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Academy of Saint John – Alumni Assembly Executive Committee First Meeting May 26, 2012 I.

Attendance President Vice-President for Internal Affairs Vice-President for External Affairs Secretary Finance Head Membership Director Special Projects Director Training Director


Kristopher Bartolome Theresa de Vega

Present Present

Gino Sidocon


Carmela Fernando Elda Marie San Martin Bea Soriano Trysh Danielle Olives Darel Angelo Pichay

Present Present Present Absent Present

Agenda A. Green and White Parade A. Green and White Parade 

Since Ms Daisy wasn’t around during the meeting, the Execom decided to just give their suggestions the next day to Ms Daisy after the mass. And after getting the approval from Ms Daisy, the plans following plans which will be stated below will be pushed through. The motorcade will be starting at the Pharmacia de Sarayba. Alumni Assembly’s Assembly and Registration point will be at the General Trias Plaza’s flagpole. Assembly time will be at 6:00 in the morning. The people in-charge of the registration is Carmela and Bea. During the registration, food stabs will also be given. The motorcade’s route will be going to Manggahan, Prinza, Tejero, Tanza, Rosario then back to General Trias’ Market where the parade and motorcade will meet. A short program will be held before the parade goes back to ASJ. The Group decided to give bottled water to the alumni, prepare the sounds during the motorcade, prepare a script introducing the Alumni Assembly during the motorcade, and to do the truck design which must materialize on June 2.

  

 

The Execom decided to ride in a multi-cab and the other alumni will be riding the other 2 trucks. Another truck was reserved in case the number of alumni participating increased. Banners for the trucks will be prepared by Darel which should be passed on May 31, 2012. A photo shoot will be done for the Execom’s banner. During the motorcade, the Execom assigned a person to contact for each truck. For the Execom’s truck, Gino is going to be in charge. For the Truck 1 (Batch 2004 – 2007), Ace dela Torre will be the contact person. For Truck 2 (Batch 2008 – 2012), Kenneth Danao will take charge. Tents will be ordered for the trucks and 15 white umbrellas will be distributed. By the time the motorcade and parade arrive at school, a crowd control committee must settle the alumni along the corridor. The first part of the program will be the concern of the school and after their designed program; the Alumni Assembly will be holding its plans and program. For the Alumni Assembly Launching, the Alumni Assembly’s hosts for the program are Siegried and KD. The Group decided to get dancers from the Batch 2012 and the present Fourth Year students and other alumni who are willing to participate. While having the opening number, the introduction of the Executive Committee will be held together with the batch representatives. After the introduction, the Executive Committee will have their speech. After the speech, induction of adviser and officers will be held followed by the oath taking of all the alumni. For the Barrio Fiesta, the alumni will be staying at the canteen. Theresa is assigned to order the puto. Christy Soriano will be asked to cook the pansit and turon and Shaddy will be assigned for the water dispenser. Cups, plates, spoons and forks, candles, ribbons, and balloons should be bought by the Logistics Committee on June 1 together with Mr Ryan.

Prepared by:

Carmela Fernando Secretary

Noted by:

Kristopher Bartolome President

Mr Ryan Abueg AA Adviser

Ms Rubie Manguera AA Coordinator

- 4 - Execom First Meeting  
- 4 - Execom First Meeting  

Vice-President for External Affairs Gino Sidocon Present Theresa de Vega Present II. Agenda I. Attendance A. Green and White Parade A. Green...