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Academy of Saint John – Alumni Assembly Alumni Day Plans October 21, 2012 I.

Attendance President Vice-President for Internal Affairs Vice-President for External Affairs Secretary Finance Head Membership Director Special Projects Director Training Director Alumni Involvement and Concerns Director Head of Representatives


Kristopher Bartolome Theresa de Vega

Present Present

Gino Sidocon


Carmela Fernando Elda Marie San Martin Bea Soriano Trysh Danielle Olives Darel Angelo Pichay Abigail Duting

Present Present Present Present Present Present

Charisse Lei Gozo


Agenda A. B. C. D. E.

Assessment Pop-quiz Play: Poknat Grand Alumni Homecoming Other concerns

A. Assessment   

The performance of the Alumni Assembly for its first seven months was not satisfactory since they weren’t able to do the projects they have planned. The group wasn’t able to meet their deadlines, did not execute the tasks assigned to them, and they we’re not really aware of their respective tasks that comes with their positions. The only activities that the Assembly attended were the Green and White Parade and A Night to Remember. They didn’t join the Lantern Parade because the school said that the parents won’t be joining and that the Assembly should focus on their reunion. But from the pictures uploaded online, the Assembly realized that the parents did join the said parade.

B. Pop-Quiz 

    

    

The Execom decided to have the pop-quiz on the last week of January. There will be 8 teams, each composing of one student per year level and a teacher to coach them. The contestants would be the top 8 of each level. They would be given at least two weeks to prepare for the contest. There will be an elimination round three days before the contest proper and three groups will be eliminated. Five will proceed and three will be heading to the final round. The group plans to ask Ms Judith Lataza, Ms Judith Parin and Mr Nestor Lontoc to be the judge during the contest. If these people are not available, Ms Tarin Rezare, Mr Arman Ison and Ms Vicky will be asked to take their places. Darel will be the chairperson for the project, Gino will be making the letters for the judges, Elda will be the head of logistics, Thesa and Christian Bernardes will be the game masters. There will be two committees for this project; Operations and Documentation The Documentation committee will be providing the questions and will be in charge of the scoring. Thesa, Carmela and Darel will be in this committee. The questions will be composed of General Knowledge, Science, English, Math and History. Thesa will make the Science questions, Carmela will provide the Math questions and other categories will be assigned to Darel. Each category must have 20 questions and it must be submitted on Sunday. There will be four rounds for the contest; Easy, Average, Difficult and Clincher. Easy and Average will be multiple choice questions and each round will be composed of 10 questions while Difficult and Clincher will be made of five questions. As the game goes, there will be a mystery picture that will be revealed in each round and the group must also name the picture to win the contest. Between average and difficult round Kris would like the students to perform a dance number. The date and title for the contest must be decided on December 31. A trophy will be given to the winning team and the Execom decided to have this contest annually so that the trophy will be passed on to the winners every year.

C. Play: Poknat      

This play will be held on March as a fund raiser for the Homecoming and for other future projects of the Assembly. The group expects to raise approximately Php 70000 for this project. Each student will be required to pay for two tickets for the play. There will be two shows; one in the afternoon and one in the evening. The group agreed to have the play at 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm. The committees that will be established for this project will be publicity, ticketing, logistics, food, and ushers. Trysh was assigned to be the chairperson for the event. For the program, invocation and singing of the national anthem comes first. It is followed by the opening message of Kris and the promotion of the Alumni Homecoming then the play. During the intermission between the two shows, a video about the homecoming will be played. A new core group will be created to help in the play and a letter must be made informing the office about the play.

D. Grand Alumni Homecoming   

   

The homecoming will be held on May 4, 2013 and the chairpersons will be Thesa and Gino. The venue is still undecided but Elda will check the prices of the venues nominated to be the venue for the party. The potential venues are Postema, Eagle Ridge, Antel, Oasis, Portico, and Island Cove. There will be a mass for the core group at 4:00 pm and the party will be starting at 5:00 pm. Invocation will come first followed by an opening number by a band. The host will be presented. A speech from Ms Daisy and Kris will be delivered. After the speeches, there will be a roll call of each batch then a video presentation that gives a trivia for each batch. Dinner will be held by batch. They will be bringing their own food and they will be with their batchmates during dinner. After dinner, games will be held and then the time is theirs. There will be mobile bar/s that will be open after dinner so that others will be willing to stay for the reunion. The batch will have a color assigned to them and they can talk about what they plan to wear as long as they are following the color code assigned to their batch. There will also be a registration fee for the party. Cocktail tables will be used for the party so that the venue can accommodate more people. The host for the party will be a friend of Christian Bernardes.

E. Other concerns    

Batch representatives meeting will be held on January 13, 2013 in ASJ at 1:00 pm. It will be headed by Cha. The letter for this meeting will be made by Carmela. Membership ID must be prepared. Membership fee of Php 200 of the graduating batch must be included in the graduation fee. The Assembly must talk to Ms Daisy regarding the different projects. Prepared by:

Carmela Fernando Secretary Noted by:

Kristopher Bartolome President

Mr Ryan Abueg AA Adviser

Ms Rubie Manguera AA Coordinator

- 8 - PROJECTS  

2013 projects

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