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What To Look For When Buying A Car Thermometer Car Thermometer _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Peter Roscoe - Those of us who are fortunate to own later model vehicles know the benefits of having a car thermometer. If you own a older car then you will need to purchase and after market thermometer, this may seem like a fairly simple purchase but there are few considerations that need to be made before choosing the ideal unit for your needs. To Learn More About Car Thermometer

First of all, you will notice a big price variation on different models. The reason for this is that they offer a range of different features, some units have built in clocks and alarms and some can give you both outside and inside temperatures. Another point to consider is that some of the cheaper units have built in sensors that sit on the unit itself, which means if you want to get an accurate outside temperature reading then you will need to open a window, this may not always be possible. The better option would be to look for one that has external sensors as well as internal ones. The external sensors should be fixed outside the car in order to get a accurate reading. The back-light feature is convenient should you do a lot of night driving and is standard on most digital models. The vast majority of models available on the market today are powered using the cigarette lighter but there are certain models that include batteries making the device portable which is ideal for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

If you prefer to keep the use of your cigarette lighter outlet whilst still having use of the thermometer then you can always go to a professional car accessories installer and get them to connect the unit directly to your ignition so that it draws power from your car battery but only works when the car is turned on. This can be done very neatly whilst concealing all the wires, if done properly it maybe even look like it was factory fitted or a standard feature instead of an after market installation.

On the higher end of the scale you have the option to buy solar powered thermometers but these have a host of other features, like mobile phone charging and laptop charging. Obviously due to the type of technology used and the manufacturing costs these are normally very pricey and may be an over kill if all you require is a simple inside and outside temperature reading.

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