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Your answer to the question, where to go in Dubai?  

Places to visit in Dubai ď‚— A lot of travel enthusiasts all over the world are planning on visiting the ambitious city of Dubai. Using the term

ambitious is very valid if one only looks at the rate at which Dubai has advanced over the past decade. It has turned from a desert to an oasis. The development of Dubai is a boon for the people of this country, whose lives have completely changed thanks to the visionary leadership and rapid development of the country. On of the first questions that any tourist would ask about the city is where to go in Dubai? And the answers that you get will be diverse and you will be in a fix thinking about what to pick and what to leave. ď‚— Dubai is a desert city and also has a beautiful coastline along the Persian Gulf. It is nestled within this Gulf and

therefore has calm and lovely seas and is a haven for beach lovers. To decide which beach in Dubai to visit, you need to figure out what you want from your day at the beach. Do you want to be in the middle of the crowd? Then you must head to the beach near the Burj Al Arab. Do you want a private beach to enjoy your time? Then you must check into a hotel that owns a stretch of the beach and enjoy being their guest. Or you can also get an invite to a party in one of the villas on the palm islands.

 You could also drive out of the city to enjoy secluded beaches in places like Ras Al Khaimah. To find the

perfect beach in Dubai, all you need to do is figure out what you want and you will have it! That is the magic of Dubai; there is something for everyone. Once you are done soaking up the sun and have had enough of the gorgeous sea, you can put on your sarong and try some of the best restaurants that Dubai has to offer. A lot of them are by the sea and have a chilled out vibe about them. Here, you can transition easily from beach to restaurant.  Once you’ve had your fill of delicious food, it is time to expend that energy with some serious sightseeing

and shopping.You can admire the endless sands on your desert safari and have your photo taken in traditional Arabic clothes, enjoy a traditional Arabic meal and witness the traditional dances and enjoy the traditional music of this part of the world. Visit grand hotels, malls and water parks if you have time and energy left. Where to go in Dubai is a question one never asks again after being introduced to the endless activities to get around to doing while you are in the city.

ď‚— Once you reluctantly leave, you will carry with you memories of a unique city

which has transformed itself and which is on the way to achieving even greater heights. And you will definitely have a long list of activities to suggest when someone asks you where to go in Dubai.And you might have to keep coming back, because this list is only going to expand.

Where to go in dubai  
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