningly luxurious hotel of 27 guest rooms and suites. His clients being two Swiss billionaire media moguls Alexander Lebedev and his son Evgeny Lebedev, felt the importance of reviving Chateau Gutsch to pay tribute to the area’s rich historical heritage. “The design brief was to create a world class boutique hotel environment with modern day luxury and old world charm. The public spaces are to be enjoyed by the locals, the Swiss visitors and tourists alike,



THE HISTORIC CHATEAU GUTSCH MAGICALLY TRANSFORMS INTO LUXURY HOTEL whilst honouring the past and the important role the Gutsch has played in Lucerne’s history. Its first grand hotel is once again the most important and imposing hotel in Lucerne and again a true Swiss [center] of style and service,” asserts a press statement from Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s press representative APR.

Originally, an 18th century manor and soon after a hunting lodge in 1884, the Chateau Gutsch gets its inspirations from King Ludwig’s Bavarian castles, widely regarded for being structures of massive scale yet unique taste. The sheer size of this 50,000 square meter structure allows you to see it from every angle of Lucerne, Switzerland. And of course, apart from size, what is a hotel without its specialty suites? It has been designed with the most unique rooms that can be found in any hotel around the world. In this particular setting, Bullard takes the visitor back to an authentic Chateau Gutsch experience. How much sweeter can that suite get?


“Specialty suites like the Queen Victoria suite have been decorated in a grand, yet inviting style, with many unexpected twists such as a romantic claw footed bath tub floating in the center of the room, surrounded by meters of fabrics. Antique oil paintings, a gilded four poster bed and soft upholstery complete the look,” said a press statement from Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design Studio. “In the Majorelle suite, a Moroccan fantasy prevails complete with a tented ceiling for the bedroom and ottoman style banquette seating in the sitting room. All rooms have been equipped with top of the line mattresses and fine, high thread count sheeting.” Unique as it was in its interior design, Bullard used a Gustavian-style palette in the overall design of the hotel. Reminiscing on Gustavian, being popular in Switzerland during the 19th

century, the hotel does not fall short of travelling back in time. More amazing yet is the stellar entrance produced by Bullard, which marks the true feel for what the whole structural symphony stands for.

“The grand entrance is covered in paper backed fabrics added to the original panelling in an 18th century Swiss document fabric that Schumacher reproduced for Martyn in a local 100 year old Swiss fabric mill. For the ancestor bar, named by Martyn due to grouping all the historic oil paintings of Swiss nobles from the castles original collection together in this space, has breathtaking panoramic views over the city and lake. Martyn gold leafed the ceiling to create a glamorous vibe at night and a beautiful reflection during the day and also repositioned the bar to the back of the room and added mirrors to reflect in the views. The Adras Ikat wallpaper which is custom-designed by Martyn, adds an exotic flavor, whilst still in traditional colors with a strong pattern, giving an unexpected accent to the room.”





Prime design is also added with prime location, as Lucerne makes up the historical beating heart of Switzerland. With the hotel making record profits, it is, quite simply put, like Swiss clockwork!


Martyn Lawrence Bullard, owner of the Martyn Lawrence Bullard Studio

and widely regarded in the United States for masterminding some of the country’s most ambitious projects, has become the talk of the town when it comes to every design that’s hot and in, when it comes to homes as well as hotels alike. Martyn is known for his prestigious portfolio of A-class clientele including Tommy Hilfiger, Ozzy Osborne, Ellen Pompeo, and Cher. He also made his way on television as Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Decorators, Hollywood Me. Bullard is also involved in several social initiatives including the Elton John's AID's Foundation, Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program, P.S. Arts, Diffa and amfAR.

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FURNITURE • CLASSIC Miranda da terra: Floor lamp with pyramidal structure in polished brass. Maxim: Sofa with decorative panels in burnished gold foil, upholstered in nabuck. Mina: Armchair with decorative panels in burnished gold foil, upholstered in nabuck.


Napoleone Upholstered sofa with decorative band along the whole length with golden details. Cushions included.

back to


By Nader Ramadan Images courtesy of Alchymia

Alchymia brings back the golden age in more ways than one, making huge leaps forward in production efficiency and aesthetics in all its furniture collections and products. What you're about to see is the epitome of elegance..

eing a hallmark and new front the exploring Art Dèco, Alchymia’s creative collections reveal how attention to the subtle patterns and dexterous work in fine details that can make an overall design successful. The result is what would eventually become the most monumental addition to classic design and luxury furnishings up till now. If it’s either with its willingness to venture into the unknown or its desire to explore that could not have been explained Alchymia goes back to the golden age, quite literally, with a little taste of its own modern interpretations of classic furniture. Classic yes, but with a whole new way of saying “I am elegant. Buy me.” The characteristic classics we have seen are mantras that have been overused, under-appreciated and yet now almost forgotten. No need for playing the same song in front of everyone because furnishing is going to be even more fine tuned with a tantalizingly trendy sense of style. Presenting several product lines, the company’s extensive collection including most notably, Limited Edition, EclecticaL, and Prove d’Autore.

Limited Edition is fresh with style adding value and bringing pure emotion to your home and work. In addition, “ … Prove d’Autore is a collection of trend setter, evoking, emotional, symbolic, ironic, iconic furniture; designed to act as solo artists and to offer the market beauty and elegance signs; in a few words, author signs because they identify with creative styles and decoration unpredictability for contemporary taste,” as the company clearly stated.

Martin: Coffee table with oval full leg, burnished gold foil, brass details and mirror on top. Milena: Shaped armchair upholstered in velvet, with contrasting decorative trim. Miron: Sofa with shaped structure in blue velvet.

Nilde Armchair fully upholstered in fabric with lower back cushion.

Nicla: Chandelier with 8 lights, structure covered with plissé Ivory fabric and brass details. Nerone: Sucupira wood table with golden ovals at the bottom. Norma: Chair with high-back, completely upholstered in velvet and interior part of the back with satin upholstered. Nayade: Open bookcase in sucupira wood with decorated background in patinated gold foil, shelves and brass profiles. LED lighting with bundle of grazing light on background and shelves.



Melchiorre Bar cabinet Mercurio Stools


With a gold finger, Alchymia amplifies the true essence of Art Dèco within a number unique collections. Ginestra: Shaped armchair dark brown lacquered with gold foil decoration in relief. Guelfo: Round coffee table, raised top with engraved geometric tone on tone. Shaped base.

Though many may have known or studied the potency of Art Dèco, but the real potential behind this school cannot be known unless it is explored the way Alchymia explored it in its EclecticaL collection. EclecticaL is not only a concept, but a reaffirmation that designers can take Art Dèco to a new level of sophistication, unparalleled by any collection of its kind in the modern world. “EclecticaL is a long story told through six collections having the same common Art Dèco origin, but which represent the pragmatism of Alchymia and its flexibility of being at the service of fonded markets all

over the world: a treasure trove of professional opportunities thanks to its interior design luxurious style offer,” the statement added. This has only added to what Alchymia is today, being the stars of creativity when it comes to revamping of old models of classicisms into the realms of modernity. “Today, Alchymia is like a great boutique of the world because it is based on the cult of knowledge, tradition respect, manual skill dogma, quality discipline,” the statement added. Established by Lucio Doro, Alchymia is a joint initiative and a company built on the willingness to innovate, rethinking design in a more stylish way. The company has expanded to the way it is today with the efforts of master designers such as Jaque Emile Ruhlmann, Jean Dunand, Paul Poiret, Maurice Marinot, Albini, Joè Ponti, and Joe Colombo. Together they formed an experimental lab which would become the fundamental driving force to derive substantial creative energy from the classics.

Giasone: Bed with shaped headbord, base and footboard, ivory fabric upholstered and decorations in gold foil. Glauco: Comò with drawers lacquered with gold foil decoration. Guendalina: Mirror with shaped frame gold and dark brown laquered.

Griselda Bar counter











Devon&Devon Suite

Devon&Devon Season

Devon&Devon Regal Miami Prestige

Devon&Devon President Serenade Prestige

ostracized, and forgotten about. Rather, it is an artful space that deserves integration into overall visual language of the interior, only to fuse the zones together, making more meaning out of the bathroom as a living space. “Devon&Devon has always been inspired by the most prestigious fashion houses and, indeed, the name ‘Bath Couture’ reflects this affinity with the typically sophisticated, tailormade approach of the trend-setting fashion leaders,” said Gianni Tanini, Devon&Devon CEO. “This project will


BATHROOM DESIGNS THAT YOU DESERVE By Nader Ramadan Images courtesy of Devon&Devon


Devon&Devon Music Prestige Regal Colours

Devon&Devon Bath Couture

effectively express our ability to design and produce absolutely exclusive, customisable bathroom solutions.” As a brand, superior craftsmanship was the key to its success, creating not only the buzz that this particular project is known for in the market but also for its cunningness in creating a new trend in bathroom design, centred around ‘artifying’ the space rather than ostracizing it.

Devon&Devon Wide Blues Colonne

athrooms have always put homeowners in quite a pickle, especially when they don’t know what to choose from the Egyptian market. A simple look abroad would reveal a whole new world of possibilities, not to mention excellent production standards. Devon&Devon is a summation of all those qualities, guaranteeing not only aesthetically appealing bathroom solutions from ceramic tiles of fixtures and fittings, but they also have and maintain their commitment to international production standards. Coming to the company’s latest developments, Bath Couture is a customized project that is committed to raising the bar in modern bathrooms. A bathroom is no longer strictly an unwanted extension of the interior which should be isolated,




Devon&Devon Regina

What normally is your grooming space transforms into an artful component of your living space. “The brand, renowned for superb craftsmanship and unique, elegant styling, has now taken a step further, entering the world of “made to measure” bathroom furnishings in order to offer both commercial and

Devon&Devon Diva

private customers a new exclusive service,” added a press statement from the firm. “The new project has emerged from the brand’s close cooperation with highly specialised, quality-dedicated local craftsmen and is coordinated by an in-house team of architects who will oversee the execution of the entire process.”

Devon&Devon Bogart Vanity

Devon&Devon Majestic Celine Atelier



Established in 1945 by Giulio Tanini, Devon&Devon has led the Italian market for over half a century in making a more artful meaning to the way the market views bathrooms. In 1960, using the momentum of a period characterized by its rapid economic growth, the company expanded its operations from being only as a supplier for the building trade to specializing and distributing world class floor materials, ceramic tiling, bathroom fixtures, and fittings. During the last twenty years, Devon & Devon has grown into a multinational brand and a force to be reckoned with.






Mrs. Reya Al Muhtasib


By Nader Ramadan Images courtesy of Span Marketing for Interior Design


ow in operation for over 30 years, Span Marketing for Interior Design, originally starting in Jordan, has spearheaded a whole new design philosophy that has been widely sought but most often not found in the Egyptian market; at least not until two years ago, when Span opened its doors to its customers. With a sigh of relief, high end Egyptian clientele get to enjoy the epitome of personalized elegance becoming a reality, seeking a break from the normal headaches anyone would have to go through while interior designing and furnishing their very own home. Since celebrating its expansion into Egypt two years ago, Span Marketing boasts offering its esteemed clients three main services including turn-key interior design services, wallpaper and fabrics from the most fashionable international brands, and furniture manufacturing, fully customized to each client’s individual preferences. Under the direction and promotional plan of Mrs. Reya Al Muhtasib, the company’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Span’s



Truth be told that what customers see at the showroom is only a handful of what Span has to offer. Span works with a total of 22 international prestigious brands, including Sanderson, Zoffany, Jane Churchill, Manuel Canovas, Colefax and Fowler, Zimmer and Rohde, Fabricut, and Studio Art. Customers walking into the showroom are met with the company’s friendly well-trained staff, professionally educated in the interior design field and ready to assist the customer in any decision that he/she makes. Meetings with clients are usually encouraged to be done by appointment to make them more productive, where attention to details become crucial such that designers can generate a feasible, comprehensive interior design plan which is compatible with the customer’s lifestyle. It goes without saying that what’s most unique about

Span Marketing’s business model in terms of customer service is its huge step forward in creating a personalized approach as well as cultivating prosperous long term relationships with its clients. In essence, Span Marketing is not your typical pick-buy-run showroom, rather it is a full service design consultancy which provides customers with a one-stop shop solution where they can get both the product and the service in the most professional manner. Its comfort, aesthetics, and functionality that measure the success of every project. Currently, Span Marketing for Interior Design remains just as ambitious as it ever was before, exploring the future possibility of setting up a new pop-up shop with its manufactured furniture, sure to make its debut with summer beachgoers in Sahel next year. Stay tuned till then!

showroom, conveniently located on Salah Salem Road right next to the Gala Bridge, exemplifies what a house would be like, fully designed with the company’s world class wallpaper, fabrics, upholstery, curtains, and furnishing elements. Upon entering, customers first get a shot of what it means to have an English classic-style living room, fit with Span’s manufactured furnishings. To the left, lies Span’s signature Happy Room, a lusciously decorated living room adorned with colorful floral patterned wallpaper, a rich fire place, and exquisite English vintage furnishings. Deeper inside,

the showroom’s children’s room is fit with a crib designed with signature brand Jane Churchill; this comes in addition to the master bedroom decorated with Sanderson floral bed linens and English vintage furnishing elements.






mona hussein DESIGN ACADEMY




Selected Suppliers will be:


DigitalCom #‎Automation_Consultant‬‬, Middle East #‎MEP‬‬, Knauf Ltd. Egypt #‎false_ceiling‬‬, Siraj #‎lighting‬‬, Joy #‎kitchens‬‬, Duravit #‎bathrooms‬‬, Marmonil #‎marble‬‬, #‎flooring‬‬, SAMS #flooring, #‎ceramics‬‬, Floors & more #‎wood‬‬, Tarkett #‎vinyl‬‬, Jotun #‎Paints‬‬, Warda #‎fabrics_and_wallpapers‬‬, Misr Gallery #‎artists‬‬

The Interior Design and Development Course 4th Round – October 2015.

About: Mona Hussein Design Academy specializes in interior design and decoration education. It offers a wide range of in-depth design related courses each of which have been specifically developed by industry expert Mona Hussein, her team, and business suppliers to respond to the market demand.

Time and Place:

Objective: Objective is to share 21 years’ experience in the Egyptian market for the knowledge and consolidation through our future vision. Mona Hussein Design Academy is institutionalized to inform and educate on anything that encompasses interior design. The benefit of this course is that there are no architecture or interior qualifications needed to apply but rather a plus, which means that this is not a technical course. One of the most important things is to introduce materials to our students and recommend suppliers, accordingly a huge no of Egyptian lead companies are participating in our academy each with their own knowledge and experiences.

The course consists of 12 sessions that will take place every Saturday, from 3rd of October 2015 to 19th of December 2015. From 11:00 am until 3:00 pm at THE GREEK CAMPUS, The American University,28, Falaki St., Bab El Louk, Downtown, Cairo We offer places on a first come first served basis to ensure fairness amongst our apprentices. To book your seat, 50 % is payable at our head office in The Polygon Business Park or New Cairo Branch and 50% Maximum by the 25th of September 2015.

Head Office Address: Head Office Address: The Polygon Business Park, Building 03, D2, 4th Floor, Sodic West, Km 38 Cairo-Alex Desert Road, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza, Egypt.

Audience: Students, Designers, Contractors.

New Cairo Branch Address: 20 C south of the police academy, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt.

Head Subjects: 1. Introduction to interior Design. 2. Interior design project phases In Details. 3. False Ceiling and HVAC and MEP. 4. Automation Consultant and Lighting & HVAC. 5. Kitchens. 6. Bathrooms. 7. Hard Flooring 8. Soft Flooring. 9. Wooden work and Hardware. 10. Paints. 11. FF&E - Accessories -Carpets & Curtains. 12. Art and Sculpture.

Apply now for the 4 Round in October 2015 th

Mona Hussein Design Academy was a great success. The course was full of information, tips and exercises. The Syllabus was constructed by interior design expert Mona Hussein and her team that distills more than 21 years’ experience in the Egyptian market for the knowledge and consolidation through their future vision, covering every aspect of design related topics. Mona Hussein revealed all the design secrets, along with the suppliers they offered straightforward instruction and clear advice of how to tackle each project successfully. The course met its objectives clearly and accomplished what it was set out to achieve. “Attending MHDA was one of the most knowledgeable and fruitful learning experiences I have been through. Not only did we get a very deep insight into Mona Hussein’s personal experience and knowledge but we were also brought the number one suppliers of every field, who participated in every session providing us with a great amount of information about their products and giving us great resources that would save us so much time and energy in the future. Mona Hussein shared with us her own extremely valuable creation the “Designer’s Manual” which is a great guide to every interior designer showing us every step of a design job and the sequence of the work. Overall, MHDA was a great step towards starting a professional interior design career that guarantees a first class designing quality for my clients.” Heba Farrakha

‫حققت أكاديمية منى حسين‬ ‫ فقد‬،‫للتصميم نجاحًا كبيرًا‬ ‫كانت مليئة بالمعلومات‬ ‫والنصائح والتدريبات والتي‬ ‫تغطي كل الجوانب والمواضيع‬ ‫ تم وضع‬.‫ذات الصلة بالتصميم‬ ‫مواد ومنهج األكاديمية من‬ ‫منى حسين من خالل خبرتها‬ ‫ عامًا في هذا‬21 ‫التي تفوق ال‬ ‫المجال وأيضًا من خالل فريق‬ ‫العمل الذي يتألف من أبرع‬ ‫ وقد كشفت منى‬.‫المصممين‬ ،‫حسين كل أسرار التصميم‬ ‫جنبًا إلى جنب مع أشهر‬ ،‫الموردين في كل المجاالت‬ ‫فقد قدموا نصائح واضحة‬ ‫لكيفية اخضاع ومعالجة كل‬ .‫المشاريع بنجاح‬ ‫“حضوري أكاديمية منى‬ ‫حسين للتصميم يعتبر‬ ‫واحدًا من الخبرات األكثر اثمارًا‬ .‫التي عشتها في حياتي‬ ‫فقد مكنتني من الحصول‬ ‫على فكرة عميقة للتصميم‬ ‫من خالل تجارب منى حسين‬ .‫العمل‬ ‫في‬ ‫الشخصية‬ ‫استضافة أشهر الموردين‬ ‫في كل مجال قد زودنا بكمية‬ ‫كبيرة من المعلومات حول‬ ‫منتجاتهم التي من شأنها‬ ‫أن توفر لنا الكثير من الوقت‬ ‫ و‬.‫و الجهد في المستقبل‬ ‫قد أعطتنا منى كنزًا لبدء‬ ‫حياتنا المهنية والتي تضمن‬ ‫الجودة من الدرجة األولى في‬ ‫التصميم لموكلي وهو “دليل‬ ‫المصمم” وهو دليل كبير‬ ‫يحتوي على كل خطوة من‬ .‫التصميم وتسلسل العمل‬

”‫“هبه فراخة‬

Phone : +202 38653245 Mobile : +2 01227498221 - +2 01288174440 +2 01028588004 Email :

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” - Charles Eames 50






CITYSCAPE EGYPT! Gilded Feather White Main 2

Funky Floral Regal_Room Set


t the country’s largest property event, take a sneak peek at some of the dream properties being showcased at Cityscape Egypt this September…

Mousa Coast, Misr Italia

Located just 90 minutes from Cairo and 30 km from Ras Sudr International Airport, Mousa Coast developed by Misr Italia is a Red Sea vacation destination with excellent transport links and a perfect climate all year round. Unspoiled beaches span 3,500 metres and the calm waters of the Red Sea make it the ideal destination for kite surfing, water skiing, wind surfing, or relexation. Visit Stand 3A10 at Cityscape Egypt for information. Exotica Cream and Fuchsia Main

The Continental Coast, Almoez Holding Group – Aloffoq co. for Real Estate


By Nader Ramadan Images courtesy of Graham & Brown Barbara Hulanicki


Barbara Hulanicki- From Dresses to Wall Design

raham & Brown has had a remarkable history of achievements in the past few years, but what tops all of that is the creative thinking that had to go behind the inventiveness and pure genius in what the company released this year. It’s the story of two individuals, Barbara Hulanicki and Julien MacDonald, who had a host of different ideas that would change the face of wallpaper as we know today. La Palma Lilac Cameo

Julien MacDonald

Julien MacDonald-Fashion Legend to Wallpaper Artist Julien is known for a great many things. Once being the chief designer at the Paris Haute Couture house of Givenchy as well as being selected to redesign the uniforms for British Airways flight attendants, Julien has become the king of glitz and glamor with his new collections for Graham & Brown. Take for example the Exotica Cream/Fuchsia, Gilded Feather White/Silver, Honolulu Black/ Gold, and La Palma Lilac. Honolulu Black Gold Cameo



The Continental Coast developed by Almoez Holding Group is a bustling tourism village directly overlooking the ocean. Generous white-sandy beaches fringe the area and all residential units enjoy clear sea views. Surrounded by palm trees, the central boulevard leads directly to a local luxury 5 Star hotel. Visit Stand 1C40 at Cityscape Egypt for information.

Being the longtime widely known Polish fashion legend and founder of the fashion brand Biba, Barbara Hulanicki is quite simply put the master of all trades, making designs for some of Graham & Brown’s most esteemed collections, most notably the Hypnotist. Living up to its name, the Hypnotist is seductive as it is stylish with its hypnotic patterns forming the accents of any space’s wall. It is both pricey yet prestigious, costing up to 55 pounds sterling a roll but all in all, its well-worth the money, adding volumes and value to any setting it is placed in. Funky Floral Regal is also one of many of her masterpieces which costs the same price. Hypnotist Mono Room Set

Lavida, Metawee Group for Real Estate Investment and Tourism

Ideal for families, this residential compound is conveniently located in central New Heliopolis. Surrounded by 65% vast green views, La Vida incorporates a network of well-planned streets' and safe walks throughout the compound. Visit Stand 2C30 at Cityscape Egypt for information.



Tips for Your

Kids’ Study Room

By Diana Farid Images sourced from Google pics and


Enhance your child's educational experience by improving their learning environment!

chools are around the corner and we are about to start a new academic year with all its challenges, but we can also have loads of fun getting it prepared. A lot of people think that creating a study space for their kids exhausts so much time, money and space, but the ASK team believes otherwise. Every kid deserves an exciting place around the house to learn and enjoy their school days; creating this space will be an invaluable gift to help them achieve their academic goals. With very simple ideas you can turn an unused space into the best study zone ever. Then with some flashy accessories, your kid will long to stay on his desk studying.

Space savers: small scale study areas

Spaces are premium and sometimes you don’t have the luxury to allocate a full room for kids’ study, but creativity is all what it takes to create a studying space. Think of a dead corner at the house, or the kids play area or inside a closet where you can place a sleek desk and chair to create an inviting studying place. Think of an unused space under a hanging bed and turn it into a study zone, not only will it serve a purpose but will add beauty to the entire room.

Folding desks:

Another idea is to get a folding desk, which can be tucked away after the studying is over or during the academic vacations. We trust this is very efficient if the desk is not used all the year round.



Organizers: Maximize the space by minimizing the fuss

Don’t let the desk drown under a pile of papers. There are many artistic ways to ensure you add charm to the place as well as keep all your desk items in order. Any unused can, jar, container or box can create a very enticing feel to the desk as well as declutter the space, making it more appealing and wellordered. There are endless options of how you can use organizers at your desk, which can be bought or even done at home.

Wall mounted shelves / cubbies:

One of the smart tricks to add space is to opt for vertical wall storage. Walls are no longer for decoration, frames and clocks; there are plenty of items that can be hung on the wall to create more space. Having a hung board to add the calendars, reminders and schedules is a nice visual addition to the desk as well as beneficial to the studying process. Selecting a cool study board is another way to adding flair to the study area.

Proper lighting and fresh plants:

Proper lighting is one of the inevitable components of any desk; but it can also act as an additional source of glamour to the studying space. Lighting comes in so many options, colors and shapes, which make it easier for you to choose. An artificial plant beside a lamp does wonders; it looks fresh and adds life to the surface.

Opt for simple colors and thrilling accessories:

Don’t forget that your kids will eventually grow up, accordingly refrain from getting too childish and be free with the accessories, as these you can easily change by time depending on the kids’ evolving needs and tastes. You can select neutral colors and calm tones and just be bold with the accessories. Studies show that having bold colored accessories induce the creative brain juices to flow.

Hidden bookshelves:

You can also create a hidden book shelve over the desk to add storage space; you can have a slim cupboard which has all the books inside, once it is closed the place looks neat and decluttered. This is innovative, compact and self-contained way to store studying essentials.






Arch. Ibrahim Gomaa & Arch. Mohamed El Abagy

DAR DESIGNS DAZZLES CAIRO AND DUBAI By Nader Ramadan Images courtesy of DAR Designs

Keeping very much in tune with modern trends and international standards, their residential projects have an interestingly creative touch, encompassing the use of contemporary design to translate the client’s individual lifestyle preferences into feasible, aesthetically appealing design solutions. It is this formula which has DAR Designs that has earned its widely regarded reputation in the lucrative Egyptian and Emirati property markets.


ubai is a city of many tastes, but now it will get taste of what DAR Designs has to offer. Priding itself on its commitment to being “The address of luxury” as its slogan goes, DAR Designs owned by Arch. Mohamed El Abagy and Arch. Ibrahim Gomaa, is now providing turn-key architectural and interior design solutions to a prestigious niche of A class clientele both in Dubai, UAE and all over Egypt. They will also be actively participating at Cityscape Egypt 2015, with a booth to take client inquires.



It’s one thing to get it done, and it’s another to get it done with love. That’s the motto of the quickly expanding architectural and interior design firm DAR Designs, owned by Arch. Mohamed El Abagy and Arch. Ibrahim Gomaa, who have recently extended their business operations to work in both Dubai, UAE and in Cairo. With more than ten years of experience successfully competing in the growing housing and property

markets, getting things done with love is exactly what’s been going on with the completion of over 40 projects in Egypt, ranging from private residences to commercial facilities (restaurants, businesses, etc…).

DAR Designs is also known for its flexibility in B2B interactions, making it a popular and approachable for businesses to work with. Particularly interesting among the firm’s commercial projects in the automotive industry is its dealings with multinational brands and showrooms, guaranteeing a stellar first impression for their customers. Apart from its flawless record of offering it design services to high end clients on an international level, DAR Designs has also sought to spread the word even more within international markets through its active participation in the region’s biggest exhibitions and fairs. In the UAE, simply having a fully operational office is not ambitious enough for the crew at DAR, rather they actually sought to increase their exposure at Cityscape Global in Dubai back in 2013, where they had the opportunity to meet the jet class of the UAE’s residential owners, developers, investors, and key players. This year DAR Designs will also be among the biggest participants in Cityscape Egypt 2015 with an elegantly designed booth and comprehensive presentation of all its projects.


DAR DESIGNS TARGETS HIGH END CLIENTELE OFFERING ELEGANT LUXURY With the help of Dubai’s welcoming, business-friendly environment, DAR Designs’ creative potential has become the hallmark of residential development in the United Arab Emirates, not only guaranteeing its clients world class designs but prompt professional treatment being attentive to deadlines and giving everyone their money’s worth. The secret of the firm’s success lies in its development of a conducive working relationship with the many of its clients, all of whom are A-class homeowners and businessmen. To live up to its commitment to deliver the best services, DAR Designs also has to be selective in the clients that it works with, asserting that it only does high end projects for clients who are asked to kindly be flexible and ready to put their trust in the firm’s extensive expertise.



For those interested in DAR Designs, project details are discussed in a private meeting with the client, arranged to be face-to-face for the best results. For those wishing to meet DAR Designs team at Cityscape Egypt 2015, their stand will be ready to take any inquiries.






BRABBU ON EMIRATES HILLS By Nader Ramadan Images courtesy of Brabbu




RABBU has always had its fair share of the world’s most prestigious projects, yet what they were about to furnish in Dubai tops everything else that goes in their portfolio! Emirates Hills was the latest on the firm’s long list of top hits, as in this project, it was BRABBU’s best which was included in the interior design of what was to become a fully furnished 1391m² luxury villa with five bedrooms. Working with Nikki B

Interiors, a high end boutique design practice owned by Nikki Bisiker, BRABBU’s furnishings were the magic ingredient needed to really make this residence what it is right now, designing each zone with its own individual character. “Each room has its own style, color contrast, materials, textures and patterns, however the overall it’s harmonious. That is the uniqueness about this project. Nikki B Interiors was responsible for the whole project, not only interior design but architecture as well. All furniture, fixtures and equipment were picked by the studio," said a press release.

It would be understatement to say that “BRABBU was the bomb” because it did more than just add volumes to the Emirates Hills residence! Rather, it also a created a whole new meaning to the way residents will experience the space with the addition of its own creative elements. These pieces included: the HORUS Suspension Light, AGRA Dining Table and the KOI Dining Table II. From BRABBU’s ingenious lighting designs, the item of choice would be no other than the HORUS Supension Light, being a contemporary ceiling light which becomes the primary environmental element that sets the mood in the interior. The real value in this item also lies in the fact that it was handcrafted with brass with its structure being copper plated and matte black lacquered.





Coming to the AGRA dining table, what’s particularly striking about this piece is the way it shows off the excellence in effort that had to go into this piece in order to make the craft that it is in front of the homeowners. Combining the use of marble and brass detailing, it is to say the least exquisite, adding volumes to a visual scene with multitudes of aesthetic layers.

The AGRA table played a key role in being the unifying element when it comes to the residence’s kitchen. “The floor which perfectly unites the other elements is the traditional tiled floor in black and white. It is in the kitchen that BRABBU’s AGRA Dining Table can be found as a key decor element where people will gather around sharing the daily stories. Every room narrates a story told by the pieces that were chosen to compose the ambiance. Since the entrance hall to all the rooms of this luxury villa an exquisite experience starts unfolding itself, providing to its inhabitants the best of what can be expected from a high end cosmopolitan lifestyle,” said the press statement.





It’s dinner time yet again! Dinner for two? Nope this time perhaps 12 would be best! If the future house dwellers of this luxury villa like being the center of attention, then the KOI Dining Table II would be a piece for them. Able to seat up to 12 people around the table, this eye-catching piece is what every dining room needs to give guests long-lasting memories. Combined with ambiance created by the HORUS suspension lamp, the dining room becomes an enchantment of colors mixing together to complement each other in the most perfect way.

“The dining room is dominated by a color palette of strong yellow and blue used in the front wall, sideboard and chairs. Contrasting with it are neutral tones as white, beige and black from the other walls, curtains and table lamps,” said the press statement. “The floor has a mirrored effect giving the sensation of enlargement of the space. It was in this set that HORUS Lamp and KOI Dining Table from BRABBU were used. Both are the decor central pieces, combining perfectly with one another as well as with the other decor elements.” For BRABBU, design is no longer about creating a product, rather it is about coming up with a new way of living and creating memories so that these experiences can be passed on throughout generations. It’s this level commitment that ultimately made furniture brands such as BRABBU truly unique.



For them, it is the contemporary world of architecture that really shows the true skill of the architect. It’s minimalist, straight, simple and to the point, showing the viewer the perfection involved. It was the skill of these designers that was demonstrated widely in their residential projects including the Saif Residence, Fares Residence, IA Apartment, AA Apartment and E apartment among

CUBE ARCHITECTS BUILDS HOMES OF THE FUTURE By Nader Ramadan Images courtesy of Cube Architects


uch like the way design works, Cube Architects started from an idea and eventually became a reality with its new, youthful formula, offering Egyptian clients an innovative approach to the way modern architecture should be done. Along with its being a private firm, Cube Architects boasts an openminded business model acting as a platform to share ideas about all types of issues concerning the next generation of designers. But ideas are not in short supply, as much as challenges are. Meeting the challenge is what the studio’s team, Yasser Alaa Fahmy, Ahmed Amr Amin, Karim Maher, and their colleague Sarah El-Gohar, is all too familiar with. Yet, in the end, the results that are achieved are often



world class quality designs that one would expect to see from any top grade architectural firm around the world. Design to Cube Architects is more than just a service, rather it is a belief that in order to improve the psyche of society, it’s up to designers to ultimately enhance the quality of their surroundings so that society can lead a more prosperous life. The studio was built not only on the idea that making profit is what drives a business, rather it is the passionate support for innovative philosophy in changing the way people live using design that can ultimately drive the business towards providing a new way of living for people.

many others. Particularly interesting among all these projects was the Saif Residence which was for a client in Saudi Arabia, integrating an interesting modern approach to the geometrical beauty and intricacy most prominent in Islamic architecture. On the commercial front, Cube Architects also completed projects including GC Cakery, Mehawig, Garad Media, Les Elites Spa, Fit Box Gym. Most appealing was the Fit Box Gym with the use of color, engagement, and energy to create a conducive environment for exercising, lifting weights, and boxing. In office design, Cube Architects also conveyed the same energetic use of color, used to visually engage the visitor in the scenery, when designing the PR agency The Publicist Inc., incorporating a mixture of light blues and natural wood elements to streamline the scene.



Their public projects also seem just as ambitious, designing the Nimran Tower, the K Clinic, Abd El Kader Fahmy Hospital with a facade renovation as well as a Hostel and Youth Center. K Clinic was of particular interest with its unique organic designs, using volumes and curves to provide the patients, who come to the clinic, with a sense of safety and comfort. Their years of hard work have earned them a number of notable accomplishments from designing some of the most well-known hospitals to working with global brands. Some of their main clients include Dorra Group, Takeda, Abu Auf, Red Bull, Target, and Abd El Kader Fahmy Hospital. Cube Architects has also been active in its participation in competitions, presenting their work to an international audience to ensure that they are in tune with the tastes and trends on a global scale. These competitions include ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award 2011



which took place in Turkey where the firm had designed a proposal for the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center as well as another competition organized by Magaz Magazine where they had designed the School of the Future, the Green Agriculture Sustainable Nature Color Elementary School which won an honorable mention.

Educational has been among the calls real drives of Cube Architects as a firm to become a platform for young architects to share ideas. Up till now, as the team stipulates, architectural schools in Egypt are still trapped in the theoretical world, often not taking

notice of the importance of adequately training students about the realities involving modern architectural practice in the local arena. For them, Cube Architects is a hands-on school for the training of the next generation, as much as it is a private company. Though the firm remains active in its innovative philosophy of changing local design paradigms, it's the patience and persistence of the team at Cube Architects which has paid off, resulting in the success that they have enjoyed up to this very day. As Imam Al Ghazali once said in a reflection on patience, "Desires make slaves out of kings and patience makes kings out of slaves.�






Tatweer Misr Launches Phase One of USD 1.2 Billion Mega Ain El Sokhna Project, IL Monte GalalaSokhna

Photo by Enrica Pontin

Egyptian Pavilion Attracts Many at La Biennale di Venezia

The artwork showcased at the Egyptian pavilion, during this year’s La Biennale di Venezia, sparked wide admiration among art lovers all around the world, with a three dimensional installation designed and built by the participating artists Ahmed Abdel-Fatah, Maher Dawoud, and Gamal El-Kheshen. The three artists were handpicked after winning an art competition conducted by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture to represent Egypt. This three dimensional installation formed the word “PEACE” was covered with grass and used augmented reality to engage visitors. The Egyptian pavilion was visited by La Biennale’s di Venezia’s President Paolo Baratta who was photographed with the Egyptian delegation, along with Dr. Gihan Zaki the director of the Egyptian Academy in Rome.

Tatweer Misr unveiled phase one of IL Monte Galala-Sokhna, a mixed used mega development project in Ain El Sokhna. Representing an initial investment of 250 million USD, phase one of the project will see the start of the company delivering residential and hotel units by 2019, expecting to complete over 5000 units in around ten years. IL Monte Galala-Sokhna will be developed in partnership with both local and international industry leaders including the internationally acclaimed Italian architectural company 5+1AA.

The Batter Half & Co. Hosts Tasting of New Ice Cream Selection The Batter Half & Co., has celebrated the launch of their new ice cream selection last Tuesday, inviting influential style bloggers, members of the press, fashion designers, artists, and food enthusiasts, for a tasting of their variety of flavors as well as a chance to get creative by building their own ice cream sundaes using a medley of toppings. The ice cream includes: Chocolate, Nutella, Red Velvet, Mandarin, Rose, Yogurt with berries, Hibiscus, Lemon, Mastic, Vanilla Oreo, Pinacolada, Peanut Butter, Pistachio, Speculoos and Watermelon. In addition to more ice cream flavors.

Relaunch of the world’s most popular line of GROHE faucets

Jotun Launches Kids Collection Jotun, the region’s leading paint manufacturer, has launched its Kids Collection aimed at creating inspiring and imaginative spaces specifically for kids. Colours are what enchant and inspire children therefore the experts at Jotun made sure to introduce a diverse collection of colours for designing the little ones’ rooms. Yasser Hassan, Marketing and Sales Manager, said: “We care about the comfort and the healthy development of children so we work hard to reach the balance between bright, creative walls and a healthy environment for the child to grow and develop. "



Architects and interior designers will love the extensive range of Eurosmart faucets and fittings, relaunched by GROHE. Available with low, medium and - for the first time - high spout, the washbasin faucets are easy to combine with numerous different basin types and styles. In addition, the range covers all other areas of the bathroom from the bathtub to the shower and the bidet. In addition, there are matching sink faucets for the kitchen as well as electronically controlled fittings for public washrooms. Introducing Eurosmart from GROHE - the next step in the evolution of faucets and fittings.

Kitch Restaurant Opens in Kattameya Heights Club House Kitch Restaurant, a modern day Mediterranean restaurant with an artistic edge, is pleased to announce its soft opening. Located at Kattameya Heights away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is strategically placed in the compound’s hot spot, The Club House, around the area’s swimming pool, where the restaurant kicked off by hosting a networking dinner gathering. With a raw and industrial style to the décor infused with street art inspirations, the restaurants interior design concept was created by OB Hotels & Restaurants; a hospitality company specialized in conceptualization, creation and management of boutique hotels and restaurants.




ASK magazine Sep issue 2015  


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