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Release Your                      Inner  Nerd! Secret Weapon Tech Tools for Productivity, Marketing and Awesomeness

Be nice to nerds. You may end up working for them. We all could. Charles Sykes, author

#nerdybff @askbethz

It’s All about The Looks

Graphics and Presentation Tools

Animoto Instant, professional videos from pictures, text and clips #nerdybff @askbethz


Instant Facebook  QR  Code  sign (and  DisplayOverstock!) #nerdybff @askbethz



#nerdybff @askbethz

Another Facebook  sign   -­‐-­‐  with  text-­‐to-­‐like  feature facebook-sign-makergenerator



Online magazine  creator  

#nerdybff @askbethz


Tagxedo Create art from words #nerdybff @askbethz

iStockphoto Thousands of stock photos, illustrations and multimedia clips #nerdybff @askbethz


PhotoFunia Put your logo or picture into backgrounds or frames #nerdybff @askbethz

Dafont Thousands of downloadable free fonts #nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Postagram Real postcards for $.99 #nerdybff @askbethz

Paperless Post Elegant electronic invitations and cards #nerdybff @askbethz

Twitter @askbethz

Now Where Did I Put My To-Do List?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Cozi Family-friendly calendar and to-do manager #nerdybff @askbethz


LogMeIn Free Access your computer remotely #nerdybff @askbethz

Xobni Inbox organizer for Outlook, Gmail, smartphones and more #nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Become an Expert Cat Herder

Get Everyone On the Same Page

Adobe Reader X Now with comments and signing #nerdybff @askbethz

Jing Picture and video screenshots #nerdybff @askbethz

Google Voice

One number  for  all  your  lines,  plus  online   transcribed  voicemail       #nerdybff @askbethz Instant screensharing with up to 250 attendees #nerdybff @askbethz

AnyMeeting Screensharing/webinar tool #nerdybff @askbethz

Doodle Meeting scheduling site #nerdybff @askbethz


Do You Have Your Expense Report?

Helping People Help Themselves

Shoeboxed Scan receipts on the go and download for expense reports #nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Evernote Notetaking and organizing tool #nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Dropbox Synchronize and share files and folders #nerdybff @askbethz Add-on for Gmail and Dropbox to make finding attachments a breeze! #nerdybff @askbethz

TripIt Super easy travel organizing tool #nerdybff @askbethz

How Many Hats Can One Person Wear?

Get Help When You Need It

Elance Freelance marketplace for small and large projects #nerdybff @askbethz


Logo contests  starJng  at  $200  

#nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Fiverr Online marketplace for freelancers who do things for five bucks #nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Thank You! Beth Ziesenis

Your Nerdy Best Friend

CAI Legal Forum Handouts  

The handouts from the special Industry Partner session at the CAI Legal Forum

CAI Legal Forum Handouts  

The handouts from the special Industry Partner session at the CAI Legal Forum