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ASAE   On  the  Road! Our Top Travel Tech Tools and Apps

Are  we  there  yet? Travel Tools and Apps


TripIt Keep your travel details at your fingertips Twitter @askbethz

SeatGuru Find the best seats and legroom on any plane Twitter @askbethz

GateGuru Know how long the security line will be and map directions to the nearest Starbucks Twitter @askbethz

Airline Apps Keep up to date with changes with individual airline apps Twitter @askbethz

FlightTrack Discover gate and baggage claim info, keep track of weather, manage flights and more Twitter @askbethz

LodgeNet Use your Android or iOS device as a remote control Twitter @askbethz

NOW  WHERE  WAS  MY  TICKET? Road Warrior Organization Tools


Evernote Notetaking and organizing tool Twitter @askbethz

Shoeboxed Scan receipts on the go and download for expense reports Twitter @askbethz

There’s  No  place  like  home Staying Connected to the Office


LogMeIn Free Access your computer remotely Twitter @askbethz

Splashtop Use any smart device to access your desktop Twitter @askbethz

Google Voice One number for all your lines, plus online transcribed voicemail

Google Apps Web-based email, calendar, documents and more

I  don’t  need  no  stinkin’  desk Productivity on the Go


Box Another robust file sharing and organization tool Twitter @askbethz

Dropbox Synchronize and share files and folders Twitter @askbethz

Quickoffice Smartphone/tablet app to create, edit and access MS Office files on the go -- integrated with Dropbox, Evernote and more Twitter @askbethz

GoodReader Read, manage, organize, access and annotate PDF and other files -separate apps for iPad and iPhone Twitter @askbethz

Personal Hotspots Buy a gadget and pay for data monthly for wireless internet to up to 5 devices with mini wireless routers Twitter @askbethz

¿Dónde  está  el  baño? International Travel Tools


XE Currency Know the current exchange rates of any currency in seconds Twitter @askbethz

The World Clock Network-synched alarm clock with times for almost 200,000 populated areas in the world Twitter @askbethz

SayHi Translate Siri-like mobile translator Twitter @askbethz

Beth  Ziesenis Your Nerdy Best Friend

ASAE Road Tools