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Ramadan in Dubai 2019 Ramadan- the Holy Month of the Islamic Calendar has approached & a certain air of serenity has descended over Dubai. According to the announcement made by Ebrahim Al Jarwan, General Supervisor at Sharjah Planetarium, the holy month of Ramadan started on 6th May 2019 (Monday). The extravagant hustle & bustle of this ultramodern city comes to a halt during Ramadan ranging from pace of life to galas, from jamborees to public gatherings. Islamic Followers observe fast for the entire month & can be seen engaged in giving, sharing & fixing their hearts on the Islamic values of compassion. Holiday Makers traveling to Dubai during Ramadan can relish a wide range of Cultural, Community & family-focused events that reflect the heritage of this Islamic City. Fill Dubai Visa Application form & apply Dubai visa online today to witness the serenity observed in Dubai during Ramadan.

Understanding Ramadan & Its Significance Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic datebook & refers to the sacred time when Islamic followers memorialize the revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Mohammed. The beginning of this holy month is marked by catching a sight of the crescent moon with the bare eyes. Muslims observe fast for 30 days from dawn until dusk & refrain from consuming food, water, smoke & alcohol during this time. Islamic Devotees observe fast throughout Ramadan; however kids, pregnant women & sick are exempted from fasting. The observance of fasts during Ramadan ranks among the Five Pillars of Islam including Faith, Prayer, Charity and Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Major Highlights of Ramadan in Dubai 2019 The Holy Month of Ramadan is observed with utmost devotion & divinity in Dubai. Irrespective of the time of the year, this futuristic desert city has never failed to surprise its visitors. People are finding ways to get their Dubai visa appointment materialized in order to ensure their presence in Dubai.

Some major highlights of Ramadan in Dubai that are attracting tourists from across the globe are mentioned below:

Ramadan Cannons Firing Cannons during Ramadan is centuries-old tradition & Dubai has remarkably managed to retain it. Cannons are fired daily in order to mark the beginning of Iftar, an evening meal with which the devotees break the fast. Visitors to Dubai can hear firing from the cannons taking place at some iconic locations of Dubai including Madinat Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, City Walk, Al Mankhool and Al Khawaneej.

Iftar at Dubai Opera All throughout the Ramadan, Iftar is celebrated with splendor & great enthusiasm. Visitors can observe various exhilarating events popping up from one end of Dubai to the other; however nothing compares to the elegant Iftar thing to be held in Dubai Opera this year.

You can relish five-star cuisine in a glorious surrounding while swaying & tapping your feet to the classical & Eastern Live Entertainment. The meal served at Dubai Opera features Arabic & International culinary segment. Live stations & an extensive range of luscious desserts will leave you spell-bind longing for more. Apply Dubai Visa Online today to relish the most extravagant meal of Middle-East during Ramadan. Fill Dubai Visa Application form to get your Dubai visa UK.

Relish Iftar at Sheikh Mohammed Centre In order to have a better enriching understanding of Iftar, visitors can head to the heart of the Al Fahidi Historical District. They can relish Iftar in a unique local flavor at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre. Visitors get to connect with Emirati hosts, observe them responding to Athan (a call for prayer) & praying before breaking their fast. Kick-start this remarkable Iftar experience with dates & Arabian coffee, followed by a scrumptious range of Emirati food segment. You can visit the nearby Diwan Mosque before taking dessert & tea at the centre.

Other Enthralling Events Associated with Ramadan 2019 Here is a list of some enthralling events that the travelers shouldn’t miss on your trip to Dubai this Ramadan: 1). Join the NAS Sports Tournament & partake in a range of sporting events such as volleyball, running, basketball & paddle. 2).

Ibn Battuta Mall Visit the nearby malls to be part of the Calligraphy art or undertake a virtual reality journey that features true experience of the refugees at Ibn Battuta Mall.


Art Events Be a part of the Art Events happening around the city during this holy month. This Exhibition includes works of brilliant artists from Japan, New York & Dubaibased artists such as Farah Al Qasimi, Hemali Bhuta, Seher Shah & Randhir Singh.

4). Learn about Ramadan, UAE’s History & Culture at the Sheikh Mohammed Center. Take part in activities Arabic Classes & undertake heritage tours & guided mosques visits. 5).

Ramadan Food Enjoy lavish food segment offered in the Ramadan tents organized by leading eateries of Dubai. Few of the renowned includes Fairuz Ramadan tent, Fairmont the Palm, The Meydan Hotel Ramadan Tent, Al Falak Ballroom at Burj Al Arab, Asateer at Atlantis The Palm.

All that it takes to explore the Exhilarating colors of Dubai during Ramadan is a Dubai Holiday Visa. Apply Dubai Visa Online by filling the Dubai Visa Application Form.

AskDubaiVisa The avant-garde Dubai does know how to relax & this can be observed during the holy month of Ramadan. Apply Dubai Visa Online to relish the composure offered.

Apply Dubai Visa Online to indulge in Tranquility of Ramadan

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Why Dubai is enticing More Tourists This Ramadan Than ever  

During Ramadan, the futuristic Dubai comes to a halt. Apply Dubai Visa Online to discover ease & placidity offered by ultra-modern Dubai dur...

Why Dubai is enticing More Tourists This Ramadan Than ever  

During Ramadan, the futuristic Dubai comes to a halt. Apply Dubai Visa Online to discover ease & placidity offered by ultra-modern Dubai dur...