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Release  Your                      Inner  Nerd! Secret Weapon Tech Tools for Productivity, Marketing and Awesomeness

Be nice to nerds. You may end up working for them. We all could. Charles Sykes, author

#nerdybff @askbethz

It’s All about The Looks

Graphics and Presentation Tools

Animoto Instant, professional videos from pictures, text and clips #nerdybff @askbethz


Instant  Facebook  QR  Code  sign (and  DisplayOverstock!) #nerdybff @askbethz




#nerdybff @askbethz

Another  Facebook  sign   -­‐-­‐  with  text-­‐to-­‐like  feature facebook-sign-makergenerator



Online  magazine  creator  

#nerdybff @askbethz


Tagxedo Create art from words #nerdybff @askbethz

iStockphoto Thousands of stock photos, illustrations and multimedia clips #nerdybff @askbethz


PhotoFunia Put your logo or picture into backgrounds or frames #nerdybff @askbethz

Dafont Thousands of downloadable free fonts #nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Postagram Real postcards for $.99 #nerdybff @askbethz

Paperless Post Elegant electronic invitations and cards #nerdybff @askbethz

Twitter @askbethz

Now Where Did I Put My To-Do List?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Cozi Family-friendly calendar and to-do manager #nerdybff @askbethz


LogMeIn Free Access your computer remotely #nerdybff @askbethz

Xobni Inbox organizer for Outlook, Gmail, smartphones and more #nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Become an Expert Cat Herder

Get Everyone On the Same Page

Adobe Reader X Now with comments and signing #nerdybff @askbethz

Jing Picture and video screenshots #nerdybff @askbethz

Google  Voice

One  number  for  all  your  lines,  plus  online   transcribed  voicemail       #nerdybff @askbethz Instant screensharing with up to 250 attendees #nerdybff @askbethz

AnyMeeting Screensharing/webinar tool #nerdybff @askbethz

Doodle Meeting scheduling site #nerdybff @askbethz


Do You Have Your Expense Report?

Helping People Help Themselves

Shoeboxed Scan receipts on the go and download for expense reports #nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Evernote Notetaking and organizing tool #nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Dropbox Synchronize and share files and folders #nerdybff @askbethz Add-on for Gmail and Dropbox to make finding attachments a breeze! #nerdybff @askbethz

TripIt Super easy travel organizing tool #nerdybff @askbethz

How Many Hats Can One Person Wear?

Get Help When You Need It

Elance Freelance marketplace for small and large projects #nerdybff @askbethz


Logo  contests  starJng  at  $200  

#nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Fiverr Online marketplace for freelancers who do things for five bucks #nerdybff @askbethz

#nerdybff @askbethz

Thank You! Beth Ziesenis

Your Nerdy Best Friend

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