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Accurate Psychic Soul Mate Questions to Ask A Reader - Ask A Free Psychic Question ___________________________________________________________________________________

By Beau Boone -

In a tarot love reading it is the questions that are asked of the reader that determine how accurate a psychic reading is going to be. The kind of psychic answers received in any kind of a soul mate divination hinge upon this point of view. A tarot card spread is the answer to what you ask in a reading and revealed in symbols and images. Here are some ideas on what to ask the cards while your love destiny is being foretold.

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1. Will a previous Relationship gone bad influence my fresh new romance? In any kind of union that is close between two people there is bound to be heartbreak when there is a splitting up of a romantic team. Often there is much fighting and anger towards the end of the relationship just before the breakup. This creates lots of negative emotional energy that hangs in the air and often it feels suffocating. Let's face it. It is not so easy to find a soul mate.

A real accurate psychic can pick up on this energy and tell you about the heavy dark emotional vibration of it all. Some psychics who have the third eye open can see what they call a heartbreak thought form inside the aura. If there is failure to release all feeling of spite, anger, and fear the answer is yes it will influence the fresh new relationship in a negative way. If there is a welcoming of the experience and it is viewed as a part of the overall human journey of ups and downs the result is far better. It lets you begin a new relationship with positive energy and this can only work for the benefit of romance.

2. Does karma of past lives impact upon my ability to find a soul mate? The short reply is yes. Past life karma is a burden many carry. The Veda philosophy goes heavily into the impact of previous life times upon the current life stream. The first step is to recognize we have a good chance of carrying energy blockages within our being from previous incarnations. A deep spiritual approach is the way to clear blockages in answer to this important question.

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